Casey Neistat - H3 Podcast #146

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Thanks to Casey for hanging out with us!


  1. Gary_MLG

    Gary_MLGDag sedan

    why does it have almost 2k dislikes ?

  2. José Sosa

    José Sosa8 dagar sedan

    Disappointed to hear Ethan and Hila didn't really understand what Mick West said about the "prediction" of the man made elements by the alien theorist. Simply put, the nomenclature of man-made elements is totally systematic so it is extremely predictable.

  3. Noam Matry

    Noam Matry15 dagar sedan

    Why Casey didn't make any video about Boosted Board going Bankruptcy? He could made a video about it and maby raise some money to keep the company alive? I still doesn't understand how he didn't mention them even one...

  4. GoZipper!

    GoZipper!18 dagar sedan

    Trump 2020! HAHA!

  5. DominicFlix

    DominicFlix18 dagar sedan

    love him flying in on the gatsby. every guest needs to do that

  6. Ben Bowmen

    Ben Bowmen20 dagar sedan

    How can any you guys think Universal basic income is anything but enabling people to do less. I know this I was once addicted to drugs and was living in my father's house and he paid for everything for me essentially a universal basic income for his drug addict son and you want to know what I did continue to get high. But there came to a point where my father couldn't pay for it forever he was running out of money. Where does the government get the money to do these things. And is enabling people good, we already have welfare systems. When you provide the populist with enough money to live their life comfortably you lose motivation and incentive to go out and do something bigger or better. I'm not saying everyone is going to take that approach but I do believe to take that approach but I do believe a large portion will.

  7. Edward Mordrake

    Edward Mordrake21 dag sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2922">48:42</a>

  8. Berlish

    Berlish21 dag sedan


  9. Youtube made me change my name

    Youtube made me change my name22 dagar sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2473">41:13</a> don’t think he liked that question

  10. kmbeautyandmore

    kmbeautyandmore23 dagar sedan

    No one: Ethan trying to pronounce bombas: BOMB-ASS

  11. Trevor Conway

    Trevor Conway23 dagar sedan

    Ethan: The Trumpers are the craziest ones out there Antifa: Am I a joke to you?

  12. Vini C

    Vini C29 dagar sedan

    His eyebrows literally never stop moving, they're always going in a different direction and they don't stop moving. I can't NOT focus on this.

  13. jess joker

    jess jokerMånad sedan

    Why does he have no nice tats

  14. Tattooed drummer Grier

    Tattooed drummer GrierMånad sedan

    Plenty of people get hurt on those one wheels

  15. Aeson swampmonster

    Aeson swampmonsterMånad sedan

    Lol this is the podcast that angered that crazy neonazi

  16. K To

    K ToMånad sedan

    We love Casey

  17. Orlando

    OrlandoMånad sedan

    The real question is, are hila and candice friends? 🤔

  18. River

    RiverMånad sedan

    If a child can pull of the task of using a swear word without it being gratuitous, it deserves nothing but respect.

  19. Leon Carty

    Leon CartyMånad sedan

    Feel like Ethan is full of cocaine

  20. Johannes -

    Johannes -Månad sedan

    But don't you think just for the politically interested people in between its important to at least try (its probably not completely possible) to have an objective view.

  21. IronLife Barbell

    IronLife BarbellMånad sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a>:26 love you guys, fucking hilarious

  22. Grant Uchida

    Grant UchidaMånad sedan

    best enterance

  23. Jip Jox

    Jip JoxMånad sedan

    Ethan is telling Casey: " if we can bust a nut"!😂😂🤣

  24. The MGV

    The MGV2 månader sedan

    It really sucks that this podcast turned into a fucking political conversation. We're not gonna care about that in a few years, and I would've much rather had more content that was actually about Casey.

  25. Patrick Lynch

    Patrick Lynch2 månader sedan

    The anti-trump crowd is way more vicious and bitter than most of the pro-trumpers

  26. Xaver Eicher

    Xaver Eicher2 månader sedan

    I don't know why, but that song at the end really sounds like Sunrise Avenue


    HENRY HALL2 månader sedan

    Some ugly rat looking dogs ngl can't see the appeal

  28. Brianna Terese

    Brianna Terese2 månader sedan

    Lmao at the end Casey was like holy fuck this is chaos.

  29. H3 productions President poppa bless

    H3 productions President poppa bless2 månader sedan

    Casey is so damn ugly but he’s cool.

  30. michaelantonio

    michaelantonio2 månader sedan

    The Democrats disagree with Trump's policies, so they try to criminally remove him instead of the normal politics of coming up with good ideas to combat him. Keep committing crimes, Dems, & you will end up in the trash bin of history...

  31. michaelantonio

    michaelantonio2 månader sedan

    Trumpers are crazy? The Trumpers are NOT harassing & beating people in the streets.

  32. patienceking

    patienceking2 månader sedan

    strucken bothered me instantly. Go Casey.

  33. Charles Cooper De Rose

    Charles Cooper De Rose2 månader sedan

    The worst pain I ever had in my life was from breaking my right clavicle from laying my sport bike down. I took the surgery route for the titanium rod and my shoulder still looks deformed.

  34. Faux Shizle

    Faux Shizle2 månader sedan

    Casey - soy milk latte - yeah....

  35. Dreadpirate

    Dreadpirate2 månader sedan

    The term "in the black" comes from the accountant's ledger. When an account is solvent it's in *black* ink, when it's in debt it's in *red* ink.

  36. Leonard Asarnoj

    Leonard Asarnoj2 månader sedan

    I'm in aw of the aw word

  37. Groovelessons

    Groovelessons2 månader sedan

    Casey is the most extroverted introvert there ever was.

  38. Groovelessons

    Groovelessons2 månader sedan

    Damn... fells like 10 years ago when they talk about Trump. So manny things happend since then

  39. Ted Chaffman

    Ted Chaffman2 månader sedan

    Casey Neistat should read The Wealthy Gardener, and he should write a self-help/memoir book about entrepreneurship

  40. Adam Lee

    Adam Lee2 månader sedan

    M.E.T.H. =Make England think Again... about meth

  41. ba55letmysoulfly

    ba55letmysoulfly2 månader sedan

    This first full one I’ve watched. Sp far I’ve only watched clips. I don’t get why they go to a break in the middle. Lol

  42. Shawn Keller

    Shawn Keller2 månader sedan


  43. Sean Niesen

    Sean Niesen3 månader sedan

    He pronounces divisive wrong

  44. ethan bordin

    ethan bordin3 månader sedan

    not a math hat, but a math Bennie.

  45. Lisa Elissa

    Lisa Elissa3 månader sedan

    Casey is so talented! He's also amazingly honest and open in an interview. A real treat, totally enjoyable!

  46. iTech

    iTech3 månader sedan

    Shut up and let Casey talk

  47. Bredaxe

    Bredaxe3 månader sedan

    The economy is so good, vagrants can make money by having a podcast, while claiming everything is bad and unfair.

  48. William Wright

    William Wright3 månader sedan

    Anyone find the link to the escalator video?

  49. Nik Vos

    Nik Vos3 månader sedan

    I really want your teddy block hoodie but I am very poor and a recent engineering grad. A lot of people think that we come out of school super rich but that is not the truth so :)

  50. DemonAlchemist

    DemonAlchemist3 månader sedan

    "Dad, can we go to Disney World?" "No." "Please" "Okay, fine. Put on your shoes." Fucking financial goals


    ARTOROBOTO {TV}4 månader sedan

    damn Caseys hair is frozen solid lol.

  52. MSK

    MSK4 månader sedan

    Casey sounds like a very toxic guy. He tries to be cool and brilliant which he is to a certain extent but I get a very bad vibe from him ..

  53. Kevin Talbot

    Kevin Talbot4 månader sedan

    I've dayly youtubing for 3 years, and nowhere near burnout. I think if you burn out you would rather do something else

  54. Sandcake

    Sandcake4 månader sedan


  55. M

    M4 månader sedan

    He's blind right?

  56. Leslye Juarez

    Leslye Juarez4 månader sedan

    I think all of you need to couples night out in la!!

  57. Debra Dukes

    Debra Dukes4 månader sedan

    So absolutely enjoyed Thanks so much Deb 👌👍✌

  58. Lim Brady

    Lim Brady4 månader sedan

    Abortion is murdering a baby FACT

  59. hummerchine

    hummerchine4 månader sedan

    That was stellar! I watch tons of SEgos...including Casey Neistat. One of the best videos I've seen.

  60. basedleo

    basedleo4 månader sedan

    just a couple of jews, chillin

  61. Titan

    Titan4 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2969">49:29</a> pog


    CHRIS WRIGHT4 månader sedan

    Abortion is murder. It's just that. Sex and birth is directly related you don't get to pick just one.


    CHRIS WRIGHT4 månader sedan

    Trumper here.... still love yall....

  64. a5crub

    a5crub3 månader sedan

    he racist smh

  65. Weirdbutneat

    Weirdbutneat4 månader sedan

    Casey really did start a whole new genre Often imitated Never duplicated

  66. Weirdbutneat

    Weirdbutneat4 månader sedan

    Just imagine what if people could see your SEgos comment history like on reddit

  67. dune trull

    dune trull4 månader sedan

    Hilarious watching this now, think they watch CNN A LOT compared to anything else. This was literally just a troll just wonder why they wanna hate the guy that bad. I dont like trump either but it's silly seeing them wanna hate the guy

  68. KaotixMusic

    KaotixMusic4 månader sedan

    its so weird hearing it from the other side. hearing the "pro trumpers are crazy, you say one thing and you get attacked" cuz it happened to us too and still does. I say anything on social media of my perspective of how I like trumps policy and I get told absolutely horrible things to me. That I should go die, my family should burn in a fire. im a racist, I support white supremacy, I wish gays would burn in hell. its crazy. Like hearing you guys say that makes me think, were deff both crazy. Maybe not so much that WE are crazy, but just the situation drove us crazy. Before that election, I've never seen Americans so divided before.

  69. Zak Korvin

    Zak Korvin4 månader sedan

    I'm only just noticing how much Ethan looks like Fat Mike!

  70. Harper Marshall

    Harper Marshall4 månader sedan

    Casey’s vegan? That’s so cool!

  71. fifty shades of noodles

    fifty shades of noodles4 månader sedan

    I fell off of a couch and snapped my collar bone

  72. Quayle Man

    Quayle Man5 månader sedan

    I hate when they talk about vaping and get everything wrong!!!

  73. Quayle Man

    Quayle Man5 månader sedan

    Vit e is a oil base and coating the ppl lungs with it.

  74. Quayle Man

    Quayle Man5 månader sedan

    They are dying from vitamin E that black market thc carts are being cut with.

  75. Slim Richards v2

    Slim Richards v25 månader sedan

    Ethan: "The pro trumpers are the scariest out there!" Me, getting basically jumped for wearing a maga hat down the street: Idk bout that one chief

  76. Slim Richards v2

    Slim Richards v24 månader sedan

    Pratyush Pathak The liberals are dangerously passionate. Like attack you if you’re wearing a maga hat type passionate...

  77. Pratyush Pathak

    Pratyush Pathak4 månader sedan

    @Slim Richards v2 I can see where you're coming from. He phrased his opinion as a fact. While Trumpers are probably not "the most intense", they are extremely "passionate", and quite a few of them often times don't hear the other side out. Liberals are also guilty of this to what I believe is a lesser extent, but it's just a difference of opinion. Ethan's post 2016 election video goes into the liberal reaction of this, and I agree with that perspective

  78. Slim Richards v2

    Slim Richards v24 månader sedan

    Pratyush Pathak But they’re not the most intense lmao

  79. Pratyush Pathak

    Pratyush Pathak4 månader sedan

    Slim Richards v2 I think he meant most intense. I agree some liberals are disproportionately angry. They don’t represent all of us though

  80. 뽀시래기등장

    뽀시래기등장5 månader sedan


  81. chickenfishhybrid44

    chickenfishhybrid445 månader sedan

    I can smell those dogs through the screen..

  82. michael yaroslavsky

    michael yaroslavsky5 månader sedan

    I have to say this. Watching my 3 favorite youtubers sitting down and talking is great. On the other hand, when they discuss politics, these goofballs are way out of their depth. Stick to what you know....

  83. Oli Zembry

    Oli Zembry5 månader sedan

    Juul puts out a smaller amount of smoke bc it is a low powered device meant for salt nics which is a higher concentration of nicotine. Mods, or the larger vapes that put out big clouds, run at a higher wattage meaning it heats up hotter, and uses a much lower nicotine concentrate and can even vape zero nic. Also what dan said about the cyanide is true in part but also they are adding vitamin e to these black market cartridges. Vitamin e is fine to ingest and use on skin but as soon as its vaped, it actually coats your lungs and prohibits expansion in your lungs and slowly suffocates its victims till they die. Real vape juice and thc cartridges do not contain vitamin e. If your liquid lists more ingredients than pg and vg, or the flavoring, throw it away and do not use it. Go to mastervaporvb at facebook for articles and more info about the flavor bans and the cartridge scare.

  84. Nick Bray

    Nick Bray5 månader sedan

    Get post

  85. Scarl3t_Sn00tchi3s

    Scarl3t_Sn00tchi3s5 månader sedan

    OH NO!! THE "R BOMB"!!!! Like we're supposed to pretend everyone doesn't say this shit everyday 😂

  86. Dustin Sands

    Dustin Sands5 månader sedan

    I wish you didnt bring up the belief in white privilage. I enjoyed your channel.

  87. basedleo

    basedleo4 månader sedan

    agreed, especially considering none of them are white

  88. mnmsaregood1

    mnmsaregood15 månader sedan

    I love Casey he’s such a nice guy