Bobby Lee & Khalyla - H3 Podcast #148

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  1. TigerBelly

    TigerBelly7 månader sedan

    Thanks for all the Teddy Fresh!! Hope the Gatsby makes a full and complete recovery.

  2. Cregg Kelbae

    Cregg Kelbae2 månader sedan

    i love you guys

  3. Alexander Orr

    Alexander Orr2 månader sedan

    You GOTTA come back on Bobby or have them on TB you guys have such good chemistry probably my fav episode and them on your podcast is my favorite TB!

  4. kaylahhart vaca

    kaylahhart vaca3 månader sedan

    TigerBelly George definitely wrote this

  5. Westside Romeo

    Westside Romeo4 månader sedan

    TigerBelly full send

  6. Akchopper907 tc

    Akchopper907 tc6 månader sedan

    I was only here for bobby lee and K. Now I'm subscriber to H3

  7. Chummy Wiggler

    Chummy Wiggler6 dagar sedan

    The greatest chemistry of all time, between two podcasters!

  8. Lanni Velasco-Cook

    Lanni Velasco-Cook7 dagar sedan

    I lose my shit every time I watch this

  9. Moises Garcia

    Moises Garcia8 dagar sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3175">52:55</a> 😂

  10. Juul Girl

    Juul Girl8 dagar sedan

    Please have more comedians on the show 😭

  11. Beauty Bouquet

    Beauty Bouquet9 dagar sedan

    This is an old podcast but I knew someone who had a stoke and apparently you get freezing cold right before it happens😳 So it is a possibility that Bobby had a stroke.

  12. F mmUUHH

    F mmUUHH9 dagar sedan

    Bobby Lee is a bless Papa bless

  13. Papa Shank Foot

    Papa Shank Foot10 dagar sedan

    I've never seen Ethan belly laugh

  14. memesarewild

    memesarewild11 dagar sedan

    Nazis: killing people Dan: I'm so sorry guys, but we've gotta go to break

  15. memesarewild

    memesarewild11 dagar sedan

    This is the real story of Schindler's list

  16. Henry DeJesus

    Henry DeJesus12 dagar sedan

    I don’t like Bobby’s girl. I don’t like her weird points that usually just end up making fun of bobby in a strange way. She does it in every podcast and it’s just weird and not funny. She’s just cringy

  17. Jordan Aguilar

    Jordan Aguilar12 dagar sedan

    Khalyla soooo finee


    JEN’S_FLIGHT2FIGHT16 dagar sedan

    Relieved is a normal feeling, it’s so hard to watch someone suffer....such a good topic....I went through the same thing and we aren’t alone in that

  19. Keepyupy

    Keepyupy17 dagar sedan

    Was this when Bobby was using again?

  20. Josh Olson

    Josh Olson18 dagar sedan

    Do you think Bobby's dad pulled through?i heard cremation is pretty serious

  21. DominicFlix

    DominicFlix18 dagar sedan

    NOOO not the gatsby!!!!

  22. Gian Mercado

    Gian Mercado19 dagar sedan

    Bobby is overall funny guy. I don't understand why this h3 shit even is a thing; like any morons who aren't funny or skilled can make a living from talking to funny people; they themselves not being funny at all. I guess it is a testament to how sad and lonely many people are, that enjoy some random cunta watch stupid clips made by rpeople with double digit iQ's.

  23. The Resurrection

    The Resurrection22 dagar sedan

    i like 71 year around

  24. C Martinez

    C Martinez23 dagar sedan

    Bobby was in relapse during this which explains alot

  25. Dragunovskii

    Dragunovskii27 dagar sedan

    This podcast was a fucking rollercoaster

  26. quantize quantize

    quantize quantize28 dagar sedan

    until i can paint like Leonardo DiCaprio everything is on hold no cap

  27. I'm not sure Why

    I'm not sure WhyMånad sedan

    The best entrance ever. I've never laughed so hard in my life.

  28. Mikeg73

    Mikeg73Månad sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1245">20:45</a> is the funniest thing of 2019 hands down

  29. missael suazo

    missael suazoMånad sedan

    This episode was couple’s therapy.

  30. Disappointment Department

    Disappointment DepartmentMånad sedan

    Love seeing PD appear in the background

  31. kongvinter33

    kongvinter33Månad sedan

    I guess the Asian stereotype is correct.

  32. Ivan

    IvanMånad sedan

    Seriously the funniest one I’ve seen so far!

  33. Cogglee

    CoggleeMånad sedan

    This pod was great



    Bobby and Khalyla are Ethan and Hila from an alternate universe.

  35. E Getty

    E GettyMånad sedan

    Am I the only one who keeps my house at 56 degrees at night for sleeping? I think I’d have a heat stroke at 75 😂

  36. Aiden Docherty

    Aiden DochertyMånad sedan

    Sounds like Bobby had sleep paralysis

  37. FINN

    FINNMånad sedan

    H3 N Tiger Belly most underrated collab

  38. 240high

    240highMånad sedan

    I feel sorry for people who can't grasp the concept of life with out babies lol like all of a sudden life make sense I think it really shows how lacking their lives are

  39. Michael Gomez

    Michael GomezMånad sedan

    The joe term originated because of the american soldiers based in the philippines since the 40's. The joe term khalyla is refering to is from a commercial for shell when a boy was calling a race car driver which i think is in italian or portuguese. It became quite popular in the 90's. But filipinos mostly refer to whites as "kano".

  40. Paul Obmina

    Paul ObminaMånad sedan

    Love this podcast on this time of social distancing.

  41. Hayden Ring

    Hayden RingMånad sedan

    Zipper head the term comes from the fact that people during the Vietnam war Vietnamese solders and people were ran over by tanks killing than and leaving a zipper like pattern on there bodies.

  42. Creamy Beige

    Creamy BeigeMånad sedan

    Smallish Americans

  43. Kitty Kitty Meow Meow

    Kitty Kitty Meow MeowMånad sedan

    My husband and I make out all the time. We've been married for 8 years and have 4 kids! We make out when we fuc... well you know. Y'all get the point.

  44. Medeiros inc.

    Medeiros inc.Månad sedan

    Hila saved this podcast


    GREY DEATHMånad sedan

    bobby without a doubt wants to smash hilas fine ass.........and ethan

  46. BM03

    BM03Månad sedan

    "Having a child is as closest as you can ever get to know your parents." Oh boy. I must be getting old. That hit me.

  47. Joseph King

    Joseph KingMånad sedan

    Sleeping with the temperature at 75 degrees is the best way to wake up in a puddle of sweat tf

  48. Nathan Raska

    Nathan RaskaMånad sedan

    *Ethan compares having a child to a Logan Paul video

  49. noah cramer

    noah cramerMånad sedan

    ***Bee bee beep science alert! Science alert!***

  50. Carlos Santana

    Carlos SantanaMånad sedan

    Wearing beanies in fuckin California

  51. wade lockwood

    wade lockwoodMånad sedan

    i imagine the conflict of midgets and dwarfs similar to the conflict of the goths and emos in south park

  52. Levi Flory

    Levi FloryMånad sedan

    So this is where the thanks dan soundbite came from

  53. Maydae

    Maydae2 månader sedan

    Whata wholesome episode

  54. Cregg Kelbae

    Cregg Kelbae2 månader sedan

    bobby lee is so disrespectful but he does it so well

  55. Cregg Kelbae

    Cregg Kelbae2 månader sedan

    theyre like the power couple couple

  56. Shit Just Had A Seizure

    Shit Just Had A Seizure2 månader sedan

    Lee and his girl would make a functional dysfunctional family

  57. Janel D

    Janel D2 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3354">55:54</a> I love how intensely Ethan needs to close his eyes just to say that simple thought

  58. Robbie Flegel

    Robbie Flegel2 månader sedan

    Get the Asian to drive onto set. That's where u went wrong 🤦‍♂️

  59. Richard DeVincent III

    Richard DeVincent III2 månader sedan

    Bobby is so fucking interesting from a psychology perspective... love it

  60. Ampfu

    Ampfu2 månader sedan

    Dont google tetanus <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1270">21:10</a>

  61. autumn kuhn

    autumn kuhn2 månader sedan

    Yo that's my last name

  62. RIKZY

    RIKZY2 månader sedan

    when bobby said he wants to have children and khalyla said she doesn't, thats a MASSIVE red flag, their both getting older and you rather raise a bunch of pet dogs and cats than have a child with the "love of your life" cmon bobby, how do you not see through this....

  63. venomTang

    venomTang2 månader sedan

    That was everything I wanted to know about his sex life with that sexy wife, and now I regret it, like all of it.

  64. Jacuzzi Winkles

    Jacuzzi Winkles2 månader sedan

    I love it when Ethan has guests on that help him with his hosting, it’s like night and day

  65. Sahelium D

    Sahelium D2 månader sedan

    Here’s a good one for ‘small people’: just goddamn ‘people’

  66. Robert Xavier

    Robert Xavier2 månader sedan

    $20k for the set? How much was that Purple Couch? Make & Model?

  67. Jonathan Wood

    Jonathan Wood2 månader sedan

    The chemistry between you all is amazing. Such great guests

  68. DeadInside

    DeadInside2 månader sedan

    zipperhead came from their heads gettin ran over by military vehicles and leaving a distinct look of a zipper imprint on the head and body :( very horrible

  69. Nick Callahan

    Nick Callahan2 månader sedan

    Wait what? Blessed by the all mighty? A mf stork brought you a baby😂


    YOUSEF GEORGE2 månader sedan

    please bring them back

  71. Cole Rozyla

    Cole Rozyla2 månader sedan

    I think this was during Bobby's relapse...

  72. Cole Rozyla

    Cole Rozyla14 dagar sedan

    matino he relapsed just with weed if that’s what ur asking. But it’s still not good if you have a history of drug abuse.

  73. matino

    matino16 dagar sedan

    What did he relapse on/to

  74. luby

    lubyMånad sedan

    i was looking for this comment

  75. Chloe Rene

    Chloe Rene2 månader sedan

    "i just run to the bathroom when im nervous" same hila, same

  76. Space

    Space2 månader sedan

    Khalyla Kuhn obviously a unicorn, beautiful, smart and with a fatty.

  77. Madelyn Stambaugh

    Madelyn Stambaugh2 månader sedan

    Can I just say I know the documentary Khayla was talking about😂

  78. Robert Martin

    Robert Martin2 månader sedan

    Wow yall were kinda intrusive with youre talking of the baby but you still did it in a respectful way and i respect it

  79. SirIronD

    SirIronD2 månader sedan

    wow this was 4 months ago!! it feels like it was like a year or so

  80. Guapdad300

    Guapdad3002 månader sedan

    Bobby has mild autism

  81. CezaMVO

    CezaMVO2 månader sedan

    Only Bobby can cause this much destruction

  82. Kyle Counter

    Kyle Counter3 månader sedan

    Growing up watching bobby on mad t.v. in the early 2000s and being a big fan of him and Ethan and Hila its so cool watching them form a friendship over these 3 podcasts you can tell the conversations aren't forced and everyone enjoys each others company and its made for a damn good podcast the 2 h3h3 podcasts with Bobby are my favorite as well as the tiger belly with Ethan and Hila they are so captivating i couldnt stop watching/listening until they were over bobby should be at least an annual podcast guest keep up the great podcasts guys and papa bless🙏

  83. starlyn

    starlyn3 månader sedan

    Just let them be childless damn

  84. starlyn

    starlyn3 månader sedan

    Providing a kid love all the time doesn't mean they are growing up to be wonderful people. You also need to know how to teach values and when to be tough on them.

  85. Abe Linkin

    Abe Linkin3 månader sedan

    i think bobbys gf has bad genetics bobby has great genetics hes a successful artist/pianist and so much more and his gf just glombs

  86. Nova

    Nova3 månader sedan

    Bobby slamming into the doorframe is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time, I must have watched it over 100 times on repeat lol

  87. Kedi Agbogre

    Kedi Agbogre3 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a>:04

  88. Woffe

    Woffe2 månader sedan

    Major dead air

  89. NRD 2000

    NRD 20003 månader sedan

    That shit was hard to watch.

  90. Paul Carlson

    Paul Carlson3 månader sedan

    It would be awesome to have Steve Lee on the podcast! Get SteeBee on the show! maybe Bob and Steve together.

  91. Mario Glinsky

    Mario Glinsky3 månader sedan