No Meme Left Behind - H3 Podcast #119

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  1. Hunter Rhea

    Hunter Rhea2 dagar sedan

    That preacher they showed reminded me of the stereotypical creepy guy in a shitty 80’s horror movie

  2. Ronan Kelleher

    Ronan Kelleher10 dagar sedan

    17:47 yo have that guy on the pod

  3. even doresu cares

    even doresu cares25 dagar sedan

    i always come back to this no meme left behind podcast to see the babies and think wtf. i bet you belle delphine would buy one of those just to smash and or burn it.

  4. Ickles

    Ickles27 dagar sedan

    Zach has a fursuit head at the begginign in the top right.

  5. ben ty

    ben ty18 dagar sedan

    Previous episode

  6. Natalie Holiday

    Natalie HolidayMånad sedan

    Paymoneywubby did a video on the mother/daughter crazies and the scariest thing is a few years ago the daughter was really normal and funny and then just left her life and moved back with her mom and it’s like she’s brainwashed. Look at her twitter and the changes in posts or the videos Wubby made about them. It’s scary and sad. Also sorry to say but Dan was wrong, the mom talks about their mics in one of their videos and she gives a pair away and says they’re super cheap.

  7. Natalie Holiday

    Natalie HolidayMånad sedan

    “The really bad ones are at the very bottom” “I don’t know if I can show this on screen” THEN KEEP THEM OFF THE SHOW. I fucking can’t anymore. Also I think if I were Ian I would quit. He seems to spend most the time being extremely uncomfortable. I hate his and Ethan’s dynamic when Ethan’s just yelling at him to talk or for whatever other reason, there usually is one, and sometimes it’s funny when Ethan tries to make him uncomfortable but it often just feels like too much.

  8. Apocalypse

    ApocalypseMånad sedan


  9. nollid nagrom

    nollid nagromMånad sedan

    The anime baby was the absolute worst, I'm just now getting around to looking it up🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  10. JohnnyLaw0516

    JohnnyLaw05162 månader sedan

    Have the boys in with you guys more often on no guest episodes? They add a lot, imo. Love it.

  11. Brooke Leary

    Brooke Leary2 månader sedan

    I love when ian and dan are a big part of the podcast

  12. Gas Station Bathroom in Nevada

    Gas Station Bathroom in Nevada2 månader sedan

    those reborn dolls are like the bodies from the leftovers

  13. Mivias

    Mivias2 månader sedan

    1:52:00 well there are Instagram filters that când make you look like those cgi influencers. With some good filters they can look like that sooo their viewers maybe simply thought that s the filter they always use

  14. KoreanoCatto uwu

    KoreanoCatto uwu2 månader sedan


  15. bap homet

    bap homet2 månader sedan

    is she preggi again

  16. Katie's precious angels reborn nursery

    Katie's precious angels reborn nursery3 månader sedan


  17. Will

    Will3 månader sedan

    dans opinions are shit

  18. rema rema

    rema rema3 månader sedan

    Ethan there are condom catheters also they dont require needles

  19. T Cates

    T Cates3 månader sedan

    He looks like the old guy from monster house

  20. Jake Burns

    Jake Burns4 månader sedan

    Emoji tattoos way worse than Ben Affleck’s

  21. Ccmitch

    Ccmitch4 månader sedan

    real christians aren't "offended by gay people" this is something that mainstream tv wants you to believe. Christians are called to love their brothers and sister like christ loves us. a lot of people get the philosophy of christianity wrong.

  22. Belinda Short

    Belinda Short4 månader sedan

    That fucking 'that's true' thing has completely permeated our lives. Every time someone says anything even remotely true there's a chorus of it. As far as the robot influencers, you have to consider the source that we don't know, like who are they marketing for and why- A lot of those 'reborn' dolls are for people who have lost a child or had a stillborn

  23. Patrick Crocker

    Patrick Crocker4 månader sedan

    The complete and utter lack of nba knowledge made me so mad dude “Does Steph curry play for the raptors” like cmon Ethan, African children in Senegal could tell you that

  24. Grey Fox

    Grey Fox4 månader sedan

    maybe hes not drinking any more. Also its not near as bad as brock lesners chest tattoo.

  25. dennismaryanski

    dennismaryanski4 månader sedan

    Why was lance brown in philly? Is he even from here? Don’t come to my city and film a video like your from here if you aren’t from here. Like I really don’t get it, go film in your boring ass Cali neighborhood or in NYC or wherever the fuck your from, cause I know he ain’t from philly singing like a girl like that 🤦🏻‍♂️🤡

  26. Ensrick

    Ensrick4 månader sedan

    Between the robot Instagram influencers and the humanlike dolls people buy as fake children we have a real world Black Mirror episode. I'm with Dan, humanity is going to get lost quickly in the substitutes technology has for humanity.

  27. Mustafa Qureshi

    Mustafa Qureshi5 månader sedan

    1:54:46 They obviously don't know about our Lord and savior Kizuna Ai, that future Dan's talking about is already coming to fruition

  28. James Fleming

    James Fleming5 månader sedan

    46:34 that twitch tho

  29. RobberBooty

    RobberBooty5 månader sedan

    Yoooo Big ups H3!

  30. Shibui

    Shibui5 månader sedan

    46:32 I bet Ian's been waiting to use that pun for several episodes. Just look at how he's beaming lmao

  31. Assortedtrashprincess

    Assortedtrashprincess5 månader sedan

    They also have reborn monster baby dolls.

  32. snowflake melter

    snowflake melter5 månader sedan


  33. Saiodias Paladín

    Saiodias Paladín5 månader sedan

    Jod bless u Arnold

  34. Loli God

    Loli God5 månader sedan

    That preacher looks like an ai

  35. jenn lemmelin

    jenn lemmelin5 månader sedan

    Please for the love of god do a pushup please Ethan.

  36. IamIndigo ॐ

    IamIndigo ॐ5 månader sedan

    Its Not easy

  37. Ferfarsah

    Ferfarsah5 månader sedan

    the dude with the lip tattoo works at muff donalds

  38. big boy

    big boy5 månader sedan

    If if people think that Jewish people like money and are greedy doesn't that jesus is greedy?

  39. lp_

    lp_5 månader sedan


  40. milsa

    milsa5 månader sedan

    Quentin is my ♥️ I want to be like him one day

  41. Yusuf Polat

    Yusuf Polat5 månader sedan

    I'm one hour in and still there's no memes to be seen

  42. Bionyx

    Bionyx5 månader sedan

    I think it was a little mean to say that you hoped Avatar 2 flops. Guy, James Cameron's been working on the thing for decades. Why not hope for the best, considering all the work he put into it? Can you imagine someone telling you that they hope your SEgos talent just drops? Kinda mean. First Avatar, for the time, was pretty good. Pretty out there, but I can't say it's bad. I hope the new one works out. I'd like to have another good movie to watch, something other than a Marvel movie to actually do well in the box office and make going to the theatre worthwhile. The trend of terrible remakes/sequels/reboots is old and tired. I'm surprised you want it to fail.

  43. Sahil Dixit

    Sahil Dixit5 månader sedan

    Loose and fking channel called H3 podcast

  44. GiveMeUrMilk

    GiveMeUrMilk6 månader sedan


  45. Sodium Lights

    Sodium Lights6 månader sedan

    Ethan, don't speak about the Bible, man. You don't understand where people who study it and live by it are coming from. I guarantee you it's not as bad as the secular public makes it out to be.

  46. Sodium Lights

    Sodium Lights6 månader sedan

    @P-RIZZLE that's what I mean. Everyone does this. Like either read in context and attempt to understand what it's actually saying, or don't speak about it at all.

  47. P-RIZZLE

    P-RIZZLE6 månader sedan

    Spill FM he said that the Bible says we can’t eat pork😂

  48. Iluvjudgejudy6942O

    Iluvjudgejudy6942O6 månader sedan

    They should make a south park ep about this man @18:28

  49. Preston Wolterman

    Preston Wolterman6 månader sedan

    2:35:16 bro wtf was that in my ear

  50. kukonoman

    kukonoman6 månader sedan

    My father is like the preacher

  51. microwave

    microwave6 månader sedan

    Check out Jeff Holiday for more stuff like the angelic initiative!! He’s got awesome stuff on his channel

  52. BigJ210

    BigJ2106 månader sedan

    If you think about the guy with the tattoo on the back of his head, he could just grow his hair out whenever he’s done with it. So he only has the face when he shaves it. Granted I don’t know much about tattoos so I’m assuming the hair would still grow. And if it does, genius.

  53. Ray lightofday

    Ray lightofday6 månader sedan

    Is he wearing make up?

  54. Kurt Matejkowski

    Kurt Matejkowski6 månader sedan

    Funk these cork sucking iceholes using people and God to make millions

  55. Philosopher & Fool

    Philosopher & Fool6 månader sedan

    That bed idea reminds me of my steering wheel - fleshlight conception. *Genius*

  56. Ursa Hedron

    Ursa Hedron6 månader sedan

    Oh no what if a crash happens

  57. TMG252

    TMG2526 månader sedan

    I hate Ian the intern. He's such a puss skirts around every answer who cares fucking grow a pair and answer some questions

  58. kaykek

    kaykek6 månader sedan

    So you are telling me 2D waifus are becoming more and more real?

  59. Notorious Vince

    Notorious Vince6 månader sedan

    Your telling me that if Kim kardashian walked in front of ean fully naked and bends over in his face that ean would even have a small chub

  60. Simon Lawrenson

    Simon Lawrenson6 månader sedan

    Imagine buying one of those babies and taking it to like a store or something and just smashing it against the floor lmao

  61. Mister Ammaiu

    Mister Ammaiu6 månader sedan

    The preacher dude is a modern-day Pharisee

  62. A M

    A M6 månader sedan

    That preacher has some morphine eyes

  63. Muskoka91

    Muskoka916 månader sedan

    Congrats on your baby boy!

  64. Mitchell Whitehead

    Mitchell Whitehead6 månader sedan

    Older ladies with dementia used those baby dolls for comfort. While my grandmother was in the nursing home she had one very similar.