Bill Burr Returns - H3 Podcast #143

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  1. RocketEgo

    RocketEgo13 timmar sedan

    Ethan's hamburger addiction surpasses any form of weed consumption...

  2. RocketEgo

    RocketEgo13 timmar sedan

    This podcast was really good. Good job Ethan, this one was better than the first one.

  3. Lkcdar Zadix

    Lkcdar Zadix8 timmar sedan

    this was meh the first was the greatest

  4. Mike kane

    Mike kaneDag sedan

    You totally can tell the difference between Bill and Ethan n hila! Bill is on a whole nutha level. H3h3 is retarded compared to burr

  5. Alex Spadge

    Alex Spadge2 dagar sedan

    That's a pretty low view count for a podcast featuring Bill Burr. Guess the last one made people too uncomfortable

  6. Pizza Baratheon

    Pizza Baratheon3 dagar sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> in and it's already as bad as the first one. Only difference is Burr was being nice this time. Dumb questions and cutting off your guest when he starts to answer. Jesus

  7. Jango Peppers

    Jango Peppers4 dagar sedan

    Hila should’ve been interviewing bill

  8. Dustin Murphy

    Dustin Murphy5 dagar sedan

    When Bill said a couple of his siblings were into comics you should have asked him "how many siblings do you have" lmao

  9. Christian Fuentes

    Christian Fuentes4 dagar sedan

    That's a funny joke almost made me laugh

  10. Yeah Im Bear

    Yeah Im Bear6 dagar sedan

    For me this is like when two of you friends bicker yet you cant help but just watch

  11. Alex Whytho?

    Alex Whytho?17 dagar sedan

    I personally think it's great to see Bill Burr (and e&h) feeling more relaxed this time. The interview developed very organically and was a great time!

  12. Yung Bleach Lxrd

    Yung Bleach Lxrd20 dagar sedan

    I like to think, that off camera bill acts as a father figure role model for ethan and gets angry and lectures him, embarrasses him in front of his peers only for them to both learn and for bill to feel bad and come back for a sequel. 😂😂Still tho I kinda liked how awkward the last one got, rlly showed the difference in humor between the two.

  13. Laura Norrman

    Laura Norrman24 dagar sedan

    Oh i know that look Hila has :P

  14. jason borys

    jason borys28 dagar sedan

    I wonder how much Ethan had to pay Burr to sit through another painful conversation with him?

  15. Weeaboo murrling

    Weeaboo murrlingMånad sedan

    Noo this one felt like it ended too quickly

  16. Daniel Lewis

    Daniel LewisMånad sedan

    Subscribed! Best wishes you guys!

  17. HarrowXY

    HarrowXYMånad sedan

    Ethan is hanging on bill’s every word. While bill is trying to be nice. Think about it

  18. Micah Watkins

    Micah WatkinsMånad sedan

    I think hila has a secret crush on bill.

  19. andrew guerrero

    andrew guerreroMånad sedan

    Ethans eyebrows have less flex when talking to Bill Burr........ interesting 🧐

  20. Miamifins Fan4life

    Miamifins Fan4lifeMånad sedan

    Great episode great interview, I don’t really blame Ethan too much for the last tome he interviewed Bill BUrr just think it didn’t work that one time and as far as comedy is comedy H3 does a lot of sketch comedy I hear people who talked about the last interview saying it’s a difference of new and old it isn’t comedy is comedy.

  21. Nick A

    Nick AMånad sedan

    Bill really is a good guy.

  22. VukProductions

    VukProductionsMånad sedan

    Hila's smile brings such joy and peace! Excellent show!

  23. Cirox Rone

    Cirox RoneMånad sedan

    Hila flirt w bill, ethan fat. - there, saved you an hour.

  24. Benjamin Guitar

    Benjamin GuitarMånad sedan

    She was about to tell us what she used to have for breakfast in Israel… What did she have

  25. A M

    A MMånad sedan

    Lol Hila brought him back to cuck shame Ethan

  26. Sam Gomez

    Sam GomezMånad sedan

    Its nice of Bill to go on this awful podcast again after Ethan embarrassed himself last time.

  27. James The Second

    James The Second2 månader sedan

    Paper tigers sucked balls if you’re honest

  28. GalaxyZ

    GalaxyZ2 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3039">50:39</a> I’m dying 💀

  29. Guybrush Threepwood

    Guybrush Threepwood2 månader sedan

    Why does Ethan's kid kinda looks like Bill Burr can anyone answer me that?

  30. Charlie Wethington

    Charlie Wethington2 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3540">59:00</a> Only point I gotta stop you. LA is the extreme of being fake and NYC is the extreme of being real. Tis a dichotomy, truly.

  31. Joshua Perry

    Joshua PerryMånad sedan

    It's not just LA, the whole west coast is a nightmare of fart-sniffing

  32. Yodalemos

    Yodalemos2 månader sedan

    I liked this more than his new Netflix special. Its like he got neutered for that performance.

  33. Guybrush Threepwood

    Guybrush Threepwood2 månader sedan

    He didn't get neutered, he was put down

  34. Jonathan Walensi

    Jonathan Walensi2 månader sedan

    Bill “We’re here to promote my special, not to end your marriage” Burr <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2801">46:41</a>

  35. Jonathan Walensi

    Jonathan Walensi2 månader sedan

    first time hilla got wet since the birth , thanks bill

  36. Jonathan Walensi

    Jonathan Walensi2 månader sedan

    bill couldnt stand staying for the full hour xDDDDDDDDDDDD

  37. I am a Lobster

    I am a Lobster2 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2160">36:00</a> I have recognized that I have to own my own ship. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2205">36:45</a> you have to be your own parent

  38. ChromaticTurtle

    ChromaticTurtle2 månader sedan

    Bills being sooooo fucking nice, and you can see and hear the fear from the h3h3 crew

  39. Chalks October

    Chalks October2 månader sedan

    That fight @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2563">42:43</a> 😲

  40. Adam Rasmussen

    Adam Rasmussen2 månader sedan

    Dude has thin skin, comedians talk trash and this guy got so butthurt and didn't have a single comeback. He didn't deserve another interview. Nice of Burr to throw him bone.

  41. Le Jit

    Le Jit3 månader sedan

    It's gonna lead ya to bulemia... x_x

  42. Petter Bruland

    Petter Bruland3 månader sedan

    Poor Hila sitting through that advertisement. "If my shaft smelled that good, you would never get off it" :-) Best channel.

  43. mikesdigitalshorts

    mikesdigitalshorts3 månader sedan

    :( They just have the mechanical beanie stuffed under a lame cowboy hat.

  44. Tom M

    Tom M3 månader sedan

    I like how SEgos tells if someone has 2.16m subs but if a video is 1 year and 7 months old it still just says "1 year old" the first bill burr interview on here is way closer to 2 years ago than it is one but it says one

  45. Goemon Ishikawa

    Goemon Ishikawa3 månader sedan

    Bill is going easy and benefitting from more exposure to younger generations. Enough with Ethan doing well. Bill was just himself the first time. He's being nice

  46. hudson waters

    hudson waters3 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="472">7:52</a>

  47. Carlos Montes

    Carlos Montes3 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a>:07 did hila just randomly say "hello guys" ?

  48. MadMover

    MadMover3 månader sedan

    Only Bill Burr can make Ethan feel bad about his weight. What a legend.

  49. fataxel

    fataxel3 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2642">44:02</a> of course that works, and it works well... i lost 50 pounds eating healthy fats and in time educating my eating habits... simple carbs is the true problem, not fats. Also keto helps you in the beginning, it is not meant to be a lifelong diet. I guess Ethan is probably never going to lose weight seeing how little to no interest he shows to studying his eating disorder

  50. James Honeycutt

    James Honeycutt3 månader sedan

    Round 2 Bill Burr was MUCH better

  51. Gabriel Killian

    Gabriel Killian3 månader sedan

    i wanna see the parts that were cut out lol wish this was aired live like the first one

  52. Dan P

    Dan P3 månader sedan

    Has anyone seen any of Bill Burrs material since Paper Tiger? I'm going to see him in April & was wondering how much of a treat I'm in for.

  53. DGrey8761

    DGrey87613 månader sedan

    Go watch Bill and Snoop and then you'll realize Ethan just isn't there yet.

  54. Windows93p p

    Windows93p p3 månader sedan

    I still hate bill burr

  55. Venser

    Venser3 månader sedan

    Wish I was as happy as Hila.

  56. Tekno Pathetic

    Tekno Pathetic4 månader sedan

    God I hate this podcast

  57. PeasleP

    PeasleP4 månader sedan

    Roast lmao

  58. Jeff b

    Jeff b4 månader sedan

    Bill Burr is not a jerk, some people are just too sensitive.

  59. Dawd Dawds

    Dawd Dawds4 månader sedan

    MAcHa Powder... It's like a protein

  60. Nathan Harger

    Nathan Harger4 månader sedan


  61. Jasmine Nothanks

    Jasmine Nothanks4 månader sedan

    So I 100% get Bill Burr. I wish more people were like him. I like that he's 100% authentic. He's sexy too! JUST saying!


    YOU_WILL_LOVE_EACH_OTHER4 månader sedan

    On one hand Im happy they kept it cool and had a good time. On the otther hand Im sad I dont get to see Burr going ballistic on someone, the fat shaming wasnt enough.

  63. dxkumar8

    dxkumar84 månader sedan

    This podcast was awesome. You guys did good. On a second thought, Bill Burr did even better.

  64. Prometheus

    Prometheus4 månader sedan

    Look at the difference in demeanor of Bill compared to the first time. Bill knew he fucked up the first time.

  65. CarsonDoesStuff

    CarsonDoesStuff4 månader sedan

    Mad props to both parties for doing this again.

  66. Salty Lion

    Salty Lion4 månader sedan

    Loved it! Love you guys and Bill.

  67. Salty Lion

    Salty Lion4 månader sedan

    The "if my dick smelled like that" joke; I almost fell out of my chair. hahaha

  68. Theforeverlonelyindividual

    Theforeverlonelyindividual4 månader sedan

    I'll say, the first bill burr episode is really bad, and this is definitely an improvement. I think Hila did a great job keeping the conversation flowing.

  69. i3enj

    i3enj4 månader sedan

    That last podcast with bill was soo fkin awkward, but this one is way more inline of what he is normally like, way less awkward

  70. Lilian rose Kennedy

    Lilian rose Kennedy4 månader sedan

    gentrification in sesame street

  71. Dark Sora

    Dark Sora4 månader sedan

    Wish Bill was a guest on your show more often. Such a chill conversation.

  72. Im Actually Garbo

    Im Actually Garbo4 månader sedan

    no like him in star wars

  73. Bugsy Siegel

    Bugsy Siegel5 månader sedan

    1001 things to do with a Bill Burr action figure, someone has to do it. :)

  74. killa1711

    killa17115 månader sedan

    Try soft boiled eggs. Hard to make but so damn good

  75. g z

    g z5 månader sedan

    I love bill so much!!!!!

  76. BonusPoints

    BonusPoints5 månader sedan

    Bill Burr tries to hard to be funny. His voice is funny for a minute then. Annoying. Too milktoast for me much prefer Carlin. millennial libs can keep Billy boy.

  77. imicca

    imicca5 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="280">4:40</a> different country? UK is quite similar to US

  78. imicca

    imicca5 månader sedan

    PC culture killing cookie monster

  79. Martin Mena

    Martin Mena5 månader sedan

    Side note: my gf got a nutritionist and lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks. I have no idea how but she did it lol it works


    QWERTY QWERTBO5 månader sedan

    wish Ethan would Yang Bill, Bill only likes Sanders cause he doesn't know Yang's position.

  81. Miss Obscura

    Miss Obscura5 månader sedan

    Can't do it.

  82. Miss Obscura

    Miss Obscura5 månader sedan

    Please tell me that lady won't giggle at shit that's not funny the entire time so I can't stand watching it. Put her behind glass.

  83. Doomer K Kid

    Doomer K Kid5 månader sedan

    Hopefully Theo gets this second change also.

  84. Random doggie

    Random doggie5 månader sedan

    well it was slightly less horific....