Bill Burr Returns - H3 Podcast #143

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  1. Justin Bell

    Justin BellDag sedan

    Get a Dietician, not a nutritionist which anyone can claim to be...

  2. Miller

    Miller2 dagar sedan

    The way she laughs and stare Bill... She wants that coppercock.

  3. Ruben Rivera

    Ruben Rivera5 dagar sedan

    Again Ethan making everything about himself, stop taking about your body, your marriage, your baby. it’s not a interview for you. So CRINGE when you always talking about yourself and not letting Bill talk after a question

  4. guy incognito

    guy incognito5 dagar sedan

    Ethan's eyebrow tick and constant kvetching make his show unwatchable.

  5. Name Balnk

    Name BalnkDag sedan

    guy incognito for you.

  6. Samventurer

    Samventurer5 dagar sedan

    Bill doesnt realize that these podcasts are not interviews. They are a conversation. Its not all supposed ti be about him

  7. Rick Nash

    Rick Nash6 dagar sedan

    Poor hila couldn't get word out

  8. American Patriot

    American Patriot9 dagar sedan

    Someone: something Someone else: Also something

  9. Janina Butler

    Janina Butler10 dagar sedan

    I would let Bill Burr ruin my whole life 😂🌚♥️

  10. Kraft Punk

    Kraft Punk10 dagar sedan

    Such a good and wholesome episode.

  11. Krackatoa

    Krackatoa12 dagar sedan

    I only watch for the Manscaped ads now.

  12. Shane

    Shane12 dagar sedan

    Great stuff!

  13. Zareli Noise

    Zareli Noise14 dagar sedan

    Regarding the "nutrition" segment, why on earth would you trust a nutritionist over the internet ? I know the internet is full of quackery but you also have all the scientific journals, on the other hand: Have you seen how ineffective nutrtionist diets and treatments are ? Their success rate is abysmal, sometimes the people even ends up gaining net weight after they were provided a low carb diet because their metabolisms get utterly messed up with ineffective treatments. They have zero insights on managing hunger and the psychological aspects of eating and they have very low awareness about the fact that metabolism accommodate to calorie intake (yet they keep that naive approach of counting calories that's pretty much worthless), that's why they're very ineffective. If Engineers were as effective as Nutritionists, you would have a couple of bridges and builings falling everyday.

  14. shetrawberry

    shetrawberry15 dagar sedan

    *Sodium is essential to human life.* If you are craving salty foods. It's probably because you actually *need* sodium. You can become very unwell, and potentially die from hyponatremia which is a common symptom and cause for patients admitted to hospital. If you are craving salty food. There are plenty of healthy foods to choose from. Your brain is just likely to associate and crave highly processed foods over say broths or smoked salmon because of the hyperpalatability and likely high sugar content in addition. This does not mean that salt is bad. Perhaps just your transportation system of said element is not optimal. If you are someone that suffers with *Orthostatic Hypotension* Try increasing your salt intake for a few days and see how you feel. I never get dizzy after standing up anymore (despite having this most of my life) after i stopped trying to reduce my salt intake and instead actively began increasing it. Electolyte powders and drinks are also extremely effective and cover all your bases.

  15. Harald Christensen

    Harald Christensen16 dagar sedan

    This is Bill doing something his agent demands him to do. The last time was a trainwreck. This time it's obvious Bill is biting his tounge.

  16. Jason Bower

    Jason Bower17 dagar sedan

    Hila is GORGEOUS. And so awesome. What a catch. 10/10

  17. NextGenesis88

    NextGenesis8818 dagar sedan

    Holy fuck I totally forgot about the Muppet Babies show. The theme song is flooding back in to my brain. I don't blame the kid. Muppet Babies to a kid is like pot to a teenager.

  18. Spydiggity

    Spydiggity19 dagar sedan

    How long is this fat bastard going to talk about losing weight?

  19. Kartoffel Pommes

    Kartoffel Pommes21 dag sedan

    Your best yet. Good on you for the improvement.

  20. Paul Mohr

    Paul Mohr21 dag sedan

    I lived in southern California for 6 years in the late 80's to early 90's. I really enjoyed it to be honest. There was lots to see, lots to do, the people were nice. I mean there are beaches, forests, desert, mountains and amusement parks. You can go to the beach in the morning and then go snow skiing latert that day if you want. And Vegas is 3 hours away if you want to see that. And if you don't like the dessert scene in southern Cali just drive up north. Northern California is very pretty. Or heck just go to Big Bear, its like 45 minutes away. Then again I did go through two earthquakes, a riot, fires and floods while I was there lol. I went to New York city once and left after two days. I didn't care for that all.

  21. I Banged Your Wife

    I Banged Your Wife22 dagar sedan

    The last one was so awkward uhhhhhhhhhhh

  22. Bobs World Entertainment Podcast Ltd

    Bobs World Entertainment Podcast Ltd22 dagar sedan

    Sea same street shirt I think lol

  23. Mike Carrato

    Mike Carrato23 dagar sedan

    I love Bill Burr, but he knows nothing about nutrition. Has he ever been over 200lbs? What does he know about the struggle? Moderation and smoothies are NOT the answer. You have metabolic disease. Read The Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung. I read it 2.5 years ago and it saved my life. Down more than 100lbs and sustaining it. Never felt better. Dr Fung is saving lives in his clinic. Listen to him, not a comic.

  24. oogity Boogity

    oogity Boogity24 dagar sedan

    I have horrible eating habits but I’m very underweight and I’m scared for my body to say fuck it and make me really fat

  25. Jcarlos 2507

    Jcarlos 250724 dagar sedan

    I didn’t know the name of the voice actor of frank and it’s really cool that o found out this was I was thinking to the point until he talked about it

  26. AG PeXo

    AG PeXo25 dagar sedan

    Just in case you thought Papa Ethan wasn't back, now he's better than ever!

  27. Lumnis Elbie

    Lumnis Elbie25 dagar sedan

    8:10 it took me a second to register what he just said, but that was a badass shout-out to two HIGHLY underrated Led Zeppelin tracks, especially Traveling Riverside Blues, JPJ and Jimmy murder it on that track

  28. George Finch

    George Finch25 dagar sedan

    This podcast was awesome

  29. Toxic Gamer

    Toxic Gamer26 dagar sedan

    That's not true about eggs. Rather the opposite.

  30. Toxic Gamer

    Toxic Gamer26 dagar sedan

    I use the same trimmer. It's no problem if you're clean before you shave/trim. Which I'm usually not.

  31. reezlaw

    reezlaw26 dagar sedan

    The American attitude towards addiction is just so alien to me

  32. reezlaw

    reezlaw20 dagar sedan

    @john Taylor Not trying to be a smartass or anything, I just see a different approach over here. One example is the 12-step kinda thing you have over there, more than half of the steps are about prayer or submitting yourself to god or something, that just doesn't make a lot of sense and sounds really strange from a European perspective. Same goes for total abstinence, I have friends that got out of heroin and they smoke weed, it calms them down. Just a couple examples of how some things are just handled differently. I apologise for using myself as an example though, you're right, that was irrelevant.

  33. john Taylor

    john Taylor20 dagar sedan

    @reezlawNoone wants to see alcohol as something they can't touch again, but for many people there is no other option. If alcohol isn't a problem for you that's great but don't judge those for whom self destruction feels more natural than living a healthy life. It is almost invariably those of us who survived a hell on earth childhood who need to see drink as our own devil in order to resist the harm we want to inflict on ourselves. If you haven't been there you will see it as alien, and that's a good thing; but your opinion has no weight of experience, so you might as well be humble enough to realise that you have nothing worthwhile to say about a struggle you aren't involved in. I'm not good with written words so apologies if this sounded agressive or whatever.

  34. Ian Knight

    Ian Knight23 dagar sedan

    @reezlaw They live in a country that everywhere you look there is addictive shit and in fact created most of that addictive shit, I can where they are coming from. An ex-fatty doesn't go on a strict diet for the rest of their lives they just eat less shit.

  35. reezlaw

    reezlaw23 dagar sedan

    All of.a sudden something is the devil and you'll never touch it again for the rest of your life, everything is black or white, carbs bad, salt bad... I can go 2 weeks without any alcohol and then go out and have 2 or 3 beers with friends. I eat sugary things, fat things, salty things, I'm healthy and in good shape. The key is moderation, with everything, even drugs. The demonisation Americans use to paint things they consider unhealthy makes them look like this forbidden fruit and actually makes the addiction worse.

  36. Jeff Yeh

    Jeff Yeh24 dagar sedan

    Care to explain?

  37. Toby Mann

    Toby Mann26 dagar sedan

    Manscaped is the perfect sponsor.

  38. The Generalist

    The Generalist27 dagar sedan

    how nice is ethan that he lets hila be in the show.

  39. Miketastic

    Miketastic29 dagar sedan

    Round 2... FIGHT!

  40. grancrackers 428

    grancrackers 428Månad sedan


  41. Dalby1617

    Dalby1617Månad sedan

    Hila is so goddamn beautiful.

  42. Titus Prime

    Titus PrimeMånad sedan

    Ethan: "I think I do need to get a nutritionist." Hila: "I agree" I'm dead, lmao

  43. Turnt Jesus

    Turnt JesusMånad sedan

    good ol billy ball buster

  44. afmeister

    afmeisterMånad sedan

    D i d anyone else feel like it was stil a bit awkward it’s just that Bill didn’t go off as much? Like when Ethan said “you’re always saying...” and bills like uh yeah that’s the name of my tour... just one out of a few awkward things I noticed

  45. Robert Appleby

    Robert ApplebyMånad sedan

    I love Bill Burr. But he doesn't understand much about the differences in how peoples bodies manage fat. Ethan has that fat disease, Hila has that skinny disease. Their struggles won't be the same!

  46. michael dietz

    michael dietzMånad sedan

    100x better than the first podcast with billy red nuts. that first one was so cringe i couldn't get past 20 minutes of it. all ethan needed to do was sit back and let him go. Also bill burr's latest special was so fucking good and appropriate for the time we're living in. easily the best preforming comedian today, and probably in the top 10 comedians of all time.

  47. Alaska Squatchin Xtreeme

    Alaska Squatchin XtreemeMånad sedan

    I'm not sure why people like Bill Burr so much, he sucks

  48. Pete Jones

    Pete JonesMånad sedan

    Go and watch paper tiger.

  49. larisa kirsanova

    larisa kirsanovaMånad sedan

    "I didn't know anything about the fact that you want to eat something salty after you ate something sugary until I had a fat roommate, and he told me about it, he was like: DUUUUUDE"

  50. Lucas Teong

    Lucas TeongMånad sedan

    Now I'm damn curious to hear the joke that didn't make it into the special

  51. Just Your Average Joe

    Just Your Average JoeMånad sedan

    Cookie Monster never actually stopped eating cookies, or changed his name to veggie monster or anything. Thats a common misconception because of a nasty rumor

  52. sangstar

    sangstarMånad sedan

    Bill looks like he lost weight man he looks good

  53. Wesley Roskell

    Wesley RoskellMånad sedan

    Is this the Ethan roast? Hehehhe...

  54. Maximo Jimenez

    Maximo JimenezMånad sedan

    Gives you goosebumps 9:49

  55. Javier Sanchez

    Javier SanchezMånad sedan

    Manscaped is my New favorite sponsor read

  56. Dan

    DanMånad sedan

    31:45 Debatable. You should get StepOne undies instead. They are an Aussie company, and have lycra panels inbetween your thighs to prevent chafing. They are made from bamboo and wisk away sweat. They are amazing.

  57. cb7pwn

    cb7pwnMånad sedan

    this is literally the only interview, podcast, show that Burr actually seems to enjoy doing, you guys can really make a guest feel comfortable

  58. ZiroWatt

    ZiroWattMånad sedan

    you have to add some sort of activity into this diet to keep you on a solid path, just lift at least 3 tines a week while staying in a calorie deficit and you will be fine

  59. Josh_pie

    Josh_pieMånad sedan

    I'm so sick and tired of hearing Hila talk shit about Ethan's weight lol. Seriously it bugs the piss out of me, and it shouldn't hahs

  60. A. Walker

    A. Walker15 dagar sedan

    How come it annoys you?

  61. Huckle Penny

    Huckle PennyMånad sedan

    I adore this episode, the three of them have such amazing chemistry they are so funny and free flowing

  62. ehex3

    ehex3Månad sedan

    Man that was boring

  63. theflowerhead

    theflowerheadMånad sedan

    Can't they Joe Rogan it and just go with it if they still have topics? That felt so short, even though it was a regular length podcast. I'm such a fan of all these people, I truly believe are some of the realest people. 💙

  64. Curdle Games

    Curdle GamesMånad sedan

    Dude, why you gotta rush him off while he's riffing lol

  65. Seamus McBoon

    Seamus McBoonMånad sedan

    We used to get double cheeseburgers from macdonalds and JBCs from wendys and combine them and call them "Death Burgers"

  66. Seamus McBoon

    Seamus McBoonMånad sedan

    AHHH Bill's early morning toe pointing tip is life saving! I found it a while ago by accident while writhing in pain first thing in the morning, it really does work.

  67. Josh Chadwick

    Josh ChadwickMånad sedan

    Why is this podcast so big? I dont see the appeal, except for guests like Burr

  68. Trevor Gahagan

    Trevor GahaganMånad sedan

    It was started by a youtuber that already had a few million subs

  69. poiewhfopiewhf

    poiewhfopiewhfMånad sedan

    A white person should NEVERRR say the ‘N’ word!!! No Exeptions