Trisha Paytas Insults Hila & We Met Belle Delphine - H3 Podcast #150

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  1. SuchRageVeryWow

    SuchRageVeryWow3 dagar sedan

    Dan is definitely high as fuck in this podcast. The eyes and the chips are telling

  2. Big Boot Bob

    Big Boot Bob8 dagar sedan

    She doesnt look fat- She looks decomposed Lmao This podcast rules ethans the man

  3. Big Boot Bob

    Big Boot Bob8 dagar sedan

    God the way she describes her puss is literally EVERYTHING no one wants lol

  4. *ṠḧḀṆ ḉḀṁṖ*

    *ṠḧḀṆ ḉḀṁṖ*12 dagar sedan

    she looks ridiculous in those giant child molester looks like someone played a prank on her n outlined a giant pair of binoculars with shoe polish

  5. Salty Frenchfry

    Salty Frenchfry15 dagar sedan

    The Zack and Ian ship is herw

  6. jenna

    jenna19 dagar sedan

    “Cadavers die with big tits sometimes” -Ethan Klein 2019

  7. daniella nunez

    daniella nunez20 dagar sedan

    fucking living for this apology video

  8. Trevor Wilson

    Trevor Wilson21 dag sedan

    They're conscious people lol.. Ethan felt bad and Ian knew he wasnt stupid..

  9. TheFreshPrinceOfSaiyans

    TheFreshPrinceOfSaiyans22 dagar sedan

    Protect Ian Squad.

  10. Geraint Baldwin

    Geraint Baldwin23 dagar sedan

    EVERYONE CHECK OUT kittysophie on chaturbate or type in kittysophie into google and look at the pictures it's belle Delphine and she masturbates on live cam using an American accent and telling everyone she is not belle Delphine but u can't fool me Your welcome :-) also her twitter is kittysophie99

  11. JohnnyLaw0516

    JohnnyLaw051623 dagar sedan

    Personally, I think since this podcast started till now, Hila has opened up and gotten so much more comfortable, imo. It's really great to see.

  12. Charlit Charlit

    Charlit Charlit24 dagar sedan

    The gatsby bit is so much better than the zack bit that would be so gross tbh

  13. Memory

    Memory25 dagar sedan

    Ethan called Jack Nicholsom "Nicholas Cage" in the shining topic and I'm so offended because that's one of my favorite horror movies 😂

  14. MermaidLuvly

    MermaidLuvly26 dagar sedan

    Ethan is definitely michael scott but sry hila isnt dwight. She more like jim and pam in one. Even holly she fits more but no one fits dwights character in the h3 podcast. Not yet anyway

  15. Nancy Escamilla

    Nancy Escamilla28 dagar sedan

    What’s with the face twitch I can’t watch anymore

  16. Red Sonja

    Red Sonja27 dagar sedan

    He has tics, it's not like he does it on purpose...

  17. Miss Kekistan

    Miss Kekistan28 dagar sedan

    Wow Trisha .. insulting Israel over showing your tiddies. Wow. This is kinda why they call you dumb. Stuff like that.

  18. Stone Angel

    Stone Angel28 dagar sedan

    Whoaw can't believe what a huge bitch Ian is lol

  19. Crøss.

    Crøss.29 dagar sedan

    *2 episodes later*

  20. Miri

    Miri29 dagar sedan

    Fun episode but honestly Ethan, rating women on their looks? "1 to 10 bro, would u bang? ". Thats embarrassing and I wish Hila would call him out on that type of ish.

  21. Cat Cipriano

    Cat Cipriano29 dagar sedan

    "You're on the wrong street couz"

  22. Tommy Anderson

    Tommy AndersonMånad sedan

    Do a Disney ride tier list

  23. Braden Smith

    Braden SmithMånad sedan

    Man why tf is everyone so salty about Ethan being upset and joking around. The girl found out about this thing THROUGH the podcast and the refused to come on and ruined the segment. Obviously Ethan’s not actually pissed but he has a right to pester him about it

  24. Ashton Nelson

    Ashton NelsonMånad sedan

    ian is spongebob zach is patrick dan is squidward

  25. eli bankz

    eli bankzMånad sedan

    I think they already had Trisha lined up for the show before this. Also the Bobby Lee podcast seemed a bit rehearsed.

  26. May Dove Canady

    May Dove CanadyMånad sedan

    To is to Hila: you are MY QUEEN 👑 period! So lovely & so even-tempered, perfectly mature but a slammin sense of humor at the same time. Your one-liners always crack me up. We're all dead ass on point to adore you, girl

  27. May Dove Canady

    May Dove CanadyMånad sedan

    🍷 to Hila!

  28. nico

    nicoMånad sedan

    the twitch thot anomaly is different than whatever you were talking about, its because of the bias on twitch

  29. spook ayy

    spook ayyMånad sedan

    9:46 LAUGH ind the background

  30. Bloodstainer

    BloodstainerMånad sedan

    I think it's a bit misleading saying it's "incels" that mass reported Belle's instagram when 2 large feminist anti-porn movements were behind the campaign. Incels are pathetic in their own way, but when it comes to hating on sexual content on instagram, it's usually extreme left wing feminists pushing a lot of anti-porn campaigns and claims about porn.

  31. dumpsterch1cken

    dumpsterch1ckenMånad sedan

    34:17 Hila looks piiiiisssed

  32. Jonasftw

    JonasftwMånad sedan

    I laughed harder and harder as they kept replaying that scooter clip XD

  33. lisbeth salander

    lisbeth salanderMånad sedan

    Anyone have a link to trisha’s pictures loll can’t find them

  34. David Park

    David ParkMånad sedan

    1:53:07 Keep slamming it into your veins while smoking posh cigarettes. Hila’s reaction was priceless.

  35. David Park

    David ParkMånad sedan

    Mass shootings are almost always fake.

  36. David Park

    David ParkMånad sedan

    “Hila” is the type of wife I want. (quiet like a mouse)

  37. David Park

    David ParkMånad sedan

    “Reactionception” one more level please..

  38. David Micklin

    David MicklinMånad sedan

    ian sucks get rid of him we have zach now and zach can hang

  39. Tom G

    Tom GMånad sedan

    I’ll be honest. I don’t like Ian he ruins everything and he’s so boring. Get him gone.

  40. Inika Inika

    Inika InikaMånad sedan

    Ethan should relate to incels more, seeing as he'd most likely be one if he'd never met Hila...

  41. Rick Nash

    Rick NashMånad sedan

    Poor ian ethan roasts him

  42. Jasmine Liron

    Jasmine LironMånad sedan

    Reply to this so I know why I liked this video @19:15

  43. Lucy K

    Lucy KMånad sedan

    Jasmine Liron ?