MrBeast Saves The Planet & Twitch Is Collapsing - H3 Podcast #153

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  1. assasinon1209

    assasinon120912 timmar sedan

    Come on guys Ethan loosing his mind over food is sooo fun to watch

  2. Tom Riddle

    Tom RiddleDag sedan

    Skip to 1:33:45 for Ethan to stop chewing in the mic.

  3. Tom Riddle

    Tom RiddleDag sedan

    All seriousness please stop Ethan chewing in the mic. Seriously I know it's a joke or whatever but everyone I know stops listening soon as we hear Ethan loud mouth chewing and smacking.

  4. Tom Riddle

    Tom RiddleDag sedan

    "I'm just going to SILENTLY eat this salad" 5 seconds later non stop eating noises and talking.

  5. xOwlish

    xOwlishDag sedan

    I thought that Bobby Lee voice was a sound bite at first

  6. b b

    b b2 dagar sedan

    I love watching yall eat

  7. Mikey Jackson

    Mikey Jackson4 dagar sedan

    Hearing you eat food is not quality content

  8. Tunkuruchu Kan

    Tunkuruchu Kan4 dagar sedan

    The helicopters more than likely started the fires.

  9. high tunnel

    high tunnel4 dagar sedan

    So instead of eating animals, you’ll eat the food the animals eat???? It’ll hurt the animals even more, they go hungry. Think about it

  10. Austin Lovain

    Austin Lovain5 dagar sedan

    * Hila looks at ethan & says eww *Hila sitting in the back daydreaming about being the one sitting on the couch

  11. Brickwall Pictures

    Brickwall Pictures5 dagar sedan

    Speaking of Kayne and cheap hoodies, aparently he tried on Rob Schrab's hoodie at the Rick and Morty office and when he was done, instead of giving it back, he threw it in the garbage... Because that's where it belonged in his mind. Source: Harmontown

  12. Courtney Loves

    Courtney Loves7 dagar sedan


  13. L E X I.

    L E X I.7 dagar sedan

    I love how hila says no every time Ethan ask her “right hila?” Lol

  14. Uber Ready

    Uber Ready7 dagar sedan

    Shroud on twitch 7,052,846 / Shroud on mixer 866,061 , ninja on twitch 14,654,419 / ninja on mixer 2,671,176 , h3 podcast on twitch 571,247

  15. Ahmed Esmail

    Ahmed Esmail7 dagar sedan

    bring shroad to the prodcast

  16. Gracefilth Presents

    Gracefilth Presents8 dagar sedan

    do y'all remember when george washington heard the planes hit the 9/11 buildings

  17. tikoflores2000

    tikoflores200010 dagar sedan

    I went to the elementary school where president bush was at when he received those news

  18. Blake NoLast

    Blake NoLast10 dagar sedan

    Vegan for life! The number ONE way to combat climate change, deforestation, ocean dead zones, drought, and world hunger, is to go vegan. For the animals, the planet, and your health! Mr. Beast needs to go vegan and encourage his viewers to, if he wishes to make a real impact.

  19. NeverMind Gaming

    NeverMind Gaming12 dagar sedan

    The salad was probably out and flies got to it

  20. RealA10N

    RealA10N13 dagar sedan


  21. Adrian Loera

    Adrian Loera13 dagar sedan


  22. Nikbawkur

    Nikbawkur13 dagar sedan

    The Wendys I worked at for half a year kept thier salad in a actual garbage can and garbage bag, terrible plastic flavor.

  23. Hector Salamanca

    Hector Salamanca14 dagar sedan

    not to be racist but wtf is a "tree"

  24. Wolfflow500

    Wolfflow50015 dagar sedan

    Honestly Kimble is cringy in general

  25. LuddePuz

    LuddePuz15 dagar sedan

    i love the food stuff tbh

  26. Joe ???

    Joe ???16 dagar sedan

    Nobody: Ethan mocking Trump: “Liking trees is a Chinese hoax”

  27. Xythos

    Xythos16 dagar sedan

    the eye thing is the eye of the jew from that movie called beerfest when the jewish guy gets heated he gets the eye of the jew lol

  28. daniella nunez

    daniella nunez16 dagar sedan

    kanye is trying to educate people yet selling his shit at an insane price what a joke

  29. James

    James18 dagar sedan

    You guys only just realising what an egotistical maniac Kanye is? He’s thought of himself as God for years now

  30. Iforgetmygoogle Account

    Iforgetmygoogle Account20 dagar sedan

    37:00 Bobby Lee appearance

  31. Iforgetmygoogle Account

    Iforgetmygoogle Account20 dagar sedan

    Why tf is Bobby Lee segment not timestamped? I don't want to sit through 2 hrs just to find it but I will be a good citizen

  32. Meow Meow

    Meow Meow21 dag sedan

    I skipped forward after the first break and fucking Bobby Lee was there.. I thought I was tripping so hard.

  33. SamuelWilson615

    SamuelWilson61522 dagar sedan

    I can’t find the video of Kanye calling out that audience member

  34. JohnnyLaw0516

    JohnnyLaw051622 dagar sedan

    Surprise Bobby?! I love that lol

  35. Alannah

    Alannah22 dagar sedan

    I don't mind Ethan's lip smacking but I've fallen asleep to some fucked up ASMR so maybe that's just me

  36. Jack Leggett

    Jack Leggett23 dagar sedan

    The guy spraying water would have been wetting his house so its less likely to burn from small embers or sparks. Smart man

  37. Iain McMahon

    Iain McMahon25 dagar sedan

    Responding to Hila's question, yes I think this taste-testing stuff is watchable and entertaining content. I found the Arbys burger show more interesting than salads simply because of the gross-factor of the insane burgers and the horsey sauce etc. Salads are just inherently less amusing I suppose. The one caveat is that I personally enjoy the commentary and the jokes and even the eating with the exception of when Ethan just goes to town and focuses on one food item; I prefer the comparison and jokes rather than simply watching him eat one thing for a stretch of time.

  38. zaney54

    zaney5425 dagar sedan

    She wanted to make Hila jealous , that's all.

  39. HangCwe11

    HangCwe1125 dagar sedan

    To be fair, D&D did put together a remarkable show in the grand scheme of things, even with the decline in the quality of the show's writing post-season 4 and especially in the final 2 seasons. And it is pretty unfair to put ALL of the blame on them alone without mentioning the fact that things did not exactly turn out the way they had initially planned when they first took on this project. I'm pretty sure D&D full expected George "Rail Road" Martin to have finished his books well before they finished the show - this was a big part of the reason why the show's writing got progressively worse after season 4. Just imagine if you had somebody mentoring you the whole time at your new job and all of a sudden, they quit and you are left to figure everything out on your own. I mean, talk about pulling the rug RIGHT out from under them. If anything, I think most fans - including Ethan&Hila - could and should be more lenient toward the showrunners in the end when you look at everything in retrospect. Personally, I think they should have taken a much longer "hiatus" but after season 6 rather than 7 in order to really put things together on the writing front, and ultimately craft the proper ending that all of us fans were expecting from such a great show, but then again, David & Dan were probably "burnt out" from working on the show for so many years.

  40. TR.

    TR.26 dagar sedan

    Kanye reminds me of moop from South Park