My Friend Who Charmed EVERY GIRL HE MET

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  1. EroldStory

    EroldStoryMånad sedan

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  2. Unique Tafao

    Unique Tafao10 timmar sedan

    I live for this

  3. SUGAkemi Chu

    SUGAkemi Chu12 timmar sedan

    Im starting to think lucas from nct is rlly ur friend

  4. Shrimp Shell

    Shrimp Shell4 dagar sedan

    My man like demon slayer Yeet

  5. lil turtle

    lil turtle4 dagar sedan

    He's your itachi

  6. Sargent SATAN

    Sargent SATAN6 dagar sedan

    BRU I’m so happy it’s been 6 months 😭

  7. _ JustMe

    _ JustMe10 minuter sedan

    im at like the first minute of the video and when i heard him say athletic and lucas my mind was screaming, theN HE SAYS HES FROM THAILAND AND INSERTS A PICTURE OF YUKHEI I LEGIT SCREAMED WHATS WRONG WITH ME

  8. afiyah i

    afiyah i40 minuter sedan

    pls I need that picture of jimin u used at 3:45, it's for research

  9. Noe Elizondo

    Noe ElizondoTimme sedan

    ok but who else wants to know what Lucas looks like

  10. Dasher Gaming21

    Dasher Gaming21Timme sedan

    The CRYING PART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS DUDE!!!!!!! Thanks for entertaining us you are really cool!!!! From the Philippines By the way

  11. Mel Xephyr

    Mel XephyrTimme sedan

    Lookism exists for reals yoh

  12. Mel Xephyr

    Mel XephyrTimme sedan

    First Video Ive ever watched from this channel. Noice👍

  13. Nahin

    Nahin2 timmar sedan

    he is 81 !!!! what i see (┬┬﹏┬┬)

  14. Amy

    Amy3 timmar sedan

    Erold, Lucas exist in kpop and he’s from WayV, NCT & SuperM (it’s complicated but he’s in a lot of groups lol) plus he’s from Thailand

  15. Choklet Macaron

    Choklet Macaron3 timmar sedan

    Dude, are you Filipino? Just asking, love your videos

  16. Alessandro21

    Alessandro213 timmar sedan

    Lets just call him Brock from Pokemon.

  17. Joel Ureno

    Joel Ureno4 timmar sedan

    So Lucas is sasuke 🤔

  18. Coral Halo

    Coral Halo4 timmar sedan

    I can tell your a cool guy cuz of the posters you have on the wall

  19. {Daisygacha}

    {Daisygacha}5 timmar sedan

    Ok Lucas seems cool and all- *me seeing Todoroki* Now that’s my type of guy who needs a real human man ewww >:c I’ll just find picture of Todoroki and kiss the screen T~T

  20. Tyla Harding

    Tyla Harding5 timmar sedan

    Me sees boku no hero academia posters: ScReAcHeS. OTAKU MODE ACTIVATE

  21. Mocchaq

    Mocchaq5 timmar sedan

    Grain bread and white bread

  22. Kawika Lee

    Kawika Lee6 timmar sedan


  23. DragonSlayer

    DragonSlayer6 timmar sedan

    0:01... relatable

  24. April Murphy

    April Murphy6 timmar sedan

    I laughed so hard 😂 The Degenerate Abyss of Thirsty GirlsTM ALSO DEMON SLAYER YEEEEEEEA!!

  25. King Peezy

    King Peezy6 timmar sedan

    You don’t understand how much, as a guy, I was cheering on Lucas while watching this video. When you said that The Boys’ group chat was at the top of the last, I was screaming, “LETS GOOO” and clapping, getting hype as shit. I need to meet Lucas

  26. yahel allouche

    yahel allouche7 timmar sedan

    I’m loving the bromance love in here

  27. Toby Dailey

    Toby Dailey7 timmar sedan

    Lucas is up there with I don’t know Naruto Uzumaki and Tony Stark.......... fuck I’m gonna cry again

  28. Noah Hager

    Noah Hager8 timmar sedan

    Erold has a sister complex

  29. a hooman

    a hooman8 timmar sedan

    OML THE HAIRY ARMPIT IS REAL YOU GUYS ITS REAL!! This isn't a hate comment BTW :D

  30. Botz _Playz

    Botz _Playz8 timmar sedan

    The outro tho... wtf

  31. Neeraj Mehta

    Neeraj Mehta9 timmar sedan

    bro spoulers

  32. Pure Insanity

    Pure Insanity10 timmar sedan

    This is low key me

  33. HyruleDreamer

    HyruleDreamer10 timmar sedan

    Woah I’ve actually been to that bottomless degenerate abyss of thirsty girls haha. It’s called Carlsbad cavern in New Mexico, y’all should check it out it’s amazing

  34. Wtf have i brought Upon this cursed land

    Wtf have i brought Upon this cursed land10 timmar sedan

    Lucas is so powerful he can turn a straight man gay. GOD NERF HIM

  35. Unique Tafao

    Unique Tafao10 timmar sedan

    This shit is so funnnyyyy

  36. Jana Tarek

    Jana Tarek10 timmar sedan


  37. Olivia Santamarina

    Olivia Santamarina10 timmar sedan

    Bro, you listen to A.C.E cause BK also breaks that girls only like tall girl standards man that dude is FIRE plus its a really good band, yeah.

  38. Dani H

    Dani H11 timmar sedan

    There 8 Horse girls in my class...

  39. Super Awesome

    Super Awesome11 timmar sedan

    In the messages “your riven is so good” 😂😂😂

  40. Ruthanne Marie

    Ruthanne Marie12 timmar sedan

    I want a Maikurr Jordan shirt or sweatshirt.... but I can’t get one... cause I’m white and people would say I’m racist. Frick

  41. Mitchel

    Mitchel13 timmar sedan

    Funniest video iv'e seen in a while. Thx for making me laugh so hard.

  42. tëXäs._. höNëy

    tëXäs._. höNëy13 timmar sedan

    when you started talking about Naruto though it hit deep

  43. Jude Lucero

    Jude Lucero13 timmar sedan

    hoes come and go but the homies are eternal (trademark that)

  44. Z Zeytin

    Z Zeytin14 timmar sedan

    quiet & handsome = mysterious quiet & ugly = creep "Where's the justice?"

  45. MsSeli89

    MsSeli8914 timmar sedan

    I ship Lucas x Itachi