Blizzard Sells Out To China

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  1. Kazu -kid

    Kazu -kid11 timmar sedan

    They are using fucking chemical warfare on there own people and we are doing nothing, because we can’t. In the state that chinas in they control almost everything with there massive economy controls companies witch controls products and outlooks on situations. All China has to do is say, support us or we we’ll end you. God almighty what has this world come to.

  2. CamoMilitia

    CamoMilitia4 dagar sedan

    So, when someone gives u 'free' money, see if they agree with what u believe. U can make big money in China but u have to risk censoredship.

  3. CamoMilitia

    CamoMilitia4 dagar sedan

    To me, i see why our govt. Hides things from us. To defend ourselves from bullies and authorities.

  4. DaJX

    DaJX4 dagar sedan

    diablo 4 smells good byebye china haters not your game

  5. NintendoFanBoy07

    NintendoFanBoy074 dagar sedan

    What a sad situation. Fuck China!! But what sucks is they make a lot of stuff for us.

  6. cpman 1799

    cpman 17994 dagar sedan

    It’s pretty fucked when you think about how US did that whole “re-education” thing with native Americans in boarding schools. Like fuck, our own government did it, our own corporations abide it. All these institutions. None of them sincerely stood for the ideals.

  7. Gonaddabarbarian

    Gonaddabarbarian5 dagar sedan

    that meteor that is slowly hurling its way to earth is looking better and better with each passing day. fingers X

  8. Hexa Dex

    Hexa Dex5 dagar sedan

    Let's go back to TF2

  9. Vexorz

    Vexorz5 dagar sedan

    Blizzard fans: You should’ve picked Hong Kong Blizzard: I’m not gonna show any kind of support

  10. CNGEMS Channel

    CNGEMS Channel7 dagar sedan

    I support Hong Kong

  11. Wraithy

    Wraithy7 dagar sedan

    I still love mahjong

  12. Deathmetal Cakefarts

    Deathmetal Cakefarts7 dagar sedan

    Gotta suckle on the teats of China like a little piglets eh ya fucks!

  13. CorporateG0th

    CorporateG0th8 dagar sedan

    10:35 They aren't migrants. China annexed the territory through military invasion. They just live there.

  14. kaleidoscopik

    kaleidoscopik9 dagar sedan

    China is no better than North Korea. Control of human beings is immoral.

  15. dospulgasenunperro

    dospulgasenunperro9 dagar sedan

    well u selled felix calling him a racist

  16. Alex King

    Alex King9 dagar sedan

    Everyone is allowed to believe what they want... unless it conflicts with what I think. Then I'll fuck you up. - China

  17. LayZ Lifts

    LayZ Lifts10 dagar sedan

    That man in the pink and purple sucks at this, this is part of the reason our uninformed Americans regularly have fragmented information. He should do his research or read the damn articles before casting, he sounds really uninformed but he's over here trying to inform others. Stop it dude. Free Hong Kong! Just don't sound stupid when explaining the reason for your support.

  18. Mark Gonzalez

    Mark Gonzalez10 dagar sedan

    I’ll fuck China up

  19. Maxwell Lecuyer

    Maxwell Lecuyer10 dagar sedan

    China is pretty scary

  20. Modus Operandi

    Modus Operandi10 dagar sedan

    America: Human Rights, freedom of speech and Democracy!!!! Saudi Arabia: Hey bro, I need some weapons and bombs to commit genocide. America: Sure bro, how much are we talking? *Rubs hands intensely*

  21. Ante Basic

    Ante Basic11 dagar sedan

    The Chinese state isn't rounding up Muslim migrants. They're rounding up Uighur natives in the region of Xinjiang on the scale of millions, sending them to "reeducation camps," engaging in organ harvesting and replacing the region's population by relocating their loyalists. in Hong Kong, in addition to suppressing speech, protest, freedoms etc. they're bringing in loyalists to beat down on protestors, have given the police a blank cheque to attack them and actively engaging in a propaganda campaign against them.

  22. Icy Torment

    Icy Torment11 dagar sedan

    War is coming

  23. James Eadmer Dela Cruz

    James Eadmer Dela Cruz11 dagar sedan

    Money is greed

  24. mango sauce

    mango sauce11 dagar sedan

    Thank you for this can't believe blizzard did this

  25. Marian M

    Marian M11 dagar sedan


  26. John Graffius

    John Graffius11 dagar sedan


  27. Albatross_5000

    Albatross_500012 dagar sedan

    wait memes gets banned in china? so if blizzard making fun of that dictaor memes, nothing can save them.. but how do you pull that off? hmm

  28. Tristi

    Tristi12 dagar sedan

    Like it or not. China has existed longer than most other countries worldwide. China always had harsh goverments to keep everything nice and quiet. Todays "communist government" is just another dynastie ruling over china. Who are we to dare critizise them? China has never fought agressive wars. Can we say the same about our beloved western civlisation? Who's selling weapons to 3rd world countires, exploiting their weaknesses for THEIR natural resources. Fucking hypocrites

  29. Tristi

    Tristi10 dagar sedan

    @John DC actually. we do know. They're buying rights to harvest natural resources in poor countries. just like everyone else (exept america, they just bomb the place they need). censorship is only there to keep their massive population in check. that's china for you.

  30. John DC

    John DC10 dagar sedan

    We already know what the West is doing. What's worse, is that we might not even know the full extent of what China has done all these years because of all the cnesorship and secrecy they've put out.

  31. DOAMA

    DOAMA12 dagar sedan

    "We're American, we like freedom and democracy." **forgets that American Democrats are Socialist Fascists with dreams of world domination**

  32. DOAMA

    DOAMA10 dagar sedan

    @John DC Since when are facts a joke? Have you seen the shady shit being pulled by the Dems?

  33. John DC

    John DC10 dagar sedan

    Nice joke, tell another one

  34. DOAMA

    DOAMA12 dagar sedan

    Ethan's brow-line has a life of its own.

  35. Andrew Burke

    Andrew Burke12 dagar sedan

    I think it would more helpful if you guys actually knew some stuff about the topic you are discussing prior to the podcast. It's clear that you are both just reading this on the fly, how about doing some preemptive research next time, anyone can go online and just read some articles. People watch a podcast to hear people talk about something they actually know some facts about.

  36. Garrett Jeffers

    Garrett Jeffers12 dagar sedan

    Starcraft is 100% life changing I'm glad someone else feels the same way

  37. Samuel David

    Samuel David13 dagar sedan

    Every weakling online are so freakin trigerred by anything nowadays. Bllizzard has always made amazing games and will continue to do so, Overwatch 2 , D4 and a new WOW exp is on the horizon and you guys are crying over Blizzard asking peoples who Work, Advertised or Stream for them to follow their policies. Dude Its like.... signing a work contract, wearing a proper uniform at work, serving and managing clients, etc. There are ways to behave in certain environments that are different than with your buddy,s drinking beer and being free of saying whatever shit you want. Blizzard inst gonna take away your freedom of speech, they simply following pretty regular worldwide policies in order to keep the company going and keeping releasing the games! Imagine if they never had any company policies, peoples would use their platform to promote any kind of unimaginable shit like Trump 4ever President or Liberate the Nazis!? At the end of the day, the only freaking thing people really care about are the games! Who cares if you,re quitting blizzard games, poor you seriously you,re gonna be missing a lot of amazing gaming experiences.

  38. John DC

    John DC8 dagar sedan

    @Samuel David They care about the unnecessary censorship that Blizzard-Activision does to silence does those who support freedom against China. Maybe you can stop crying about these people and just be willfully ignorant about your games. You seem shallow enough to be able to.

  39. Samuel David

    Samuel David8 dagar sedan

    @John DC they would rather care about a korean player at the end of the world who got bannef ? Come on man lol live your life and enjoy the good games instead of crying

  40. John DC

    John DC10 dagar sedan

    Considering how many people already boycotted Blizzard-Activision, most people clearly don't care about the game.

  41. Jeffrey Lin

    Jeffrey Lin13 dagar sedan

    OMG you people who shit on blizzard are just standing on the moral high ground and judging them and doesn't know shit about politic. Did you guys see what happened in Hong Kong? Did you see how fucked up the protesters are? They are not fighting for freedom or democracy. They just doing it because they hate CCP. They do not represent anything they stand for. They beat up anyone who doesn't agree with them. Of cause, China should not be so sensitive about it and censor all this shit, but the protesters are destroying Hong Kong. They want to destroy Hong Kong so they can take charge. OMG STFU you guys you don't know anything about China. Listen to you guys makes me cringe. You guys are even more sensitive than China

  42. Jeffrey Lin

    Jeffrey Lin10 dagar sedan

    @John DC Ok if you are that one-sided and just believe the bullshit that every single protester are just undercover cop then this whole conversation is meaningless

  43. John DC

    John DC10 dagar sedan

    @Jeffrey Lin The people are vandalising the same government buildings that are in support of the Extradition bill. There are many pictures showing the protesters not even minding any bystander stores or other shops. There is only evidence of people beating people is with the police that kick off things like throwing tear gas and attacking protesters in mass protests.

  44. John DC

    John DC10 dagar sedan

    @Jeffrey Lin They're gonna keep doing it until China leaves them alone. The government did not happen once. It is still happening.

  45. Jeffrey Lin

    Jeffrey Lin10 dagar sedan

    @John DC The government mob you talking about. is it the mob wearing a white t-shirt? That shit happen once. I don't know who else would dear to beat the protesters. they got the number and sometimes even police are running away from them. Also, there is no evidence said the mod is hired by the government. There is clear evidence that the protesters are vandalizing and beating people like crazy. The way I see it they already win the fight. They got what they want. Isn't it time to stop or are they going to keep doing it until they overthrow China?

  46. John DC

    John DC10 dagar sedan

    @Jeffrey Lin China can literally control their people's freedom and democracy. They literally control what types of social media is allowed to be searched. That is not free or democratic. They are trying to get more control over what the people in HK do.

  47. Jeffrey Lin

    Jeffrey Lin13 dagar sedan

    Wow, can you be more offensive

  48. Wolfgang Fierce

    Wolfgang Fierce13 dagar sedan

    Fu blizz

  49. castel hatschie

    castel hatschie13 dagar sedan


  50. Vincent Peng

    Vincent Peng16 dagar sedan

    This video is full of prejudice towards Chinese people. Dont say nothin if u know nothin, biatch

  51. Schwieg

    Schwieg17 dagar sedan

    Ethan trying to read totalitarian was the funniest part of this.

  52. Cero powa

    Cero powa18 dagar sedan

    America is the Power House, but Blizzard(nub) is pulling some string to get more money from both America and China. Plz Kick Blizzard out from America!

  53. Bruno Crespo

    Bruno Crespo18 dagar sedan


  54. Rusty Acorns

    Rusty Acorns18 dagar sedan

    Blizzard did not sell out to anyone.. #BlizzardDidNothingWrong

  55. tiamat_023

    tiamat_02318 dagar sedan

    this guy is still a thing?

  56. Symph

    Symph18 dagar sedan

    5% stake tncnt carries LMAO!!! 200m is 12% of total blizzard revenue LMAO. It’s not even close to a quarter of revenue or ownership to be SUCKING ON THAT COCK like so blizzard WTF!!! Sucking before the leverage are you kidding me!??? Wow blasphemy. Re-education camp = lobotomize id wager, until one has lost all memory of their old ways and can only learn what is then taught from loss of memory trauma??

  57. jef

    jef18 dagar sedan

    what china does sounds a lot like pope in 1252 🤣

  58. Giskard Reventlov

    Giskard Reventlov19 dagar sedan

    I just hope I become a fallout ghoul once the nuclear war with China finishes

  59. Ricardo Santos

    Ricardo Santos19 dagar sedan

    Every man faces a moment in which they need to choose what is convenient or what is right. The lesser man will chose what is convenient, at the expense of their soul (aka what they are, what they believe, what they stand for) While the greater man will chose what is right.

  60. Mr. Squbi

    Mr. Squbi19 dagar sedan

    Dislike. I do not think, that all topics should be jokeble, especially when people in Hong Kong are executed daily, and you didn't even put effort to remember or do basic research on the matter. Very dissapointed...

  61. HasAMonitorTan

    HasAMonitorTan19 dagar sedan

    I cant pick up a rifle for my country but I sure as fuck can put away my wallet, don't you fucking dare throw another dollar at this company you spineless no life piece's of shit. stand for something; even if just this once.

  62. C S

    C S19 dagar sedan

    Ethan I know you secretly love trump

  63. Gloria Yuelin Jiang

    Gloria Yuelin Jiang19 dagar sedan

    Ethan: I'm uneducated on China. Also Ethan: reiterating media lies about China for 20minutes.

  64. Gloria Yuelin Jiang

    Gloria Yuelin Jiang19 dagar sedan

    H3's stance on this, like anyone who doesn't have a stake in china, is predictable. They all grandstand companies, like NBA & Blizzard, who have real stake in china market. Then they virtue signal some "freedom& democracy" points for their American audiences.

  65. Gloria Yuelin Jiang

    Gloria Yuelin Jiang19 dagar sedan

    @C S Guess we are the same age. As a fellow human being, I can tell you China's rising is not a threat to the so-called freedom. The west has intervened and meddled too much in other countries affairs in the past (helped overthrowing gov they dislike and installed puppet leaders, waging wars on oil territories, droning civilians), now they are paranoid that a strong China would do "export communism" like they exported democracy. But no, China exports construction teams to build railways, infrastructures to other countries and that's it. As a country that was colonized by the west just 100 years ago, I'd say modern China with its progress is pretty fucking great.

  66. C S

    C S19 dagar sedan

    Because today, China is not great.

  67. C S

    C S19 dagar sedan

    Gloria Yuelin Jiang I believe we’re brought up (I’m 25) to be neutral towards China, if not, a positive view on. However, without serious western intervention, China’s population poses a serious threat to (as we call it) freedom. Which is the greatest beneficiary to not the demonization of China, but the making great of China.

  68. Gloria Yuelin Jiang

    Gloria Yuelin Jiang19 dagar sedan

    @C S The question is, are you the people, taught to dislike China? Who would benefit from such demonization of China?

  69. C S

    C S19 dagar sedan

    Gloria Yuelin Jiang true. We the people don’t like China.

  70. Derek Wilson

    Derek Wilson19 dagar sedan

    Ethan and serious topics do not mix. Its like watching a toddler talk about a 401k.

  71. H Arz

    H Arz20 dagar sedan

    Blizzard is owned by Activision, Activision is owned by Tencent, blizzard hasnt been a american company for years. By now Tencent has shares in most bigger game company. Riot 100% shares owned by Tencent Epic Games, Paradox, Activision, Bluehole, ubisoft, grinding gear games, supercell, frontier developments, kakao, funshark, funcom, sharkmob, discord and more

  72. Ben d'Amboise

    Ben d'Amboise20 dagar sedan

    Ethan please fix your beanie...

  73. にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien

    にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien20 dagar sedan

    China: Hippity hoppity your freedom and humanity is now my property

  74. SpaceOrbison

    SpaceOrbison20 dagar sedan

    Guess what.... Judaism doesn't give a fuck about human rights... the Jews invented communism which is the system that China uses.

  75. SpaceOrbison

    SpaceOrbison20 dagar sedan


  76. Rin Okumera

    Rin Okumera20 dagar sedan

    Yea I do not buy their games because I hate China it’s so bad and the people of China have no free speech!

  77. Caravan

    Caravan20 dagar sedan

    Eyebrows eyebrows eyebrows eyebrows eyebrows.......