Plants That Give Tattoos

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Card Trick: kriod
Rug Face:

Raccoon: pB8SV9c0pis0/
Koala: pB7khqrKAlWC/
Dog: pB8SCXA5pGP6/

Ice: blueicehiggins/status/1225852974813110277
Austin Carter (UCSD), Jacob Morgan (UCSD), Dr Sarah Shackleton (Princeton U), Dr John Higgins (Princeton U), Jenna Epifanio (OSU), Ian Nesbitt (U Maine), Tanner Kuhl, Elizabeth Morton, and Anna Zajicek

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    Julie Tapia-RuanoDag sedan

    In third grade, my teacher rescued a baby raccoon like the one at the end of the video and he became a class pet while we rehabilitated him.

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