Trisha Paytas is a Man

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  1. Justin Lawson

    Justin Lawson12 timmar sedan

    I'm a male who likes to hang out with girls. It's because I love pussy.

  2. eric burhed

    eric burhed2 dagar sedan

    She looks like a guy

  3. Cam Bests

    Cam Bests5 dagar sedan


  4. Kyle Lambing

    Kyle Lambing6 dagar sedan

    Geeesh, this is what happens when you become the worst part of your own show

  5. Ashley Smith

    Ashley Smith7 dagar sedan

    He’s kinda sounds like a mad middle schooler who gets bullied

  6. Steven Bencmo

    Steven Bencmo8 dagar sedan

    Her face looks like she has ass breath all the time.

  7. Rai Rai

    Rai Rai10 dagar sedan

    Ethan, stop wasting my time!! :D

  8. Pam Fay

    Pam Fay11 dagar sedan

    Needs to shave the stash

  9. Pam Fay

    Pam Fay11 dagar sedan

    What’s wrong with her mouth

  10. Pam Fay

    Pam Fay11 dagar sedan

    What is it suppose to be?! Lollll

  11. DomZilla

    DomZilla13 dagar sedan

    Bitch legit flamboyant with her nails coming out as trans

  12. Ian Saint-Germain

    Ian Saint-Germain13 dagar sedan

    Bro plz get contra points on

  13. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ14 dagar sedan

    Cmon dawg, a chicken nugget? She’s trolling. Let’s move on.

  14. The Black_Moon Studios

    The Black_Moon Studios14 dagar sedan

    Anyone know the shirt Hila is wearing?

  15. Yin

    Yin14 dagar sedan

    "look at that shot baybaaa, that shit dont look trans to me!"

  16. Slice

    Slice14 dagar sedan

    Didn’t she eat a bucket of fake cum for a video?

  17. Cassie

    Cassie15 dagar sedan

    I love hila’s presence, so calming. Can’t feel upset about trisha’s bullshit when I see her face.

  18. Aimee N

    Aimee N15 dagar sedan

    Everyone knows Trisha is an FAS midget... Its often said she has high functioning down syndrome too.

  19. blake mcmurray

    blake mcmurray15 dagar sedan

    “She prolly got knarly ass genitals” 😂

  20. Graeme Guthrie

    Graeme Guthrie16 dagar sedan

    Looks like she had a stroke

  21. Snailor

    Snailor16 dagar sedan

    As a representative of the transsexuals I’d like to say that we don’t want her, she doesn’t fill any of the requirements we have to join. Is any other minority group willing to take her?

  22. Chesscake

    Chesscake14 dagar sedan

    Amy Jeane I, the representative of Aromantics have second the motion on passing it to the Straights.

  23. Amy Jeane

    Amy Jeane14 dagar sedan

    As a representative of the bisexuals I would like to say that we are no longer accepting applications for bloated lumps of melting silicone and cheese. We politely suggest that the straights take her.

  24. CheekyKnob

    CheekyKnob16 dagar sedan

    0:54 did Ethan describe Trisha as a female hyena?

  25. April Rawls

    April Rawls16 dagar sedan

    Trisha should never go without makeup...ever!

  26. Chris Bruggers

    Chris Bruggers16 dagar sedan

    What a train wreck this person is, whatever they are...

  27. Sarah no

    Sarah no16 dagar sedan

    I see where you were going with Voldo and her nails. And she has also said she was a teletubbie before and shoved one in her mouth.

  28. oy59

    oy5916 dagar sedan

    these comments are so mean

  29. MosMoneyENT

    MosMoneyENT17 dagar sedan

    Wtf is that thing? 🤪🤢🤮

  30. Jiro Kap

    Jiro Kap17 dagar sedan

    Unpopular opinion 🚨 but... Trisha is actually an amazing troll and her whole persona is just a statement about how the world sees her. If you follow her career she started up on SEgos literally just making videos in trolly characters for years. She spent years on reality shows just being this insane personality and has gotten rich provoking people and laughing about it. You should have her on the podcast and get her to come out of character it would be soo interesting! Do it before Shane lol

  31. Orange Man

    Orange Man17 dagar sedan

    They need to stop trying to hold Ethan back

  32. Sir Dankleberry

    Sir Dankleberry18 dagar sedan

    She looks like the poster child for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

  33. Ben Andrew

    Ben Andrew14 dagar sedan

    It’s funny because it’s actually true

  34. Ju A.z

    Ju A.z18 dagar sedan

    Finally someone says it

  35. heather faith

    heather faith18 dagar sedan

    hot dog lips

  36. Sa Wa

    Sa Wa18 dagar sedan

    It doesnt sound like you understand things that you speak about. Now I can't listen to your podcast without losing my self respect.

  37. Dark Heart

    Dark Heart16 dagar sedan

    Bye bye then

  38. Itsoktocryyy XoX

    Itsoktocryyy XoX18 dagar sedan

    @h3h3 ever since you got Pregnant you both have become way less funny please make a change and bring the old H3 back we’re prepared to become irrelevant and keep making clothes that’s the best product you have any more

  39. Itsoktocryyy XoX

    Itsoktocryyy XoX18 dagar sedan

    *or prepare to become irrelevant

  40. Meishawn1374

    Meishawn137418 dagar sedan

    Trisha Paytas is a mentally ill, histrionic attention whore. If it weren't for her money shed be locked up somewhere

  41. t h

    t h18 dagar sedan

    Like Hila said, these are just things most people think about. She’s confused and going through some things, but most people wouldn’t post about them on the internet. Her entire life she’s been posting all her thoughts the minute they come up, long before social media became a “thing”, and to be honest this is what people want from her and why they watch her and connect with her. If anything im surprised people don’t like her more for being completely honest and unfiltered, rather than focusing on an “image” or money. If you don’t like what she posts or are offended by what she says, don’t watch her videos.. I don’t know why this concept is so hard for people. Also, if you don’t put so much emphasis on other people’s opinions of you, you can’t get so offended. Calm down

  42. Jessie Lynn

    Jessie Lynn18 dagar sedan

    Can you believe. . .People like that nut Trisha vote. . . 🤦🏻‍♀️ I literally do NOT understand how/why she gets the attention that she gets.

  43. Emily Crim

    Emily Crim19 dagar sedan

    A 10 inch clit 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 sexy

  44. ang el

    ang el19 dagar sedan

    u love her craziness so you can profit off of it

  45. arrowshot3000

    arrowshot300019 dagar sedan

    why is she always on the floor?

  46. Eliana H

    Eliana H19 dagar sedan

    Yes, please invite Contra! 👌🏻👌🏻

  47. Hopper S

    Hopper S19 dagar sedan

    Heres a weird way to view it...trans people are disrespectful to people with gender disphoria.

  48. Jacob Mann

    Jacob Mann19 dagar sedan

    if you watch your own youtube video and ads play, do you get money from it

  49. Ghost Rider

    Ghost Rider19 dagar sedan

    But she gets surgery to make her look more feminine......SHE HAS ADMITTED IT SEVERAL TIMES! Can she please get off the internet??

  50. Derpy Derpstein

    Derpy Derpstein19 dagar sedan

    Is he still a man?

  51. Durian Rider

    Durian Rider19 dagar sedan

    *Whether you’re trying to spot a potential school shooter, a dangerous romantic partner, a total liar at work, a scammer on the internet, or someone pushing a bogus business deal on you, it helps to know some of the warning signs for sociopaths like Trisha Paytas. Everything that she spews out of her mouth is a damn lie.*

  52. TooManyPuppies215

    TooManyPuppies21519 dagar sedan

    Butthurt about his tiny dick hahahaha.

  53. Mel Walker

    Mel Walker19 dagar sedan

    Voldo is the shit

  54. N Gal

    N Gal20 dagar sedan

    the prolonged abuse of her body have her thinking all these things. she needs to stop abusing herself and stop letting men abuse her too

  55. That guy

    That guy20 dagar sedan

    lol voldo

  56. Owen Smith

    Owen Smith20 dagar sedan

    Soul caliber lmaoooo !!!

  57. The Flame On Fire!!!

    The Flame On Fire!!!20 dagar sedan

    Trisha is mental illness. She really needs help.

  58. protools fanatic

    protools fanatic20 dagar sedan

    she looks like a blow fish.

  59. Lindsey Badge

    Lindsey Badge20 dagar sedan

    She's such an attention seeking, disgusting tramp

  60. Anamaria Pintilii

    Anamaria Pintilii20 dagar sedan

    I am sorry ! But at the beginning of your video you said she has a bigger cl** as a man dingo :-) ! I have this my self,maybe not that big to be proud! But I never trusted meself to a intimacy life till 20 year of my life because my C**T ! I was so depressed and asked my parents to go true an operation because I had trust issues! With age i start to gain ...slowly trust myself...but at the beginning my future husband told me." I THINK YOUR MOTHER WANTED TO HAVE A BOY...THAT'S WAY YOU HAVE THAT" I AM OVER IT ! Now ,but not when I was 15 till 22 ! So please don't heart me this way! Maybe is funny..i am watching po** and i see all those beautifully curves! Even then now a days I attack myself 44 %of the time this video bought to me old memories! If I am the only one ...sorry...but i need to Express my connection to this video! LG ANAMARIA Edit question: Should I identified as something just because mutti borne me like this?

  61. Lindsey Badge

    Lindsey Badge20 dagar sedan


  62. Lincoln Brueck

    Lincoln Brueck20 dagar sedan

    Although I don't disagree with Ethan and what he is saying, it kind of feels immature the way he is acting in this clip. It starts out with him being kind of butt hurt over a tweet, he attacks her out of spite rather than genuinely reacting to the cringe like his old content. The way his whole crew just backs him up and laughs at his attacks makes it feel like I'm watching Sam Seder or something in that vein. Anyways, I miss the old H3, but everything moves on.

  63. Mr. X

    Mr. X21 dag sedan

    Mental illness ....

  64. tcore ctroll

    tcore ctroll21 dag sedan

    This host nigga is on METH

  65. Viking 1982

    Viking 198221 dag sedan

    Its a bit cringe when hila fake laughs at ethans jokes, you can tell she is so uncomfortable on the show. I hope she gets over that, Ethan is a funny dude but those cringe giggles are weird

  66. Brenda

    Brenda21 dag sedan

    Can you do a video of Tila Tequila who says she made love with Jesus for 3hours and she said said that Jesus got to be a virgin again and he popped her Cherry here is the only bride of Christ here is her latest video