Oliver Tree - H3 Podcast #125

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  1. Oliver Tree

    Oliver Tree4 månader sedan

    That was the easiest vape off I ever won!

  2. THDS

    THDS3 dagar sedan

    you look like the bad man in the minion movie

  3. Tate pilger

    Tate pilger4 dagar sedan



    TARE TUBE5 dagar sedan

    Oliver Tree marry me

  5. Blyat Bois

    Blyat Bois11 dagar sedan

    your music is great

  6. coby swesey

    coby swesey13 dagar sedan

    @Kalmer Olsen literally the funniest comment i have read in MONTHS Brother!

  7. Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller10 timmar sedan

    Just saw Oliver live last weekend had a great time. dope show. But he got me fucked up rn. Like yo I get it he's got a character to play and all but goddamn every time that beanie fell off his head my heart fell to the floor... Fuuck sorry h3 didn't show you the love they should have and Oliver broke the beanie man damn wtfff

  8. Sakine

    Sakine15 timmar sedan

    Honestly, he looks like your kid from the future.

  9. Ghost Rider

    Ghost Rider23 timmar sedan

    Yo, I haven't listened to him in forever!

  10. carbonated water

    carbonated waterDag sedan

    Oliver is hilarious 😂😭

  11. nigelcarren

    nigelcarren2 dagar sedan

    I wouldst even question Oliver Tree if he started to wear one white Swarovski glove on his left hand!

  12. 3J

    3J2 dagar sedan


  13. 3J

    3J2 dagar sedan


  14. 3J

    3J2 dagar sedan


  15. 3J

    3J2 dagar sedan


  16. 3J

    3J3 dagar sedan


  17. Leigh Kristine

    Leigh Kristine3 dagar sedan

    This is how I imagine Theodore to look like

  18. Tate pilger

    Tate pilger4 dagar sedan


  19. kevin Johnson

    kevin Johnson8 dagar sedan

    Was at his last concert in the US last night in Chicago, has the time of my life. Best concert and best crowd in the world.

  20. kevin Johnson

    kevin Johnson5 dagar sedan

    nathaniel hunter lmaooooo yes, it was crazy how he was still able to put on a crazy show

  21. nathaniel hunter

    nathaniel hunter5 dagar sedan

    was he still in the wheelchair? saw him in Cleveland on Halloween

  22. viktorya psychedelic.souljam

    viktorya psychedelic.souljam8 dagar sedan

    Can we have Melanie Martinez with Oliver Tree on next??? ❤❤❤😈😇😈😇😈

  23. bashpr0mpt

    bashpr0mpt9 dagar sedan

    37:52 - bald cap and wig? Wtf kind of el goblino Americano is this anyway? Your country is so fucking weird.

  24. bashpr0mpt

    bashpr0mpt9 dagar sedan

    1% of the population. 98% of h3h3 guests. Subversive.

  25. Sierra Mathes

    Sierra Mathes9 dagar sedan

    When Oliver tree is the one who can’t tell if he’s being fucked with

  26. Eyecarnate

    Eyecarnate9 dagar sedan

    Leonardo davinci did not paint the sistine chapel?? He was an art student? That was Michaelangelo lol pseudo intellectual exposed

  27. Austin Lyon

    Austin Lyon12 dagar sedan

    Still a serial pauser

  28. Devin

    Devin13 dagar sedan

    Get Melanie Martinez on the podcast

  29. Syllable Skill

    Syllable Skill13 dagar sedan

    Oliver Tree has made some of the best music if have heard - really energetic, rhythmic and still conveys a message. Wanna see this guy blow up (and do a Europe tour).

  30. Carolina Ardila

    Carolina Ardila14 dagar sedan

    yo this fuckin guy is with Melanie DAMN

  31. Lila Watts

    Lila Watts15 dagar sedan

    bald cap

  32. AreTrees

    AreTrees16 dagar sedan

    at 14:28 with oliver pointing and laughing is so funny

  33. Avery Gaston

    Avery Gaston16 dagar sedan

    Saw this man in concert he was epic! One of my favs

  34. Wanker Infernal

    Wanker Infernal16 dagar sedan

    В России тоже любят Оливера! Оливер, приезжай в город Пермь.

  35. Polish Warrior

    Polish Warrior17 dagar sedan

    Oliver looks like Someone from Russian village boys

  36. Adriel Martin

    Adriel Martin17 dagar sedan

    He kinda sings when he says he broke his wrist three times

  37. John Lennons corpse

    John Lennons corpse18 dagar sedan

    Bella 'Dalphine' xD

  38. Joseph Brummitt

    Joseph Brummitt18 dagar sedan

    Ethan's movements at 39:29 hah

  39. cachow7575

    cachow757521 dag sedan

    Is this guy serious? Or is this an act? This is some Andy Kauffman level shit right here

  40. Cali Beats

    Cali Beats22 dagar sedan


  41. Tentacle Hub

    Tentacle Hub23 dagar sedan

    saw him last night in concert! absolute legend, especially for someone performing in a WHEELCHAIR

  42. Fat Guy Who Breathes Fire

    Fat Guy Who Breathes Fire24 dagar sedan


  43. Fat Guy Who Breathes Fire

    Fat Guy Who Breathes Fire24 dagar sedan

    gift 3: Ethan: this is definitely not the last time he's on

  44. XZM_Flickz

    XZM_Flickz26 dagar sedan

    He also gave one of the fidget spinners to Tabasco sweet on cheap thrills

  45. Andrew Esquivel

    Andrew Esquivel28 dagar sedan

    "non-necessary sounds" - oliver

  46. Jason Johnson

    Jason Johnson28 dagar sedan

    proof oliver tree is lizard man, look at back of head 19:06, is not human.

  47. Th3Xp3rt

    Th3Xp3rt29 dagar sedan

    Oliver looks like Tom DeLonge, but his real last name is Neistat

  48. Ivan Storey

    Ivan StoreyMånad sedan

    One hit wonder

  49. baka boi

    baka boiMånad sedan

    dan for vape king

  50. carlos ramirez

    carlos ramirezMånad sedan

    He doesn’t have a sister only a brother lol

  51. Denis Todoran

    Denis TodoranMånad sedan

    1:51 that is so disturbing

  52. MBSAM Fan

    MBSAM FanMånad sedan

    omg does he like mj?

  53. Geoff Browne

    Geoff BrowneMånad sedan

    This dude if not borne of money would not be where he is to start up yet he acts all high and mighty over others who work hard who also use parents money.

  54. Geoff Browne

    Geoff BrowneMånad sedan

    Kids now adults with rich parents acting like life is hard making videos.

  55. jeff jefferson

    jeff jeffersonMånad sedan

    Oliver's hair looks like a wig here, which is weird cuz it normally looks real.

  56. Octo Void

    Octo VoidMånad sedan

    damn he's kinda creepy

  57. stan lee

    stan leeMånad sedan

    He a olive

  58. Tommy Kavanaugh

    Tommy KavanaughMånad sedan

    Movie trailers show way worse shit involving religion

  59. J Phoenix

    J PhoenixMånad sedan

    Nice of you to have your son Oliver on the show

  60. The Cooperative

    The CooperativeMånad sedan

    1:14:30 hila got the oliver style glasses going all of a sudden

  61. Benzimaru

    BenzimaruMånad sedan

    Saw Oliver a couple nights ago. Holy shit dude. His energy and sound and band was just out of this world. Even from a wheelchair he was moving around the whole time p

  62. Michael Waves

    Michael WavesMånad sedan

    He looks like Tom DeLong's little brother

  63. DarkCrusade3

    DarkCrusade3Månad sedan

    That's easily one of my favourite podcasts ever. Oliver is such a lovely creature!

  64. J. N. P.

    J. N. P.Månad sedan

    can’t tell if he’s just acting like a douche to be funny or if he’s just a douche

  65. Peyton J

    Peyton JMånad sedan

    I literally can’t tell if he’s being sarcastic sometimes

  66. Javjean

    JavjeanMånad sedan

    I can't believe this.. poor Zach.

  67. Cool hamburger

    Cool hamburgerMånad sedan