Game Theory: Can a Goose DESTROY YOUR LIFE? (Untitled Goose Game)

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Untitled Goose Game is a gem no one anticipated. I've seen a few theories floating around about this game but there was one question none of them answered. Is a real life goose smart enough to accomplish what the feathered protagonist of Untitled Goose Game does? Yes, I really want to know. Get your feathers ready, Theorists. Today, we will calculate the IQ of a goose!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Researchers: Jason Parker and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Anti Icey

    Anti Icey2 timmar sedan

    1700 because he liked all the bigger numbers

  2. Skwonk The Goose

    Skwonk The Goose7 timmar sedan

    Yes, and I will

  3. ROFLChief McJOFLChief

    ROFLChief McJOFLChief8 timmar sedan

    He would like 1700 because it's not a multiple of 8

  4. Owen Glenn

    Owen Glenn10 timmar sedan

    1:17 squawks and parry the parrelel bird from dkc

  5. Meghan Brando

    Meghan Brando11 timmar sedan

    Wouldn't it be 1700 since he doesn't like even numbers??

  6. Travis and Bri Bri show

    Travis and Bri Bri show12 timmar sedan


  7. Grizzboy56

    Grizzboy5615 timmar sedan

    3:50 Imagine stef walking by and she hears you yell “GOOSE WILLIS”

  8. CrazyPicsProductions

    CrazyPicsProductions21 timme sedan

    1700 because i dont know and B is statistically more likely than A

  9. Anna Tatusko

    Anna Tatusko21 timme sedan

    1700 is tright

  10. Antocraft

    AntocraftDag sedan

    franike likes 1700

  11. Francisco Chaffino

    Francisco ChaffinoDag sedan

    2:48 he like 1700

  12. ember 2.0

    ember 2.0Dag sedan

    Fly Hard

  13. FIMMJ

    FIMMJDag sedan

    Dine hard

  14. rex team

    rex teamDag sedan


  15. Curtis LeBlanc

    Curtis LeBlancDag sedan

    2:17 Did I literally just notice how much a bird's brain looks like a bird?!?!

  16. Curtis LeBlanc

    Curtis LeBlancDag sedan

    Other gaming birds. Any Normal-Flying type Pokémon. . . if it has that typing it is a bird. Espresso (the ostrich from DKC) (also the parrot, I think his name was Crackers or Squawks or something) Chica

  17. Squid Man

    Squid ManDag sedan

    Its 9

  18. Professor Potty

    Professor PottyDag sedan

    17 Edit: I recounted 27

  19. TheOddDiabetic

    TheOddDiabeticDag sedan

    The Stupendium did a goose rap

  20. Juan The gengar

    Juan The gengarDag sedan

    15 or 16

  21. Rebekah Letourneau

    Rebekah LetourneauDag sedan

    Totally unrelated to the theory here, but DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT THOMAS SANDERS WON BEST WRITER!?!?!?!

  22. WetEgg 98

    WetEgg 98Dag sedan

    He likes 1700

  23. Mike Jankowiak

    Mike JankowiakDag sedan

    1700 because he likes odd numbers

  24. Cmaster

    CmasterDag sedan

    It’s 10

  25. michaelbuchanan

    michaelbuchananDag sedan

    The angry bird birds name is red

  26. Astijus Cerauskas

    Astijus CerauskasDag sedan


  27. Ant Hony

    Ant HonyDag sedan

    it's easy 1700 it's squared he only likes ones that are squared

  28. Jony Martinez

    Jony Martinez2 dagar sedan

    Goose Simulator. You're welcome.

  29. Meefs And weefs gaming club

    Meefs And weefs gaming club2 dagar sedan


  30. renagade septiceye

    renagade septiceye2 dagar sedan

    13 4 sided figures

  31. Jordan Poorte

    Jordan Poorte2 dagar sedan

    I think there are 14-15 quadrilaterals

  32. Gameview productions

    Gameview productions2 dagar sedan

    are there 21 4-sided shapes?

  33. Icy1

    Icy12 dagar sedan

    What did I just watch.... I want my 15 mins back.... Ffs there are "corvids" in East Asia that use human cars to break there nutz... ... We help them bust nutz. Sigh...

  34. Borogove Cyles

    Borogove Cyles2 dagar sedan

    2:16 am I the only one seeing the bird Edit: I keep seeing birds in the brains and the clippers I hate being an artist for this reason

  35. Riak Riak

    Riak Riak2 dagar sedan

    How is Flappy Bird NOT one of the greatest game birds ever?!

  36. Calle boi Langenkrans

    Calle boi Langenkrans2 dagar sedan

    It is (25262649596836138596736365848)

  37. rmfgotenks28

    rmfgotenks282 dagar sedan

    Goose Willis? You mean star of Look Who's Honking and Unbeakable? You can thank me later.

  38. Sasquatch Saterday

    Sasquatch Saterday2 dagar sedan


  39. Jeffrey Kelly

    Jeffrey Kelly2 dagar sedan

    17 four sided figures, 18 if you include the outer box.

  40. jordan barnhart

    jordan barnhart3 dagar sedan

    10 squares