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    Hi you should ask people if they think you or Lexi is better at making yt videos

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    Why does Ben have painted nails?

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    Is travis dating other lexi

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    At 7:07 you can se previous wet feet marks 💭 🤔

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    Brent’s cute

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    Lexi is so funny

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    Why dose ben has green hair?

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    Paola Diaz

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    No one: 0:02 Daequan: Boy they my toes.

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    6:31 IM DEAD XD!

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    I even liked it before u told me

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    Hi my name is neriah

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    Why did Ben have to swim in the public fountain ?but I liked this video any way

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    You think on the treadmill he was bleeding well 3 years ago I fell on a treadmill going really fast and every were thighs down was horrible

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    Brent is a fan of heads so when Brent is flipping the coin....... Pick tails kids...well I mean if Brent wants to do his game.

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    Ewwwwww why am watching this

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    Brent I just got a double headed coin. Lexi Hensler OMG your a jerk



    This was so funny


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    who else saw the thumbnail and saw it say ‘tails’ when it was heads? 🙈😂

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    I legit had to swallow my own throw up at the foot one 🤢🤢

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