Belle Delphine Arrested By British Authorities & Fousey vs Slim - H3 Podcast #147

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  1. Nerd City

    Nerd City8 dagar sedan

    Thank you for discussing the Bots. “Papa Bless” is green, but the plural “Papas Blessings” is automatically demonetized. (Jk).

  2. BOB

    BOB2 dagar sedan

    Human bot? 🤔

  3. Matt Diliberto

    Matt Diliberto4 dagar sedan

    papas blessings sounds like porn though... so

  4. GhostRoses

    GhostRoses5 dagar sedan

    Get this man on the podcast Ethan

  5. Hugh Janus

    Hugh Janus5 dagar sedan

    Randamu Shō i

  6. Randomness ReduX

    Randomness ReduX5 dagar sedan

    thats so happy. <3

  7. Jessi

    Jessi19 minuter sedan

    Ethan sounded like Donnie from The Wild Thornberrys when he made those preacher noises.

  8. B

    B59 minuter sedan

    Don’t say that you “reviewed” the joker movie if you didn’t even watch it. Also, maybe watch it before you talk shit about it, your criticisms were almost all false

  9. Ashley Rose

    Ashley RoseTimme sedan


  10. Flynn Nisbet

    Flynn NisbetTimme sedan

    A True Kanye Fan KNOWS that Ye never releases an album on the original release date. NEVER get your hopes up Ian. I still love you, but he didn't hoodwink you, you hoodwinked yourself.

  11. EdgeCrusher420

    EdgeCrusher4203 timmar sedan

    I'm done with this channel. Ethan is a libtard and the channel is just uninformed af.

  12. AlmaSinNombre

    AlmaSinNombre13 timmar sedan

    they should have started like this xD 1:05:57

  13. Mike Runyon

    Mike Runyon14 timmar sedan

    There is accountability for kick starter as of recently. If the deadline/expectations haven't been met, you can get a refund. And I think the chair would be great for warehouse and factory workers that are used to standing all day with next to no places to sit with the exception of the break room. Liked this podcast, just feel like there was a bit of unnecessary outrage for a couple of things in this video.

  14. Mewki [Yuki]

    Mewki [Yuki]14 timmar sedan

    Ryan Higa's idea for the chair pants has been stolen 47:00

  15. Justin

    Justin17 timmar sedan

    Did she say chorizo tacos?

  16. Lóránt Farkas

    Lóránt Farkas21 timme sedan

    This was stupid... But funny!

  17. Wakaz

    Wakaz21 timme sedan

    Please do the Kanye-Off, omg 😂😂

  18. Wakaz

    Wakaz21 timme sedan

    Ethan asking Ian those sexual questions about Kanye randomly is the funniest thing I've seen in a while 😂😂


    CLEM TIME BITCH22 timmar sedan

    She was took away from the authorities but Eden’s Gate will save her

  20. Matias Gomez Janzen

    Matias Gomez Janzen22 timmar sedan

    32:41 Hilan Musk

  21. Cletus-boy Astaroth

    Cletus-boy Astaroth23 timmar sedan

    Hey did you raise enough money for the charity event? *Yemen*

  22. Laken

    LakenDag sedan

    Terrance 100% got sucked into Scientology lmfao

  23. Ta'Tierra Martin

    Ta'Tierra MartinDag sedan

    I’m sorry....but did y’all see that 1:08:20 It looked like the evolution of man

  24. Bewe Issor

    Bewe IssorDag sedan

    Get Jontron on the show again

  25. Bewe Issor

    Bewe IssorDag sedan

    Regarding Nerd City's experiment, I dont trust a word those lying snakes from youtube say.

  26. Regular Person

    Regular PersonDag sedan

    If I can catch you in my wheelchair tank I get a kiss

  27. Dan Maftei

    Dan MafteiDag sedan

    Yeah Pythagoras was a weird fucking dude and so were his followers.

  28. MrGonzo23

    MrGonzo23Dag sedan

    thank god for Dan and his fact checking. can Ethan really not do a lick of research. shame

  29. Chris Blalock

    Chris BlalockDag sedan

    You could take that 7 thousand dollars and invest in a server.

  30. Collin Chandler

    Collin ChandlerDag sedan

    one day i will be rich enough to walk around 100% teddy fresh

  31. Gsyam Sri

    Gsyam SriDag sedan

    Please stop with "XXXX is BAD [period]". Things are bad for some objectives. In a context. Have a look here : 2:00:50 - 2:01:05 => smoke is not bad in itself, you can even find some smoke medicine, of course not combustion smoke. But you see... And if your goal is to keep your lungs clean, then yes it's bad for that. But some smoking cigarettes to calm down in a very stressful situation have saved lives and then been "good". Is it "good [period]" then? No! Neither because it is "bad for lungs" is it "bad [period]". Just say it's bad for lungs, this is way enough scary if you say smoke in your lungs destroys the cleaning process that can evacuate smoke itself and other trash from your lungs that accumulates here and causes chronic - more like permanent - inflammation and diseases we can't heal, possibly leading to cancer and death, if you've not dead before. No one wants to experience this. You don't need to create stupid blind hating against smoke just because it's called smoke.

  32. Mohamad A

    Mohamad ADag sedan

    someone find out what size hoodie Ian is wearing ! lmk asap

  33. Ok

    OkDag sedan

    why tf is she saying thank you in every sentence?!?!?!?!

  34. Salt_Slinger

    Salt_SlingerDag sedan

    What is a person supposed to do after they’ve done something wrong if not apologize and try to change? What do you want from someone who’s made a mistake if not an apology?

  35. bnenomore

    bnenomoreDag sedan

    Jesus, that girl is as phony as her apology *dramatic pause* lol Excuse me while I search for my eyeballs, they popped out of my head from rolling too hard. At this point, just about anyone can watch these "apology" videos & write a book called How Not to Sincerely Apologize 101. Oop, there go my eyes again! I guess it's for the best, everyone can see how authentically horrible these people are. & I get it, we've all been young & dumb & careless but if I ever SPIT ON A F*CKING PUPPY, I shouldn't be allowed to live that down

  36. Raed

    RaedDag sedan

    Alcohol is worse than weed, scientifically.

  37. T M

    T MDag sedan

    I represent scooter lady and she would like royalties from her sound clips.

  38. Raed

    RaedDag sedan

    buy itttttttt

  39. matt759537

    matt759537Dag sedan

    i believe those chairs are good for a hobby shop (walking from tool setup to tool setup) not going to lie they interested me for that purpose. however the way Ethan and Hijla are talking they did market it poorly as a daily commute chair

  40. Jordan

    JordanDag sedan

    The quality of THC in legal states, especially concentrates, is incredibly high. Its spectrum analyzed like any other medical consumption. Shit is proper.

  41. ColinF

    ColinFDag sedan

    Zack's a menace.

  42. Grubiantoll

    Grubiantoll2 dagar sedan

    Internet brings people together, the best and the worst.

  43. Ogkush 253

    Ogkush 2532 dagar sedan

    Wow what a broke Jew why didnt you buy your team the 5 pack chair thingy?????? Broke much

  44. Savage Wraith

    Savage Wraith2 dagar sedan

    I love that without hesitation at all, Zack instantly had mic on for tgat group tongues sesh.

  45. Savage Wraith

    Savage Wraith2 dagar sedan

    You guys harping on that wearable chair but it's literally a neuro link away from being an elite augmentation once the singularity hits. It would make shitting on your enemies' doorsteps easier than ever 👀

  46. Savage Wraith

    Savage Wraith2 dagar sedan

    Hila playing devil's advocate for that strike/claim was waaaack. Take them on Ethan. Fair use must overcome these types of greedy schemers.

  47. Eline Alstad Bjørkan

    Eline Alstad Bjørkan2 dagar sedan

    Bring Shane Dawson back :)

  48. R G

    R G2 dagar sedan

    YOU GUYS IM IN CLASS DYINGG OMFG😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️

  49. Gemin88

    Gemin882 dagar sedan

    Getting real sick of these west coast buzz words to be honest. Hearing InCeLs every two seconds is like hearing someone call you sexist every two seconds bc you disagree with a woman. The sense of growing ego is becoming a bit much.

  50. Camille T

    Camille T2 dagar sedan

    It’s just called Irish dancing. River dance was ONE Irish dance performance made famous years ago for the Eurovision. It’s called IRISH DANCING. Good lord.

  51. Yusuf Can

    Yusuf Can2 dagar sedan

    2:08:35 its called helva and its made from flour, butter and sherbet and people hand out when someone dies (Sorry for bad english)

  52. Luna Maneee

    Luna Maneee2 dagar sedan

    Weird how nobody gets that offended over a documentary like Ted Bundy thats real.....yet gets mad over a ficional movie taking place in a fake frikin town with a fake frikin character. (The Joker).

  53. JiffyWax Jesus

    JiffyWax Jesus2 dagar sedan

    U know alcohol is fucked up when u die from withdrawals. Heroin and meth dont even do that...

  54. Ian Smith

    Ian Smith2 dagar sedan

    How does this podcast have more views than the Casey neistat one

  55. Javjean

    Javjean2 dagar sedan

    1:36:17 fact check! It was Elliot Rodger, he planned to massacre the "hottest" sorority house on campus. PS It was probably also racial, which nobody talks about, as I'm fairly sure the first three people he killed were Asian males (he was a self-hating half-asian person, despised them according to his manifesto).

  56. Maki Neko

    Maki Neko2 dagar sedan

    The thing about the LGBT words is, unlike most of the other words, they're often used in porn? Makes even more sense with the plural XD

  57. Chris Gramm

    Chris Gramm2 dagar sedan

    It's a "Cripple Crusher"

  58. Ivin3690

    Ivin36902 dagar sedan

    you're not being fair or even nuanced about the incel thing. You are imagining some supervillain character to stand in for them. And just believing everything being said about them at face value. Most of them are just depressed socially awkward loners. You gave more benefit of the doubt to the furry community and booger eater.

  59. wv11989

    wv119892 dagar sedan

    I mean fair play to fousey he did it for charity if you asked me to take 100 punches for charity I'd say piss off

  60. Ivin3690

    Ivin36902 dagar sedan

    "Elliot Rodriguez" lmao facepalm

  61. Ivin3690

    Ivin36902 dagar sedan

    Joker was a legendary movie. Ian is wrong.

  62. LukeSpecial

    LukeSpecial2 dagar sedan

    Get post malone back on the podcast. Papa Bless God Bless.

  63. Alex Landrum

    Alex Landrum2 dagar sedan

    1:06:00 me and the boys when it’s a 1v1

  64. nate orgain

    nate orgain2 dagar sedan

    complains about strikes but doesnt make any of his own content anymore and just uses other peoples

  65. Knockda 8

    Knockda 82 dagar sedan

    these guys are wrong on so much- It ruins the good rapport they have... i'm done with h3

  66. Ashley Buttress

    Ashley Buttress21 timme sedan

    Knockda 8 see ya later alligator