H3 Podcast #37 - Jordan Peterson

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  1. Brandon B

    Brandon BDag sedan

    Ethan stop cutting Jordan off!

  2. Marcelo Silva

    Marcelo Silva5 dagar sedan

    Jordan Peterson is awesome talking about everything but politics, he's like Heidegger and Sartre talking a lot of nice things about how mankind has been dominated by technology ...and then just ended up writing the nazi principles or supporting Israel when the country just reach to steal land from Palestine, Egypt and so on.... Peterson just understand so much about human behavior that he think politics is just a thing in the science of human behavior. But politics is way beyond mankind.

  3. Vincent Ramponi

    Vincent Ramponi5 dagar sedan

    That chick is boring asf lol why is she even there? Besides the occasional BJ?

  4. Jake Moretti

    Jake Moretti7 dagar sedan

    Greatest man alive

  5. KingOfShenanigans

    KingOfShenanigans7 dagar sedan

    "If you don't stand for anything, you'll fall for anything." -Malcom X Like Jordan Peterson followers.

  6. AnarchyPlus20

    AnarchyPlus208 dagar sedan

    15:45 LOL

  7. Digui 13

    Digui 1310 dagar sedan

    jordan for president

  8. BOG Flips

    BOG Flips10 dagar sedan

    "We've all watched your videos" roughly translates into "We've heard from X person about you". They didn't watch his videos and if their interpretation of his lessons was the polar opposite of what he taught, they weren't paying attention.

  9. joey c

    joey c10 dagar sedan

    Dude this is dope

  10. Sykthor

    Sykthor11 dagar sedan

    jordan peterson will go down in history as the next sigmund freud...and well deserved, u can tell that his intentions come from a good place...one has simply to love that man

  11. brett123456133

    brett12345613312 dagar sedan

    how does jordan know my life

  12. brett123456133

    brett12345613312 dagar sedan

    love u jordan, keep it up

  13. Tea by Manu

    Tea by Manu12 dagar sedan

    Approx 1:15:00 why ppl so depressed

  14. HypliX'

    HypliX'13 dagar sedan

    Only video I have ever liked from h3h3

  15. jack bran

    jack bran16 dagar sedan

    Now Peterson is a junkie in rehab while his own daughter abandoned her own daughter to shack up with some douche in Eastern Europe. What a mess of a family.

  16. Armory Kittington

    Armory Kittington18 dagar sedan

    Just listened to this podcast as I fell asleep and was transported to a lecture room where I didn't know anyone and sat next to this blonde girl and we hit it off and travelled to a hyper realistic Dr. Seuss/Colorado world and talked and adventured for hours and now I'm back in real life. 10/10 podcast would listen again.

  17. Stavros K

    Stavros K20 dagar sedan

    The left hates Jordan because he teaches people to think for themselves.

  18. spiritbx1337

    spiritbx133713 dagar sedan

    Except for Christianity, don't think about that, or Jordan will cry.

  19. Erick Draws

    Erick Draws16 dagar sedan

    Stavros K im left and you’re wrong, i love jordan. nice try tho.. putting everyone in a box is pretty ignorant of you

  20. Carter Conaway

    Carter Conaway20 dagar sedan

    Wish I could like this multiple times. Y’all are so great.

  21. Muhammad Danyal Khan

    Muhammad Danyal Khan21 dag sedan

    Jordan Peterson: I am a man Cathy: So you're saying you hate women Jordan: No... Im saying that You cant spell women without men... Cathy: Really? Jordan: Yeah... cant spell Cathy NewMAN without Man.... :P Cathy: :O Jordan: Gotcha :P

  22. The Vicious

    The Vicious23 dagar sedan

    What a shocker. H3 supports this Marxist, loser. Who's afraid to talk about who's in power in our country. He's a coward. You shouldn't take advice from a grown man who has no control over his emotions.

  23. ninjaa22

    ninjaa2227 dagar sedan

    i thought he was in rehab?

  24. Teh Modest Mouse

    Teh Modest Mouse28 dagar sedan

    Oh, your videos aren’t fair use Ethan?

  25. Butt Toaster

    Butt ToasterMånad sedan

    I had the exact opposite problem that Jordan describes with thinking you're smart, I thought I was really dumb throughout highschool even though I was the guy helping my friends with homework and was the guy that people cheated off of in tests.

  26. Kayla Brison

    Kayla BrisonMånad sedan

    As a McMaster student I apologize for the incompetence of my fellow snowflake classmates

  27. Creeper Chap

    Creeper ChapMånad sedan

    I love the response "I don't like Nazis" just completely destroyed what they were trying to do

  28. Travis Whalen

    Travis WhalenMånad sedan

    11:23 , you can see him hold back emotion. The sadness in this man's heart.

  29. top illin

    top illinMånad sedan

    an hour in and i realized i was just watching a therapy session recording

  30. Gaston Alejandro

    Gaston AlejandroMånad sedan

    Alguien que subtitule en español ésta entrevista completa por favor

  31. Jacob S.

    Jacob S.Månad sedan

    Peterson: "Hitler rose to power in economically difficult times and he picked a group to blame." What's his modern comparison? Antifa. . . I'm pretty sure there's a better modern example of a charismatic leader who preys on economic anxiety and creates boogymen out of immigrants and "others". TRUMP! The modern comparison is Trump, but Peterson would never recognize that.

  32. pzyko zillah

    pzyko zillah28 dagar sedan

    @Jacob S. good faith? Give me an example of his racism. "Isn't really debatable" 🤭 and you think you're good faith by not providing any actual points just saying racist over and over and over. It's like all you watch is cnn. Do you realize you have to show evidence to convince someone of something? And not just saying the same thing over and over and over

  33. Jacob S.

    Jacob S.28 dagar sedan

    @pzyko zillah Cool. Just sling BS talking points instead of engaging with my argument in good faith. I really don't give a shit. I don't throw around the "racist" label unless I'm confident about it. That point isn't really debatable.

  34. pzyko zillah

    pzyko zillah28 dagar sedan

    @Jacob S. "a racist" bro this is why he won cuz no one can make actual arguments against him they just use child-like insults. And I didnt even vote for the guy. I'm probably not gonna vote for him in the next election. But bruh u have trump derangement syndrome 😂 yeah he should've pulled out. Enforcing immigration laws is not fucking racist

  35. Jacob S.

    Jacob S.28 dagar sedan

    @pzyko zillah If foreign policy is your only issue with Trump . . . okay lol. Trump has massively ramped drone strikes compared to Obama (and Obama DID kill many innocent civilians). Trump is a liar and a racist and there's literally nothing you can say that can deflect from those facts.

  36. pzyko zillah

    pzyko zillah28 dagar sedan


  37. Connor Bolen

    Connor BolenMånad sedan

    Ethan just interrupted the entire time

  38. Connor Bolen

    Connor BolenMånad sedan

    Jordan is THE BEST EVER lots of prayers for him and his family they’re going through a lot

  39. Connor Bolen

    Connor BolenMånad sedan

    Jordan just hit a fat vape and he didn’t cough. That’s a suprise

  40. jessica lefebvre

    jessica lefebvreMånad sedan

    hes a Prof at my school lmao

  41. Purple MonkeyDishwasher

    Purple MonkeyDishwasherMånad sedan

    Is he going back to teaching classes?

  42. Phil Nye

    Phil NyeMånad sedan

    I didn't hear about the USSR killings in high school, that's all thanks to online personalities

  43. SwissMarksman

    SwissMarksmanMånad sedan

    I haven't yet seen a podcast where the hosts sit and read ads for like 10 mins straight.

  44. Daniel P. Sullivan

    Daniel P. SullivanMånad sedan

    Bruh I can’t stop listening I gotta shower

  45. MagnusVonGrapple

    MagnusVonGrappleMånad sedan

    I wish Patrice O'neal were still around and able to sit down and talk with Peterson

  46. 3leven 4our

    3leven 4ourMånad sedan

    I love this inteview, but man, you really shouldn't interrupt the guest so much.

  47. Nick Weber

    Nick WeberMånad sedan

    Tests like Jordan's may establish a baseline or vague picture of your personality traits but i think they fail to take into account the idiosyncrasies of the individual.

  48. steven white

    steven whiteMånad sedan

    Are we just going ti pretend he does not fuck his daughter?

  49. steven white

    steven whiteMånad sedan

    @whateverdude you mean like jordan peterso. 😆

  50. whateverdude

    whateverdudeMånad sedan

    yikes go get some help man..