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    I love making these types of videos 😂❤️ enjoy watching us make a fool of ourselves😂 I DARE you to hit that like button ❤️

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    Hi Brent you make me laugh so much!

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    I love Brent and the squad

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    I’m the last reply?

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    The amount of times Eva said "wait what?" ⬇️

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="316">5:16</a> IS SO FUNNY :)

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    🤣😂this was so funny I loved it😂🤣

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    What the....😶😶😶

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    did anyone notice eva's underwear was showing no hate love u ava

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    I'm watching during Coronavirus

  14. Avery Martin

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    -I'm watching during cronuvurse

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    Why does Ben have green nails???

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    This made me cringe

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    I love you

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    Damn still going to subscribe to you

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    Didn’t dare us to click the button with the flip to the coin

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    I love you brent and lxie love u guys so much have a nice day 😍😍🏵

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    Brent: laughing while pouring Legos Me:where did you get all of those 🤔

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    I am

  26. Charles Boison

    Charles BoisonDag sedan

    This was so funny like Eva: hooking up with other girls! Brent: no its fake don’t go Eva: *almost leaves* Me: I mean I would do that if my girl(I’m a girl and I’m bisexual like if u bi)

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    i'll her feet her feet

  28. I love Cyrus and Christina xx and Emily canham xx

    I love Cyrus and Christina xx and Emily canham xxDag sedan


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    ava is so lucky she has a apple pencail and i am at home watching vids on how to make my on apple pencail but my mom said for my bday i may get a apple pencail yayy i love you brent,lexi,ben,ava,mason,and the reast of the squid mebers byee.!!!!

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    Are you guys wondering whether the coin is double headed..

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    so funny brent ha ha ha ha

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    Brent, big fan

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    Hi Eva

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    Hi Eva

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    I just love Brent's humour🙂♥️

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    A Dare video

  37. Craig Philipson

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    A dare video

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    when they said “you won’t you won’t” to hit the like button, tell me why I answered them saying yeah I won’t

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    like if agree for the loge treadmill one, he could of held onto the bars on the side and pulled himself up too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i am waching your videos

  44. Rena Sells

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    sorry brent my mom says no i am olso 8 years old i think you dont want me .your do you.

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    that was funny

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    Really he's feet oww

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    O my goodness

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    good double sided prank

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    Lexi H has the best laugh

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    The people must be thinking this kids are crazy

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    Nice job ben👍🏻

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    Dun dun dun 😂What rents good luck French

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    I love when Brent licked Eva’s feet 🦶 and I like when Ben swine in the in the fountain ⛲️

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    I will see the video that you launder and you’re flipping the coin and then if you flip the coin and don’t put it in the floor it means you need to do the

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    Never pay his because it’s gonna always land on heads pigtails not head

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    I laughed so hard when Brent pored the Legos on the treadmill😂


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    poured* Sorry I had to be that person

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    Hi Brent you are crazy

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    you should dare Ben to break up with Alexa using the double sided heads coin

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    Three people were filming

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    Your so cute And I would marry you but I'm 7

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    Ben cheated he kiss another girl

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    love this vid

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    Stepping on Legos isnt as bad as stabbing a fork into your toe

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    I can’t believe he’s squared I can’t watch his videos anymore my dad was there when he squared

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    We love u Brent Rivera❤✌O:-)

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    Ben got revenge in 2020 may 15 by Pierson kissing Brent and Ben used the same coin

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    And irving mall

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    I love Huntington Beach

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