Belle Delphine Arrested By British Authorities & Fousey vs Slim - H3 Podcast #147

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  1. Nerd City

    Nerd City7 månader sedan

    Thank you for discussing the Bots. “Papa Bless” is green, but the plural “Papas Blessings” is automatically demonetized. (Jk).

  2. savannah weise

    savannah weise6 månader sedan

    Randamu Shō ooooooooooo OK


    SWEXIT7 månader sedan

    Human bot? 🤔

  4. Matt Diliberto

    Matt Diliberto7 månader sedan

    papas blessings sounds like porn though... so

  5. GhostRoses

    GhostRoses7 månader sedan

    Get this man on the podcast Ethan

  6. Hugh Janus

    Hugh Janus7 månader sedan

    Randamu Shō i

  7. Hugh Mungus

    Hugh Mungus3 dagar sedan

    Everytime he hits the “ohh my god” I loss it

  8. Chance Welsh

    Chance Welsh10 dagar sedan

    Who is always far off in the background laughing? hahaha

  9. DominicFlix

    DominicFlix18 dagar sedan

    may every podcast open with the gatsby!

  10. Croppin theChoches

    Croppin theChoches22 dagar sedan

    "I'm fine with it, honestly" Dude, you have a panty liner on your hat cause of how not fine with it you are. De Nile ain't just a big river, friendo.

  11. hailey grey

    hailey grey23 dagar sedan

    I'm having a really hard time like with everything.... watching you guys genuinely elevates my mood. Thank you ♥️

  12. Aisha Zaidi

    Aisha Zaidi28 dagar sedan

    I feel like she did this all this patreon stuff for a while until she got a lot of money then faked this mugshot thing and left with all that money and ppl r still giving her some money

  13. Sven Död

    Sven DödMånad sedan

    The fundamental flaw is that he calls a b when it should be a so a x a = a he makes the flaw to call it a x b when 1 is still one so it is a. And now ila said that damn i wanted to look smart. Damn you ila!!! But this also means that his whole argument is false. The only thing being proved is that he has misunderstood the worth of a.

  14. jeff shackleford

    jeff shacklefordMånad sedan

    She got pregnant and is hiding it

  15. Evil Deedz

    Evil DeedzMånad sedan

    must have been that pizza

  16. Charles Cooper De Rose

    Charles Cooper De RoseMånad sedan

    Shit. R Kelly ain’t just getting pissed on. He’s getting pissed in. 😆

  17. Aidan Morgan

    Aidan MorganMånad sedan

    ethan needs to take the Gatsby to a skate park

  18. LetterboxParrot

    LetterboxParrotMånad sedan

    the two guys playing chicken on their scoots.. the one laughing was Mobility Mike

  19. dayveツ

    dayveツMånad sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2412">40:12</a> hahahahahaha

  20. Josh King

    Josh KingMånad sedan

    It was clearly mumble rap, not tongues

  21. bunterbleili

    bunterbleiliMånad sedan

    Dude Ian has such a crazy energy, i can‘t explain it but i love how he is so into some things like kanye and idk go off king.

  22. Derek Holcomb

    Derek HolcombMånad sedan

    Hilamatics > terryology

  23. Derek Holcomb

    Derek HolcombMånad sedan

    I work on copy and print machines all day. I include a cheap Rothco folding camp chair in my toolbox. It’s stupid cheap and way smaller than that strap on contraption.

  24. Grizzly Behr

    Grizzly BehrMånad sedan

    if 2 people would Joust eachother in with those scooters my life would be complete. Ethan, make it happen bro 💪

  25. Sly Ny

    Sly NyMånad sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="64">1:04</a>:11

  26. kalef1234

    kalef1234Månad sedan


  27. Pranster Bovice

    Pranster Bovice2 månader sedan

    If anything I would just delete the last two mins of the podcast so then noone sees their bullshit on your channel

  28. Pranster Bovice

    Pranster Bovice2 månader sedan

    I'd say half handicapped half terminator

  29. Lina Martinez

    Lina Martinez2 månader sedan

    The only people I could think of to buy that chair is people who have conditions where they have to sit otherwise you don’t need it

  30. Brianna Terese

    Brianna Terese2 månader sedan

    That was the best outro yet.

  31. Brianna Terese

    Brianna Terese2 månader sedan


  32. Brianna Terese

    Brianna Terese2 månader sedan

    Mobility Mary’s sound bites sound like an NPC on GTA. 😂

  33. Gregory Owen

    Gregory Owen2 månader sedan

    Hold on, has there ever been a black guy on the show?

  34. BryWy

    BryWyMånad sedan

    Markass Brownlee

  35. Gregory Owen

    Gregory Owen2 månader sedan

    If you tied a weight to the front you could probably go over the ramps without falling on scooter

  36. DRxDROKO

    DRxDROKO2 månader sedan

    Great podcast, my favorite thus far on SEgos.

  37. Cave Man

    Cave Man3 månader sedan

    about <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="65">1:05</a>:00 is the start of Ethans true career calling.

  38. TheDeathflows

    TheDeathflows3 månader sedan

    fousey and gib need to fight since they're both trash XD

  39. B. Henderson

    B. Henderson3 månader sedan

    Terrence Howard beat the gravity of spousal abuse on several occasions. Maybe he’s legit.

  40. Ellie N

    Ellie N3 månader sedan

    terrence howard a alien

  41. Uncle Johnny TV

    Uncle Johnny TV3 månader sedan

    lol Zach holding the shirt sideways then upside down is life

  42. Joshua Mavez

    Joshua Mavez3 månader sedan

    I’d use that wearable chair for fishing

  43. ML V

    ML V3 månader sedan

    haha "Speak to my momma"

  44. lordish

    lordish3 månader sedan

    idk i lold when hila said wheelchair tank

  45. Compilation Maniacs

    Compilation Maniacs3 månader sedan

    we got colur hila

  46. Compilation Maniacs

    Compilation Maniacs3 månader sedan

    need a better co host

  47. Compilation Maniacs

    Compilation Maniacs3 månader sedan

    get rid of her

  48. Michael Wiesner

    Michael Wiesner3 månader sedan

    Terrence just took Shrooms or LSD and now thinks he’s the messiah 😂

  49. Zokes The Cat

    Zokes The Cat3 månader sedan

    The sound bytes in the beginning need to be knowledged

  50. Brandston Gould

    Brandston Gould3 månader sedan

    Alcohol is way worse than weed, I use medicinal marijuana and it helps my pain, I have a severe bleeding disorder that’s why I use it. I love everything Ethan has to say except for this, all drugs should be legal, that’s true but marijuana is definitely not worse than alcohol or honestly any other drug. Our body has a marijuana system built inside to accommodate cannabis, search it up. I just think saying marijuana will fuck up you month or is worse than alcohol is sort of damaging, because that’s the reason it’s not legal, people thinking of it as a drug because of past propagande, when in reality it’s a plant. Just research it before saying it’s bad or worse than alcohol. Let me just say you can die from alcohol no one has ever died from marijuana ever, from the actual plant effects. It also doesn’t change your mind it might change your mindset to happy which is pretty good in my opinion.

  51. d d

    d d3 månader sedan

    😒oh you're clines?sooo....

  52. Dr Mossy

    Dr Mossy4 månader sedan

    That terriology dude for got about bidmas!

  53. hcn

    hcn4 månader sedan

    we are watching scooter rage

  54. Christopher Galvez

    Christopher Galvez4 månader sedan

    How does Hila think weed it worse than alcohol smh

  55. The moped man

    The moped man4 månader sedan

    Get A Honda ATC ya will kick its ass

  56. TheParanoidWaffel

    TheParanoidWaffel4 månader sedan

    Not to hate, but they definitely don't understand what theyre talking about when they discuss that "Mobile Chair" Invention...Ive worked in canning facilities in the North West and there was an astonishing ZERO chairs on any of the processing lines (the areas where people are ment to stand in the same spot for 7 hours and 15 minuets out of an 8 hour working shift). Its honestly back breaking work for all ranges of age, and the number of people that can get cycled through for that reason alone is astonishing. So something like that little doo-hicky really could probably revolutionize the whole industry and many others.

  57. light crisp

    light crisp4 månader sedan

    "I got to get my nut dude"


    B!G BØY SAWYER4 månader sedan

    Who else looks at ethens eyebrows and wiggles them like his

  59. DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿

    DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿4 månader sedan

    Whoa... I was irritated when they recast Don Cheadle as Colonel Rhodes after _Iron Man,_ 1, as I think he's a lousy actor, and that Terrence Howard's performance was much better, but after this, I can't blame them one bit!! Holy crap, this is insane pseudoscientific rambling on the level of Gene Ray's Time Cube! Amazing how he's been able to turn in such good performances and be so successful when he's pretty clearly got a serious untreated schizophrenia spectrum disorder.

  60. brendanevo4g

    brendanevo4g4 månader sedan

    I think he has tourettes. Why does his face tick like that

  61. brendanevo4g

    brendanevo4g4 månader sedan

    @DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿ oh wow. A. This was a random test comment to see if any of my other comments really ever get seen. B. Now i feel like an ass cuz ive been watching a lot of his stuff and like it. I actually forgot i posted this. C. Im not a psychologist but u have to admit that was a g rated guess from my ignorant ass.

  62. DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿

    DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿4 månader sedan

    You mean "tic", not "tick". But yes, it's been mentioned before on the podcast that Ethan has Tourette's Syndrome. He's lucky he doesn't have the vocal outburst type. He's also lucky that his facial tics seem to correlate with what he's saying, doing, and listening to, rather than just being random over-blinking or whatnot.

  63. Joshua Aleman

    Joshua Aleman4 månader sedan

    It’s hilarious when Ethan acts so amazed by technology form the early 1900s. track driven vehicles 🤣

  64. Nicolas Peyret

    Nicolas Peyret4 månader sedan

    Are we going to ignore the fact that 1+1 is 3?

  65. S A

    S A5 månader sedan

    Put 7k in some stock

  66. Douglas Newbury

    Douglas Newbury5 månader sedan

    I like how Dan played defense on this entire show, just diving for those Ethan balls and blocking them all

  67. Tyrania

    Tyrania5 månader sedan

    press 5

  68. Sir Chiefs A-lot

    Sir Chiefs A-lot5 månader sedan

    They ran that speaking In tongues gag Into the ground.

  69. TyTy

    TyTy5 månader sedan

    Bruh hilas outfit is fire as fuck

  70. James Amaral

    James Amaral5 månader sedan

    I know the discussion of Terrence Howard is humorous and all, but it really reminds me of Randy Quaid and Otis Eugene "Gene" Ray, the creator of the "Time Cube" theory of reality. Basically, I think Terrence Howard is showing the signs of onset Schizophrenia, and probably needs serious help.


    DRIFT DIMENSIONS6 månader sedan

    You did it... you did it you crazy sum of a bichhh

  72. Tom G

    Tom G6 månader sedan

    I thought it was Jaystation in the thumbnail

  73. Zack Bandit

    Zack Bandit6 månader sedan

    Love the teddy fresh jacket!

  74. TheJentae

    TheJentae6 månader sedan

    Yall bogus for talking shit about joker. Its a master piece and if you dont see that you have BAD movie taste

  75. daniella nunez

    daniella nunez6 månader sedan

    kanye is seriously so selfish idk how anyone idolizes him.

  76. Matthew Faulk

    Matthew Faulk6 månader sedan

    Terrance Howard is off his rocker! He also never understood concepts beyond addition and maybe subtraction.

  77. Jesse J Garza

    Jesse J Garza6 månader sedan

    Not trying to bee mean but is this dued eyes keep I don’t know But something is wrong with these dudes eyes just keep looking at it he keeps opening wider and wider and then goes back to normal is he sick or is he tripping I’m just wondering

  78. The MechanIQ

    The MechanIQ6 månader sedan

    Isn't his album out now though? Jesus is King?

  79. The MechanIQ

    The MechanIQ6 månader sedan

    Ethan, Hila. Listen, this dog spitter is only angry because she got caught, just like when pewdie pie got caught. Let's be real

  80. The MechanIQ

    The MechanIQ6 månader sedan

    Don't worry Ethan I'll bring you to my new platform so you don't have to deal qith youtube bull crap.

  81. The MechanIQ

    The MechanIQ6 månader sedan

    My girlfriend loves you guys so much. Can you please tell her "Lisa, this message is for you. Kenneth Loves you very much!!!!" Please, can I get an upvote for real love!? I love her very much. PLEASE!? She watches every single PODCAST

  82. Brian Johnson

    Brian Johnson6 månader sedan

    That dumbfuck in the back doesn't know that xanax isn't an opioid. It's a benzo dipshit.

  83. CorporateG0th

    CorporateG0th6 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="98">1:38</a>:14 Just a villain, not an antihero. An antihero would be someone like Wolverine, or Deadpool. He's the opposite of the classical hero (captain america, superman) - a grungy misfit who just fucks up people who mess with him, but they're fundamentally good. Joker's a grungy misfit but he's also evil, so just villain. Then you have your anti-villains like Lex Luthor who have a pressed suit, a positive public profile and involvement in charities and whatnot, but who are really pursuing evil goals.

  84. Lane Hansen

    Lane Hansen6 månader sedan

    I freaked out I thought lil xan died from this 😂

  85. Lane Hansen

    Lane Hansen6 månader sedan

    You litterally cannot deny that concervatives are being down ranked. Look at Tim's videos, his concervative ones get down ranked. Look to Steven Crowder, he got demonitised for doing nothing, notice how concervatives have no organic reach in the US. It's not this simple

  86. zeynep y

    zeynep y6 månader sedan

    It's not raw chicken, it's a dessert called helva in Turkish - halva in other languages

  87. Justin Hosey

    Justin Hosey6 månader sedan

    SEgos keeps automatically unsubscribing me from H3 podcast. Has anyone else experienced this? It has happened to me at least 3 times.

  88. Samanthat9v

    Samanthat9v6 månader sedan

    I feel like an ATV would be just as effective if not better than the tank wheelchair