H3 Podcast #39 - Post Malone

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  1. Lil Cartelito b

    Lil Cartelito b14 timmar sedan

    When they talked about drugs it was the best words and views about it it made me feel better about my situation at the moment

  2. Harry Price

    Harry PriceDag sedan

    Best podcast ever

  3. Bakhtiyar Tabyldiyev

    Bakhtiyar Tabyldiyev2 dagar sedan

    OMG Post is so cute

  4. Luke P

    Luke P3 dagar sedan

    i never knew H3H3 smokes

  5. Ryan Workman

    Ryan Workman9 dagar sedan

    SD chargers on bud lights is literally San Diego life

  6. Jonathan Joestar

    Jonathan Joestar10 dagar sedan

    Agleast we know Ethan and Hila are alive after that.

  7. Jessica Opal

    Jessica Opal12 dagar sedan


  8. Fishscale NoRepress

    Fishscale NoRepress21 timme sedan

    I hope you don't use teeth to much

  9. Margaret grambusch-brown

    Margaret grambusch-brown13 dagar sedan


  10. Ava

    Ava15 dagar sedan

    the only good H3 podcast

  11. Chandler Pope

    Chandler Pope15 dagar sedan

    I love Hila’s laugh

  12. Turtle Pants

    Turtle Pants15 dagar sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="133">2:13</a> LOOLLLL

  13. Kendal Lenk

    Kendal Lenk16 dagar sedan

    ah yes waking up to another one of these interveiws

  14. gracie walters

    gracie walters16 dagar sedan

    peep talk starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="76">1:16</a>:13 :(

  15. Big Jim

    Big Jim16 dagar sedan

    It’s an insult if you hate post

  16. Conspiracyx Thoughtsxo

    Conspiracyx Thoughtsxo18 dagar sedan

    Can you have post back

  17. Toni P

    Toni P19 dagar sedan

    Who cares!

  18. Tenya Cresento

    Tenya Cresento19 dagar sedan

    Post has the strongest chill aura I've seen so far.

  19. Liam Neil

    Liam Neil21 dag sedan

    From whence you came

  20. Big_Tastie

    Big_Tastie22 dagar sedan

    I feel bad for the three of them because they have to drink beer with the chargers logo on it, it’s just a real shame.

  21. Tommy Bozikis

    Tommy Bozikis23 dagar sedan

    What mics are they using?

  22. S. Ojeda

    S. Ojeda25 dagar sedan

    Hila looks like a hot 90s mom

  23. Email Email

    Email Email26 dagar sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1560">26:00</a> was the most funniest shit ever Noooo! Nooo!

  24. Jacob Edmonds

    Jacob Edmonds27 dagar sedan

    John Lennon was bigger than Jesus

  25. Meli

    Meli28 dagar sedan

    He reminds me of julien solomita for some reason, but with complete chill XD

  26. GoodKop BadKop

    GoodKop BadKop28 dagar sedan

    Post Malone likes to consider travelling a... wait for it... 'journey'. That shit is deep. What does he consider his luggage? Baggage?

  27. Run Man

    Run Man29 dagar sedan

    I feel like post will die in an accident dude idk why

  28. C GOOSE11

    C GOOSE1129 dagar sedan

    Damn this was when u used to need a medical marijuana card😂😂 Feels good to be living in Illinois rn

  29. Mack

    MackMånad sedan

    i think im in love with post.

  30. Mack

    MackMånad sedan

    Who else is rewatching during the quarantine?

  31. Treebeez

    Treebeez29 dagar sedan

    Mack same

  32. destroyer

    destroyerMånad sedan

    mark david chapman is my neighbor 😳

  33. Mr. Oblivious

    Mr. ObliviousMånad sedan

    pizzagate is real

  34. Mr. Oblivious

    Mr. ObliviousMånad sedan

    I do wonder what Ethan was gonna say at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a>:40

  35. Mr. Oblivious

    Mr. ObliviousMånad sedan

    Patrice had 666 in his title yikes

  36. Mr. Oblivious

    Mr. ObliviousMånad sedan

    The Salmon Cannon

  37. Jared F

    Jared FMånad sedan

    Total bromance going on! I love Austin Malone...dude is solid and real and smart!

  38. Centuriön Music

    Centuriön MusicMånad sedan

    Post Malone's metal alter ego is Brent Hinds try and unsee that.

  39. FearMyScribbles

    FearMyScribblesMånad sedan

    "your eyes look like hamburgers" bruh that was romantic af, I could feel the sexual tension

  40. Sven Död

    Sven DödMånad sedan

    Im pretty sure that the cops have their eye on that account.

  41. Henry Faherty

    Henry FahertyMånad sedan

    Post is the only person to make smoking cigarettes cool

  42. Timothy Hagen

    Timothy HagenMånad sedan


  43. Nicole H.

    Nicole H.Månad sedan

    Post Malone is one of those guys who is so down to earth and untainted by his fame that it not only does it make him more likable but it brings him to a whole other level!!

  44. FaDe Void

    FaDe VoidMånad sedan


  45. Jennifer Murphy

    Jennifer MurphyMånad sedan

    Post is just such an adorable human, I love him 😭❤

  46. Danz_isnt your man -

    Danz_isnt your man -Månad sedan

    I'm tryna look for the whole jojo and post malone podcast, pretty much the second reason why I joined

  47. Connor Stapleman

    Connor StaplemanMånad sedan

    So what happened on December 1st??? Sorry 2 years late 🥺😬

  48. Pleas No

    Pleas NoMånad sedan

    Yes there is it’s called wall bangs

  49. Jesus Castillo

    Jesus CastilloMånad sedan


  50. Supreme Renegade

    Supreme RenegadeMånad sedan

    This dude makes bums look privileged

  51. Mr. Burns

    Mr. BurnsMånad sedan

    Good podcast

  52. Samuraisahsah

    SamuraisahsahMånad sedan

    It’s so sad, Ethan was rly trying to make a stellar impression on post, like socially firing on all cylinders trying to earn his friendship...and it even seemed like they had a blossoming friendship after he had come to the podcast a few times...but then for some odd reason their relationship cooled down to where it’s at now, where it’s extremely luke warm, like on life support and I rly don’t know why it fizzled out like that...maybe the birth of Theodore got in the way, but it’s a real shame, bc they were such an adorable odd couple

  53. Christine Loader

    Christine LoaderMånad sedan

    i was sleeping while listening to this then i had a dream that my ex hugged me and the vomit sounds woke me up

  54. liindapineda

    liindapinedaMånad sedan

    Thic boi 4 lyfe

  55. liindapineda

    liindapinedaMånad sedan

    Hamburger eyes?

  56. Anna Modlinski

    Anna ModlinskiMånad sedan

    I come back to this episode when I’m sad very often ❤️

  57. Katie von Gremp

    Katie von GrempMånad sedan

    He is the sweetest guy. So charismatic and humble.

  58. Lil washing machine

    Lil washing machineMånad sedan

    Anyone else think Austin doesn’t want to be there and he’s just faking being friends ethan because he feels bad

  59. mw44 rick

    mw44 rickMånad sedan

    Lil washing machine no why should he?

  60. Claire Turner

    Claire TurnerMånad sedan

    Hila “YAA” 😆😒😐

  61. Lauren Maxwell

    Lauren MaxwellMånad sedan

    I'm sure post is chilling in his bunker watching this virus shit happen

  62. Kit Kat

    Kit KatMånad sedan

    I love Posty sm🥺🥰

  63. Lars Ulrock

    Lars UlrockMånad sedan

    Can you imagine if patrice called in

  64. Lars Ulrock

    Lars UlrockMånad sedan

    Really glad post doesn’t mispronounce Hila like so many others do; It’s just *(h)ila*

  65. Lars Ulrock

    Lars UlrockMånad sedan

    Love how posty keeps saying REALLY! like gamer gunk guy


    MEME REVIEWMånad sedan

    For the new year and I have a lot of time to get to know you better and I will be there at the same time I don't have any money to send you a picture of the front and back of the house and the nurse said she was going to be a little late to the game tonight at the church at the end of the day I was in the shower and then I'll be home to get my stuff together and then I can get a ride to the house and get back to you on that one and the other is a scam 😉😉😉😉

  67. Red Sonja

    Red SonjaMånad sedan

    Omg, lol, I feel so bad for the robot, like it's weird how bad I actually feel!

  68. Brrr Rbbb

    Brrr RbbbMånad sedan

    Post is that one dude in school that had sex with several teachers in parking-lots

  69. angelamarie x

    angelamarie xMånad sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="152">2:32</a>:41 Ian's payback

  70. Dilly Pat

    Dilly PatMånad sedan

    "I need a lighter" My whole life. This is gonna be me in interviews damn

  71. Asa Orozco

    Asa OrozcoMånad sedan

    I want him back here so bad

  72. felixhaf

    felixhafMånad sedan

    while they were talking about alexa mine turned on bruh

  73. Dylan Finch

    Dylan FinchMånad sedan

    I had an alcohol problem, and before that I struggled with suicidal tendencies. I understand the feeling of wanting to just be fucked up and not giving a shit if you die. I drank a whole gallon of whiskey in a night, and laid in the yard in my own vomit.

  74. Em Olivia

    Em OliviaMånad sedan

    Posty lights up a cig, we all light up a cig

  75. Daniel

    DanielMånad sedan

    Post!! You probably won't ever see this, but I have been a big fan and supporter of you as a person and your music!! So many good things I can say about you and when watching this and hearing what you said about drug addiction just reinforced why I think you are awesome! I myself am suffering with an addiction, but this isn't about me or what I deal with, but thank you for what you do and who you are as a person! Oh and much love to h3h3 too and thank you Ethan and Hila for also being amazing people and creating the best content on the internet! Wasn't gonna leave you guys out! Just watched this after seeing your latest video about the Corona Virus dumb dumbs! Papa Bless! VN!

  76. Karen Peacock

    Karen PeacockMånad sedan

    noooooooo ! ewewew uuurrrrggghhhh ! He swallowed it ! omg I'm gipping !! (gipping = gagging) wth is going on with the Elsa pervs !? That's very disturbing .

  77. Anton Lindholm

    Anton Lindholm2 månader sedan

    please do a brand new 24 hour ssession with posty

  78. bella

    bella2 månader sedan

    "ur eyes look like hamburgers' love it

  79. Remot

    Remot2 månader sedan

    “Are we more likely doomsday” UH OH

  80. Darra m

    Darra m2 månader sedan

    *<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3300">55:00</a>*

  81. isold klara

    isold klara2 månader sedan

    I love how usually they have luke topics but with post theyre just chilling talking about what theyre thinking

  82. charliehockey78

    charliehockey782 månader sedan

    Post Malone has this vibe where I don’t think he’s ever felt real pure love; he prolly never got it when he was younger and now that’s he rich n famous he just thinks ppl want his money. That’d be tough for real.

  83. Euphegenia Doubtfire

    Euphegenia Doubtfire2 månader sedan

    My MoM WaNtS To TaLk To YoUr MoM