ProJared Finally Responds & Dave Chappelle Is Cancelled - H3 Podcast #139

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  1. It Me

    It Me2 dagar sedan

    One of my old friends from work (he's retired now) straight up lost a wife to WoW. She stopped working, eating, feeding the dogs, neglecting the children, everything. He divorced her over it, and remarried.

  2. Lauren Obrien

    Lauren Obrien4 dagar sedan

    Did he seriously say he didn’t want to say Chic Fil A? Dude can you stop becoming such a sell out

  3. Mashburn Edits

    Mashburn Edits6 dagar sedan

    Everyone, feel free to use the ProJared part of this Podcast to prove that Ethan is a hypocrite right now.

  4. I Can Films

    I Can Films6 dagar sedan

    I didn’t realize that Zach is a tool fan

  5. BONJOOK Blouin

    BONJOOK Blouin11 dagar sedan

    Where’s Bradberrys gang when he’s yelling their names in his sleep, he needs uh reguluh

  6. Amanda Marie

    Amanda Marie14 dagar sedan

    Hila always has these great jokes that just come in at the great times. Like when they asked what she wanted to eat and she said the regula shmegula. There have been so many videos I've watched and she's came in with these jokes that I've just appreciated so much. You're so underrated Hila. 😍 You're so funny!!

  7. Young donkey Kong

    Young donkey Kong17 dagar sedan

    lol fuck yeah zack that was dope

  8. Young donkey Kong

    Young donkey Kong18 dagar sedan

    its abouta get lit booooiiiii

  9. Marlon Lap

    Marlon Lap23 dagar sedan


  10. Sonya Radi

    Sonya Radi24 dagar sedan

    I DON'T WANT MAYO IN YOUR HAIR Ethan said to Zach back then, not knowing big Ed would end up putting mayo in his hair pf


    IS YA BOI GENJI28 dagar sedan

    I have the same tool shirt 😂

  12. Mono Nonny

    Mono Nonny29 dagar sedan

    If you think there's not a population of females out there who would love to play as a busty female blood elf in WoW, you'd be very wrong

  13. Diego Senge

    Diego Senge29 dagar sedan

    Let's be honest neither of you look bad. I think you are both beautiful people.

  14. CS Chunder

    CS ChunderMånad sedan

    yeah ethan just do chemo to lose wait

  15. Sven Död

    Sven DödMånad sedan

    we use cunthair alot in sweden. "Fitthår"

  16. Moses Embrey

    Moses EmbreyMånad sedan

    Hila doesn’t make jokes often, but when she does, they always hit

  17. Hannah Hardisty

    Hannah HardistyMånad sedan

    Dave Chapelle is never cancelled.

  18. PhrozenFox

    PhrozenFoxMånad sedan

    I'm looking for maybe an interview with Jared considering he's proven himself innocent but I guess you just don't provide fair content anymore. I'm not a muta fan but it reminded me of the things you regurgitated during that drama and I'm disappointed that you didn't allow him to speak. Apologies if I'm wrong but podcasts are not even slightly entertaining so I'm not sitting through 20 of them to find out.

  19. 32*A

    32*AMånad sedan

    If you don't want to take the time to collect that facts, don't talk about it at all.

  20. Mister Jekal

    Mister JekalMånad sedan

    I'm a bit late to this party but Ethan come on. Jared admitted in the video what he did was wrong, and that obviously he shouldn't have ever been in that position. You on the other hand have said some homophobic crap and when called out you told the internet in essence to screw off. You're not objective in this at all.

  21. Sean Sasor

    Sean SasorMånad sedan

    Ethan over here like 'I remember when I wasn't attractive and you were still better looking than me. "

  22. FR010ijsselmonde

    FR010ijsselmondeMånad sedan

    bipolair disorder this kanyes mania part of the disease why dont they see that? wow

  23. Kyoko

    Kyoko2 månader sedan

    EthansHeathens could be your tumblr lolol

  24. Megan Collier

    Megan Collier2 månader sedan

    I've rewatched Ethan's intro about 20 times the last few days and it kills me everytime. I even made my coworker rewatch it, too. Lol.

  25. Miller Time

    Miller Time2 månader sedan

    I would eat a jar of mayo for 500 bucks

  26. Miller Time

    Miller Time2 månader sedan


  27. Kevin Bright

    Kevin Bright2 månader sedan

    Jared looks like a glow worm. It's an 80' kids stuffed animal that glows when hugged

  28. Scott Campbell

    Scott Campbell2 månader sedan

    I had to skip the mayonnaise part. Well done.

  29. whateveryoufeellikeman

    whateveryoufeellikeman3 månader sedan

    No offense but if he just worked out he could loss the weight n still eat trash

  30. whateveryoufeellikeman

    whateveryoufeellikeman3 månader sedan

    Thanks dan you right although ive never played wow

  31. whateveryoufeellikeman

    whateveryoufeellikeman3 månader sedan

    Maybe wamans are overly sexualized in games but they should give you watever options she wants but sexy wamans is a staple n i would like alot of games less without it

  32. Hybrid Decadence

    Hybrid Decadence3 månader sedan

    The choir of offendables. Yes.

  33. Luci's Power Hour

    Luci's Power Hour3 månader sedan

    Hearing what you named your pup reminds me of Trisha Paytas putting that sauce in her snatch for fansonly…. eww

  34. Cryo Judgement

    Cryo Judgement3 månader sedan

    SJW: "This is why I hate video games, because they appeal to the Male fantasy!" No. Hila: "This is why I hate video games, because they appeal to the Male fantasy." Yes.

  35. Oberg Family

    Oberg FamilyMånad sedan

    It wasn't the same, and Hila's point is valid. The SJW was more or less referring to violence being inflicted on beautiful women, Hila is referring to the sexualizing of essentially any game the developing directors can slam a shirtless person on.

  36. Dylan Chadderton

    Dylan Chadderton3 månader sedan

    Dude... I gotta pee soooo bad.

  37. K-KortaCurly.

    K-KortaCurly.3 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="496">8:16</a> James

  38. K-KortaCurly.

    K-KortaCurly.3 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="270">4:30</a> I agree. Have been agreeing.

  39. Shaelyn Travis

    Shaelyn Travis3 månader sedan

    I have a conspiracy theory that Dan has a lil crush on Hila

  40. pork soda

    pork soda3 månader sedan

    you guys Alex Jones's conspiracy theory about Epstein was right!

  41. Gabriel Killian

    Gabriel Killian3 månader sedan

    The amount of time Ethan spent talking about the "nudes" story makes me think he secretely wishes he could be getting nudes.

  42. Herro Phong

    Herro Phong3 månader sedan

    Ethan is a kind of maniac that would call his beautiful wife BRO.

  43. Dengaz

    Dengaz4 månader sedan

    “I like how she’s sitting there with 3 jars of mayonnaise” Little did Ethan know...

  44. Edvardthee

    Edvardthee4 månader sedan

    Dam, If only he went with the keto diet! there is real science behind it and it works like magic, and no heart disease risks... Most importantly it would get rid of his carb addiction.

  45. Paedar Brown

    Paedar Brown4 månader sedan

    Gotta love that this video is sponsored by doordash but they used postmates to get the mayonnaise

  46. Piotr Trzmiel

    Piotr Trzmiel4 månader sedan

    I know it's almost 5 months old but Zack just fucking won me over with that Tool tshirt. This guy just keeps on giving

  47. Piotr Trzmiel

    Piotr Trzmiel4 månader sedan

    @Gage Johnson yea, I totally agree. I bet he's really awesome to either get smacked or wasted with, and you'd do crazy shit. Basically a total bro

  48. Gage Johnson

    Gage Johnson4 månader sedan

    Piotr Trzmiel same I’m rewatching old pod casts by them and Zach saying I would just do it for the show and not the money is a total G move

  49. Hayden Collins

    Hayden Collins4 månader sedan

    yooo zach and i have the same shirt

  50. nagyesszep

    nagyesszep4 månader sedan

    Ethan should get ripped!!!!

  51. Sindy J

    Sindy J4 månader sedan

    I agree with Hila, Ethan is adorable...both you guys are beyond gorgeous and adorable, I ♡ the 2 of u together, how you always respect and hold one and other up. I'm thankful to recognize that type of connection and I'm blessed to have it with my husband and I think that's why I ♡ watching Ethan and Hila together, they are beautiful together

  52. Johnathan Ceja

    Johnathan Ceja4 månader sedan

    That cut to Ian at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3404">56:44</a> LMAO

  53. Jessica Russell

    Jessica Russell4 månader sedan

    To be honest, Ethan isn’t even that fat. He shouldn’t be so harsh on himself because he doesn’t look as bad as he thinks.

  54. Oliver Sinton44

    Oliver Sinton444 månader sedan

    the part when the camera cuts to Ian sleeping

  55. DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿

    DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿4 månader sedan

    *_TwitterStorm: The Destruction of SinJared_* (A gold star is waiting for the first person who gets that obscure 1983 reference. 😁) <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="837">13:57</a> - "Shoenice is an entertainer - she's an athlete. There's a difference." Astute observation! Of course my favorite competitive eater is L.A. Beast, who's both an athlete and a hilarious entertainer.

  56. Reilly Schimmel

    Reilly Schimmel4 månader sedan

    Hila taking away Ethan’s french fry privileges is the funniest part of the stream.

  57. Schima

    Schima4 månader sedan

    Tbh agree about jared being gross as fuck, it's entirely unnecessary what he continues to do.

  58. Takasugi

    Takasugi4 månader sedan

    fastest record under a minute

  59. Sky

    Sky4 månader sedan

    Ethan: “I’m on a diet” Hila: “False”

  60. James

    James4 månader sedan

    Nice shirt zack!

  61. Vistar Abril

    Vistar Abril5 månader sedan

    "on top of it you look like Earthworm Jim"...funniest and most accurate thing I have heard!!!

  62. Mossagon '

    Mossagon '5 månader sedan

    Thanks for deleting our comments you prick

  63. Atomic Cimota

    Atomic Cimota5 månader sedan

    Dave shitpelle

  64. C GOOSE11

    C GOOSE115 månader sedan

    “That’s why we don’t fuck!” -Ethan; some of the funniest shit I’ve heard in a while

  65. ComicGeeks1

    ComicGeeks15 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3465">57:45</a> 😂😂😂

  66. Michael Luna

    Michael Luna5 månader sedan

    Nah that’s not a diet your just not eating as much fat stuff.

  67. a.k.a Ingmar

    a.k.a Ingmar5 månader sedan

    To be fair WoW has gotten much better with the character models. WoW classic sucked

  68. dustin harris

    dustin harris5 månader sedan

    Ethan get a vr headset and walk in vr

  69. Spoony Bard

    Spoony Bard5 månader sedan

    Holy crap i think you guys are right about them deleting ProJarid comments. You can see where they gave up deleting them about 3 months ago when there is a wave for comments about it seemingly out of nowhere. Thats pathetic man

  70. Josh Antebi Official

    Josh Antebi Official5 månader sedan

    I listen to these Podcast every day on the way to work this is great

  71. HolsovanUltimate

    HolsovanUltimate5 månader sedan

    You've changed. Changed in a way I do not agree with. Or were you simply like this from the beginning? I am done. I do not want this bad taste in my mouth anymore.

  72. Renvi

    Renvi6 månader sedan

    Hi, hello. FEMALE UNDEAD?? ?? What? BORING?? .... SEXY? I am a woman, and I have always played a female undead. They are not anything similar to "sexy." "Just boobs"???? What.

  73. Allb4dinner A

    Allb4dinner A6 månader sedan

    Do a bit with everyone drinking epicac

  74. Dilan Rubalcaba

    Dilan Rubalcaba6 månader sedan

    Ethan, you're an idiot

  75. Georgina Blackwell

    Georgina Blackwell6 månader sedan


  76. Ancuks

    Ancuks6 månader sedan

    ethan looks tiner tho

  77. Oscar Ashford

    Oscar Ashford6 månader sedan

    Why pro Jared sound so much like matt hoss

  78. AMR AMR

    AMR AMR6 månader sedan

    ok to the people who are say Ethan was wrong about projared, can you explain how he is wrong?

  79. Ashbourne

    Ashbourne6 månader sedan

    Why does Ethan think that there was only one point in this video, and not multiple points of contention with the whole ProJared situation?

  80. foomp

    foomp6 månader sedan

    I don't quite understand why they think the underaged thing was not the biggest thing that people focused on with him. That's the only illegal thing he was accused of. Not the only immoral he did, but it is the only ILLEGAL thing he was accused of. Of course people are going to focus on that and why it would be the biggest issue he has to talk about. That's really warped for the folks at H3 to downplay on. They literally state they don't care about pedo related accusations lol. I get the idea that it's a he said she said thing and that it could have been avoided altogether by not soliciting fans, which is what they're focusing on, but that sensible thought is NOT what most other people were talking about and focusing on.

  81. foomp

    foomp6 månader sedan

    I get what they're saying and while it's definitely reasonable in some ways, I'd like to question one specific thing about their point of gaming audiences being mostly kids. Does that include the types of people on Twitch? Because if so... many female gaming related streamers are pretty much soliciting their bodies to children, hustling money out of them. Pedophiles? I guess so by these reasons.

  82. JimboHimself

    JimboHimself6 månader sedan

    I was eating mayo straight from the jar, before it was cool.

  83. JimboHimself

    JimboHimself6 månader sedan

    Please replace Dan and Ian, they are bringing the show down with their sarcastic douchey responses.