Bobby Lee Exposed For Intentionally Crashing Our Gatsby

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  1. Cody Dowdy

    Cody Dowdy5 dagar sedan

    I can fix the gatsby fly me out and I’ll do it for free

  2. Tyler Hilton

    Tyler Hilton10 dagar sedan

    Bobby lee is the model for money buys love. You think she loves his tiny dick and ugly fucking frame. lol so grosss

  3. Tyler Hilton

    Tyler Hilton10 dagar sedan

    Bobby lee is a fucking idiot.

  4. Shane Mcmenamin

    Shane Mcmenamin13 dagar sedan


  5. Kyle Ortega

    Kyle Ortega16 dagar sedan

    Scoote Gate

  6. Wildes Tonini Junior

    Wildes Tonini Junior20 dagar sedan

    This is why I can´t stand anything that Bobby Lee does. What a dick thing to do...

  7. Fish Season, W/ Zac' Ti'szen

    Fish Season, W/ Zac' Ti'szen20 dagar sedan

    The sleptking is both aware and unaware at the same time

  8. Ashley or whateva

    Ashley or whateva21 dag sedan

    The Gatsby was doomed to crash

  9. Heisen Berg

    Heisen Berg21 dag sedan

    911 was an inside job

  10. BrandonTS95

    BrandonTS9522 dagar sedan

    Clickbait titles whats new

  11. dave lightSaber

    dave lightSaber22 dagar sedan

    They both have Girls who Wear Hats on their Show ?

  12. dave lightSaber

    dave lightSaber22 dagar sedan

    Podcast & Reeboots .

  13. dreaded360

    dreaded36023 dagar sedan

    bobby lee is a pos

  14. Officer-Ant

    Officer-Ant25 dagar sedan

    Listen if you allow Bobby Lee into your home you assume all risk of bodily injury and property damage.

  15. Brendan Schneider

    Brendan Schneider25 dagar sedan

    He's Korean bro he cant help but to crash it's in his DNA

  16. BMW W.

    BMW W.25 dagar sedan

    What's with his eye brows and eye moving stuff?

  17. Adub Htown

    Adub Htown26 dagar sedan

    How dare you...

  18. Adub Htown

    Adub Htown26 dagar sedan

    Thems are fightin words.

  19. GR33N L1GHT

    GR33N L1GHT26 dagar sedan

    I really don’t like Bobby Lee mainly because I feel bad for him. He looks like a sad little boy. Now that I think about it this is a podcast for betas.

  20. JamKaret

    JamKaret26 dagar sedan

    Ethan lost his way... a long time ago.. this podcast is just a internet drama show/YMH rip off... sad to see him fall so far.

  21. will

    will26 dagar sedan

    Bobby was just fucking around by saying he was trying to get out of the interview. He had high energy and was great the entire episode. They even wanted to stay longer at the end but they had to get their kids from the nanny. But you had to see something like this coming if you let Bobby Lee drive a scooter indoors lol

  22. Juls Middle

    Juls Middle26 dagar sedan

    I dont think he did it on purpose he is a horrible driver..

  23. OCV E

    OCV E24 dagar sedan

    "I am the reason those stereotypes exist" - BL 2019

  24. Dale Block

    Dale Block26 dagar sedan

    What’s up with this guys eyebrows why does he keep doing that ???

  25. T. L.

    T. L.26 dagar sedan

    Whats with everyone dressing the same with winter hats on. They all look dress like high schoolers.

  26. Zaven

    Zaven24 dagar sedan

    This is the dumbest comment

  27. Nicholas Flores

    Nicholas Flores25 dagar sedan

    Self expression

  28. Mental Glitch

    Mental Glitch27 dagar sedan

    Bobby lee is the funniest human on the planet

  29. René Clanfield

    René Clanfield27 dagar sedan

    You can tell that Ethan is a bit hurt that Bobby said he was trying to get out of the podcast but would do that to anyone on a bad day

  30. Pitbull Pitbull

    Pitbull Pitbull27 dagar sedan

    Bobby lee and his tranny friend is gross

  31. Alien Mind

    Alien Mind27 dagar sedan

    If it was Bobby's fungus foot, then he probably didn't feel it at all ;)

  32. nate smith

    nate smith27 dagar sedan

    He had no idea he was going to crash. He's just very uncoordinated and was trying to cover up doing something stupid in front of his people .

  33. ieatglue702

    ieatglue7025 dagar sedan

    I agree that is wasn't on purpose and what follows is him turning the moment into funny. I think it's obvious he wasn't trying to harm himself in order to get out of the podcast and it's a joke in itself that he's making the claim.

  34. NoodleBees

    NoodleBees27 dagar sedan

    Even Ethan notices Tigerbelly's shitty ad cuts!

  35. CadillacJak

    CadillacJak27 dagar sedan

    Lmfao Bobby is nuts

  36. jammer jamness

    jammer jamness27 dagar sedan

    I dunno w ur shifty eyebrows maybe u planned to pin this in him wario.

  37. Willy Jeeps

    Willy Jeeps27 dagar sedan

    Do we have mustard sauce party movie time for Bobby please thankfully

  38. Kudmond

    Kudmond27 dagar sedan

    Asian driver .

  39. __________________________________

    __________________________________27 dagar sedan

    If he wouldnt have hit the door jam, he would have hit the expensive cameras. Also, Bobby didn't hit the door on purpose. It's pretty clear that he just didn't aim right.

  40. Animus Miles-Militis

    Animus Miles-Militis27 dagar sedan

    This dudes eyebrows should be spot pads cos he is fucking droll.

  41. Daniel Hall

    Daniel Hall27 dagar sedan

    Bobby is funny but he's a complete dick. He's like a baby that's not yours, nice in small parts but you can't wait to give it back.

  42. friskmint d

    friskmint d28 dagar sedan

    His eyebrows have a mind of their own

  43. P

    P28 dagar sedan

    i like the show..but looks like your copying howard stern's studio.

  44. Jeremiah Shields

    Jeremiah Shields28 dagar sedan

    Get a bigger brushless motor and some fatty lipo batteries put on your scoot scoot, get it to top out at 50mph...please and thank you. No more rides for Kamikaze Bobby though.

  45. Viking 1982

    Viking 198228 dagar sedan

    Who cares if he did or didnt bobby is fucking funny as hell. Let the man crash it into whatever he wants

  46. Ken Coakley

    Ken Coakley28 dagar sedan

    Those scooters can go pretty fast. I used one at a Horror convention a few years ago as it was held In a huge hotel and I'm disabled. One day the only elevator on the ground floor didn't work and when it finally did my handler drove it to where I was as I went by using a cane and she see went so fast she almost crashed. It scared the hell out of me because she could have been hurt. The scooter was a rental and I was sure that I would be charged for the scooter if it got trashed.

  47. Anthony Hernandez

    Anthony Hernandez28 dagar sedan

    What's with Californians wearing beanies? They really don't know what real cold is.

  48. b s

    b s28 dagar sedan

    This is the first time I've noticed that he twitches like a nonce

  49. Jay Moncibaiz

    Jay Moncibaiz28 dagar sedan

    Why ethan's eyebrows doing the wave?

  50. Jerry Seaton

    Jerry Seaton28 dagar sedan

    Crazy thing is if he didn't hit the wall he probably wouldn't have been able to stop and would have slammed into the podcast table. Bobby used supah ah ultra ah instinctah

  51. SF2TOKYO

    SF2TOKYO28 dagar sedan

    Bobby Lee is a racist, untalented, unfunny cuckold.

  52. Apherious Black

    Apherious Black28 dagar sedan

    Just get double doors... Problem solved,. or just cut that bit.

  53. Jordan Kelly

    Jordan Kelly28 dagar sedan

    What is with your facial twitching all the time.

  54. E F

    E F28 dagar sedan

    I think that hard cut is because pink dick cuts the ads in like that, and then after they usually continue the same conversation

  55. Luis Hernandez

    Luis Hernandez28 dagar sedan

    Look at her right hand few more inches she would hit the door frame broken hand and fingers easy.

  56. Sassy Lassie

    Sassy Lassie28 dagar sedan

    Okay so did the foot fungus spread?

  57. E

    E28 dagar sedan

    Maybe don't have a long ass scooter try to fit through a skinny doorway, especially at an angle lol. All on you guys.

  58. Me Auntie Nora

    Me Auntie Nora28 dagar sedan

    The Shock! Master!

  59. Hammer Time

    Hammer Time28 dagar sedan

    Funny AF

  60. Eddie Sanchez

    Eddie Sanchez28 dagar sedan

    If u prepare for impact you die, duuuuh

  61. Stocks Stocks

    Stocks Stocks28 dagar sedan

    yall some pussies.

  62. ag.floats XR

    ag.floats XR28 dagar sedan

    Dude is perpetually asleep

  63. Brynley Jones

    Brynley Jones28 dagar sedan

    Bobby is an agent of chaos

  64. rockin robin

    rockin robin28 dagar sedan

    The Gatsby Incident (2019) - Wikipedia