Casey Neistat - H3 Podcast #146

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Thanks to Casey for hanging out with us!


  1. Hazuki Kimura

    Hazuki Kimura3 dagar sedan

    Oh look, it's the 2 guys who threw pewdiepie under the bus.

  2. Nick Hyatt

    Nick Hyatt3 dagar sedan

    I wasn't ready for a political podcast

  3. Rolling Thunder

    Rolling Thunder5 dagar sedan

    This pod cast was a gooder

  4. Jax Teller

    Jax Teller6 dagar sedan

    Glasses guy

  5. Logan Brunzlow

    Logan Brunzlow7 dagar sedan

    “He’s basically forest gump but not retarded” 😂😂

  6. Distemper

    Distemper8 dagar sedan

    Casey Neistat looks like an irl face swap between a gym bro named Craig and an Eastern European grandma

  7. Anastasia Christina

    Anastasia Christina8 dagar sedan

    people are cutting xanax with fentanyl because you only need a small amount of fentanyl to produce a large high especially within people that do not do the drug. along with that you get addicted to fentanyl faster than xanax so it produces repeat customers faster. i’ve known people that cut xanax with fentanyl for these reasons but sometimes it does end up in fatality.

  8. Gaunter O'Dimm

    Gaunter O'Dimm10 dagar sedan

    If your vegan and can't stand someone else eating meat then you'r mentally disabled like religious bastards...

  9. jonesc94

    jonesc9411 dagar sedan

    SEgosrs talking about being youtubers isn't good content

  10. MsFancypants

    MsFancypants11 dagar sedan

    I have one of the colourblock hoodies, I love it! 100% cotton and really unique design that you can't find elsewhereeeee, supes comfy:)))

  11. KINGatLIFE

    KINGatLIFE12 dagar sedan

    6:14 "72 inches tops" that is coincidentally the same distance that Dr Disrespect can jump when he was on the H3 Podscast years ago! *SNEPAI NOTICE ME*

  12. HL Vlogs

    HL Vlogs12 dagar sedan

    I actually fall for commercials sometimes

  13. glloer

    glloer12 dagar sedan

    I didn't even notice that he was sitting in glasses all the time

  14. Josh Langsam

    Josh Langsam12 dagar sedan

    I am sorry but he lost me at the abortion topic

  15. Angel Adriel

    Angel Adriel12 dagar sedan

    he has the most annoying face on earth.

  16. Dude303

    Dude30313 dagar sedan

    Nice episode! Thanks

  17. Cheiron19

    Cheiron1913 dagar sedan

    Am I missing something here? 1:59:36 they are fist-bumping because he had sex with a 19 your old when he was 16, yet earlier in the podcast they were critical of the teacher for having sex with a student? Sorry, the difference in age really doesn't matter, if it was wrong for the teacher then it was wrong for the woman that Casey got pregnant. It just seems a little hypocritical.


    KITTY KAT13 dagar sedan

    He’s real

  19. Thamailmane

    Thamailmane13 dagar sedan

    Anyone else get a weird vibe from this dude?

  20. dat boi

    dat boi14 dagar sedan

    4:16 funny asf

  21. Omari Williams

    Omari Williams14 dagar sedan

    Great start! SHOUTING the R word!

  22. Binge Watcher

    Binge Watcher14 dagar sedan

    casey likes jojo .. . .

  23. AlternatedArts

    AlternatedArts14 dagar sedan

    Ethan: Is it ok to say the R word? Casey: No, no its never ok. ... Casey: You know talking about kids..

  24. Stoic White Male

    Stoic White Male14 dagar sedan

    soy milk latte? estrogen is strong in this one

  25. The Vegan Fisherman

    The Vegan Fisherman12 dagar sedan

    Soy contains phytoestrogen which doesn't affect human estrogen at all and soybean has been shown to raise testosterone compared to meat. Dairy milk on the other hand demonstratively raises human (mammalian) estrogen and lowers testosterone.

  26. kyle miller

    kyle miller14 dagar sedan

    Gokanaru helped me see what a bad human being Ethan is

  27. Alexander Lee

    Alexander Lee15 dagar sedan

    Ethan's really grasping at straws trying to find a weakness in Casey, first criticizing him for not being with his family and then asking him how weird it is to not have any active employment/income. Fortunately Casey is secure enough to just ignore it and answer the questions sincerely, but it just sucks to see someone as funny as Ethan behave in such a petty, insecure way

  28. Holden Kerns

    Holden Kerns15 dagar sedan

    This dude is ugly af. Honestly bruhhh..

  29. Logan Johnson

    Logan Johnson16 dagar sedan


  30. Chillstad

    Chillstad16 dagar sedan

    Fun fact, In Norway we have a variety of international news channels. CNN comes preselected in my channel package, I dont even think I can get FOX if i wanted to. But then again, Norwegian media is pretty left leaning.

  31. Sparky Shoemate

    Sparky Shoemate17 dagar sedan

    Wow. This podcast is way way way way better now.

  32. hackLAB

    hackLAB17 dagar sedan

    I’ve always respected Casey, he’s my mentor, kind of, but as a dad myself respect him more for his recent devotion to family. Thank you 2 for producing a great killer fun show.

  33. Jabs

    Jabs18 dagar sedan

    "He's Forrest Gump essentially, but not retarded" 40 seconds in and the monetization is gone already

  34. imicca

    imicca19 dagar sedan

    "OK should not be back" "I feel so privileged sometimes it is white privilege" - Hila

  35. David Watson

    David Watson19 dagar sedan

    TRUMP 2020

  36. David Watson

    David Watson19 dagar sedan

    Those eyebrows. I can’t do it.

  37. roberto ramos

    roberto ramos19 dagar sedan

    41:34 just leaving my time stamp so

  38. Sebastian Weinmann

    Sebastian Weinmann19 dagar sedan

    h3y! I wanna praise your podcast. It's wonderful to see how connected you can get with all the good stuff out there.

  39. imicca

    imicca20 dagar sedan

    Biggest money Casey chopped was from Clinton or Samsung

  40. M Global Social

    M Global Social20 dagar sedan

    In the black means on target 🎯, right? First time here. Enjoyed the show 😊👍

  41. ThatGuy

    ThatGuy20 dagar sedan

    this is the most boring thing ive ever seen on the internet holy shit

  42. imicca

    imicca20 dagar sedan

    Casey, you foresee trump making US economy better?

  43. imicca

    imicca20 dagar sedan

    Veganism is a cult

  44. Leonardo Hax Damiani

    Leonardo Hax Damiani20 dagar sedan

    all of these talking about ads and partnership with brands/companies.. but then, what the hell was that omaze scam advertise video?!

  45. Clear Adventure

    Clear Adventure20 dagar sedan

    Here is the deal. What you heard on CNN about the Ukraine transcript was 100% fake, he even later said it was a "Parody". The ACTUAL conversation is completely normal. But you guys won't read that. I like what Yang says about money to the people to have some dignity for sure, and I wish he could work with Trump on that, but Yang is in no way President material. Nobody could put up with what Trump has, but Trump. Like or hate him he is an Alpha, and Yang is cool, but a Betta. I can calmly speak with persons with opposing views, and I support Trump 💯.

  46. RAINE

    RAINE20 dagar sedan

    So great to hear Casey talk about the role that luck plays in success. It's such a myth that hard work is everything. I think it's healthy to talk about how blessed you are and leave it for others to tell you how talented you are. This is the first podcast I ever just sat on my sofa and watched instead of leaving it on in the background.

  47. Wil Dasovich

    Wil Dasovich20 dagar sedan

    Best podcastxever

  48. Aaron Whitesel

    Aaron Whitesel20 dagar sedan


  49. Dylan Young

    Dylan Young21 dag sedan

    Best Beginning ever!

  50. Steve Bryan

    Steve Bryan21 dag sedan

    trumpsters just like conflict

  51. Gurpreet Singh

    Gurpreet Singh21 dag sedan

    Ethan should cover his face or not wiggle his eyebrows.. that’s was annoyingly distracting..

  52. dookies

    dookies21 dag sedan

    Clicked bc I couldn't believe how ugly the thumbnail was

  53. BadBadStanley

    BadBadStanley21 dag sedan

    The political animosity is not as one sided as described. Both Political camps are guilty. My personal experience is the "Mirror Universe" opposite of what was described regarding the political environment here in the Northwest. I wasn't even part of a conversation. Someone said to me, "I heard a "nasty" rumor, are you a republican?" I said "yes, why do you ask?"... I literally got SHREDDED! I left when the shredder started crying she was so upset. And that was at work. If I had complained, she could have very well have lost her job. I admire and appreciate Casey. I watch anything that he is in. He is so polite to servers, walk ups and random people that I have started modeling that behavior. I attribute my overt politeness to him. I've always felt that I would rather make someones day than ruin it. Watching Casey has helped me to put that into play.

  54. Cole Pena

    Cole Pena21 dag sedan

    I really just want to say vitamin E

  55. ShawN shawN

    ShawN shawN22 dagar sedan

    yes the drug trade version of vape that is tainted is purposedly done by the CCP China. Its kind of a plan to reverse the effects of the opium war that the West perpetrated on China. I know that sounds crazy, but almost all the fentanyl comes from China where its highly illegal to sell. They are only exporting all this crap.

  56. ShawN shawN

    ShawN shawN22 dagar sedan

    black is simply the positive color used in accounting books. Red was always for the negative numbers. Hence the saying

  57. ShawN shawN

    ShawN shawN22 dagar sedan

    great video on Casey. Very interesting interview.

  58. Bobs World Entertainment Podcast Ltd

    Bobs World Entertainment Podcast Ltd22 dagar sedan

    Never dull


    DOMJOHNP22 dagar sedan

    Trump 2020!! Maga!

  60. Ekroop Kaur

    Ekroop Kaur22 dagar sedan


  61. Daniel Malek

    Daniel Malek23 dagar sedan

    Where is Thor C with his timestamps?