James Charles ENDS Tati & Jeffree Star - H3 Podcast #118

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  1. juniper quaintrelle

    juniper quaintrelle23 timmar sedan

    Does that guy that shits in his hand have kids?

  2. juniper quaintrelle

    juniper quaintrelle23 timmar sedan

    That shit story is fucking hilarious

  3. Reid Young

    Reid Young3 dagar sedan

    Damn Ethan I can't believe you side with this dude/chick/whatever. People are scared of JEFFREY DAHMER JR. WTFFFF

  4. Laura Daogaru

    Laura Daogaru6 dagar sedan

    I genuinely feel sorry for Jake paul. He imagined this scenario where he's a savior and went in to get some resolution for his pain. I'm sure he's hurt because he's being made fun of but the problem is that he lives in his bubble where what he himself does often hurts people but he's oblivious to that. it's the system, not jake paul that causes the problem.

  5. Prince Vegeta

    Prince Vegeta10 dagar sedan

    Putting down tissue in the toilet before i take a shit to prevent being kissed by Poseidon is something I have done for many, many years

  6. zoe

    zoe11 dagar sedan

    We need a shredder cam !!

  7. Thomas Boisclair

    Thomas Boisclair12 dagar sedan

    Still the best episode so far

  8. Mikell Wells

    Mikell Wells17 dagar sedan

    Laying down a little toilet paper is essential for no splash ups. It can help prevent UTI's for women by preventing bacteria from the water from entering the outside, contaminating the urinary tract. I lay down a little toilet paper. I would NEVER think about using my hand. How does that big dude get his arm in there while he's sitting on the bowl? What kind of toilet does he bave???

  9. Shaun Mantell

    Shaun Mantell20 dagar sedan

    I dont follow the whole men wearing makeup channels but I'm always down for a drama.Ethan and Ilha have adjudicated in favour of James Charles and I find them accurate on most everything.

  10. Shaun Mantell

    Shaun Mantell20 dagar sedan

    And they are jealous af he got invited to the met gala and they didn't....He's been accepted into high fashion society and they are all stuck in youtube millionaire hell,how will they heal,lol....I dont believe for a minute Tati took a "digital break",she was all over every tweet etc at every point in the drama.

  11. CoffeeCarp Okay

    CoffeeCarp Okay26 dagar sedan

    What if jc just made those fake texts just to manipulate everyone 😂 His a sneaky little rat 😂🤣😂 Womp womp womp...

  12. Jayme Ann

    Jayme Ann27 dagar sedan

    Tati sucks, Arya Stark sucks

  13. D.Tilly

    D.Tilly27 dagar sedan

    I know I’m watching the full video now, but you is the BEST job of defending James, and you’re a far better friend than any of those flakes. I’m so glad you did this!

  14. Titus Klem

    Titus Klem27 dagar sedan

    this is concerning me but did jake literally just not have his hands on the wheel the whole time he was driving?!

  15. Felicia

    Felicia28 dagar sedan

    Tati is straight manipulative

  16. Bleu Rigel

    Bleu RigelMånad sedan

    Okay, but who did the voice-over for the makeup guru version of the twilight zone intro 😂

  17. even doresu cares

    even doresu caresMånad sedan

    Cody: which kids? Jake can't even specify who or when Cody allegedly bullied children.

  18. Anna Katherine

    Anna KatherineMånad sedan

    the intro still gets me..hahahaha

  19. I27T I84

    I27T I84Månad sedan

    dude isnt Tati like 42

  20. Natalie Holiday

    Natalie HolidayMånad sedan

    Surprised this didn’t get claimed for playing that Jeffree Star song. Also, you asked how he could have any fans with the way he acts. I like him but I’m starting to realize it’s probably because I only watch him on SEgos where he and his friends pretty much only present him as professional and respectable and whatnot. I don’t follow him on Twitter where lately I’ve seen him being cruel, even to his own fans, and where it seems he tends to lash out and get involved with all the drama. Assuming his other social media accounts are about the same but I’m not sure as I don’t follow those either.

  21. thereisnospoon

    thereisnospoonMånad sedan

    Sounds like JC just had a great PR team

  22. Mariella Serrano

    Mariella SerranoMånad sedan

    People don’t realize is that even if James was doing this predator (fake) stuff with Sam she never said anything UNTIL he went to Coachella and has a security issue and has to sign with sugar bear hair for the security. She’s just mad that he’s endorsing their product and not hers that’s the entire point of why he mad the video. She’s disgusting

  23. ok hi

    ok hiMånad sedan

    Mariella Serrano I've always said this.

  24. Maddie Mayhem

    Maddie MayhemMånad sedan

    It seems fitting that a podcast about the beauty community would start in a conversation about shit 😂😂

  25. iglooking

    iglookingMånad sedan

    How can that clause even hold up? If the contract is breached it doesn't matter what is written there... how can they dictate what someone does after their contract is voided??

  26. TY2020

    TY2020Månad sedan

    Honestly the worst thing about all of this is that now Jeffree and Tati are both unaffected by this, but James is still getting a ton of hate all over his social medias.

  27. Mariella Serrano

    Mariella SerranoMånad sedan

    TY2020 very true. It sucks people will always see him as a predator when he’s not.

  28. Beatrix Kiddo

    Beatrix KiddoMånad sedan

    I Love H3H3

  29. illidelphian1

    illidelphian1Månad sedan

    What would you rather have the possibility of having toilet water splash on your ass or for sure getting boo-boo all over your hands. Hey

  30. Melissa K

    Melissa KMånad sedan

    Being disgusted by Tati's overproduced, immature, and aggressive video and then reading her comments to see almost every viewer gladly consuming her bullshit and calling her a queen, sums up the shocked disbelief I feel towards most young people in general. They're like the Borg.

  31. Melissa K

    Melissa KMånad sedan

    Jeffree star's image is sullied? Nothing that a 9 hour long Shane Dawson infomercial can't solve.

  32. Mary Allison

    Mary AllisonMånad sedan

    Obviously Jimmy didn’t END neither Jeffree or Shane. So glad!!! Watch the docuseries Shane has out with Jeffree.

  33. Sarah Alyssa

    Sarah AlyssaMånad sedan

    I will NEVER watch or support this disturbed woman again. I have been a loyal follower of hers for years but this is simply unacceptable.

  34. Marett Crews

    Marett CrewsMånad sedan

    If I ever get arrested I want James Charles to be my lawyer

  35. fruitloopfirecracker

    fruitloopfirecracker13 dagar sedan

    Marett Crews no. I want James Charles lawyer

  36. Phaedra The Nerd

    Phaedra The NerdMånad sedan

    I am a fan of Jeffrey's make up, but he is a little problematic , I suppose

  37. Jun

    JunMånad sedan

    I love this podcast episode so much that I come back and watch it again sometimes

  38. Art Lady

    Art LadyMånad sedan

    These two assholes NEVER imagined that this teenager had the maturity to have proof and show it ! They never considered he was smarter then they are . I would have loved to see their faces when they saw the rebuttal! Priceless .

  39. darkundereyes

    darkundereyesMånad sedan

    The 2019 youtube rewind better have James Charles putting down the reverse uno card.

  40. Anthony Hewitt

    Anthony HewittMånad sedan

    If your shit doesnt fall out of your ass you should really really check your diet. And you probably fast.

  41. And i Oop-

    And i Oop-2 månader sedan

    SooooOooOo basically she mad at vitamins? Or is there more? Hm

  42. Ryan Verrastro

    Ryan Verrastro2 månader sedan

    BTW - felt like I was the only guy who front wipes, thanks for letting me know I wasn't the only one.

  43. OpTic Matt

    OpTic Matt2 månader sedan

    I mean I feel like Jeffree just jumped on the bandwagon of hate, he comes hard and if you do that and you’re wrong well shit gets real I’ll always be a jeffree fan but I still think he was wrong here