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  1. Anwar Jibawi

    Anwar Jibawi11 dagar sedan

    Thanks for watching! Don't forget to LIKE this video!

  2. Lil louisy officialvevo

    Lil louisy officialvevoDag sedan

    Anwar can you shoot a video name second relationship

  3. help me, I'm dying

    help me, I'm dying2 dagar sedan

    @Muhammed Rishan Palliyakath he is dumbass

  4. Nayeon Stan

    Nayeon Stan2 dagar sedan

    @Sawan Singhi your Angry kid 😂😂

  5. Muhammed Rishan Palliyakath

    Muhammed Rishan Palliyakath2 dagar sedan

    how do u do these videos....u should be an actor man

  6. mariam anjao

    mariam anjao16 timmar sedan

    WOW! That ad thing really fooled me

  7. FBI

    FBI16 timmar sedan

    I got yt prime I new it wasn’t a ad

  8. Ashlyn H

    Ashlyn H16 timmar sedan

    I knew the add was fake cause the words “ad one of two” came up before the ad

  9. Evens Dossou

    Evens Dossou18 timmar sedan

    So funny man😄

  10. âbood Sade

    âbood Sade19 timmar sedan


  11. Koharu Hinata

    Koharu Hinata19 timmar sedan

    One of those Guys is apart of Dhar Man! lol

  12. Umar Fiaz

    Umar Fiaz19 timmar sedan

    Actually I knew it weren't an ad cuz I have youtube premium 😎😎

  13. Umar Fiaz

    Umar Fiaz19 timmar sedan

    Who has yt premium

  14. Sam Gabasha

    Sam Gabasha20 timmar sedan

    Damn Anwar never thought you would wear a dress. You sold your soul.

  15. çøøķìę Ćhìpß

    çøøķìę Ćhìpß20 timmar sedan

    Plz tell me it WASN'T just me who thought it was a add😐 That was funny tho kml

  16. Jack Corbett

    Jack Corbett20 timmar sedan

    Yo the ad got me so bad lmao🤣🤣🤣

  17. Buddy Butcher

    Buddy Butcher21 timme sedan

    U even got the guy from Darh Mann

  18. Red Zing

    Red Zing21 timme sedan

    This is my favourite Anwar video 😂😂😂

  19. Ellma Vlogs

    Ellma Vlogs21 timme sedan

    damn the AD part😂💩

  20. Katherine Kaza

    Katherine Kaza21 timme sedan

    “Katherine/ Catherine/ Kathryn will you marry me” Me: ...

  21. Yasmine Belge

    Yasmine Belge21 timme sedan

    Ball chait

  22. Ana Mabel Rodriguez Concepcion

    Ana Mabel Rodriguez Concepcion22 timmar sedan

    What just happened!!!? 😳

  23. [عـۦـۦٰ۪ـ֧֯ـۦٰ۪ـ֧֯مـۦۧۦـࢪ نـۦـ֧֯ـۦٰ۪ــ֧֯ـۦٰ۪ــۦـزار ـ҉ۦــ OMER NZER]

    [عـۦـۦٰ۪ـ֧֯ـۦٰ۪ـ֧֯مـۦۧۦـࢪ نـۦـ֧֯ـۦٰ۪ــ֧֯ـۦٰ۪ــۦـزار ـ҉ۦــ OMER NZER]22 timmar sedan


  24. Charimr Spencer

    Charimr Spencer22 timmar sedan

    What!? The fake ad actually got me.

  25. Itz Kay Kay

    Itz Kay Kay23 timmar sedan


  26. Queen mimo

    Queen mimo23 timmar sedan


  27. CurtainYT

    CurtainYTDag sedan

    Use me as a WTF Butten

  28. Kezia Antoh

    Kezia AntohDag sedan


  29. Martyn Grennan

    Martyn GrennanDag sedan

    This was just pure gold man lol its like when movie directors run out of ideas and a cliffhanger for scoob doo

  30. moha Kassim

    moha KassimDag sedan

    😂😂😂best wierdest shiit I've ever watched

  31. koolkidsteve

    koolkidsteveDag sedan

    No I did not think this was an ad


    BUCKY ON PUBGDag sedan

    I was like why the hell is my premium not working

  33. ERH King

    ERH KingDag sedan

    I still do not know what's going on

  34. Donald Khawbung

    Donald KhawbungDag sedan


  35. Evans Frimpong

    Evans FrimpongDag sedan

    Who still tapped de fake skip ad

  36. yy z

    yy zDag sedan


  37. Chongyu Cao

    Chongyu CaoDag sedan

    The third person was the clone he was talking about

  38. 50.000 subscribers without videos challenge

    50.000 subscribers without videos challengeDag sedan

    2:46 I knew this was not an ad I live in Iceland

  39. Uwamahoro Sauda

    Uwamahoro SaudaDag sedan


  40. king

    kingDag sedan

    Its going to far 😂🤣🤣🤣

  41. Mehdi Kech

    Mehdi KechDag sedan

    Wtf I was waiting the 5scd to skip the ad and then you jumped in I was like" wtf is happening" LMAO😂😂😂😂😂😂

  42. Kumer Verma

    Kumer VermaDag sedan


  43. Niko Gaming

    Niko GamingDag sedan

    Omg he has a channel... Legend!

  44. Stella Gilberti

    Stella GilbertiDag sedan

    I thought it was a add!

  45. Angel Galvan

    Angel GalvanDag sedan

    “This is literally the weirdest SEgos I’ve ever been in” 😂😂

  46. Nepali Roaster.

    Nepali Roaster.Dag sedan

    I really thought that was a ad

  47. V I C C O R C H I N

    V I C C O R C H I NDag sedan

    The AD got me bro

  48. Olivia Occ

    Olivia OccDag sedan

    This video is dangerous for people who don't like to be mocked at.

  49. Mohamed Alsaady

    Mohamed AlsaadyDag sedan

    U you fold me

  50. It'_Oreo Love!!

    It'_Oreo Love!!Dag sedan

    2:44 I already knew it wasn’t an ad because it doesn’t show the yellow line at the bottom! Love you guys so much!❤️💚😘💕😍🥰🤗💜

  51. Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas JeffersonDag sedan

    I was about to skip the ad that was a good one.

  52. Nation_littlebam

    Nation_littlebamDag sedan

    I I really thought that was an ad at first 😂


    CUBB MUFFINS!Dag sedan

    Fall for the ad?

  54. sarwar mazer

    sarwar mazerDag sedan


  55. Uzair Ali

    Uzair AliDag sedan

    What was that ad

  56. Aya Almohri 33

    Aya Almohri 33Dag sedan

    There is a airport on the couch🛋

  57. Elianna Sanchez

    Elianna SanchezDag sedan

    Not funny

  58. Mr Afro

    Mr AfroDag sedan

    I actually did think it was an ad

  59. Ruvarashe Mawunganidze

    Ruvarashe MawunganidzeDag sedan

    I seriously thought it was an ad🤦‍♀️😂😂

  60. Rabia Sidiqi

    Rabia SidiqiDag sedan


  61. RoXiE PlAyZ

    RoXiE PlAyZDag sedan


  62. Cris ambush

    Cris ambushDag sedan


  63. Tanmoy Sarkar

    Tanmoy SarkarDag sedan

    Seriously, this is the best channel ever! Hats off to you sir!

  64. عمر سفير

    عمر سفير2 dagar sedan

    كاين شي مغربي هنا

  65. Mimi S

    Mimi S2 dagar sedan

    Hahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 And literally, my finger was on that "skip ad". You're crazy dude.