One Child Policy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses China’s one-child policy, and all its consequences, intended and not.
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  1. C M C

    C M C21 timme sedan

    only yet another brilliant idea like the one to kill the sparrows, now is payback time

  2. h. ann

    h. annDag sedan

    "9 month abortion" don't you mean child murder

  3. Rebecca Zhou

    Rebecca Zhou2 dagar sedan

    I am in no way approving of the one-child policy, but does anyone know any statistics of if it actually did lower the population rate down at all, or in the way the Chinese government had hoped?

  4. joimumu

    joimumu2 dagar sedan

    Well now I’m not so worried about China starting WW3 and 1/3 of superpowers not likely to start a war is awesome

  5. Barkin Choi

    Barkin Choi2 dagar sedan

    This is the situation 20-30 years ago in China, right now everything is different. Fooling your people is not funny

  6. g

    g3 dagar sedan

    This is exactly why we cannot have a 1 child policy in India either.

  7. TheRuthPo

    TheRuthPo3 dagar sedan

    It’s the period toilet paper.

  8. Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!

    Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!6 dagar sedan

    I say we should assimilate China. Maybe then, we can fix the problems they're continuing to dig for the themselves. First, get rid of the emperor. Who even has emperors anymore!? Cmon, China!

  9. Zero

    Zero7 dagar sedan

    Based on the population explosion, every person/couple should voluntarily and using the many options for birth control available today, only have a couple of kids and only if they really want them. But as India has discovered through many studies; the best way to decrease the number of couples having loads of kids is to educate girls and for them to have careers. You don't need human rights violations to achieve necessary population control (planet does have limited resources), you can have higher levels of education and workforce participation with women and the number of kids naturally decreases.

  10. Patrick Lai

    Patrick Lai7 dagar sedan


  11. 宇文长欣

    宇文长欣7 dagar sedan

    don`t want to defend the one child policy, but i want to say there are gays and lesbians here in China too. although same sex marriage is not legal in China, we don`t have religion problems from the society like Muslim and Christian. hence the so-called companion issue is not that serious. the policy is not perfect, but the truth is, people with less wealth are always harder to get married and facing more peer pressure, while the rich never find themselves in short of attractive companions, i think it`s the reality and universal situation.

  12. Chris Lee

    Chris Lee7 dagar sedan

    Little meatball😂

  13. Black Public School boy!

    Black Public School boy!7 dagar sedan

    I think in England we need this but more of "kids based on your income" too many people making babies because of our benefits system. It's better to be on benefits than work ... Shame

  14. Frankie ***

    Frankie ***8 dagar sedan

    Its not just China that pays the price. People and companies make dumb decisions that like making grooming more accessible, endorsing prostitutes and allowing children to view sex / porn. That image of headless sex dolls hits the nail on the head. Its gonna be the next Instagram queen... #youreallfcukedandidontcare

  15. Bean gasious

    Bean gasious8 dagar sedan

    Pandas were made to eat and fuck! It doesn't do one of them! How Fucking Lazy, Pandas!!

  16. Sara Marshall

    Sara Marshall8 dagar sedan

    Should I laugh or...😂🤣I cant- PS is about him making fun of the situation with duck p-. never mind 😂

  17. Hom Aisen

    Hom Aisen9 dagar sedan

    So ignorant of the Chinese society. Please read a book or something. Your American sociologists have done tons of researches on it. Why not use it?

  18. Irish Nonsense Gaming

    Irish Nonsense Gaming9 dagar sedan

    Oh god , "The Game" made it to China. Roosh V would be proud.

  19. Davis Winn

    Davis Winn10 dagar sedan

    All those lonely men lel. since i had a chinese gf...that must mean im already BORN WITH MAGIC

  20. Mr. Clutch888

    Mr. Clutch88810 dagar sedan

    That wasn’t real communism!!

  21. Majora

    Majora8 dagar sedan

    It was way closer before the 70's when they stopped even trying.

  22. Tao Liu

    Tao Liu10 dagar sedan

    i guess they will add the heads later based on customer's pick of different models / celebrity / p**nstar. that was a joke heard long time ago. it turned out to be true.

  23. Derrick Sharma

    Derrick Sharma10 dagar sedan

    So, China wants parents to only conceive males? China's going to be a gay guy's dream come true

  24. Carla Mylastname

    Carla Mylastname10 dagar sedan

    This was a nice break in the constant orange man bad stories.

  25. Majora

    Majora8 dagar sedan

    @Religion is Cancer more like 0012. but specific to obama, since 2008.

  26. Religion is Cancer

    Religion is Cancer9 dagar sedan

    “BLACK MAN BAD” -republicans, 2012

  27. S L

    S L11 dagar sedan

    Always wondered what happened if you had twins under the one child policy or triplets now etc.

  28. bluegold21

    bluegold2111 dagar sedan

    Female infanticide is not the fault of the government. That's called murder. In fact, I find all the arguments against the Chinese one-child policy based purely on the notion that the Chinese gov got the methodology wrong. That's not the gov being vindictive as compared with a US government who will happily see 30000+ a year die from gun violence as long as it keeps alive the false notion of the second amendment which is only meant for times of war, not every day. The Chinese saw there was a problem and unlike the US, instantly went and tried to do something about it. It was a new problem and Rome wasn't built in a day. But instead of forcing vasectomies for fathers who already have children which could and would have been slighted for being barbaric by the Christian right-wing, based in that country 8 thousand miles away, decided to try the more sympathetic trial of one child per couple. Obviously, there are going to be faults in the admin, there are over a billion people in China, but that is the problem in a nutshell. So unless you have a method to halting overpopulation I think that should be discussed rather than just where things have gone wrong with the policy. Especially as the policy has now been dropped but for some reason, people are still bitching about it. I think Oliver got this one wrong in that sense. A tubby meatball just isn't a strong enough punchline for me to believe that China is somehow as a government at fault. After all, who's getting the kids fat. Western capitalist marketing is. It was the whole reason for the US becoming interested in China because it had a lot of untapped human clients. And then when the coal-fired power stations rose in their hundreds to meet the energy needs of this new shopping spree the Chinese got blamed for ignoring climate change. And that was spun by the petrochemical companies in the US who although initiated China's corporate era used them as an excuse not to dampen down their own oil grubbing schemes. It's all corporate wranglings with the environment sector which shouldn't be happening at all. The energy sector and environment should be completely separate gov depts but as far as big-oil have always been concerned they were never separate. ergo capitalists are the ones screwing over the populations of the world. Not fucking china.

  29. animeXcaso

    animeXcaso11 dagar sedan

    Solution: *GANGBANG*

  30. Nathaniel McShane

    Nathaniel McShane12 dagar sedan

    Just putting people out of their misery, period toilet paper isn’t real. Diva cups and period thongs are.

  31. Hiu Man Rain Yau

    Hiu Man Rain Yau12 dagar sedan

    Please do a Hong Kong episode!

  32. The Earth and Everything in it

    The Earth and Everything in it12 dagar sedan

    So John is Abortion wrong only when the Chinese government promote it or when all governments promote it??? 🤔

  33. Majora

    Majora8 dagar sedan

    @The Earth and Everything in it The only thing that is wrong is to be pro-life and forcing women to have abortions or forcing women to give birth.

  34. Lord Mashie

    Lord Mashie8 dagar sedan

    @The Earth and Everything in it They're well within the right to do so, as is the case with pro-life politicians.

  35. The Earth and Everything in it

    The Earth and Everything in it8 dagar sedan

    So it’s not wrong when the US government (thru politicians) promote abortion as empowering and prop up propaganda from Planned Parenthood to prove their point?

  36. Lord Mashie

    Lord Mashie12 dagar sedan

    When it's forced*

  37. frank tartan

    frank tartan13 dagar sedan

    If there was no one child policy John would be talking about China’s over population and those problems for the world. At least they tried! World overpopulation is our number one problem and aside from China no one wants to deal with it. WTG humanity.....

  38. Mark Jackson

    Mark Jackson13 dagar sedan

    Well this is what happens with a population of 1 billion people with less arable land than the US

  39. mayoite160

    mayoite16013 dagar sedan

    it's also one reason for the uighur oppression - kill/imprison the men & give the women off to single han men

  40. mayoite160

    mayoite16013 dagar sedan

    donald dick should be much bigger

  41. jose saldana

    jose saldana13 dagar sedan

    Sad. But they screwed themselves didn’t they? But what if they have two sons?

  42. Jet

    Jet14 dagar sedan

    Reasons Australians leave the workforce: probably because the whole country is on fire and has been for months. Do we need more people on the planet? No.

  43. Bilinda Law-Morley

    Bilinda Law-Morley14 dagar sedan

    I dunno...there’s something prescient about that sexy toon. Although, I suppose he has done other shows critical of China, so maybe they decided to yank his chain a bit? And maybe, they thought, well, we’ll get the last laugh, if he criticises us again, ha! We’ve got him advertising our government propagan....umm, policies.

  44. Bilinda Law-Morley

    Bilinda Law-Morley14 dagar sedan

    @14:01, not the most controversial issue raised, but with the gross disparity of M to F at marriageable age, that poor girl says shill will *still* never be able to get married? At this point my take is that China will never admit to a mistake, otherwise they would declare an amnesty and immediate citizenship rights for any females (at least) not registered. But how does she have a birth certificate if her birth was never registered, I wonder?

  45. Andrew Melnikov

    Andrew Melnikov14 dagar sedan

    The hard truth is, birth control at this point is necessary. But how should it be implemented to avoid all the shitty side effects and turning lives into hell is still unclear.

  46. Patrick Star

    Patrick Star14 dagar sedan

    My Chinese girlfriend's parents are against me being her boyfriend. They want her to stay with them in a village and take care of them, as some sort of a house servant. I am giving her a good life, paying for her education, we are a great loving couple. But parents still want her to abandon me and go to their village as a house servant. Luckily, younger generations in China are mostly abandoning their parents' ideologies. But this needs time of course. China itself is a dirt hole, to be honest. Tier 1 cities are great to live, but outside them, peoples' lifestyle and mentality is quite medieval.

  47. Helen Amaro

    Helen Amaro15 dagar sedan


  48. MegaChickenfish

    MegaChickenfish15 dagar sedan

    I have just learned *far, far, FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR* more about duck penises than I ever could have expected on a video on the long term negative fallout of China's One Child Policy.

  49. MegaChickenfish

    MegaChickenfish15 dagar sedan

    They held it on *that* Tiannamen Square? The square where [absolutely nothing evil happened whatsoever]?

  50. Troy Len

    Troy Len16 dagar sedan

    "There's a lot going on in China right now" Yeah John, like concentration camps...but no on wants to talk about that do they?

  51. Schumii

    Schumii14 dagar sedan

    If you're talking about the ones in Xinjiang, he covered those already in his piece about Uncle Xi.

  52. lucky luke

    lucky luke16 dagar sedan

    The part about the pickup artists. It sounds weird and stupid (Understandably so) but as a 19 year old who was once a very desperate for attention freshman in high school, I shit you not, that shit works. That pick-up artist bullshit is actually very effective at attracting women. It makes no sense but it somehow worked very well for me and many people I know. Although for those still reading I eventually grew up and became an adult and went back to showing my true personality like a normal human being.

  53. Haut Strange

    Haut Strange17 dagar sedan

    Alright hear me out: Willy Wonka is the hero of the movie and Grandpa Joe is the real villain. Dude is a POS.

  54. Haut Strange

    Haut Strange20 timmar sedan

    Angelina Smith he’s an asshole.

  55. Haut Strange

    Haut Strange20 timmar sedan

    rabid rabbitshuggers right? Scumbag.

  56. Angelina Smith

    Angelina SmithDag sedan

    Been saying it for years lol

  57. rabid rabbitshuggers

    rabid rabbitshuggers16 dagar sedan

    Haut Strange He can’t get out of bed and get a damn job for 20 years but for free chocolate he’ll dance like Astaire.

  58. Shadow Gamer

    Shadow Gamer18 dagar sedan

    I would argue that the fundamental lesson the Chinese government hasn't learn it to respect human rights, but hey, it's not like they respect those in other areas

  59. Fua Consternation

    Fua Consternation18 dagar sedan

    i'm confused. John Oliver is going on like tens of millions is a huge discrepancy - when the bloody country has almost one and a half BILLION people. that's literally 1% of the population being a surplus of males. tragic, and quite a large statistic when one thinks about it but seriously, can you think up something else besides repeating "millions" like an overused joke? probably one of the least informative shows i've seen of his, which makes me wonder how many other funny vids are just bland mush like this one, and i just didn't notice how vapid his shows are?

  60. Gabriel Rubens

    Gabriel Rubens19 dagar sedan

    That Disney clip is disturbing on so many levels

  61. hythrain

    hythrain20 dagar sedan

    As a 35 year old adult with three adorable nephews... my ideal dinner guest IS someone who insists their food be dinosaur shaped! THAT SOUNDS AWESOME! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, JOHN?! YOU'RE A MONSTER!

  62. Spring Day

    Spring Day21 dag sedan

    There’s also cases of parents purposefully blinding their daughters so that they can have more children because they permitted daughters who disabilities

  63. Darius Brown

    Darius Brown18 dagar sedan


  64. Nick Watson

    Nick Watson22 dagar sedan

    Dude likes his fear mongering. Here is a nice report on the 4 2 1 problem that points out these fears are unrealistic with statistics!

  65. Matthew du Plessis

    Matthew du Plessis23 dagar sedan

    "John Oliver discusses China’s one-child policy, and all its consequences, INTENDED OR NOT"???? Are you saying there was any intention other than absolute control of a population no matter the horrors suffered by them as a consequence??? And let us not forget that this was just one of many terror driven forms of governance that enslaved and continues to enslave millions of Chinese people. Don't ever ever try to begin to leave open an inch of understanding for this tyrannical, horrific country... but that is what you are doing by trying to suggest that there were "unintended consequences" - you are saying those bad things were an unfortunate and unintended outcome in addition to some good things that were initially intended. LIES - there were no good intentions, ONLY horrific, mass-controlling, mass-murdering, torturing intentions, and every single one of these horrible intentions came to bare. They're celebrating 70 years? Does that period being celebrated include Mao's rule, which kickstarted the 70 years in question and is being hailed by this tyrannical government as the beginning of its glorious reign? Well, of course it does! They are celebrating Mao's communist, murderous government that he started in 1949 and that persists today! Why didn't you mention that rosy period, John, or note that this government is arrogantly celebrating its rule that began with the greatest mass murder in history and was built on the corpses of tens of millions of Chinese people long before they even started killing babies? Are we celebrating the tens of millions of people tortured and murdered, or do we ignore that and stare at the fireworks and ponder only the second worst thing these monsters did while you make jokes about it? Should Germany celebrate the last 80 years and pat itself on the back for the holocaust and celebrate the new German government started by Adolf Hitler? If Germany did that, would you hark back to its national socialist routes ("NAZI" stands for National SOCIALIST German Workers Party, by the way) and make quippy jokes about the holocaust and kick a bit of fun at the survivors? Horrible.... And of course China hasn't learned their lesson that people's reproductive systems cannot be turned on and off at will - because they never needed to learn it, there was never a moment when they didn't know this. But John keeps feigning ignorance FOR THEM as though they weren't doing this from a place of utter tyranny to begin with. They knew that when it was "One Child" and they know that now after changing to "Two Children" - they just don't give a shit and never did, and you know this too John! They knew and still know there will always be more babies than their tyrannical socialist government dictates, but they were perfectly ok with murdering and torturing to create their Utopian balance to stay in power. They murdered and tortured under Mao to maintain control, so why not for the One Child Policy too, and the Two Child Policy as well? They will murder and terrify again in the name of the Two Child Policy, so let's all have a laugh. This policy was never, and will never be, intended for the good of anyone - hilarious. And finally, that's a lot of jokes at the expense of hundreds of millions of people who live in unimaginable suffering, John... "hahaha, her entire life is ruined, she doesn't even exist, just like a ghost (insert funny ghost joke)"... "hahaha, this child's birth has caused us so much pain and suffering that we named him after the fine we got to pay for him - his life and ours will consist of immeasurable suffering forever! (insert joke about the "equivalent" experience of a Western family only pushed to hilarious extremes, trolololol!)" Maybe next time you can try make some jokes about survivors of the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party's Holocaust, or kick some fun at the people starving in socialist North Korea, or hey, for a real thrill, why not joke about all the gay people deported from Cuba by socialist "hero" Che Guevara? When socialism takes root on a large scale, it causes untold horror, including World War II (the Nazi's were socialists and the holocaust was a socialist creation, there it is) but the worst horror it ever caused was the suffering of China under this regime that persists to this day. I usually like this show, but this episode and the shallow, insensitive and misleading way it has portrayed one of the greatest remaining human evils, has made me physically ill. But this show has become very partisan lately and it would be bad for the DNC if John was actually honest about I guess I'm disappointed, but not surprised...

  66. Majora

    Majora8 dagar sedan

    You whine about mao like you care about landlords. Either you are one or are an idiot. I wrote this before noticing you call the nazis 'socialist', which makes sense. That's why hitler had communists and marxists killed en masse when he gained power. Turns out you're just a moron.

  67. rabid rabbitshuggers

    rabid rabbitshuggers16 dagar sedan

    ...thanks for sharing.

  68. CMG The Person

    CMG The Person23 dagar sedan

    They ended the one child policy because they and their police keep murdering people

  69. jaybird -

    jaybird -23 dagar sedan

    why are there no sources in the description

  70. Humble

    Humble26 dagar sedan

    I hate that Im exposing this here but there is also a ludicrous "diplomatic policy" in certain areas of China right now where, in an "effort to deepen ties with African nations", students from African nations are allowed full state sponsored scholarships in Chinese Universities. Each exchange student is granted an absurd amount of money from the Chinese government to "study", and also paired with ~3 female "study companions". The underlying intentions are far more nefarious than it sounds.

  71. aimson

    aimson26 dagar sedan

    Unfortunately, we have no idea what would have happened without the policy or whether things would have been better or worse. Also, what would the best solution have been other than the one child policy? Hindsight is always 20-20...

  72. Shiyi Huang

    Shiyi Huang27 dagar sedan

    John, I feel you might also want to talk about China imposing heavy fans on women who have children before getting married, which is totally absurb

  73. Løng Phåm

    Løng Phåm27 dagar sedan

    China inadvertently created for itself, a massive sausage party.

  74. TableWrens

    TableWrens29 dagar sedan

    Not enough females? *Life, uh, finds a way*

  75. Religion is Cancer

    Religion is Cancer9 dagar sedan

    the twinks will rule China.

  76. Y.F WU

    Y.F WU29 dagar sedan

    The sweet dolls part is just seriously weird and freaky.