PewDiePie Hits 100M & James Charles Gets "Hacked" - H3 Podcast #138

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  1. Ceryll

    Ceryll9 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="82">1:22</a> Popeye's Chicken Sandwich (Reviewbrah at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="602">10:02</a>; Chicken Sandwich Taste Test at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="725">12:05</a>) <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1436">23:56</a> Quesadilla Monstrosity <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1632">27:12</a> Commercial Break <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2200">36:40</a> Hila Appreciation & Anecdote from Ethan <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3308">55:08</a> Ian's PewDiePie Edit & 'PewDiePie hits 100M subscribers' articles <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a>:11 James Charles Hacking Stunt & Ethan's Nudes <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="89">1:29</a>:18 Responding to 'Ian The Intern' Subreddit Meme <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="93">1:33</a>:18 World Of Warcraft Classic Returns <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a>:37 Closing Section

  2. meganshea

    meganshea6 månader sedan

    @KHILLAMATION but what if you're rewatching? Then it's helpful

  3. TheGoogle User

    TheGoogle User9 månader sedan

    Your the best

  4. carlos zerpa

    carlos zerpa9 månader sedan

    The hero is getting recognition

  5. Dan Skups

    Dan Skups9 månader sedan

    Lol 1:45:37 Ethan and Hila appreciation for WoW

  6. cosmo bug

    cosmo bug9 månader sedan

    @Dire Wolf Devil {S.L.} lolol!! Yeah I watch the whole show, and it's pretty funny and while kind of random at times, it's all connected and not like messy, if that makes sense

  7. It Me

    It Me2 dagar sedan

    After watching this episode the first time I thought Popeyes better than Chick-fil-A? I've had the Chick-fil-A Delux chicken sandwich, and I loved it. So I was like gotta try this Popeyes thing, fuckin nasty, it was like eating a salt sandwich, took one bite and threw it away. Popeyes is has been and always will be the nastiest shit ever.

  8. Trevor Brock

    Trevor Brock13 dagar sedan

    Your story and adcice immensely helped me out with the shit I'm dealing with right now

  9. Young donkey Kong

    Young donkey Kong18 dagar sedan

    best show no cap

  10. Young donkey Kong

    Young donkey Kong18 dagar sedan

    popeyes is the best tho tbh its soooo good

  11. Young donkey Kong

    Young donkey Kong18 dagar sedan

    Dam Ethan that's a fire shirt and hat ima get baked and watch this and prolly 3 other podcast after this one lol

  12. CHloE748

    CHloE748Månad sedan

    And we wonder why Hila is too skinny 😂

  13. thomas elder

    thomas elderMånad sedan

    dead tooth

  14. ady gombos

    ady gombosMånad sedan

    Honestly it's so insane that such small things can have such a huge impact on your life. Like if he decided that time to go back home he wouldn't be married to Hila and have a CHILD! And they're so perfect for each other, being so understanding and on the same wavelength and all that stuff. Relationship goals honestly. And this could have been all different because of a single choice. Life is so weird man.

  15. Liam Cheney

    Liam CheneyMånad sedan

    are we sure the last sandwich wasnt laced with acid or something, cause ethan was going insane

  16. Moses Embrey

    Moses EmbreyMånad sedan

    I thought wanting to kill yourself and not having the courage was pretty common

  17. Owen D

    Owen DMånad sedan

    Tbh i think it’s photo shop for james cuz the one cheek is like twice the size of the other and it’s the one that’s further away from the camera and when hes in a video it’s not flat but it’s most certainly not that

  18. Brianna Terese

    Brianna Terese2 månader sedan

    I wish they sound clipped Dan saying “THAT’s a gaZEBOOO!!”

  19. Brianna Terese

    Brianna Terese2 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1157">19:17</a> lmfaooo when he realized how good it was 🤣🤣 also Hila’s hair looks so good and her skin is GLOWING in this episode. ✨

  20. SWEXIT

    SWEXIT2 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">00:00</a> TWO

  21. Brad Porter

    Brad Porter2 månader sedan

    The spicy poeyes sandwich is really the one. The classic is ok.

  22. Lori Loo

    Lori Loo2 månader sedan

    I love Sir Review Brah. He is Lord.

  23. Leonard Stutzer

    Leonard Stutzer2 månader sedan

    „I like smashing“ - Hila 2020

  24. Cody Campbell

    Cody Campbell2 månader sedan

    Ethan should make a food review Chanel

  25. Anthony Posada Jr

    Anthony Posada Jr3 månader sedan

    Ethan has lost my respect pop eyes sandwich is ass presentation ass but chic is also overrated but the sauce godly

  26. Ben Mechalchuk

    Ben Mechalchuk3 månader sedan

    Montana's waffle chicken sandwich is epic.

  27. zakia tabassum

    zakia tabassum3 månader sedan

    Ethan: Popeyes has NEVER thought of this before Popeyes Canada: Am I a joke to you?

  28. Chloe Rene

    Chloe Rene3 månader sedan

    I loved this. I want a chicken sandwich so bad now

  29. milkyway

    milkyway3 månader sedan

    Heard how hyped up Popeyes was but didn't want to bother with the crazy crowd. One day my friend brings about 5 of them. I am hyped... then I see all the mayonnaise on it and threw it right into the trash. Would be nice if they gave you some chicken with all that mayo. But at least I like popeyes chicken in general. F*ck chick fil a... they are an awful racist, backwards place overall.

  30. Troy Walker The Progressive Proletarian

    Troy Walker The Progressive Proletarian3 månader sedan

    soooooo......not vegans/vegetarians anymore?

  31. graceslittlefilms

    graceslittlefilms3 månader sedan

    Bee bee q

  32. S W A M I 스와 미

    S W A M I 스와 미3 månader sedan

    when Ethan said he would just stay in his room and wallow in his anxiety, it resonated with me. Ethan I love your story and I found it very inspiring this is the first time I’ve watched this video but I can tell I’m going to be back when I need motivation Ethan thank you so much

  33. Nunya Biness

    Nunya Biness3 månader sedan

    skip <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1730">28:50</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3310">55:10</a>

  34. Cheyenne Autumn

    Cheyenne Autumn4 månader sedan

    When Ethan said paid internships are a rarity in America I was confused. Maybe in California? Or based on the type of internship? Because my internship in college was $30/hour full time lol.

  35. DårKMasTer

    DårKMasTer4 månader sedan


  36. Ruffles Puffles

    Ruffles Puffles4 månader sedan


  37. New Mutints

    New Mutints4 månader sedan

    Scooter naysh

  38. Reheat The Pasta

    Reheat The Pasta5 månader sedan

    Better flavor. Better packaging. Papa bless.

  39. Chris Jordan

    Chris Jordan5 månader sedan

    Yeah this is funny but u have a child now... u realize he will get bullied to oblivion because u wanted a few laughs.

  40. juiceworld Einstein

    juiceworld Einstein5 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="88">1:28</a>:22 sexy

  41. Cassandra Starrs

    Cassandra Starrs5 månader sedan

    I hit that like button while Ethan was dancing 🕺🏻 🍔 I’m fairly new to the podcast and they all kill it 👨🏻‍🦼

  42. juniper quaintrelle

    juniper quaintrelle5 månader sedan

    Anyone know if theres a highlight of ethans speech about pushing through discomfort? I wanna save it for when I need it most.

  43. juniper quaintrelle

    juniper quaintrelle5 månader sedan

    Thanks ethan, I really needed to hear your story about meeting hila and facing fears and getting over anxiety.

  44. gabby dubon

    gabby dubon5 månader sedan

    your stories on anxiety are so relatable :) thanks you for sharing, i really needed to here that.

  45. Cara Chavez

    Cara Chavez5 månader sedan

    Ethan dancing while eating the popeyes sandwich is literally me.

  46. MealzonWheelz

    MealzonWheelz5 månader sedan

    Is Ethan a part of Teddy Fresh? What design input does he have? Or is he just the business side

  47. Pt Meist

    Pt Meist5 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2842">47:22</a>

  48. Melody Morning Star

    Melody Morning Star5 månader sedan

    Ethan calling James a twink 😂😂😂😂

  49. dennismaryanski

    dennismaryanski5 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1">0:01</a> when you load mortal kombat

  50. Luke Boudouvas

    Luke Boudouvas6 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="103">1:43</a>:52 Ethan: I think you would like the easy sorta of smashing Hila: I like smashing 🤣

  51. Spark Pants

    Spark Pants6 månader sedan

    You don’t have to apologize for not liking chick filay they’re anti LGBT

  52. Dale Wockhardt

    Dale Wockhardt6 månader sedan

    i alwayswatch the whole teddy fresh commercials but skip the others

  53. Stefanie Monbrod

    Stefanie Monbrod6 månader sedan

    Dale Wockhardt ME TOO LMAOOO

  54. teddycuthbert

    teddycuthbert6 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="83">1:23</a>:48

  55. Joshua Bartlett

    Joshua Bartlett6 månader sedan

    I don't quite understand why people like this podcast. I'm baffled to say the least. Just my opinion though so calm down.

  56. Kallie

    Kallie6 månader sedan

    Joshua Bartlett you’re assuming anyone values your opinion.

  57. teddycuthbert

    teddycuthbert6 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2130">35:30</a>

  58. leo cadillo

    leo cadillo6 månader sedan

    The sandwich war gone political


    lSRA'ELdrum_EL911BURY ADAM-EXPECTED-KEY-sad96DRY6 månader sedan


  60. Gigi milano

    Gigi milano6 månader sedan

    I’m dying laughing he’s almost eating his fingers I’m sleep 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  61. Beatrix Kiddo

    Beatrix Kiddo6 månader sedan

    Dude doesn’t he show his ass off at Coachella every year???

  62. westlyn ster

    westlyn ster6 månader sedan

    I ducking love Hila

  63. 343 frosty

    343 frosty6 månader sedan

    I was supposed to start work 2 weeks ago but I had a panic attack before i could even go in and I felt so stupid cos I would've had money last week and I would've already started my new job thankfully they allowed me to reschedule due to my situation but I wish I would've just pushed myself ik it would've paid off thank you for that fr it just reminded me of how I need to get out of my comfort zone

  64. Lady Jenn

    Lady Jenn6 månader sedan

    I'm a transsexual. Chris Rock isn't transphobic.

  65. Sam Anne

    Sam Anne6 månader sedan

    I worked in fast food, meat can sit out for about 15 minutes before being tossed, chicken is an hour.

  66. Ryan Streeter

    Ryan Streeter6 månader sedan

    This motivational speech spoke to me man

  67. Ana Z

    Ana Z7 månader sedan

    I feel like Ethan and Jeff Wittek would get along.

  68. Nina Hedman

    Nina Hedman7 månader sedan

    Where is the original disability mobility sound bite from? Feels like I’ve looked at every podcast episode except that one:(

  69. Cesar Ordaz

    Cesar Ordaz7 månader sedan

    Ethan pretty much ate the Popeyes sandwich in one bite. Almost lost his fingers!

  70. frank morretin

    frank morretin7 månader sedan

    YOOO .... WHERE IS EPISODE 137 !?

  71. MrDannyloco

    MrDannyloco7 månader sedan

    why did 137 get removed

  72. Thomas Cochrane

    Thomas Cochrane7 månader sedan

    Ethan looking like captain price

  73. TMG252

    TMG2527 månader sedan

    where is episode 137?

  74. MrDannyloco

    MrDannyloco7 månader sedan


  75. cemix

    cemix7 månader sedan

    one time when I was psychotic I was on a school excursion and my ex was sitting nearby and she and her friend were talking about me in a mean way and she was making it really obvious and it just made me SNAP like what you described. cause I was lonely in high school and she had been really my only friend. so I got so confused and was crying and accusing everyone in the bus of talking about me and shit and I felt like I was in like an evil crypt. and when the bus stopped back at school I literally did the same thing RAN off of the bus and just ran off. got home eventually and was exhausted so I just took the meds my parents gave me and got out of it after a bit. that was deeply kind of you Ethan to offer that to him and to have been kind to him. it was an interesting story too, crazy how life just does that

  76. Sand

    Sand7 månader sedan

    the food taste was the best, i hope you guys will do that again

  77. Temporary Name ?¿?¿

    Temporary Name ?¿?¿8 månader sedan

    i love this episode so much

  78. Damenauma

    Damenauma8 månader sedan

    guys, i know its an old rerun but i just got my lifetime first UTI at 30 from holding back my pee. u gotta let go the pee

  79. MrWizzy13

    MrWizzy138 månader sedan

    omg absolutely HILARIOUS!! Plz keep doing these segments!!

  80. chloe b

    chloe b8 månader sedan

    that video of the girls chanting had nothing to do with popeyes’s an old video that person was just using it as a meme in the tweet lmao

  81. Kiri Gami

    Kiri Gami8 månader sedan

    Thank you for sharing the story about pushing through difficult times. I've always been a believer in trying to stay positive, but some days can be incredibly difficult. This is definitely something I needed to hear today! 💜

  82. get2rog

    get2rog8 månader sedan

    Must be the most expensive friggin merch on SEgos.

  83. FR010ijsselmonde

    FR010ijsselmonde8 månader sedan

    Your story really touched me. Indeed going outside ur comfortzone (also talking about things you hid i ), Really helps. I have a social fobia and panic and was depressed and some other shit. Ethan what you said is really inspiring for me. Stepping outside ur comfortzone is really key to get mentally les sick and worked for me. Even standing in line at the supermarket was hell on earth. Really glad somebody understand me! Thank you

  84. Genevieve

    Genevieve8 månader sedan

    ethan I love you but i’m gonna fucking throw up if you keep eating like that into the microphone

  85. Metaphorical Muffin

    Metaphorical Muffin8 månader sedan

    Hila is honestly a goddess I remember when I first saw her I was like Woah, not only naturally stunning but loving and caring, a truly beautiful soul 😁

  86. Professor Chaos

    Professor Chaos8 månader sedan

    Ethan eating is legit the most entertaining thing to watch.

  87. Wittle Bb

    Wittle Bb8 månader sedan

    Awesome video :)

  88. M A

    M A8 månader sedan

    shit got real when he wanted a nother bite of that chick fil a

  89. Caitlin Williams

    Caitlin Williams8 månader sedan

    Can you guys talk about Bachelor in Paradise??