Halloween Extravaganza & Candy Tier List - H3 Podcast #154

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  1. Jojo

    JojoDag sedan

    Ethan please chew with your mouth closed and finish your food before talking ffs 😂😂😂

  2. Edgar Hernandez

    Edgar Hernandez2 dagar sedan

    Milk duds = F tier

  3. Amel Bensekkouma

    Amel Bensekkouma2 dagar sedan

    Shaloooom khaaaa

  4. Psycho Slayer

    Psycho Slayer3 dagar sedan

    I hate this candy list. It’s all wrong. All of it. Candy corns are F tier.

  5. Tunkuruchu Kan

    Tunkuruchu Kan5 dagar sedan

    Look into whether a politician is really a pedophile or not before dismissing it. Too many globalists and false authority are involved in pedophile cults, especially Hilary Clinton

  6. Gamer Coolio

    Gamer Coolio5 dagar sedan


  7. Cedric Alcindor

    Cedric Alcindor6 dagar sedan

    I hope someone clipped Ian doing a double take at 1:17:50

  8. Jazmine Lakey

    Jazmine Lakey8 dagar sedan

    God said on the seventh day "and I oop!" and he knew his creation was compete

  9. Yolk Arch

    Yolk Arch11 dagar sedan

    WHAT? ALMOND JOY AS AN E? THAT'S AN EASY S! You don't know how excited I got when I saw these in my basket!

  10. Andrea Badillo

    Andrea Badillo12 dagar sedan


  11. saMon Schmeck

    saMon Schmeck12 dagar sedan

    On the seventh day God said "and I oop"

  12. ProbopassFan17

    ProbopassFan1713 dagar sedan


  13. bales1190

    bales119013 dagar sedan

    why is hila dressed as a golfer? OJ was a football player.

  14. ericsmosmeric

    ericsmosmeric14 dagar sedan

    God said on the 7th day "and I oop" and he knew his creation was complete

  15. Strider

    Strider15 dagar sedan

    And on the 7th day God said "and I oop"

  16. Luku_Tru

    Luku_Tru15 dagar sedan

    Does Ethan even know what sour is??

  17. Meow Meow

    Meow Meow15 dagar sedan

    almond joy is totally S or A tier

  18. daniella nunez

    daniella nunez15 dagar sedan

    dan hands down best costume

  19. Toby Mann

    Toby Mann15 dagar sedan

    Dan is best

  20. Trap Kryptix

    Trap Kryptix17 dagar sedan

    I eat fried cheese 5-7 times every week you take 3 slices of sargento cheddar cheese and put it on a paper plate, microwave for 2:30 and it’s fucking amazing, I’m a fat shit and I’m proud

  21. Amoox

    Amoox17 dagar sedan

    God said on the seventh day, AND I OOOOPP

  22. Katelyn Smith

    Katelyn Smith18 dagar sedan

    Their taste buds are wack 😂

  23. chris j

    chris j19 dagar sedan

    Hila totally digging the costume

  24. Jennifer Street

    Jennifer Street21 dag sedan

    The weird flavor is malt. malt used to be the thing

  25. Jennifer Street

    Jennifer Street21 dag sedan

    Smores saves the Hershey bar though, and a lot of these would be different twenty years ago when they used real sugar

  26. Alex Cunningham

    Alex Cunningham21 dag sedan

    Literally had to skip the candy section. Hearing Ethan smack his fatass lips nonstop makes me want to shoot myself.

  27. Eric Cantu

    Eric Cantu21 dag sedan

    Well, I am the worlds greatest Cantu

  28. Cory

    Cory21 dag sedan

    tootsie roll.. trash

  29. Madi Koehler

    Madi Koehler22 dagar sedan

    Zach needs to dress like that all the time

  30. Ben

    Ben23 dagar sedan

    I'm from the uk and i tried hersheys once from the american section as ASDA (UK Walmart spin off) and it tastes like ass. Very cheap tasting plastic "chocolate" if it even deserves to be called that.

  31. PotatoMunch

    PotatoMunch23 dagar sedan

    God said on the 7th day "and I - OoP"

  32. Atty

    Atty23 dagar sedan

    What about Bounty, Mars, and Milky Way? 😯

  33. Marscael 04

    Marscael 0423 dagar sedan

    Why isn't milky way in this!?

  34. Krystal Dragon

    Krystal Dragon23 dagar sedan


  35. Sebastian Cadena

    Sebastian Cadena23 dagar sedan

    1:11:39 when Dan said “here we fucking go” i felt that

  36. Anthony Cruhlac

    Anthony Cruhlac24 dagar sedan

    and on the 7th day god said "and i oop"

  37. unknown

    unknown24 dagar sedan


  38. Ashton Nelson

    Ashton Nelson24 dagar sedan

    god said on the seventh day "and i oop"

  39. SoldStudios

    SoldStudios24 dagar sedan

    @44:17 lol

  40. Dana Kochaji

    Dana Kochaji24 dagar sedan

    Hey!!! Smarties are a competitor of M&Ms..