H3 Podcast #39 - Post Malone

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  1. Gargoyle Terrold

    Gargoyle Terrold18 timmar sedan


  2. Leland Fox

    Leland FoxDag sedan

    Where is the next post malone friend-cast?

  3. JayDub130

    JayDub130Dag sedan

    Get post back on the show

  4. Ohaimark

    OhaimarkDag sedan

    The podcasts with Post Malone are the best. It just feels like everyone is hanging out.

  5. Kayla Gail Daniels

    Kayla Gail DanielsDag sedan

    i live for h3h3 podcasts

  6. Izzy Anthony

    Izzy AnthonyDag sedan

    Anyone else rewatching this 2 years later because they love posty so much 😂

  7. Shawn Gannaway

    Shawn Gannaway5 dagar sedan

    YO where did posty get that flannel at??? i love the color

  8. j Y

    j Y6 dagar sedan

    It’s easy to get addicted and yes everyone can and will, it’s only a matter of time don’t let ppl fool you. This is coming from someone who is addicted. Stay up and hopefull

  9. Erika May

    Erika May6 dagar sedan

    I am a stagehand / rigger for concerts and I just finished with Post Malone at Toyota Center in Houston. I've worked over 200 shows and I have never ever seen an artist wait for us to come out so that he could meet us and take pictures with us, today that happened. Post Malone is officially the nicest artist I've ever worked for.

  10. Kayla B

    Kayla B6 dagar sedan

    Only just watching this now in november 2019. Can someone tell me what happened with Patrice on December 1st 2017

  11. DarkWestern

    DarkWestern7 dagar sedan

    Wow, the getquip link STILL works in 2019!

  12. Aerial Mama

    Aerial Mama8 dagar sedan

    Congratulations douche flute


    THEREALJJM18 dagar sedan


  14. Catta Bonata

    Catta Bonata8 dagar sedan

    i listen to this podcast when im alone in my apartment, it helps me feel less alone and safe (♡˙︶˙♡)

  15. B W

    B W13 dagar sedan

    douche-flute mouth-fedora Subscribed

  16. El Sueño

    El Sueño13 dagar sedan

    I searched for teddy fresh on my google app and the same day I had teddy fresh ads on my Facebook. And I’ve never searched for it before that day as I’ve just started watching your videos

  17. Danibanani 0116

    Danibanani 011613 dagar sedan

    Watching two years later, did anything actually happen on December 1st with Patrice? Like is there any update?

  18. Dakota Heines

    Dakota Heines9 dagar sedan

    Danibanani 0116 glad I’m not the only one searching for the answer, so long after😂

  19. JoeyRage

    JoeyRage13 dagar sedan

    "Bethesda they make the best games" Fallout 76 "am I a joke to you"

  20. Ok Ok

    Ok Ok14 dagar sedan


  21. Catta Bonata

    Catta Bonata8 dagar sedan


  22. RyanClips420

    RyanClips42016 dagar sedan

    Love the stop short Seinfeld reference

  23. vanraj prasad

    vanraj prasad18 dagar sedan


  24. Cicada

    Cicada20 dagar sedan

    They are in there chillin af, I’ve never seen any guest so at home like this

  25. Jsan H

    Jsan H23 dagar sedan

    The good old days😔👌🏽

  26. Catta Bonata

    Catta Bonata8 dagar sedan

    we NEED him back on the podcast!!!

  27. Kimmy Kimster

    Kimmy Kimster24 dagar sedan

    Imagine Austin driving in on the gatsby

  28. Speeed wagon

    Speeed wagon24 dagar sedan

    A new PostyCast is far overdue.

  29. Catta Bonata

    Catta Bonata8 dagar sedan


  30. Darren

    Darren25 dagar sedan

    do another one with joji and post

  31. cb7pwn

    cb7pwn25 dagar sedan

    "your eyes look like hamburgers" is one of the most wtf funny things ive ever heard

  32. Zoey Joyal

    Zoey Joyal26 dagar sedan

    “Queen” - Post Malone

  33. Slya Wisemin

    Slya Wisemin26 dagar sedan

    Favorite h3 podcast. I've watched this episode like 9 times.


    QWAZDYN27 dagar sedan

    2:32:42 ethan did an ian

  35. Lyric

    Lyric27 dagar sedan


  36. Tom Travels

    Tom Travels28 dagar sedan

    The comment about the owners of Facebook being autistic is the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever heard. Anyone can be seen as ‘weird.’ Anyone can know no boundaries. But no, weirdo=autistic. What a c*nt this man is.

  37. {Delete this}

    {Delete this}29 dagar sedan

    I didn't really buy into the whole "your phone is listening" thing, but I had something happen recently that just blew me away lol. I was talking about baby stuff with my fiance, and mentioned about epidurals and how its like a big needle n shit, and just basically talkin about like how scary itd be to get one, but if I had a baby id definitely get an epidural. THE NEXT DAY, SEgos HAS A FUCKING EPIDURAL AD POP UP ON THE PEWDIEPIE VID I WAS ON. WTF. I have never in my fucking life searched anything ever about anything to do with epidurals, but the day after having a half hour long convo about them, theres the mother fucking ad.

  38. Kalob Black

    Kalob BlackMånad sedan

    The funniest thing is that the robot literally got up the same way Joe Rogan talks about how the astronauts got up on the mooonlanding footage.

  39. letmeknowhowthatgoes

    letmeknowhowthatgoesMånad sedan

    My black friends hate Post Malone. I keep trying to tell them he's just a good dude who happens to make catchy hip hop-ish music that mostly white kids love.

  40. Ismir Wenzel

    Ismir WenzelMånad sedan

    That guy HACKS

  41. Semirimes Marduk

    Semirimes MardukMånad sedan

    its an oral fedora

  42. Late Night Cereal

    Late Night CerealMånad sedan

    Hilas die-ja-ria must be hurrific. Bodys gonna get rid of it somehow.

  43. Scar19

    Scar19Månad sedan

    I'm with Hila, I can't watch that video of the guy swallowing his vomit it is disgoosting

  44. Bromaculas T.V

    Bromaculas T.VMånad sedan

    Is it true he stinks?

  45. rebecca

    rebeccaMånad sedan


  46. Deathdragon1316

    Deathdragon1316Månad sedan

    I fell asleep watching shoe0nhead and woke up to this

  47. just a saul

    just a saulMånad sedan

    2:35:07 “I got to pee so bad”

  48. jessica reif

    jessica reifMånad sedan


  49. DollEyedCreep

    DollEyedCreepMånad sedan

    "Your eyes look like hamburgers"

  50. T

    TMånad sedan

    Posts wheeze is so cute

  51. Lars Tiinus

    Lars TiinusMånad sedan

    What happend when the countdown came to 0?

  52. jake marten

    jake martenMånad sedan

    1:25:03 disturbing shit. youtube needs to get its priorities straight

  53. glitch- kingz103

    glitch- kingz103Månad sedan

    giving posty a boner by telling him hes hawt

  54. Cooper Stephens

    Cooper StephensMånad sedan

    One time I was talking about going on a cruise and I got a ad on Facebook for a cruise to Cuba

  55. RetroSun

    RetroSunMånad sedan

    Man I would love to be in that podcast. I’m socially retarded but it would be such an amazing experience

  56. K8 L33

    K8 L33Månad sedan

    I love post so much lmao. Hes so real. And that's rare. Awesome artist and a beautiful person♡

  57. Catta Bonata

    Catta Bonata8 dagar sedan

    yes!! (⌒ω⌒)ノ

  58. AdrienW

    AdrienWMånad sedan

    22:30 ethan asks for post's lighter 27:30 ethan finally uses lighter and gives it back lol

  59. beingbeckeroni

    beingbeckeroniMånad sedan

    Idk why, if it's the quality of his voice, he sounds like a more laid back, gruffer Josh Gad... they have very similar speaking voices!

  60. Reno Beno

    Reno BenoMånad sedan

    My god post makes me wanna smoke

  61. timeloop

    timeloopMånad sedan


  62. choosing a name is too much pressure

    choosing a name is too much pressureMånad sedan

    it’s funny bc ethan calls quip the toothbrush designed by apple and i call juuls the ecigs designed by apple

  63. Uncomfortable Truth

    Uncomfortable TruthMånad sedan

    Now do Tom MacDonald

  64. John Puckeridge-Webb

    John Puckeridge-WebbMånad sedan

    No one: Post Malone: Really?

  65. Add Name Here

    Add Name HereMånad sedan

    2:15.00 i love Posts reasoning. Face book is gathering info and listening to us = Get a doomsday bunker..