Trisha Paytas is a Man

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  1. P D

    P D6 dagar sedan

    Dude...the scars on her boobs are NASTY!

  2. Optimistic Onon

    Optimistic Onon13 dagar sedan

    Bitch dont u dare body shame my boy Ethan, he thiccer than u

  3. Hoden Krebs

    Hoden Krebs15 dagar sedan

    ethan goes off the rails, I love it

  4. Bill Sussman

    Bill SussmanMånad sedan

    Her tits look like closed graboid's mouths.

  5. Skup Media Group

    Skup Media GroupMånad sedan

    its a brop bra + top.

  6. TheKupaKeep420

    TheKupaKeep420Månad sedan

    Trisha is amazing and a national treasure


    SUNNY HOLMESMånad sedan

    Ethan says China the same way trump says China no disrespect just an observation

  8. Jarrett Richey

    Jarrett RicheyMånad sedan

    Trisha is fing retarded.

  9. chris weidemann

    chris weidemannMånad sedan

    I like the porn video with Trisha and Lena The Plug haha

  10. Jamir Gordon

    Jamir GordonMånad sedan

    Trisha is a female, and that is finale. She claims to be a male but doesn’t understand the transgender community.

  11. LUNACIE 2.0

    LUNACIE 2.0Månad sedan

    Have Blaire White on!

  12. Miss. State-1993

    Miss. State-1993Månad sedan

    This girl is mentally ill. To quote the great Ethan Klein, “Not that there is anything wrong with that”.

  13. Miss. State-1993

    Miss. State-1993Månad sedan

    “Gnarly ass genitals” 😂

  14. lisa

    lisaMånad sedan

    People over-think themselves these days. Glad I grew up in a simpler time or I might've gotten caught up in this wishy washy thinking she has.

  15. Emily Cancilla

    Emily CancillaMånad sedan

    The only videos where she actually has views is when she's crying.... She probably does that stuff because she gets tons of views and therefore money.

  16. Connor Woolley

    Connor WoolleyMånad sedan

    Ethan just casually obsessing over more women in front of hila

  17. Heather Comeaux

    Heather ComeauxMånad sedan

    Her face looks crazy in this one, I've seen her cute before, not pretty, per se, and not like this.

  18. Skyler Woods

    Skyler Woods2 månader sedan

    Sorry but, lgbtq+ isn't going to allow Trisha into the community. :))

  19. Josh White

    Josh White2 månader sedan

    Ethan is obsessed with the size of Trisha's clit.

  20. J Boi GamingXD

    J Boi GamingXD2 månader sedan

    Is this guy Wacking off underneath the table or is he just high on drugs?🤨

  21. M X67

    M X672 månader sedan

    You have to be as dumb as her in order to subscribe and listen to the stupidity on a constant basis.......I swear generation of people are getting dumber and dumber

  22. Clover

    Clover2 månader sedan

    There both inbred

  23. Xhelloxshane X

    Xhelloxshane X2 månader sedan

    I love that people like Ethan and Idubbbz are not homophobic or transphobic, but at they same time, they recognize and call out people like Trisha's me..I'm a gay male and I have tons of trans I'm aware of what trans is and what trans looks like, and that isn't Trisha

  24. Red Alexander

    Red Alexander2 månader sedan

    I could swear she said "I'm overwhelmed by the amount of backwash I got..."

  25. jnie swartz

    jnie swartz3 månader sedan

    She’s pathetic! She looks at being transgender as a trend she wants to be a part of. She’s pretending to be trans because everyone else is coming so why can’t she? She’s a sad, pathetic excuse of a human being. Not to mention she’s a disgusting tub of lard. She’s a slob.

  26. Jose Bottom

    Jose Bottom3 månader sedan

    The only trans thing about Trisha is her being trans fat

  27. Antonio Del Real

    Antonio Del Real3 månader sedan

    What a pathetic cuckold

  28. Seanigan88

    Seanigan883 månader sedan

    AHHHHH Ethan, I love you, but *please* PLAY the FUCKING CLIP and THEN talk.

  29. Kitty

    Kitty3 månader sedan

    You can tell he really hates her. He points out anything about her. She's a bully tho and has hurt many people.

  30. Kitty

    Kitty3 månader sedan

    I feel sorry for her. She seems really mentally ill. Clueless.

  31. Tanner Madison

    Tanner Madison3 månader sedan

    How come low hanging fruit is always so bitter?

  32. cali kid 5275

    cali kid 52753 månader sedan

    Holy fuck Ricky it’s the cheeseburger walrus

  33. Nikki Noelle

    Nikki Noelle3 månader sedan

    Did we ever find the chicken nugget pic?

  34. Nikki Noelle

    Nikki Noelle3 månader sedan


  35. Icy Penguin

    Icy Penguin3 månader sedan

    So who thinks Trisha should get some sort of legal punishment for not notifying sexual partners with her many sexually transmitted diseases ?

  36. Blake Ward

    Blake Ward3 månader sedan

    Trisha looks like a 🐷🐷🐷

  37. Roberto Le rota

    Roberto Le rota3 månader sedan

    Trisha is the worst. Shes like a mental illness freak show. Only thing i get from her is to get my kids therapy early.

  38. Mike Fortune

    Mike Fortune3 månader sedan

    Lmao Ethan you’re hilarious. Seem like a sound guy. Thanks for the content

  39. Xhelloxshane X

    Xhelloxshane X3 månader sedan

    So...Trisha is a black trans gay man who has also had 100 breast enlargement surgeries ...

  40. Jamie Dale

    Jamie Dale3 månader sedan

    I'm assuming her claim to fame is being in eminem's rockstar video

  41. Tensai Kodai

    Tensai Kodai3 månader sedan

    Contrapoints on H3H3 my two loves coming together PLEASE

  42. Jackers007

    Jackers0073 månader sedan

    Geez lotta transphobia Ethan

  43. Stalker

    Stalker3 månader sedan

    She's fucking hideous is what she is.

  44. MarlinBallZ

    MarlinBallZ3 månader sedan

    Was she really a dude before

  45. John Tron

    John Tron3 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="550">9:10</a> what ?? 😂😂😂 and eliah just laughs 😂😂 wtf 💀

  46. Zeelow95

    Zeelow953 månader sedan

    What da fuck is that thing?

  47. Julian A

    Julian A3 månader sedan

    Best part <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="53">0:53</a>

  48. Metalbear 81

    Metalbear 814 månader sedan

    Never even heard of Trisha till Eathen & Hila, such a horrible person. OMG, without a painted face 🤢🤢🤮, put your 2coats of paint back on, so gross, I'd take Hila any day

  49. HighPriest VaticanAssasinWarlock

    HighPriest VaticanAssasinWarlock4 månader sedan

    Voldo lol. Ha.

  50. darkmatter

    darkmatter4 månader sedan

    Trisha is one of the kids that bought the stupid spoiled whore video playset

  51. NIc K

    NIc K4 månader sedan

    I wonder how often, off the camera hila does the "knock it off, hand chopping head off" gesture to Ethan

  52. Elizabeth Miller

    Elizabeth Miller4 månader sedan

    Bruh shes ugly as shit

  53. Sparky Z

    Sparky Z4 månader sedan

    Plot twist: a man is Trisha Paytas? Coming to theatres staring Joaquin Phoenix.

  54. Jordan Allen

    Jordan Allen4 månader sedan

    Reported for transphobic attacks on Trisha, a biological man.

  55. King Tame

    King Tame4 månader sedan

    I seen her pussy tho

  56. Skulburger rocks

    Skulburger rocks4 månader sedan

    It may be tiny....... but it's very thin!

  57. Nocreditcardsorgiftcardsbitches Whatwhatwhat

    Nocreditcardsorgiftcardsbitches Whatwhatwhat4 månader sedan

    Hila is amazing

  58. Tiffany Jenkins

    Tiffany Jenkins4 månader sedan

    Does Jason Nash know he was with a Transgender M to F Female???

  59. DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer4 månader sedan

    Watched these out of order so I knew what he said in this video but it still got me😂😂

  60. jnie swartz

    jnie swartz4 månader sedan

    Trisha is a moron! That water buffalo beast thought the dictator of North Korea was Chinese! Fat slob is dumb as shit too. So she’s fat, ugly, sloppy AND dumb.

  61. Ashleigh Holmes

    Ashleigh Holmes4 månader sedan

    Is Hila’s sweater a Teddy Fresh sweater?

  62. vinciroth

    vinciroth4 månader sedan

    It looks like somebody smacked her in the face with a nettles branch over and over

  63. Riley Draws

    Riley Draws4 månader sedan

    The amount ethan will talk about genitals in slight detail is very unnerving

  64. Jc Reaper137

    Jc Reaper1374 månader sedan

    this is why cousins dont fuck cousins...

  65. Lady Bloodie

    Lady Bloodie4 månader sedan

    Man he looking so tired

  66. Bobby Fellman

    Bobby Fellman5 månader sedan

    Idk if it’s just my perceptions, because I don’t often watch this show. But every time I come back I notice the relationship between members and the content of the videos becoming evermore stale.

  67. BURY'EM UNDER קרקע אדמה lRON911SCAR96keyMEAT

    BURY'EM UNDER קרקע אדמה lRON911SCAR96keyMEAT5 månader sedan


  68. Cathy Brash

    Cathy Brash5 månader sedan

    i have BPD and i can cry quite easily

  69. The Deadid 1

    The Deadid 15 månader sedan

    Which groups have I not tried to manipulate by saying I'm one of then? Trans? Ok, new audience to try n sucker in!

  70. Chaiyapoon Tang

    Chaiyapoon Tang5 månader sedan

    She's not editing shit,she's not doing the work.....He's not editing shit,he's not doing the work.....Ze's not editing shit,ze's not doing the work.....Them's not editing shit,them's not doing the work.....Gotta Love 2019.

  71. Domenico Elio Bressanello

    Domenico Elio Bressanello6 månader sedan

    What if she is not sitting on the floor, and she is just a super small midget ???

  72. NobleNumenorean

    NobleNumenorean6 månader sedan

    I knew this was the next stunt she was going to pull.

  73. Starla Dawn

    Starla Dawn6 månader sedan

    You should invite kalvin garrah on!

  74. Do You See What I See Productions

    Do You See What I See Productions6 månader sedan

    I find it amusing that you pretend to be an advocate for no bullying and mental illness and here you are not practicing what you preach. Grow the fuck up, bud! Your actions are a good example on why people are depressed and killing themselves. You sad the INTERNET killed that Etika dude. Think about that? I use to subscribe to your content but I noticed I was getting more and more stupid, with every show that I watch so I unsubscribed. Love the show where you talked about opening the email of a hot fan but those good shows are far and few between....

  75. Chris Mason

    Chris Mason6 månader sedan

    Female. Male. Gay. Lesbian.... Give me every label. I WANT THEM ALL!

  76. kim

    kim6 månader sedan

    here she is eating a bucket of chicken

  77. edmond fazliu

    edmond fazliu6 månader sedan

    Proof that this hole gender shit is getting way out of hand 🤦🏻‍♂️😆

  78. Hannah_belmer

    Hannah_belmer6 månader sedan

    Dude this is why nobody takes the LGBT community seriously What a bummer

  79. Justin Lawson

    Justin Lawson6 månader sedan

    I'm a male who likes to hang out with girls. It's because I love pussy.

  80. eric burhed

    eric burhed6 månader sedan

    She looks like a guy