Mike CHEATS on Lana with Dr. Phil GIRL! #DramaAlert (INTERVIEW)

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  1. DramaAlert

    DramaAlert13 dagar sedan

    CORRECTION: Mike did not text me that he was drunk. I misread what he wrote to me. - KEEM

  2. Kell Smalls

    Kell Smalls23 timmar sedan

    She’s too embarrassed to admit she was kicked out of clubs for dressing trashy! 😂😂

  3. Stinz Maynard

    Stinz Maynard8 dagar sedan

    Damn she got balls keem wanting to get in the ring and box. How bout you n jaystation

  4. A s t r o B a l ļ

    A s t r o B a l ļ9 dagar sedan

    @Kevsepticaye OG news team? Sloppy af? Even important people make mistakes.

  5. JODisHere

    JODisHere9 dagar sedan

    hi DramaAlert. Btw hissss

  6. Big Boy

    Big Boy2 timmar sedan

    Yo Keemstar has an iPhone 11 max

  7. Sandra Elisabeth Stien

    Sandra Elisabeth Stien3 timmar sedan



    ALEX REYES4 timmar sedan

    Wow 2:38

  9. Jof Ref

    Jof Ref16 timmar sedan

    Fake ass news they are all in it together

  10. Letisha_Turned_Off

    Letisha_Turned_Off23 timmar sedan

    "We are not in the same league" hmmm 🤣🤣🤣

  11. carlos basa

    carlos basa20 timmar sedan

    I'm dead😂

  12. Torch TV

    Torch TVDag sedan


  13. Kayra

    KayraDag sedan

    jeeeeeesusss i didnt even know Lana rhoades (who i watch daily in pornhub) dated MİKE.

  14. Nelly S

    Nelly SDag sedan

    Dude you’re a grown man, why are you screaming and acting like a kid. Can’t finish watching any video of you. Calm the f*** down.

  15. IAmComp-

    IAmComp-2 dagar sedan

    You said Lana wrong

  16. FKZ Mystic-_-

    FKZ Mystic-_-2 dagar sedan

    Y would he cheat on LANA FUKING RHODES

  17. PhoneyPatjordan

    PhoneyPatjordan2 dagar sedan

    Honestly, I hate how everything has to be made public now Lol everything for clout I guess

  18. PhoneyPatjordan

    PhoneyPatjordan2 dagar sedan

    „expose“ mentality is just cancer - oxygen wasting people get fame by shouting lies lol

  19. Lucas White vlogs

    Lucas White vlogs2 dagar sedan

    I love how Lana makes this such a big deal after one time and she does it every night

  20. Pushy Boi

    Pushy Boi2 dagar sedan

    Remember beating off to Lana last night 😩🥵

  21. Kanye Twitty

    Kanye Twitty3 dagar sedan

    I pray every morning that somehow someway I can have 2 minutes of alone time with keemstar. Y’all gon have to mop this nigga up off the floor when I’m done.

  22. le0_0

    le0_03 dagar sedan

    Sounds so childish

  23. Alvarez- Bangs419

    Alvarez- Bangs4193 dagar sedan

    Well I read this title all wrong 😂

  24. red_egale_29 bro

    red_egale_29 bro3 dagar sedan

    Wow we know have an actual cat fight

  25. J.S. Stockton

    J.S. Stockton3 dagar sedan

    Both bitches caught an L on this.

  26. Steven Trejo

    Steven Trejo4 dagar sedan

    That bitch needs to stfu u annoying ass doctor phill bitch

  27. Sandra Myers

    Sandra Myers4 dagar sedan

    My husband had a way of playing the victim whenever I suspected him of having an affair ,untill my sister introduce me to marsdhacker@gmail.com OR Marsd.h on Instagram . They got me the proof of all his affairs on WhatsApp, text messages, phone calls at a very affordable price.

  28. Brady Gordon

    Brady Gordon4 dagar sedan


  29. Lakuv GG

    Lakuv GG4 dagar sedan

    She lied about the Uber in the first place, can’t trust her story anymore.

  30. Andre Ryan

    Andre Ryan4 dagar sedan

    Dr. Phil really a clout factory now LMAO whats wrong with this world

  31. QueenWizzard

    QueenWizzard4 dagar sedan

    He’s wrong for the way he talked about her and she’s wrong because she is so desperate for clout. They are both idiots.

  32. I’m Here

    I’m Here4 dagar sedan

    Lana literally gets cheated on by a 3 and still takes him back. Lana, a 10, really out here getting played like any other girl by a 35 year old 3. Lol

  33. Jose Paez

    Jose Paez4 dagar sedan

    When a star quit for 3 years she got a virus lol

  34. kbaby512

    kbaby5124 dagar sedan

    Ksi won by a bad call 🙄 sooo not sure what point she was trying to make with that statement.

  35. Ineedtp

    Ineedtp4 dagar sedan

    Mike does say he is sober so story doesnt add up

  36. Isaiah Ybarra

    Isaiah Ybarra4 dagar sedan

    Why would u cheat on a pornstar


    GIMME YOUR RING4 dagar sedan

    She eats black man ass I’m pretty sure the relationship was open

  38. Hi 7

    Hi 74 dagar sedan

    Stop nerfing Technoblade

  39. Malinm

    Malinm5 dagar sedan

    What the hell I wanna date a pornstar

  40. Boss Bot '

    Boss Bot '5 dagar sedan

    2:47 text: and jumped me Keemstar: aNd I jUMped iN

  41. OG Tracks

    OG Tracks5 dagar sedan

    “I just wanted to see his d***”😭

  42. hayden Welc

    hayden Welc5 dagar sedan

    if she was “blackout drunk” then how the fuck does she remember every little detail. Also someone explain “I downed a bottle of Malibu” then later “I was sober, he was drunk”


    TOXIC YOUNG GOD5 dagar sedan


  44. Brennen

    Brennen5 dagar sedan

    Jesus fucking Christ. What the fuck.

  45. DJ Rineer

    DJ Rineer5 dagar sedan

    Bro, your illiteracy amazes me.

  46. ImAntonio

    ImAntonio5 dagar sedan

    Someone come get this bitch to shutup🤷‍♂️

  47. Veratiqs

    Veratiqs5 dagar sedan

    I mean Lana’s job is cheating on him but shit I guess🤷‍♂️

  48. Tommy

    Tommy5 dagar sedan

    Lol some people really have no self worth this girl is an adult but is a literal child

  49. Muppy 9

    Muppy 95 dagar sedan

    This bitch is lying, she was drunk and remembers everything

  50. DKsaNn Kat

    DKsaNn Kat5 dagar sedan

    Cant believe this guy got with both of these girls. Lana is goddess tier and he got at that?! Wtf 👎

  51. PayPal me bigboi7

    PayPal me bigboi75 dagar sedan

    It’s not Lana it’s Lana

  52. lewis

    lewis5 dagar sedan

    I mean she looks like she good at head

  53. mason

    mason6 dagar sedan

    Out bad for dating her 😂😂

  54. KennedyStewart

    KennedyStewart6 dagar sedan

    god Ava Louise is so idiotic.

  55. Themba Langa

    Themba Langa6 dagar sedan

    Dr phill girl : I don't consider it as cheating because it lasted for like 30 seconds😂😂😂😂

  56. Ghost

    Ghost6 dagar sedan

    Holy fuck lol

  57. jaden Statz

    jaden Statz6 dagar sedan

    Keem you are swearing

  58. Mhm Explained

    Mhm Explained6 dagar sedan

    Not to flex but I’ve seen a couple of people in this vid naked

  59. SyscoVids

    SyscoVids6 dagar sedan

    Wow what an idiot

  60. MightyYoda06 06

    MightyYoda06 066 dagar sedan

    damn mike got his wiener exposed dude the worst thing that can happen to a man, that and getting hit in the balls.

  61. hanson willard

    hanson willard6 dagar sedan

    These girls are way too hot for his ugly ass anyway

  62. Angel McKinley

    Angel McKinley7 dagar sedan

    We need leafy to expose him again

  63. Isaak Bueckert

    Isaak Bueckert7 dagar sedan

    Mike is lokey a dumbass for doing that

  64. Boomer

    Boomer7 dagar sedan


  65. Laura Lee

    Laura Lee7 dagar sedan

    Dr. Phil girl is thirsty 😓

  66. Laura Lee

    Laura Lee7 dagar sedan

    It wasn’t cheating ... my junk was in her mouth for like less than a minute 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤨 Bimbo logic 🤦🏻‍♀️