Belle Delphine Mugshot & Trisha Paytas Is A Mess - H3 Podcast #149

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    CASHTRAY BONEZ14 dagar sedan

    Ethan trying to make Zach's girlfriends break up with him makes me laugh so fucking hard

  2. MrSlyxx

    MrSlyxx15 dagar sedan


  3. DominicFlix

    DominicFlix17 dagar sedan

    dayum. he ripped trisha to shreds

  4. Darthjoey90

    Darthjoey9021 dag sedan

    He from the south... the Deep South...

  5. Jack Wehrung

    Jack Wehrung27 dagar sedan

    Gay as it gets.

  6. salty

    saltyMånad sedan

    rona in the back cookin

  7. Freeze

    FreezeMånad sedan

    Five Inch Engorged Mega-Clit Just so you know

  8. ABC DEF

    ABC DEFMånad sedan

    The greatest

  9. Samantha Skenandore

    Samantha SkenandoreMånad sedan

    Please don't make me say the keyword...

  10. Booz

    BoozMånad sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="77">1:17</a>:14 STG usually stands for the abbreviation of the WW2-era German Empire battle rifle known as the Sturmgewehr (shterm-geh-ware) mp44, which was developed to be used as an intermediate weapon to perform the same roles as the MP40 submachine gun and bolt-action Kar98 rifle, aptly named 'assault' or 'storm rifle' in German. This name was hyped up and purposefully leaked to allied nations during the Sturmgewehr's development to scare us with its intimidating name (assault rifle). This Nazi-era scare tactic is still alive and well today, i.e. how so many laymen and politicians in today's world still use the nomenclature of 'assault' weapons in the exact way that the designers of the STG-44 wanted us to. I put way too much effort into this, God help me lol. Love your content Mr. & Mrs. Klein

  11. Bradley Gerber

    Bradley GerberMånad sedan

    The key word is.... That's as far as I made it

  12. space.witch.junkie

    space.witch.junkieMånad sedan

    dude that guy 100% hit those old ladies on purpose u can tell watch his hand he moves shit the exact way to hit them. than looks again and goes back in for the 2 one! haha it's fucked! so so fucked! then the worst part he turns around to see them on the ground! it's kinda not funny! its sad AF! it was 100% on purpose

  13. Derek Holcomb

    Derek HolcombMånad sedan

    Trisha is the ugliest human being on this continent. I’m not referring to her looks, but she’s not physically attractive either.

  14. Derek Holcomb

    Derek HolcombMånad sedan

    I can only listen to Ethan’s broken sentences for about 30 minutes. I love Ethan and Hila and the podcast is fantastic sometimes but the Interruptions and unfinished thoughts get old fast.

  15. Mattie Rose Dean

    Mattie Rose DeanMånad sedan

    you kinda look like keanuuuu

  16. zach oberan

    zach oberan2 månader sedan

    I enjoy sit and watch

  17. Flora Ballot

    Flora Ballot2 månader sedan

    five inch engorged mega ****

  18. petfriendly_zak

    petfriendly_zak2 månader sedan

    You laugh at Tosh.0 while literally watching clips that were on the show 🤦🏻‍♂️

  19. Gamepro5

    Gamepro52 månader sedan

    It's a good show but I wish you would post content again on h3h3productions :(

  20. Levi Flory

    Levi Flory2 månader sedan

    Zach is the best

  21. Levi Flory

    Levi Flory2 månader sedan

    Five inch engourged megaclit

  22. tatertotter808

    tatertotter8082 månader sedan

    Five Inch Engorged Mega Clit

  23. gtv

    gtv3 månader sedan

    5 inch engorged supermega clit, yes i watched that part and i luv it so mucho, not the mega clit but the vibe of this ep

  24. samthememe 777

    samthememe 7773 månader sedan

    10 inch engorged mega clit

  25. samthememe 777

    samthememe 7773 månader sedan

    Dee Dee Mega Doo Doo

  26. samthememe 777

    samthememe 7773 månader sedan


  27. R001

    R0013 månader sedan

    Five inch engorged mega clit

  28. St-Mich

    St-Mich3 månader sedan

    I did watch this part. Keyword: 5 inch engorged mega-clit

  29. Hayden Smith

    Hayden Smith3 månader sedan

    Look at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1941">32:21</a>

  30. Rich Boy TV

    Rich Boy TV3 månader sedan

    Ethan made Hila feel horrible looking at that woman's chest for 10 minutes straight

  31. ᴇɪɢʜᴍɪɪ

    ᴇɪɢʜᴍɪɪ3 månader sedan

    (5 inch engorged mega-clit even 3 months later - that’s a test of time.)

  32. Emmaline Wellborn

    Emmaline Wellborn3 månader sedan

    bro ethan if you're in love with 1984, read Harrison Bergeron short story by Kurt Vonnegut. It's a mind fuck

  33. Steelyournaim

    Steelyournaim3 månader sedan

    the scooter guy look like jake/logan pauls dad

  34. Cat Cox

    Cat Cox4 månader sedan

    I NEED TO PEE SO BAD is all i could hear

  35. VEGAN

    VEGAN4 månader sedan

    When they all talk it’s beautiful and when Dan and Ethan were gassing up the show it was so funny 😂😂

  36. Victoria Jones

    Victoria Jones4 månader sedan

    Why does Ian look like he’s photoshopped into all of it 😂

  37. Takasugi

    Takasugi4 månader sedan

    five inch engorged mega clit

  38. Tensai Kodai

    Tensai Kodai4 månader sedan


  39. Mathew Halloway

    Mathew Halloway4 månader sedan

    When he referenced Voldo 😂😂😂

  40. burt simmons

    burt simmons4 månader sedan

    Five inch engorged mega clit

  41. Emma Kouhai

    Emma Kouhai4 månader sedan

    you could call it a disability mobility utility man ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  42. Alex TheHappyWasabii

    Alex TheHappyWasabii4 månader sedan

    FIVE INCH ENGORGED MEGA CLIT!! it's watchable

  43. Leo Mario

    Leo Mario4 månader sedan

    Ok very good weird watchable episode

  44. J F-S

    J F-S4 månader sedan

    Using this dead air time to comment 🤣 five inch engorged clit!! Great show guys!

  45. Clint Kasten

    Clint Kasten5 månader sedan

    Five inch engorged mega-clit

  46. ThaleLasamer

    ThaleLasamer5 månader sedan

    5 inch engorged mega clit

  47. Walker

    Walker5 månader sedan

    Hilarious warzone throwback Waaaarzoooooone

  48. Mr Gritty

    Mr Gritty5 månader sedan

    These people annoy me.

  49. FMF areForever

    FMF areForever5 månader sedan

    FIVE INCH ENGORGED MEGA CLIT: Sure it was a lazy episode but "I like that" if all the episodes were the same it would be boring

  50. dega

    dega5 månader sedan

    five inch engorged megaclit

  51. Shifty Girl

    Shifty Girl5 månader sedan

    its not

  52. Rebekah Stalheim

    Rebekah Stalheim5 månader sedan

    I will listen to all the dead air you want if it supports my favorite podcast!

  53. jeebus crumbus

    jeebus crumbus5 månader sedan

    bruh usa isnt a democratic country were a constitutional republic. ive been stuffed with false democratic info about the us 😭

  54. J E

    J E5 månader sedan

    Is it paypay or peepee?

  55. Simply Rob

    Simply Rob5 månader sedan

    Kick a child

  56. Simply Rob

    Simply Rob5 månader sedan

    Baby sitter?? Raise your own child

  57. Jim Pines

    Jim Pines5 månader sedan

    Five inch engorged Mega Clit

  58. Miqseri GX

    Miqseri GX6 månader sedan

    Five inch engorged mega clit

  59. Crazy

    Crazy6 månader sedan

    Five inch

  60. PJ Schnapp

    PJ Schnapp6 månader sedan

    The Cars ride is kinda fast don’t clown on Dan so hard

  61. Dingus Mingus

    Dingus Mingus6 månader sedan

    This video is Ethan slouching for 2 hours.. wtf guys..

  62. Sofie Shack

    Sofie Shack6 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="76">1:16</a>:55

  63. Alex Chava

    Alex Chava6 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2525">42:05</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2545">42:25</a> wtf Ethan

  64. Alex Nevil

    Alex Nevil6 månader sedan

    5 inch engorged mega clit Love the show, great moves, keep it up!

  65. B

    B6 månader sedan

    Wtf are they talking about at the end?? The uh bit lol

  66. Nicholas Charter

    Nicholas Charter6 månader sedan

    Yes I was listening, huge engorged you know what

  67. Strider

    Strider6 månader sedan

    Off the cuff is entertaining 👌

  68. EasyER

    EasyER6 månader sedan

    Five Inch Engorged Mega-Clit

  69. Skylar Mitchell

    Skylar Mitchell6 månader sedan

    I’m on an h3 marathon and have loved all of it, the video quality is astonishingly better than first episodes, you all keep getting better

  70. Trash Lord

    Trash Lord6 månader sedan

    Ethan is truly big brain, on occasion.

  71. erin

    erin6 månader sedan

    Zach’s voice sounds like an angel no cap

  72. Katelyn Smith

    Katelyn Smith6 månader sedan


  73. mahir Bitmez

    mahir Bitmez6 månader sedan

    the china thing is kind of the same thing that happens in turkey with their prime minister

  74. irl matrix

    irl matrix6 månader sedan

    I watch from beggining to the random rants yall go on even after dan plays the outro. Aim bigger yall, it has potential to be more than a podcast with some of ur segments. It could for sure be a show, plus it would make up for the lack of activity on the main channel. Combine the two, sounds like a grand old time

  75. Henry Hill

    Henry Hill6 månader sedan

    Please get Contrapoints on

  76. Me

    Me6 månader sedan

    I hate dan

  77. Owenuma Arts

    Owenuma Arts6 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="78">1:18</a>:30

  78. Owenuma Arts

    Owenuma Arts6 månader sedan


  79. Owenuma Arts

    Owenuma Arts6 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="87">1:27</a>:29

  80. David Hill

    David Hill6 månader sedan

    I listen to all of the whole podcasts at work its all interesting to me.

  81. john Clark

    john Clark6 månader sedan

    Me undies and Teddy Fresh collab