Papa John - H3 Podcast #174

A huge thanks to Papa John for coming on!


  1. Inspired Enough

    Inspired Enough18 minuter sedan

    One of the best podcast I’ve ever seen. I learned more here about business, than I’ve ever did in school.

  2. cam g

    cam gTimme sedan

    I see the Howard stern influence here...good job papa Ethan 🙏 papa bless

  3. Alejandra Garcia

    Alejandra Garcia2 timmar sedan

    Papa Johns saying “Let me finish” to Ethan when he wanted to interrupt him. That was my favorite part 🖤🖤🖤

  4. Falcon Soarer

    Falcon Soarer3 timmar sedan

    2 hours of Ethan interrupting 🤣😂

  5. Diares

    Diares3 timmar sedan

    Well Papa...the worst thing about betrayal is, that it never comes from people you hate, but rather more from people you trust the most

  6. Hikid

    Hikid5 timmar sedan

    you know that papa probably has a lot of ghost stories

  7. James S

    James S7 timmar sedan

    This podcast really humanized Papa. I haven't ate his pizza in years but I might give it another try. And Ethan, I love your interviewing style because you don't play it safe.

  8. Thundergun Express

    Thundergun Express8 timmar sedan

    You are a terrible host lmao so many instances of you trying to finish his sentences and misunderstanding him. Hang it up bud this ain't for you

  9. Francis Vergara

    Francis Vergara9 timmar sedan

    Ethan, I thought you were a great dude. Turns out you’re a two-faced snake. Screw you.

  10. Lee Calhoun

    Lee Calhoun9 timmar sedan

    he’s absolutely right. With all the rules they kept changing, they made everything so much more complicated and inefficient for customers and employees all the time. It really seemed nobody in the higher ups ever worked in food and bev or delivering. Used to work for them and pizza hut. I still enjoyed the jobs though. It was fun. Lol i thought when he was kicked out theyd change the name cause it’s too “patriarchal” or something...

  11. Chuong Do

    Chuong Do9 timmar sedan

    the interruptions...

  12. Public Alaskan

    Public Alaskan11 timmar sedan

    Ethan needs to shut the hell up.

  13. Jenny

    Jenny11 timmar sedan

    Papa John didn't want to give his employees healthcare. Papa John is a dick.

  14. Luke Loeser

    Luke Loeser12 timmar sedan

    Very uncomfortable interview. How the heck does this perv get podcast?

  15. Brianna Terese

    Brianna Terese13 timmar sedan

    "What you INspect is what you EXpect." Goddamn, Papa Bless!

  16. Chad Vlogs

    Chad Vlogs17 timmar sedan

    Free papa

  17. Hope Morrison

    Hope Morrison19 timmar sedan

    Whatever happened to PewDiePie being on the podcast Wed????

  18. Piano Roots Music

    Piano Roots Music19 timmar sedan

    This pod made me get papa John's and I'm in canada but it's still the best pizza out there

  19. Chris Anderson

    Chris Anderson23 timmar sedan

    Finally went back and listened to this podcast, wish I had known him back in the day when he started because I would like to be a humble millionaire too. Sucks being a humble bum instead 😖 I’m not religious either but no higher power has helped me with 400 milly lol good for him tho, just wish I knew him so he could teach me how to kick some ass in life too He does seem like a good guy, Papa Bless 😇👍👏

  20. alexis watson

    alexis watsonDag sedan

    I ate their Philly cheesesteak pizza last summer and literally had to have my gall bladder removed the next morning 😂

  21. Ello G

    Ello GDag sedan

    He had to even say “Let me finish” 🤦‍♀️ Please stop interrupting your guest.

  22. Carlie Flowers

    Carlie FlowersDag sedan

    So they have erased Papa as a spokesperson from their world so does that mean Papa could open a new pizza company called Papa's House?

  23. Neverever evernever

    Neverever everneverDag sedan

    Where did Papa John's start up again?

  24. James S

    James S6 timmar sedan

    Yeah, he kept repeating that "broom closet" line, trying to make himself appear like an underdog, instead of what he actually is: Damn-near a billionaire.

  25. Carlie Flowers

    Carlie FlowersDag sedan

    I haven't had Papa John's since they let him go. There's gotta be other people out there doing the same man.

  26. Carlie Flowers

    Carlie FlowersDag sedan

    Got about halfway through this yesterday then went to eat dinner with the family.... Woke up this morning like wait... THERES MORE PAPA TO WATCH

  27. Parker Jacobs

    Parker JacobsDag sedan

    N word still in the auto captions

  28. Linda Quaile

    Linda QuaileDag sedan

    Its finally here

  29. speedych33se

    speedych33seDag sedan

    I think if Ethan interrupted his guests less, there'd be less awkward silence, and more letting the guest just fill the air with the info we're all here for.

  30. avatarneji

    avatarnejiDag sedan

    Ethan's biggest tick isn't his eyebrows, it's interrupting the people he interviews.

  31. avatarneji

    avatarnejiDag sedan

    Ethan is the worst interviewer ever. He cannot ask a single question while actually letting the interviewee give a full answer before he interrupts them with some stupid take on what he thinks. Ethan talks more than the person he interviews...that's not a sign of a good interviewer. Honestly, I'd prefer if Hila asked all the questions because at least she would let the person finish their response and not shake her eyebrows the whole duration of the interview. How is this guy a successful podcaster again? It has to be the guests he gets on the show because he is the most dull-minded, egotistical interviewer on SEgos, so how does he get people like Bill Burr and Papa Johns? Something about these egotists in Cali that grant them special privileges but I just can't put my nose on it hmmm.

  32. Josh Wysocki

    Josh WysockiDag sedan

    anyone know this pizza podcast papa was talking about?

  33. Jorge Sandoval

    Jorge SandovalDag sedan

    So why was Bo not in the house?

  34. Edgy Redgy

    Edgy RedgyDag sedan

    If only Hila was the one leading the conversation...

  35. Felix Garcia

    Felix GarciaDag sedan

    This was great

  36. Amber Fleetwood

    Amber FleetwoodDag sedan

    This was my favorite episode and I don’t even have a papa johns where I live. Which is quite depressing because it’s my favorite pizza. I had no idea about this controversy and what they did to Papa. It’s absolutely abhorrent! I like this guy but watching this Interview you can truly see that he cares! How sad he was treated like he was!

  37. Gustavo Navarrete

    Gustavo NavarreteDag sedan


  38. smoki bandit

    smoki banditDag sedan

    i have a wierd feeling that theres gonna be a movie about this guy some day

  39. KnicksMusic

    KnicksMusicDag sedan

    Worst interviewer I've ever seen lmao

  40. Zero 8880

    Zero 8880Dag sedan

    John looks like he is slowly morphing into Steve Wynn. Ironically, both men were ousted from their own company which have their own names plastered on the company title.

  41. Mr Mister

    Mr MisterDag sedan

    *Here’s Johnny*

  42. tomato48

    tomato48Dag sedan

    Wtf I never knew what he sounded like didn’t know he had a heavy southern accent.

  43. ddowns24

    ddowns24Dag sedan

    Papa’s real problem is that he’s a publicly visible Conservative. However, the man does a great job of not complaining about that. Not sure if it’s because he’s unaware, or an excellent marketer. Either way, he’s an American treasure. FYI- Stating the fact that the founder of KFC used the n word, isn’t racist. Wanting the NFL (your Sponsee) to resolve their massive public relations and ratings issue is just good business.

  44. M 6

    M 6Dag sedan

    who knew the pizza business was so nasty

  45. LEMON 717171

    LEMON 717171Dag sedan

    I watched this when it came out and I am only now thinking that Papa looks like a Fallout: new vagas character.

  46. Adam Baldwin

    Adam BaldwinDag sedan

    Gotta say, Papa comes off pretty good in this interview. On multiple levels. He surprised me, because I always thought he was the type of person I would hate, but that's probably because that's how he's largely been portrayed in various media outlets. I'm not going off the deep end and fully supporting him or anything, but he does seem a lot more genuine than I ever would have expected. Also, it's incredible that he actually did the podcast. This is like Ethan Bradberry times a thousand. Or maybe a million.

  47. Gaby L

    Gaby LDag sedan

    Ethan I love you guys but please please please stop interrupting your guests in the middle of their sentences. We've been over this!

  48. Jeff Flanagan

    Jeff FlanaganDag sedan

    I think he was set up! How can they kick somebody out who started the company. I just don't know?! John please take it back. Steve Richie really is Judas! Glad he lost his job. John's right. The quality of the product is not the same. My last Pizza was a little flat and I was missing some toppings in past orders.

  49. Kav1aR 5

    Kav1aR 5Dag sedan

    papa johns is my favorite, yeah sure, pizza hut has better customization, but papa's got better ingredients, better pizza

  50. Krageesh

    KrageeshDag sedan

    THis is such a perfect example of how you should always put the product you're seeling FIRST. It has always to be more importnat than the marketing or your product is shit.

  51. JohnnyCoolDude

    JohnnyCoolDudeDag sedan

    Ethan is a terrible interviewer... I don't know how this podcast still exists. Only came back for Papa.

  52. Jeremy Fox

    Jeremy FoxDag sedan

    Papa John is a beautiful, kind-hearted soul, one can easily see his lovely character traits in his honest, open and approachable manner and in his truly refreshing candor - that's for sure! What a great guy! Awesome episode!

  53. IvanGotYokes

    IvanGotYokesDag sedan

    Ha. He said "escape goat".

  54. Krageesh

    KrageeshDag sedan

    He is so nice!

  55. Crispy Biscuit

    Crispy Biscuit2 dagar sedan

    Good podcast but some parts are tough to listen to. I feel like Ethan's trying to make everything a meme in a way

  56. KY Quilt

    KY Quilt2 dagar sedan

    whats the deal between Papa and the Corporation ? i'm not too informed into what happened . seems like he got kicked out of his company or something ?

  57. Billy Hardebeck

    Billy Hardebeck2 dagar sedan

    I’m boycotting all pizza until Papa John Schnatter is back at the helm of Papa John’s!!!! Join me and together we can bring Papa John the justice he deserves!

  58. Jason Littlefair

    Jason Littlefair2 dagar sedan

    After this interview domino’s stock has been thriving

  59. Keith Bruner

    Keith Bruner2 dagar sedan

    They need to make a Papa John's movie starring Jason Bateman

  60. Keith Bruner

    Keith Bruner2 dagar sedan

    Are The Rock and Kid Rock related since they have the same last name?

  61. DOMg00g

    DOMg00g2 dagar sedan

    What's with the Papa wanting to be on the show for 8 years? The podcast hasn't been around nearly that long