Top 10 Reasons Blu-ray Sucks - Cinemassacre

Here's James Rolfe's Top 10 Reasons Blu-ray Sucks on Cinemassacre. Well, except for the new AVGN BFG collection Blu-ray which you can get here:
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  1. Cinemassacre

    Cinemassacre9 dagar sedan

    Get the new AVGN BFG collection Blu-ray here:

  2. Someguy On The Internet

    Someguy On The Internet16 timmar sedan

    But does it have a dope menu?

  3. Channel X

    Channel X2 dagar sedan

    The irony.


    VICIOUSVICTOR TEE2 dagar sedan

    Was the PS3 Remote Recharged like a controller? Anyone....Thanks!

  5. Jeremy F

    Jeremy F2 dagar sedan

    AppleTV has search across streaming services. iTunes on AppleTV organizes movies in a grid, not a horizontal scrolling setup. You can rent or buy movies on iTunes, and they have almost everything.

  6. Its Okay To Be White Nationalist

    Its Okay To Be White Nationalist3 dagar sedan

    All the more reason to go to switch as sony and microsoft go woke.

  7. Zach Fisher

    Zach Fisher2 minuter sedan

    So while I agree with most of your issues, a lot of them are based on your ps3. I currently use my Xbox one and my pc for Blu-ray’s and it has eliminated half of your issues

  8. DrBjamin

    DrBjamin6 minuter sedan

    Just you wait until they come out with UV-ray... he's really going to be burning then

  9. Eric_T123

    Eric_T12331 minut sedan

    You have to update a movie now?????

  10. L. T C.

    L. T C.Timme sedan

    I actually haven't had an issue with getting to the menu on Blu Rays. IDK it was never a thing I wait for the FBI warning to pass and boom push the menu button and I'm watching my movie. Weird.

  11. F-zero91maru

    F-zero91maruTimme sedan

    I like dvds 📀 more than blu rays

  12. Paul Hanna

    Paul Hanna2 timmar sedan

    I still have yet to own a BD. Unless you count PS4 games. In which case I have four.

  13. Xell Dincht

    Xell Dincht2 timmar sedan

    It is kinda unnessessary to put movies on blue rays because you cant really fill the entire thing with content. For big games (lets say 50 giga bytes) it makes more sense

  14. James sickmore

    James sickmore2 timmar sedan

    Make MKV and plex and your done.

  15. Toxic Ghost

    Toxic Ghost2 timmar sedan

    And I've never had these problems u are having

  16. LaCokaNostra81

    LaCokaNostra812 timmar sedan

    8:22 he needed the money

  17. Toxic Ghost

    Toxic Ghost3 timmar sedan

    Also I only see those menus on modern dvds

  18. Brainache

    Brainache4 timmar sedan

    What drives me nuts about Blu-rays is how long they take to load, and especially how long they take to resume.

  19. Volts PC

    Volts PC5 timmar sedan

    Can’t you use that PS3 controller on a PS4, that way that you could watch 4K Blu-ray’s

  20. theoldar

    theoldar6 timmar sedan

    Most of these things don't have anything to do with the Blue-ray discs themselves.

  21. Tomiply

    Tomiply6 timmar sedan

    1:13 Nope, they would often lag and reset in dumb ways. Definitely much worse.

  22. Mark Albany

    Mark Albany6 timmar sedan

    DVD’s should do the decent thing and die. Everyone should be buying Blu-rays by now.

  23. Shy Shinoda

    Shy ShinodaTimme sedan

    It's only useful for video games

  24. Mark Albany

    Mark Albany6 timmar sedan

    Streaming is ok until your Wi fi starts playing up then it ain’t so good.

  25. Mark Albany

    Mark Albany6 timmar sedan

    I love Blu-rays and 4K blu-rays because I’m not bothered about bonus features. I personally think they are a waste of time, all I want to do is put the film in and watch it.

  26. Timogen Viente

    Timogen Viente7 timmar sedan

    Oh god this is horrible. The more advanced the tech is, the stupider it becomes. For physical media like the blue ray for that matter.

  27. Nour Mourad

    Nour Mourad7 timmar sedan

    Great video.

  28. goolizap

    goolizap8 timmar sedan

    you should use Reelgood. you search for a movie and it tells you where it's streaming

  29. animagi

    animagi9 timmar sedan

    hmm.. let's see.. lego movie wreck it ralph secret life of pets leprachaun returns I can't help but feel one of this flicks don't belongs here


    ASTROVISION Media9 timmar sedan

    Great video, I agree about the idea of a central hub to search through all streaming platfors. Fortunately that Google now does this. You can connect and search through Google Play Movies and it will give information of platform with portal.

  31. DARKHOUND Inc.

    DARKHOUND Inc.9 timmar sedan

    Gotta love Captain Spaulding

  32. Live Music

    Live Music9 timmar sedan

    I like the trailers because it reminds me of the cinema.

  33. Cyberfoxxy

    Cyberfoxxy9 timmar sedan

    Best video medium: Seagate - Ironwolf

  34. Konan Kid

    Konan Kid10 timmar sedan

    Someone else being mad about stock menus no one else cares it seems so glad you said it

  35. bambino100011

    bambino10001112 timmar sedan

    Remember Laser Discs??? Those large albums...

  36. DranSkyehart

    DranSkyehart12 timmar sedan

    My cable provider actually pulls movies from the services you have. I can search for a movie and if its on netflix, it will actually jump onto netflix and pull up the movies menu.

  37. the cat in tHE HAT

    the cat in tHE HAT12 timmar sedan

    I use movies anywhere for my digital movies all I have to do is put the code in and that's it.

  38. GalironRunner

    GalironRunner13 timmar sedan

    one advantage is a lot of disk are now coming with a digital code. Ive oddly never used any of the ones that came with my stuff

  39. Zack Wick

    Zack Wick13 timmar sedan

    Almost all of his complaints have never affected me and I own over 300 Blu rays

  40. George C.

    George C.14 timmar sedan

    since I mostly watch old shlock, blue ray has always seemed pointless to me.

  41. Brother Juggernaut

    Brother Juggernaut15 timmar sedan

    You got to remember bro, we did everything right, our generation is still to this day being imitated, poorly btw. From our games on millions of videos, constant movie remakes which are just white women playing pretend, disagree? Look at the remakes recently, what do you see? We did it right, and we cant be repeated or copied. Keep it up.

  42. KiguRoomie

    KiguRoomie15 timmar sedan

    should look into Plex, if you have the video can stream it anywhere


    ASRANILO15 timmar sedan

    nice video

  44. That Guy

    That Guy16 timmar sedan

    Echoes and hisses all over the place 🤣

  45. Nya Stclair

    Nya Stclair16 timmar sedan

    James go buy a PS4 and the blue tooth remote for it

  46. Avery Wayland

    Avery Wayland17 timmar sedan

    Also. I haven’t watched an actual 4K disk but apparently it’s only really works if you have a 4K TV if you have a 1080p screen the resolution will de-scale. I also herd that 4K disks play movies at 60fps instead of 24fps. You can see examples on youtube. But I’m honestly not sure since I haven’t actually watched a 4K disk before. For fast moving action movies I think it’s a good idea, like you could have all the visual effect heavy movies like marvel play at 60fps and then normal films at original 24Fps

  47. Frank V.

    Frank V.18 timmar sedan

    Go ahead and support streaming if you think it's so convenient. Once they have everyone on the bandwagon, they'll start adding trailers and commercials up the wazoo and you can complain about that then.

  48. mike LJR

    mike LJR19 timmar sedan

    Can't we buy and own movies digitally?

  49. aidanlongtheultragamer

    aidanlongtheultragamer19 timmar sedan

    I miss the menus

  50. sakuraglenn

    sakuraglenn19 timmar sedan

    Criterion, Arrow, Eureka ... Sure are dumb releasing movies in better quality on blu than you even got in the cinema ...

  51. Stereotypical Nerd

    Stereotypical Nerd21 timme sedan

    If you Google a movie or TV show, it shows what you can watch it on.

  52. Rishon TM

    Rishon TM21 timme sedan

    T H E N A M E

  53. Matt black

    Matt black21 timme sedan


  54. Mokujo

    Mokujo22 timmar sedan

    Pro-tip: After the FBI screen just press the "Top Menu" button

  55. DLGV Radio

    DLGV Radio23 timmar sedan

    Your video has some echo in it

  56. AustNerevar

    AustNerevar23 timmar sedan

    I just rip all my BDs and DVDs and host them on my own server via Plex. It's great being able to stream my DVDs and extras to my phone or TVs anywhere I might be.

  57. Pruthu Chauhan

    Pruthu ChauhanDag sedan

    Have you covered VCD's ??

  58. Ben Lantz

    Ben LantzDag sedan

    Awesome that you've got a physical copy of Coven

  59. Yanick Gendron

    Yanick GendronDag sedan

    Hope you know that it is name Blue Ray because it is a blue laser who read the media.... I hope, somebody like you....

  60. James Walker

    James WalkerDag sedan

    I agree with you partially. You disliked are essentially the same as mine. I like handling the product, though, and I'm not sure I trust storage of my purchased movies. Further, I think $3 is to expensive to rent a movie. But I'm a cheapskate, so that's on me.

  61. Jeremy Thompson

    Jeremy ThompsonDag sedan

    The house of 1000 corpses menu was the best and most memorable thing about that movie.

  62. J. F. D. Smit

    J. F. D. SmitDag sedan

    I got the AVGN movie on GoG! The best cheap cheesy movie ever!

  63. Mike Wilhelm

    Mike WilhelmDag sedan

    Streaming sucks. The video quality and sound quality are 100x better on 4K

  64. ThisguySL

    ThisguySLDag sedan

    5:03 I have a D that person can C. I had to and I'm not sorry for it.

  65. Funky22022

    Funky22022Dag sedan

    Also with streaming, even with the fastest connection available, you invariably lose picture quality. I talk too much

  66. navad108

    navad108Dag sedan

    I like movies on iTunes as they generally include the special features (not the cool menus though) but has the convenience of streaming and are in 4K if it’s available.