ProJared Finally Responds & Dave Chappelle Is Cancelled - H3 Podcast #139

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  1. Hazel_ Eyed.Q-Tee

    Hazel_ Eyed.Q-Tee14 timmar sedan

    Omg 😲 the generator in the coffee shop was seriously hilarious and epic.... am I becoming an Ethan Bradberry fan 🤦🏻‍♀️ haha 🤣. He and Moe so have gotta get together with Ethan and Hila, he needs to go on the podcast. Would be so awesome if Ethan K and Ethan B did a collab or like Ethan said maybe edit and shoot, refine his ideas. Could be a really great business move on Bradberry’s part! I love this current content of his. But agree with Ethan Klein that yes if it is refined than it could be gold 👍🏻

  2. Logan Stafford

    Logan StaffordDag sedan

    why would anyone dislike this video

  3. Logan Stafford

    Logan StaffordDag sedan


  4. oopmahs oopmahs

    oopmahs oopmahsDag sedan

    lol hila at 1:27:21

  5. G Mi

    G Mi2 dagar sedan

    Wow you cannot handle criticism, I was a really big fan, but I’ve come to realise you are a bit of a toxic asshole...

  6. Aaron Songer

    Aaron Songer3 dagar sedan

    What episode dose dee dee mega doo doo come from

  7. Anastasia Christina

    Anastasia Christina4 dagar sedan

    *sympathizes with bella thorne about her nudes getting leaked but shames jared for his nudes getting leaked* this hasn’t aged well

  8. Anastasia Christina

    Anastasia Christina4 dagar sedan


  9. Nanobyte

    Nanobyte6 dagar sedan

    Goddamn you're a snake.

  10. Katie Johnson

    Katie Johnson6 dagar sedan

    Watching her eat all that mayo made me want to puke.

  11. Jackson

    Jackson6 dagar sedan

    Im surprised they didn't poison them selves by running the generator inside

  12. Neptune Ramen

    Neptune Ramen8 dagar sedan

    this is what pisses me off about ethan.....he spouts shit before he even has enough information on subjects....its incredibly stupid and irritating....i used to enjoy him allot but these days i find his stupidity shining through more so than anything else.....he approaches things like a kid.

  13. Amelia Echo

    Amelia Echo9 dagar sedan

    Ok just saying, it is out of the scope of practice for a personal trainer to suggest a certain diet. That’s the job of a dietitian only.

  14. Alex Lee

    Alex Lee11 dagar sedan


  15. katsuma

    katsuma12 dagar sedan

    I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

  16. Cesar Ordaz

    Cesar Ordaz14 dagar sedan

    Advertising DoorDash. Orders and talks about Postmates😂

  17. Rhianon Crawford

    Rhianon Crawford15 dagar sedan

    Zacccc my man downing that mayo and rocking the tool shirt xx

  18. Binge Watcher

    Binge Watcher24 dagar sedan

    So many mega doodoos missed by zach im SUPER disappointed

  19. Pete Jones

    Pete Jones25 dagar sedan

    Sliding into irrelevance...not fast enough though.

  20. G4ER

    G4ER26 dagar sedan

    Can someone please leave the time stap of where they talk about dave chappelle, i cant find it anywhere

  21. Moot

    Moot26 dagar sedan

    G4ER 1:45:00

  22. David Hudson

    David Hudson26 dagar sedan

    There's Something About Mayo

  23. Bobs World Entertainment Podcast Ltd

    Bobs World Entertainment Podcast Ltd26 dagar sedan

    Good hair day!

  24. cchowder12 XD

    cchowder12 XD26 dagar sedan

    I just think that Ethan should apologize cuz his argument is pretty invalid

  25. Jeff Galea

    Jeff Galea27 dagar sedan

    Ethan i am so deeply proud of you and your journey thru foopa loss. Weight loss or not, your courage to keep trying and not giving up is profoundly encouraging to me. Thank you

  26. TMG252

    TMG25228 dagar sedan

    omg that shot of Ian sleeping during the podcast was amazing xD 57:46

  27. Amsun Thales

    Amsun ThalesMånad sedan

    I'm confused. First h3h3 jumps at Jared for all the shit regarding the nude stuff, but then when the topic switches to Chappelle's skit on Michael Jackson, suddenly he approves of "opening the door for discussion" regarding "being molested by Michael Jackson"? Isn't this a similar case of power abuse? What makes one more acceptable than the other?

  28. Tropi Cano

    Tropi CanoMånad sedan

    Dave was never cancelled get your shit together

  29. Rocmario '96

    Rocmario '96Månad sedan

    Droning on about something he acknowledged and apologized for is kinda tacky.

  30. Raistlin Majere

    Raistlin MajereMånad sedan

    i thought ethan and hila lived in new york at one point. They never saw horses on the street? Theres more horses on the streets of new york than almost any other city in the US

  31. mrawsomepossum12

    mrawsomepossum12Månad sedan

    People who defend that dude are literally so blind he is 100% is abusing power and knows what he is doing.

  32. Yogie

    YogieMånad sedan

    "Dee dee mega doo doo." "I REALLY like that." Man you guys are just stealing ALL the Your Moms House drops huh?

  33. Yogie

    YogieMånad sedan

    Would you really get a copyright strike over classical music? It's public domain isn't it?

  34. tucci06

    tucci06Månad sedan

    As far as what's "cooler", any differences between the characters in WoW are purely subjective. The women do have lower cut outfits and shit like that but it's a fantasy game from 2004 and it's not even close to what you'd see in other games with the same themes. The worst thing you'll see is some little, low-poly breasts slightly bouncing as you run that can be completely covered by a shirt (and most armor). I can't think of many companies that treat women in their games as equally and fairly as Blizzard does. Pretty much all of their games have multiple badass female protagonists and/or antagonists.

  35. anthony grenier

    anthony grenierMånad sedan

    The projared segment was tge worst out of all the podcasts

  36. Sanjeev Raj

    Sanjeev RajMånad sedan

    As a fat guy myself, I can side with Hila on calling Ethan out. Sometimes, a loved one's pressure is the kind of push we need. I dont have that, so i dont have the urgency to try and lose weight. Maybe with Hila's expectations on Ethan, he'll find the motivation that I cant. and if Ethan can find it, maybe it'll inspire other fat guys to go out and lose weight too

  37. Hi Man

    Hi ManMånad sedan

    What makes you not want to lose weight?

  38. Late Night Cereal

    Late Night CerealMånad sedan

    "Let's move on, cun- we got some mayonnaise to eat."

  39. Cam

    CamMånad sedan

    1:29:29 I usually agree with Ethan on most things. However, I disagree that his attention is something he's exchanging for nudes. It's not cool with what he did, but it's not even close to something like Harvey Weinstein who exchanges sex for a job. These things need to be put into perspective. Jared is in the wrong, but a sexual predator? Take a chill pill.

  40. Buddy Shitposting

    Buddy ShitpostingMånad sedan

    this is jojo bradberry

  41. Michele Bergman

    Michele BergmanMånad sedan

    NOOO FRIES!!!!! It’s the WORST THING!!!!! It makes you CRAVE MORE!!!!

  42. Michele Bergman

    Michele BergmanMånad sedan

    Prepare Salads & Steamed veggies for 2 weeks! Make Fresh Smoothies with Protien powder & Fresh Veggie Juices

  43. R G

    R GMånad sedan

    zacks hair😍😍😍

  44. M N

    M NMånad sedan

    When will you guys have nakey jakey as a guest?

  45. Terrobility

    TerrobilityMånad sedan

    It's so obviously disingenous how ProJared tried to spin the narrative and redirect the outrage elsewhere. It's acknowledged that he has an unhealthy obsession with nudes. "Sex-positive" my ass - more like "solely dedicated towards Jared" so he can get his nudey pic fix. The guy thinks he's an adonis chiseled by Zeus himself. What topped it off for me was when he pretended it was his first time acknowledging the skewed power dynamic and then providing deliberately absurd examples. Something is so off with him.

  46. DreamLandBuds

    DreamLandBudsMånad sedan

    ProJared: *makes a video showing that the allegations made were false with evidence* Ethan: >:( no

  47. Jupiter Jones

    Jupiter JonesMånad sedan

    No he didn't. He showed some little details nobody cares about were maybe whatever. The real bad shit he confirmed he did.

  48. emie018

    emie018Månad sedan

    he still asked for nudes and that is 100% confirmed

  49. Phil Ill

    Phil IllMånad sedan

    holy fuck ethan i has turned into a goddamn monster. 18:45

  50. antpaste

    antpasteMånad sedan

    I wish you never got a podcast because you're toxic as fuck and ignorant as well.

  51. antpaste

    antpasteMånad sedan

    Your podcast has displayed how toxic you are, Ethan.

  52. Dr Alchemy

    Dr AlchemyMånad sedan

    Yo that chick probably claimed many cocks. Her throat is like a black hole 😯

  53. MaxPowers2.0

    MaxPowers2.0Månad sedan

    I HATE ya'lls ad breaks...

  54. Alfredo Esposito

    Alfredo EspositoMånad sedan

    i am honored to have the same name as their dog

  55. Big Boot Bob

    Big Boot BobMånad sedan

    Damn well now I'm back on the anti Jared train lol

  56. Big Boot Bob

    Big Boot BobMånad sedan

    Yeah mmos are a big commitment for sure lol

  57. Whoop There It Is

    Whoop There It IsMånad sedan

    Here's one thing I don't get; if a 19 year old walks into a bar with a fake ID, should the bar be shut down for serving them alcohol? I feel like you internalized the idea that all of Jared's fans are young, and observed the situation through that lens. He's been around for a while, I'd guess most of his fans are 18+. I agree that there was a pressure to participate, without him consciously creating one (which is a lot different that Hollywood execs blackballing turndowns). Also, cancel culture is the idea that public opinion rules cases as guilty until proven innocent, which is definitely true here.

  58. Young Stove

    Young StoveMånad sedan

    Dawg mayo is so good for your hair get that shit in there

  59. MRsGamura

    MRsGamuraMånad sedan

    Take some of Theodores Baby Powder to help with the thigh rubbing.

  60. Sam Casamassa

    Sam CasamassaMånad sedan

    Full of facial ticks.



    So how come my dislike was remove Ethan you lost all my respect this and everything else your doing with the podcast is just horrible.

  62. 66642069 Subs With No Countent

    66642069 Subs With No CountentMånad sedan

    Creators can't remove dislikes. It is probably just a glitch.

  63. Ginger Holiday

    Ginger HolidayMånad sedan

    I totally support Hila, my bf is built a bit like Ethan and I am always trying to get him to eat better. We love them and that’s why it can come off as harsh. But it’s not. You have to start now before it’s too late and becomes near impossible

  64. Kai Lin Lee

    Kai Lin LeeMånad sedan

    Seriously? All the comments calling you out are gone? Come on dude. Let’s have a conversation.

  65. Hi Man

    Hi ManMånad sedan

    Tbh, SEgos isn't really the place for that lol. You can try, but the entire platform is simply against you

  66. 66642069 Subs With No Countent

    66642069 Subs With No CountentMånad sedan

    @👁 ??

  67. 👁

    👁Månad sedan

    Grow up

  68. Gabriele Granocchia

    Gabriele GranocchiaMånad sedan

    Ian at 56:44 killed me XD and Hila asking for the regula smegula was hilarious XD