H3 Podcast #7 - Post Malone & Joji

Post Malone and Joji came in to discuss everything, appreciate em
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  1. Erica Roylance

    Erica Roylance11 timmar sedan

    Ethan: "Woman are, in a nature setting, to be conquered." Joji: O_O

  2. i am A man

    i am A manDag sedan

    1:48:48 so post is rly a ghost. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING

  3. Kyle Boise

    Kyle BoiseDag sedan

    Dresden was bombed 3 months prior to the end of the war. At most 25k people were killed which is a small fraction of what you said. Lastly there was definitely military in the city and plenty of reason for it to be a target. How were you never called on these lies and miss information?...

  4. Kiara Alcantara

    Kiara Alcantara3 dagar sedan

    Bangs were killing it

  5. caterina1523

    caterina15234 dagar sedan

    He looks like olivertree without the bowl cut and homeless

  6. Natalie Borodjonok

    Natalie Borodjonok4 dagar sedan

    can you bring Joji in the podcast again ?

  7. Hudson Clark

    Hudson Clark4 dagar sedan

    1:23:25 joji face lmaooo

  8. j Y

    j Y6 dagar sedan

    Why was this recorded with an Android phone

  9. Dylan Rafala

    Dylan Rafala7 dagar sedan

    Ethan looks like pep guardiola with a beanie

  10. Doris Cheney

    Doris Cheney7 dagar sedan

    "chunker"... Haha, love it!!! Have a full back piece. My first tattoo. Teased bc I went for a whole back piece instead of small one. Go big or go home!!!!

  11. Aerial Mama

    Aerial Mama8 dagar sedan

    Bring Austin back AGAIN..PLEASE

  12. Philly Mack

    Philly Mack8 dagar sedan

    This is still the best podcast ep. Ethan: "Women, in a nature setting...." Joji: "And i, oop!"

  13. seoulitary lane

    seoulitary lane9 dagar sedan

    2019 is nearly ending...hey ethan, invite them on early 2020 please?

  14. Stefano Chiarello

    Stefano Chiarello9 dagar sedan


  15. nela krz

    nela krz11 dagar sedan

    Joji looking like a snack ☺️☺️

  16. nick seanez

    nick seanez11 dagar sedan

    There is a star gate in Jerusalem

  17. Adam Bocek

    Adam Bocek12 dagar sedan


  18. Perpetually Mad

    Perpetually Mad12 dagar sedan

    you can pause at any joji moment and the face he makes is priceless

  19. ghøštŷ

    ghøštŷ12 dagar sedan

    1:23:19 Jojis face gets me every time😂😂😂

  20. Joshua Isidro

    Joshua Isidro12 dagar sedan

    Damn Ethan got thiccer :0

  21. Perpetually Mad

    Perpetually Mad12 dagar sedan

    oliver tree rocks jukos

  22. Kareena Kohli

    Kareena Kohli13 dagar sedan

    Posty - “I look like Hercules. From the movie Hercules” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. OneLifePillow

    OneLifePillow13 dagar sedan

    I wish life would end. Just fall asleep and never wake up.

  24. Complx

    Complx12 dagar sedan

    Yo don't do it

  25. Diego Rivera

    Diego Rivera13 dagar sedan

    1:23:00 La conquista amigos!

  26. Gm Kaiser

    Gm Kaiser13 dagar sedan

    2:06:28 What fucking bullshit about the Dresden bombings are you guys spewing? The bombings were in February and Germany didn't surrender until May? The idea that the Allies firebombed the country after the official surrender is a blatant falsehood.

  27. nothanksimgood

    nothanksimgood13 dagar sedan

    I love that this pops up on my recommended, even 2 years later

  28. Goa Ty

    Goa Ty14 dagar sedan

    Wait when I smoked a blunt I felt normal (I have autism)

  29. Sammie Cormier

    Sammie Cormier15 dagar sedan

    1:23:15 I love to re-visit this for JoJi's reaction...priceless 😂

  30. Knoa Bowman

    Knoa Bowman15 dagar sedan

    I love fallout

  31. kronk

    kronk17 dagar sedan

    what's with the low quality on this one

  32. Catta Bonata

    Catta Bonata9 dagar sedan

    they probably didnt have the best camera quality, this was two yrs ago, probably updated since then

  33. Maenga Dopeyy

    Maenga Dopeyy18 dagar sedan

    1:56:20 i hope George don't forget about baby ethan !!

  34. BeeSaucey

    BeeSaucey19 dagar sedan

    First communal table show


    ACEZ GONZ22 dagar sedan

    1:41:41 have you believe in Angels? Joji: hmmm....


    ACEZ GONZ22 dagar sedan

    do you believe in ghost? or have been in countered?

  37. Zach Parinoid

    Zach Parinoid24 dagar sedan

    Damn Ethan is not holding shit back lol

  38. 8D

    8D24 dagar sedan

    One time I seen a fuckin demon weird facelike this👹 in foodsco by the cookies as and I thought it was my uncle messing with me but he said it wasn’t him

  39. Henry Kolberg

    Henry Kolberg25 dagar sedan

    Post misses the point on most of ethans points 😂

  40. Curt ¡s

    Curt ¡s25 dagar sedan

    Austin's flash story was probably a solar flare. or Jesus in his jersey

  41. Old Lady Gena

    Old Lady Gena25 dagar sedan

    So if I fr donate $1000 am I in because I don't wanna die bro

  42. Jörmungandr

    Jörmungandr27 dagar sedan

    Has Ethan ever addressed that he (most likely accidentally) spread literal Nazi propaganda on this podcast?

  43. Crazy Joe Davola

    Crazy Joe Davola28 dagar sedan

    Yeah, no thanks

  44. Crazy Joe Davola

    Crazy Joe Davola8 dagar sedan

    @Catta Bonata - Post Malone.....talentless douchebag

  45. Catta Bonata

    Catta Bonata9 dagar sedan


  46. Joseph Aung-Myint

    Joseph Aung-Myint28 dagar sedan

    ciggies? what are you a girl from the valley? :)

  47. kaden xu

    kaden xu28 dagar sedan

    1:23:23 (for future reference)

  48. Dusty Carter

    Dusty Carter28 dagar sedan

    Also, wtf, this is your first unedited podcast!!??

  49. Dusty Carter

    Dusty Carter28 dagar sedan

    1:56:13. Teeeeell me Joji was there/ will be there for Theodore's bris.

  50. blveberriez

    blveberriezMånad sedan

    idk if this is offensive or not but can anyone tell me why ethan does this weird eyebrow thing?

  51. blveberriez

    blveberriez26 dagar sedan

    oh okay makes sense

  52. Kanavanukas

    Kanavanukas27 dagar sedan

    he has mild tourettes

  53. Anjoeymo L

    Anjoeymo LMånad sedan

    Bruh when he tells the story about eating that chocolate 5:33

  54. DollEyedCreep

    DollEyedCreepMånad sedan

    "They're giving their dogs prozac" "...to rape?" Cue me ugly laughing 🤣

  55. Lydia Kaludercic

    Lydia KaludercicMånad sedan

    George is so unbelievably smart

  56. StreampyGames

    StreampyGamesMånad sedan

    here i am still waiting for Joji Feat Post Malone music

  57. Ethan Q

    Ethan QMånad sedan

    52:50 Joji comes on

  58. Jack Poland

    Jack PolandMånad sedan

    "Relating to people parking in your driveway for 20 bucks when you live in a tourist town."

  59. WILLPRO_123 Gamez

    WILLPRO_123 GamezMånad sedan

    The double flash could've also been a nuclear test 1:37:01

  60. Mac Slash

    Mac SlashMånad sedan

    Can you imagine Joji x Post Malone?

  61. J J

    J JMånad sedan

    52:39 Little did we know that the, " drawing of this teddy bear," would become a clothing company brand!

  62. Eriss R.

    Eriss R.Månad sedan

    sounds like yall were laced......only way what your saying is true ive met people who were laced who say the same exact thing but they know they were laced

  63. Daily Dose Of Minecraft シ

    Daily Dose Of Minecraft シMånad sedan

    the sky trumpet is like Minecraft cave sounds irl

  64. Rifki Sapoetra

    Rifki SapoetraMånad sedan

    52:58 joji shows up

  65. Rifki Sapoetra

    Rifki SapoetraMånad sedan


  66. Rifki Sapoetra

    Rifki SapoetraMånad sedan