Oliver Tree - H3 Podcast #125

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  1. Oliver Tree

    Oliver Tree6 månader sedan

    That was the easiest vape off I ever won!

  2. tactical_ lean241

    tactical_ lean2413 timmar sedan


  3. Lil Karma Girl

    Lil Karma Girl6 dagar sedan

    Oliver Tree omg Oliver

  4. Nanuan

    Nanuan9 dagar sedan

    @Old Mate Down at the Bottle-o Good luck with the bush fires 😢 Praying for your continent

  5. yeah boi

    yeah boi9 dagar sedan

    @Old Mate Down at the Bottle-o firestralia?

  6. IsnortKneeGrows

    IsnortKneeGrows10 dagar sedan

    ‘I’ve Btw love you

  7. Vaulksmir

    Vaulksmir14 timmar sedan

    If you're only listening to audio don't worry it's just Aziz Ansari doing a white voice.

  8. movies rawsome

    movies rawsome3 dagar sedan



    KRUSTY THE CLOWN3 dagar sedan

    Back of Oliver’s head 👴 🐢

  10. Mark Martin

    Mark Martin8 dagar sedan


  11. FabiiNox

    FabiiNox4 dagar sedan

    yeah sure

  12. Bstarr f

    Bstarr f8 dagar sedan

    Oliver tree is so dope in concert drove from Michigan to Ohio to see him a second time he puts in such a good show

  13. Aaron E

    Aaron E8 dagar sedan

    Before I knew who Oliver Tree was, I thought it was just Ethan in a costume.

  14. Brakstry 123

    Brakstry 1238 dagar sedan

    2:39 is that ethan or the joker?

  15. dustinj217

    dustinj21711 dagar sedan

    That Oliver Tree guy has a sweet ass vibe dude. Fucking chill and funny

  16. Leone Abbacchio

    Leone Abbacchio11 dagar sedan

    Shiny like a limousine.. so deep

  17. RayRay3423

    RayRay342311 dagar sedan

    Love u Hila 🥰🥰🥰

  18. Chach Boy

    Chach Boy11 dagar sedan

    Michelangelo painted the Sistine chapel not da Vinci

  19. potato gaming

    potato gaming12 dagar sedan



    DANDY SANDY12 dagar sedan

    Ok now we can agree that Theodore is getting the best head

  21. BlingBlong Floob

    BlingBlong Floob13 dagar sedan

    Only Cali people will get the Santa Cruz stuff

  22. Matteo Valerio

    Matteo Valerio13 dagar sedan

    The vape off was literally every American high school bathroom

  23. Alex Amongol

    Alex Amongol14 dagar sedan

    But what if under the bald cap he just has the bowl cut

  24. Edwin Garibaldi

    Edwin Garibaldi14 dagar sedan

    Hahaha youre so funny

  25. pure aids

    pure aids14 dagar sedan

    oliver looks like gru from despicable me ;)

  26. Treyce Campbell

    Treyce Campbell14 dagar sedan

    The reason why I almost disliked Honestly I don’t wanna get into this subject right now

  27. random kids from cherry street

    random kids from cherry street14 dagar sedan

    Oliver irks me

  28. Bailey

    Bailey14 dagar sedan

    Dan is the vape god

  29. actuallycorbin

    actuallycorbin15 dagar sedan

    33:02 After break

  30. Elise Brodeur-Jacobs

    Elise Brodeur-Jacobs16 dagar sedan

    Ethan, can you ask Oliver if he can watch my kid too? He's bomb af dude

  31. halodude723

    halodude72318 dagar sedan

    dude vaping without nic/thc is like salsa that's not spicy

  32. CreeperBoy 9d9

    CreeperBoy 9d919 dagar sedan

    Tbh at 22:16 as a Christian kinda made me mad /:

  33. so guys we did it

    so guys we did it10 dagar sedan

    christianity 🤣

  34. LiquidRope

    LiquidRope19 dagar sedan

    oliver is the only guy I know who can convince someone to plaster his face on a baby with consent.

  35. SizzlingPancake

    SizzlingPancake19 dagar sedan

    What happened to the back of his head? I'm not trying to be rude but it looks scarred or something.

  36. SarahGracie

    SarahGracie18 dagar sedan

    It's just a bald cap

  37. winter

    winter21 dag sedan

    oliver's hair by the end of the video is my grandpas toupee at the end of our family christmas party

  38. Marcus Robertson

    Marcus Robertson21 dag sedan

    There like middle schoolers fighting who’s pokemon card is the best 11:27

  39. Nobody's Nightmare

    Nobody's Nightmare23 dagar sedan

    *i came here to comment with bold letters because no one else did*

  40. Ruben Helia

    Ruben Helia24 dagar sedan

    10:35 14:07 What

  41. Mannama Dectos

    Mannama Dectos24 dagar sedan

    Lets just let it play without pauses. *3 pauses later

  42. Sichael Mcott

    Sichael Mcott25 dagar sedan

    I think Ethan is actually Oliver Tree

  43. Briana Lamb

    Briana Lamb27 dagar sedan

    So apparently those scooter trick names are real lmao

  44. Briana Lamb

    Briana Lamb27 dagar sedan

    "thow wow"

  45. Sasha TMP

    Sasha TMP28 dagar sedan

    Damn I came back because I just am in love with this dude

  46. Calebisfunny

    Calebisfunny28 dagar sedan

    Oliver sounds like every toxic 13 year old in a call of duty lobby

  47. Orionjustmelted

    Orionjustmelted29 dagar sedan

    Oliver just infiltrated the Klein household and took their child and NO ONE noticed

  48. 모두김재환 하세요

    모두김재환 하세요29 dagar sedan

  49. Trump 2020

    Trump 202029 dagar sedan

    It’s a stiiizy not a juul etaan

  50. Peppa pig world World

    Peppa pig world World29 dagar sedan

    It’s so fucked hurt was restricted I’ve seen more offensive shit in kids videos

  51. Woah Fam

    Woah FamMånad sedan

    I forgot how funny this podcast was

  52. ashkat ash

    ashkat ashMånad sedan

    He sounds like a Canadian teenage boy who plays hockey LOL

  53. White Hat

    White HatMånad sedan


  54. White Hat

    White HatMånad sedan

    He prob had the kid

  55. White Hat

    White HatMånad sedan

    That chicks voice us scared deep

  56. hiimdave

    hiimdaveMånad sedan

    ethan: asks any question possible oliver: i really dont want to get into my personal life

  57. BzerkleyB

    BzerkleyBMånad sedan

    Best podcast vid I've seen. Oliver got toasted on that vape off tho

  58. Anarchiant

    AnarchiantMånad sedan

    look at the weekend false alarm video, is it age restricted

  59. Giselle Wolf

    Giselle WolfMånad sedan

    Oliver Tree can get it

  60. Chizza

    ChizzaMånad sedan

    Bruh why was h3 interviewing vector from despicable me

  61. Chizza

    ChizzaMånad sedan

    Bruh why was h3 interviewing vector from despicable me

  62. Kevin Serna

    Kevin SernaMånad sedan

    Oliver is a really smart guy

  63. Dara Bethany

    Dara BethanyMånad sedan

    You should have Melanie Martinez on ... After seeing him explain himself as an artist I see why those two are friends

  64. Efecto Gatillo

    Efecto GatilloMånad sedan

    Por mi madre, yo pensaba que olive ey Ethan eran las misma persona

  65. Peytoninya Peytoninya

    Peytoninya PeytoninyaMånad sedan

    Good job Oliver tree

  66. Peytoninya Peytoninya

    Peytoninya PeytoninyaMånad sedan

    Good job mr. treee

  67. Peytoninya Peytoninya

    Peytoninya PeytoninyaMånad sedan

    Yeah o

  68. Danielle H

    Danielle HMånad sedan

    When Hila heard there were more fidget spinners! Aw she’s so adorable!

  69. rockhardfreak

    rockhardfreakMånad sedan

    whats up with the back of his head ? it looks like hes got a silicone mask on or something

  70. Johannes

    Johannes16 dagar sedan

    It's just a bold cap dude