Bobby Lee & Khalyla - H3 Podcast #148

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  1. TigerBelly

    TigerBellyMånad sedan

    Thanks for all the Teddy Fresh!! Hope the Gatsby makes a full and complete recovery.

  2. John Seven

    John Seven9 dagar sedan

    @TigerBelly bro I don't know you or watch your sht.. But is khalyla really your wife? Bro she's thinking of divorcing you unless you keep being a good cuck... What a sat pathetic existence you carry bro just don't kys it's the never the answer

  3. Jax Teller

    Jax Teller18 dagar sedan

    best podcast entrance of all time, i dont see anyone topping that haha :D

  4. Gia Richarte

    Gia Richarte28 dagar sedan

    Bobby, lemme say something. Don’t let Eathan and Hila pressure you kyla to have a baby. They mean well but they don’t understand how it was for you and kyla growing up they lived pretty safe secured lives. The whole “it’ll force you to be a better person by cracking threw your hard exterior” is not only bullshit but selfish!

  5. gojoeyr

    gojoeyr29 dagar sedan

    BOBby SHOULD divorce that loser woman. He is a wonderful person!

  6. Mike Reichert

    Mike Reichert29 dagar sedan

    Bobby lee goes on everybody’s podcast except Joe Rogan...why is this?

  7. SheshehangEngden/Nepal

    SheshehangEngden/Nepal2 dagar sedan

    lol 19:04 - Khalyla wasn't happy- she got hit by a bobby brick :)

  8. Haaslfr

    Haaslfr3 dagar sedan

    The fact that Khalyla Kuhn doesn't want children proves she's an idiot

  9. space monkey

    space monkey3 dagar sedan

    Ethan makes ads so listenable.

  10. That Guy in the Window

    That Guy in the Window3 dagar sedan

    Khalyla looks like a young version of Ethan’s mom

  11. That Guy in the Window

    That Guy in the Window3 dagar sedan

    Who else got fucked up at 24:10

  12. niyah w

    niyah w4 dagar sedan

    This was really great

  13. Zaftzy smith

    Zaftzy smith4 dagar sedan

    What’s the name of the beanie you guys make?

  14. WolfM80

    WolfM804 dagar sedan

    Hila keeps referring to crying when she talks to her mom; did her dad die!?!!

  15. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman4 dagar sedan

    Khalyla doesn’t love him. Their not having a fucking baby lol

  16. Zoro

    Zoro4 dagar sedan

    This is my favorite h3 podcast

  17. Lootroq

    Lootroq4 dagar sedan

    I want these guys as well as Tom and Tina to come back once a month. That would be lit

  18. Hari Singh

    Hari Singh5 dagar sedan

    "So it's just been revealed that jussie smollette has-" Dan: "Sorry guys we gotta take a break..."

  19. DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿

    DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿5 dagar sedan

    21:04 - "You know at the end stage when someone dies of tetanus? When they go into this heightening rigor mortis, kind of like... spinal arch?" Super-relatable reference point, Khalyla. 😄 I'm impressed, though - I would've expected Bobby to be with some bimbo, not a nurse, "biochemistry graduate and … private teacher in related areas including microbiology, anatomy, and physiology". Also, her treatise on a random universe being comforting just after 31:14 showed serious wisdom beyond her years. I've long been a fan of Bobby Lee, but it's actually being introduced to Khalyla that's going to now make me want to check out their podcast. (And gosh, what a smile!)

  20. DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿

    DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿5 dagar sedan

    Rob Schneider is only 1/4 Filipino (maternal grandmother), and Ethan is right, his Dad was Jewish. (And tying in to the MAGA discussion, I also just learned that Schneider is a big Trump supporter. 🤮) Also, although Bobby didn't make up the folk etymology story of g○○k supposedly stemming from Korean War soldiers mishearing "miguk" as "me g○○k", it's also not correct, since the word was used as a racial epithet in the early 1900s by U.S. Marines in various conflicts to refer to Filipinos, Nicaraguans, and Haitians. And the word goes back even before that, to the late 1800s, when it referred to prostitutes, and later to strange or foolish people.

  21. DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿

    DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿5 dagar sedan

    Oops, I made a followup post about fact-checking Bobby on a couple of things, but it seems to have fallen prey to an offensive content filter. I'll rewrite it with lookalike Unicode characters.

  22. DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿

    DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿5 dagar sedan

    Oh, I do have to fact-check a couple things Bobby said, though. Rob Schneider is only 1/4 Filipino (maternal grandmother), and Ethan is right, his Dad was a jew. (And to tie in to the MAGA conversation, Schneider is also a big Trump supporter; ugh.) Another thing is that Bobby didn't make up the folk etymology of "gook" coming from Korean war soliders mishearing "miguk" as "me gook", but nor is it correct, since the term as a racial epithet apparently goes back to the early 1900s, when U.S. Marines used it during various conflicts to refer to Filipinos, Nicaraguans, and Haitians. And the word was used even before that, in the late 1800s, to refer to prostitutes, and later to foolish or peculiar people.

  23. The Antichrist

    The Antichrist5 dagar sedan

    That's not where zipper head came from, it's alot more messed than that. They use to run them over with tanks during the Vietnam war and the tank treads would look like a zipped up zipper crushed into their bodies.

  24. Rad Con

    Rad Con5 dagar sedan

    Are we really surprised he crashed, he’s Asian

  25. AmargaVida

    AmargaVida6 dagar sedan

    Slept King! All I know is when the Captain is on the H3 the episode needs to be 3-5 hours. Nosotros Papaya to you my friends.

  26. Im Actually Garbo

    Im Actually Garbo7 dagar sedan

    68 is a good temp for sleep.

  27. Rishi Dange

    Rishi Dange7 dagar sedan

    For the people looking for the “Sorry guys I gotta interrupt” part I gotchu 32:53 is when they start talking about it 💪🏽

  28. Charlene Joy

    Charlene Joy7 dagar sedan

    i love bobby and khalyla omggg edit: they had the best entrance lmao

  29. Sugarfreak

    Sugarfreak8 dagar sedan

    In general, the suggested bedroom temperature should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep.

  30. Kody Ferron

    Kody Ferron8 dagar sedan

    So what do people do when they want kids and don't have an infinite amount of money?

  31. SaggyPig 4321

    SaggyPig 43219 dagar sedan

    The worst part about the gaming couple that neglected their baby, was that they were playing a game about taking care of a baby.

  32. Flick MyBic

    Flick MyBic10 dagar sedan

    9/11 jokes 5 mins in.. this is gonna be one for the history books

  33. Vulpes Amores

    Vulpes Amores10 dagar sedan

    do you ever actually conduct a coherent interview with your guests? or do you just batter them with mindless banter until they've had enough of your shit? jesus christ talk about quality

  34. Vulpes Amores

    Vulpes Amores10 dagar sedan

    when will you just look at yourself and say "wow i'm a fucking horrible person"

  35. Vulpes Amores

    Vulpes Amores10 dagar sedan

    slip into a coma dude

  36. Vulpes Amores

    Vulpes Amores10 dagar sedan

    boycott this dogshit show

  37. Vulpes Amores

    Vulpes Amores10 dagar sedan

    this channel is shit

  38. Olivia Marsh

    Olivia Marsh10 dagar sedan

    Barely a minute in and I fucking died. They turbo boosted the gatsby like nothing happened.

  39. Baily Simard

    Baily Simard10 dagar sedan

    Im inuit (inuvaluit) ! I aint no pussy about the word eskimo I grew up in a house where it was like the word savage or means less then human Idk everyone is so sensitive I think it's fine! I don't think people say eskimo to be demeaning. It's hard to be educated about different places around the world

  40. Richard Parker

    Richard Parker10 dagar sedan

    Should of said "I celebrated international lesbians day by fucking my wife" (cause, you know, women fuck each other as well) - This bit is for the people ready to be offended.

  41. Richard Parker

    Richard Parker10 dagar sedan

    if Bobby and Khalyla have a baby he'll change from the slept king to the woke king.

  42. Richard Parker

    Richard Parker9 dagar sedan

    @Scottie Sobel I was going to type the woke king but it sounds to much like woking which is a place in England if you're not from England. I'll edit it, it's for the best.

  43. Scottie Sobel

    Scottie Sobel9 dagar sedan

    Richard Parker the Awoken King

  44. Alex Loomis

    Alex Loomis10 dagar sedan

    mobility mary in the background

  45. Treasure Hunt

    Treasure Hunt11 dagar sedan

    God: The resurrection has begun those of you worthy to come to heaven will now... Dan: So sorry to interrupt, we gotta go to break here

  46. Sebastian Kristiansen

    Sebastian Kristiansen11 dagar sedan

    Khalyla laughing about having aborted Bobbys baby was honestly just sad to watch. They're funny people but seem really dysfunctional and broken under the surface.

  47. Y a B o i V a p o r W a v e

    Y a B o i V a p o r W a v e11 dagar sedan

    tigerbelly and h3h3 is the best fucking combo ever, please do this more often.

  48. RELEASE Lorenzo

    RELEASE Lorenzo11 dagar sedan

    That cold shit I've felt before

  49. Ryan Moon

    Ryan Moon11 dagar sedan

    I was told "zipperhead" term that was made cos Americans would run over Japanese people's heads with tanks, the tracks resemble a zipper.

  50. Cthulhu582

    Cthulhu58212 dagar sedan

    man the ethan-hila/bobby-bobby's-carer combination is so fucking cute and wholesome, and yes i was there when they were talking about the unisom. 10/10, would love bobby on the podcast again

  51. Gray Holley

    Gray Holley12 dagar sedan

    hila. the first time i saw teddy fresh in stores i would told my friend how cute it is. i had no idea it was your brand!

  52. Yani Singer

    Yani Singer12 dagar sedan

    1:04:30 Ethan: *DIDIMEGA.....* ...doodoo?

  53. Aerochalklate

    Aerochalklate12 dagar sedan

    speaking about Rob Schneider, it’s his birthday tmrw... happy spooky birthday to him

  54. Aerochalklate

    Aerochalklate12 dagar sedan

    1:04:31 ethan had to say it for us even though they wouldn’t get it lol

  55. Aerochalklate

    Aerochalklate12 dagar sedan

    54:45 long ass finger. Bobby def forces her to finger him

  56. Aerochalklate

    Aerochalklate12 dagar sedan


  57. Aerochalklate

    Aerochalklate12 dagar sedan

    for us filipinos, our aunties and uncles take pics of our grandmas and grandpas when they die also. on the death bed, it’s powerful. pics are still in my facebook messenger

  58. Matthew

    Matthew12 dagar sedan

    4:26 Hila changing the subject smoothly

  59. The Trashman

    The Trashman12 dagar sedan

    Zipper head came from something a lot darker than Bobby said. If u look into its meaning it was a reference to running over the head of a Vietnamese person with a tank or jeep because the tracks looked like the rail of a zipper. It's a really messed up slur

  60. Johnny B. Robbins

    Johnny B. Robbins12 dagar sedan

    dude havent seen this shit in a minute

  61. Rick

    Rick12 dagar sedan

    How is no one talking about how they sleep in 75 + Degree rooms?!?!?! I'd be dying. I sleep in 70 or lower.

  62. Ryan Moon

    Ryan Moon13 dagar sedan

    Soundbite idea: Bobby lee- "I've never seen a vagina"

  63. Tushar Roy

    Tushar Roy13 dagar sedan


  64. Michael O'Brien

    Michael O'Brien13 dagar sedan

    These are my favorite guests

  65. Rolfenstein

    Rolfenstein13 dagar sedan

    listening to this podcast just felt as if I was hearing my parents hanging out and talking about life with friends while I'm doing something else in the other room.

  66. Chris Anderson

    Chris Anderson14 dagar sedan

    Funny guys always get the hottest bitches

  67. Willard What

    Willard What14 dagar sedan

    Right away bobby proves he cant drive haha

  68. I_Choose_Us

    I_Choose_Us14 dagar sedan

    Why does Hila’s “Oh my god!” Keep repeating after the Gatsby crash Hahahaha

  69. Aerochalklate

    Aerochalklate12 dagar sedan

    I_Choose_Us Hila? I thought it was the scooter lady

  70. Ami Leopard

    Ami Leopard14 dagar sedan

    Seriously though I've never loved anything more than my niece. She pretty much is like my kid. I feel like I had a kid. I was more of a father to her than her own. And since we lived together I was and still am with her the majority of the day. I didn't know love could be so much more.

  71. A Concerned Lesbian

    A Concerned Lesbian14 dagar sedan

    I keep my apartment at 68. These guys are on some WEAK shit