Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Butterfingers | Bon Appétit

What do you think? Should Brad join Claire on Gourmet Makes more often? Just think about how differently all of the gourmet snacks would have come out: fermented M&Ms, dry-aged Peeps, campfire Cheetos. Anyway, in this episode, join pastry chef Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet Butterfingers.
Check out Claire's Instagram: csaffitz
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Butterfingers | Bon Appétit


  1. hailey stpierre

    hailey stpierre11 timmar sedan

    We need to see CHESTERS HOT FRIES being made

  2. Emily Hammersley-Ambroise

    Emily Hammersley-Ambroise13 timmar sedan

    I personally would love to see Claire try and make gourmet Drumsticks ice cream cones!

  3. mackenzie canton

    mackenzie canton13 timmar sedan

    They need to make a blooper episode/channel

  4. keri

    keri14 timmar sedan

    me: * trying to listen to Claire’s intro * my ears: * focusing on Brad’s screaming in the background *

  5. Blythe Tyrone

    Blythe Tyrone14 timmar sedan

    Should try making gourmet Girl Scout cookies next! (esp thin mints)

  6. Tessie Vogler

    Tessie Vogler14 timmar sedan

    PLEASE make gourmet girl scout cookies!!!!! i think it would be pretty cool. like thin mints or samoa’s. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE

  7. Stephanie Colangelo

    Stephanie Colangelo15 timmar sedan


  8. Aedan

    Aedan15 timmar sedan

    FUNYUNS?? Have you done them?

  9. Auracay

    Auracay15 timmar sedan


  10. Adriana Marti

    Adriana Marti15 timmar sedan

    Sour. Altoids.

  11. JedHead

    JedHead15 timmar sedan

    Claire is thicc Change my mind

  12. Emily Thomas

    Emily Thomas16 timmar sedan


  13. Ana E.

    Ana E.17 timmar sedan

    She should make girlscout cookies. It would be amazing if she made all of them, but she could start with the most popular

  14. JSheetz

    JSheetz17 timmar sedan

    Y’all should do gourmet Cadbury creme eggs

  15. Scott Skaggs

    Scott Skaggs17 timmar sedan

    Can we get a Girl Scout cookie episode🙏🙏

  16. Mari-Soleil

    Mari-Soleil18 timmar sedan

    Can you please do SPAM!!!

  17. Emily Wuest

    Emily Wuest20 timmar sedan

    BUGLES!!! 🌪

  18. daman4567

    daman456721 timme sedan

    Molly's glass cleanup betrays all of the cuts in that shot lol.

  19. Luasee Hang

    Luasee Hang21 timme sedan

    Gourmet Girl Scout cookies!!!!!

  20. Elaf-A

    Elaf-A22 timmar sedan

    Can you please make Gourmet Maltesers 🤤

  21. Andreas Wilkinson

    Andreas Wilkinson23 timmar sedan

    pleaseeeeeeeeeee do a kinder bueno gourmet makes!!❤️

  22. Kat Maxwell

    Kat MaxwellDag sedan

    I know I am late, but am I the only one that does not like the new ButterFinger recipe?

  23. Rachel Mascitelli

    Rachel MascitelliDag sedan

    I GOT CAUGHT ON THE TAPANZEE IN THAT SQUALL. It was kind of crazy. I wish I had some Butterfingers

  24. quinsleddens

    quinsleddensDag sedan


  25. TheWayOf Cailinn

    TheWayOf CailinnDag sedan

    Butterfinger is a chocolate covered chikostick

  26. tomboywhore

    tomboywhoreDag sedan

    do goldfish!

  27. msblondeperson

    msblondepersonDag sedan

    PleeeeEEEEEEEASE make Taco Bell nacho fries so we can enjoy them when they're not on the menu

  28. Simone The Digger

    Simone The DiggerDag sedan

    Aight frig it. I’m getting a butterfinger and a big red at the gas station today

  29. Sheila Fitzpatrick Hayden

    Sheila Fitzpatrick HaydenDag sedan

    I'm sure it has been posted before, however Claire you need to do Gourmet Girl Scout cookies... I just got some and they are so awful now.

  30. philanthropic

    philanthropicDag sedan

    I love Claire

  31. Ashleysart Attack

    Ashleysart AttackDag sedan

    “Sohla likes to temper chocolate by hand.” Me: You’re a wizard, Sohla.

  32. Macamo

    MacamoDag sedan

    You should try making crispers

  33. GamerBAT

    GamerBATDag sedan

    Hey can you do andy capps fries lol

  34. Rosin Goggin

    Rosin GogginDag sedan

    claire should try and make a twirl! would be an interesting challenge.

  35. Tanja Halvardsson

    Tanja HalvardssonDag sedan

    When are we going to se Maltesers (read Whoppers)?

  36. Yx Lim

    Yx LimDag sedan

    the best part is when Gaby talks about the weather changes

  37. Alan Pollock

    Alan PollockDag sedan

    Claire Claire kinder milk slice, pleaaaase i can't figure out the filling for it :C

  38. Annisa Muhammad

    Annisa MuhammadDag sedan


  39. 0hpalpitations

    0hpalpitationsDag sedan

    I used to love Butterfingers..until they "improved it".

  40. uhuhuh1966

    uhuhuh1966Dag sedan

    Has anyone seen Butterfingers “fans” RANTING about the new recipe?? I don’t think I could ever get so upset over a candy bar 😂 only in America will people complain about using better ingredients. I’m not joking, there’s people sending death threats to Butterfingers, we’re in the bad timeline!!

  41. Tiffany Gonzalez

    Tiffany GonzalezDag sedan

    Fruit roll ups next!

  42. Avery Crenshaw

    Avery CrenshawDag sedan

    Next on Gourmet Makes, Little Debbie Nutty Bars!

  43. Zebra crazy Lady

    Zebra crazy LadyDag sedan

    Ps I love u claireeee you are my favorite to watch and I love bin appetite

  44. Zebra crazy Lady

    Zebra crazy LadyDag sedan


  45. LaNea T.

    LaNea T.Dag sedan


  46. patricia reyes

    patricia reyesDag sedan


  47. ultimatessj5 is here

    ultimatessj5 is hereDag sedan

    ain't gonna lie i hate butterfingers

  48. Hammered Meat

    Hammered MeatDag sedan

    I’m the tape on the back of gabbys jkt

  49. Kyleigh Thomas

    Kyleigh ThomasDag sedan

    Ok hear me out... make her try toaster strudel. If she hasn’t already and I’m not tripping

  50. Jojo Pada

    Jojo PadaDag sedan

    Please have Claire make Cadbury Eggs for Easter!

  51. Imaan

    ImaanDag sedan


  52. Caroline Bulgarelli

    Caroline BulgarelliDag sedan

    The height difference between Claire and Brad surprises me every time

  53. Jaiden Nichole

    Jaiden NicholeDag sedan

    i really wish that you would recreate a hostess cinnamon streusel coffee cake they are my FAVORITE snack ever and i feel like jt would be perfect

  54. Nicolas Mejia

    Nicolas MejiaDag sedan

    i'm new here. But Clare and Brad... have somenthing? hahahaha or it's only me ?

  55. LR

    LRDag sedan

    I would love for Claire to make "Terry's chocolate orange"

  56. Caitlin Hayden

    Caitlin HaydenDag sedan


  57. Sharlene Nazari

    Sharlene NazariDag sedan


  58. masha ivlicheva

    masha ivlichevaDag sedan

    gourmet ritz crackers? gourmet cola? gourmet monster or red bull (like with a soda stream)

  59. David Muckell

    David MuckellDag sedan

    You should do a gourmet slim Jim! Should not be hard

  60. Flyboy1331

    Flyboy1331Dag sedan

    Gourmet chex mix?