Tobi & Manny - Destined For Greatness (feat. Janellé) [Official Music Video]

Destined For Greatness by Tobi and Manny featuring Janellé.
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Directed by Konstantin
Produced by ZDot and Krunchie

"Started off with nothing, you could do it too."


  1. Rasmus

    Rasmus26 minuter sedan

    This bangs!

  2. xdkoky OW

    xdkoky OW43 minuter sedan


  3. Ethan T09

    Ethan T0949 minuter sedan

    This song is so inspiring and good to listen to.👍💞💯

  4. Snake Juice

    Snake Juice52 minuter sedan

    The beet becomes so much better with headphones

  5. Chef Trainee

    Chef Trainee58 minuter sedan

    Bruv this guy needs to be featured in the brit awards

  6. Vitālijs

    VitālijsTimme sedan

    People who disliked are the people who never are late

  7. Indrek Loigom

    Indrek LoigomTimme sedan

    Manny is fire but Toby kinda ruins it for me

  8. rxnse

    rxnseTimme sedan

    No way

  9. Niko Huston

    Niko HustonTimme sedan

    Overall good just that fifa and wii lines arent good i mean to use those words it just doesnt fit for rhymes in my opinion but other lines killing

  10. Maisy Thomas

    Maisy ThomasTimme sedan

    You should do a song with all of your siblings

  11. Mathilda Flower

    Mathilda FlowerTimme sedan

    You have no idea how much the world needs this kind of music right now

  12. zrunxzrun

    zrunxzrunTimme sedan

    KSI's done for.

  13. SirevillPT

    SirevillPT2 timmar sedan

    could be better

  14. Kamil Demir

    Kamil Demir3 timmar sedan


  15. Josue Arroyo

    Josue Arroyo4 timmar sedan

    I love this tobi its amazingg

  16. Thurrock Nightshelter

    Thurrock Nightshelter4 timmar sedan


  17. dylan dickson

    dylan dickson5 timmar sedan

    what a song !!!!!!

  18. Xpert_Clan !

    Xpert_Clan !5 timmar sedan

    The people that disliked because janellé didn’t get a longer verse

  19. Ur Clapped

    Ur Clapped5 timmar sedan

    That back to back with my bro gives me shivers and idk why

  20. Saud Aljohani

    Saud Aljohani5 timmar sedan


  21. Jamie Mac

    Jamie Mac6 timmar sedan

    Fire 🔥

  22. **-

    **-7 timmar sedan

    Now these days im known for my earlyness -tobi

  23. Radar

    Radar7 timmar sedan

    I wish i had a brother

  24. beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiue5 timmar sedan

    Tobi should do more music with his brother I wish I could play football with tobi

  25. ayCasii

    ayCasii7 timmar sedan

    Ded tune

  26. Bupe Chama

    Bupe Chama7 timmar sedan

    KSI: *claims to be the best rapper in the sidemen Tobi and his apple juice: So you have chosen death

  27. beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiue5 timmar sedan

    I feel like Tobi is a more talented rapper than jj right now

  28. Gizem Berkay

    Gizem Berkay7 timmar sedan

    Toooooo goooooodddddddd😍🤩🤩

  29. Alexa Tonelli

    Alexa Tonelli8 timmar sedan


  30. ツCxrsedgg

    ツCxrsedgg8 timmar sedan

    why does the likkle bop tobi does on the lucky dip lyric hit different

  31. 〽t_pac

    〽t_pac9 timmar sedan

    Manny next Santa Dave

  32. 〽t_pac

    〽t_pac9 timmar sedan

    This is so lit no joke

  33. Kadra Atteyeh

    Kadra Atteyeh9 timmar sedan

    bets sidemen song far.keep going tobi.

  34. Liam Kearney

    Liam Kearney9 timmar sedan

    This bangs

  35. Rhys Willz

    Rhys Willz10 timmar sedan

    Yo what are you wearing man some one tell me, sick

  36. oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

    oh yeah yeah yeah yeah11 timmar sedan

    0% women 0% drugs 0% autotune 100% talent

  37. Barbed Wire

    Barbed Wire2 timmar sedan

    I hope,you but skywatcher

  38. SpEEdEx

    SpEEdEx11 timmar sedan

    8 million views already but seriously guys this man got 3.5 mill subs only Subscribe him....

  39. SuperSushiSaff 123

    SuperSushiSaff 12311 timmar sedan

    Omg I heard this on the radio

  40. Bcool 6699

    Bcool 669911 timmar sedan

    Nice beats

  41. Aksel Hotman

    Aksel Hotman11 timmar sedan

    I feel like Tobi is a more talented rapper than jj right now

  42. Alex Isaac

    Alex Isaac11 timmar sedan

    Tobi should do more music with his brother I wish I could play football with tobi

  43. Marek Ulicny

    Marek Ulicny12 timmar sedan

    Then u realize one of them supports united and the other Liverpool

  44. Squgley Creeper69XD

    Squgley Creeper69XD13 timmar sedan

    Tobi is the best singer in the sidemen

  45. Jakob nygardshaug

    Jakob nygardshaug13 timmar sedan

    Love it

  46. Angel Princess

    Angel Princess13 timmar sedan

    Destinated for greatness Back in school days I was known for my lateness!! Never liked the fakeness Always kept it real though Back to back on track with my lil bro Keep our heads high but we work with our heads low Destinated for greatness it was known from the get go Jheeze this song is hard👌💪

  47. walshy donno

    walshy donno14 timmar sedan

    Everyone saying tobi and manny but their sis is very underrated deserves alot more love than she's getting but mani and tobi defo killed it keep it up brothers u have the talent and voice for it 👍❤

  48. Ryan Evans

    Ryan Evans15 timmar sedan

    Not a bad song but would of been 20x better abit longer with a fire corus

  49. Mr Browny

    Mr Browny16 timmar sedan

    Vik is actually dripreport

  50. A1ex_Inverted

    A1ex_Inverted17 timmar sedan

    Who feels like Tobi is good at everything

  51. Stupid Twins

    Stupid Twins18 timmar sedan

    i like this

  52. Joseph Magowan Plays

    Joseph Magowan Plays18 timmar sedan

    This song inspiration to people who always think the worst

  53. Sam Redfern

    Sam Redfern18 timmar sedan

    My boys

  54. Oscar Castro

    Oscar Castro19 timmar sedan

    Imagine KSI brings all of them in to perform on hes shows

  55. Josh

    Josh19 timmar sedan

    this song should still be #1 on trending tbh

  56. Darth James

    Darth James20 timmar sedan

    This song was quit good, but it missed a drop of sorts, a small mix of tune

  57. Kyle Organ

    Kyle Organ21 timme sedan

    Wish this was on spotify

  58. Project Zeb

    Project Zeb21 timme sedan

    This is Tobi's 5th most viewed vid of all time after 2 weeks, pretty sure we'll all still be bumping it in a years time too

  59. Adam Boss

    Adam Boss21 timme sedan

    0:58 i got mine for free

  60. bilisha coli

    bilisha coli20 timmar sedan

    your are insane

  61. Adam Boss

    Adam Boss21 timme sedan

    0:19 dont mind me

  62. JarredxGM

    JarredxGM21 timme sedan


  63. BarryTheBroom

    BarryTheBroom22 timmar sedan

    nice to see people still comenting nice thing about this song although its nearly been out for a month

  64. S F

    S F22 timmar sedan

    💥💥It hits different

  65. TDEARY.

    TDEARY.22 timmar sedan