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Top 2019 AVGN Moments

Top 2019 AVGN Moments

2 månader sedan

Spawn (1997) - Rental Reviews
  1. Logan The Burnout And R Tuned Fan 2K5

    Logan The Burnout And R Tuned Fan 2K536 minuter sedan

    After that Hong Kong 97 review on the AVGN series, I honestly tried it by myself, and boy I really hated it, in fact I even found myself yelling "WHY WAS THE BACKGROUND COCA COLA?!" when the screen displayed that

  2. 23s 40p

    23s 40p37 minuter sedan

    Its funny how AVGN has done same thing for every epsoide for 13 years and it still hasn't gotten old

  3. Steven Rodriguez

    Steven Rodriguez38 minuter sedan

    2:27 I can make something 10x better, makes the same thing. Lol

  4. Tony L

    Tony L39 minuter sedan

    This was clearly 2 games meshed together as a sonic game.

  5. Gage Karet

    Gage Karet42 minuter sedan

    Is it just me, or does he seem really sad that he’s not in the past. Nostalgia is killing him


    PEACEWALKER42 minuter sedan

    Goosebumps all over man!

  7. Dario Gomez

    Dario Gomez45 minuter sedan

    So if you come across a copy that does have thriller is it worth more money?

  8. Clandestine Comments

    Clandestine Comments46 minuter sedan


  9. Clandestine Comments

    Clandestine Comments48 minuter sedan

    Man your looking old. I hope ur not the next old celebrity to go in the 2020s

  10. Corey Gray

    Corey Gray49 minuter sedan

    eat pillow Yuck!

  11. Joshua Smith

    Joshua Smith53 minuter sedan

    Doctor freeman

  12. Eugene Chee

    Eugene Chee57 minuter sedan

    Jumbo and Scorp from Saturday Night Slammasters were awesome!

  13. Kevin Jackson

    Kevin Jackson57 minuter sedan

    I'm looking to physically own this film. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'd just like to get the version with the best soundtrack and picture.

  14. Kyle Harmon

    Kyle Harmon57 minuter sedan

    what the fuck is going on with the bat-winged dildos in mephistos level? lol

  15. Matt Rikli

    Matt RikliTimme sedan

    Megaman on DOS wasn’t that bad. He’ll probably tell me that Off Road was a terrible too.

  16. Ender Martin

    Ender MartinTimme sedan

    Strongly disagree with Ryan. This is one of my favorite beat-em-ups and I think in some ways it’s more balanced than Double Dragon 2 because it doesn’t have all that awful platforming in the last stages of Double Dragon 2. Sure, it’s not as good as Turtles in Time or some others, but I think it’s solid all the way through. It’s not fast-paced but I don’t mind; not all fighting games have to be fast-paced. I like this style too because you can be more deliberate with the moves.

  17. Ian Gates

    Ian GatesTimme sedan

    still amazed at the shear number of nes games in his collection, wish i never loaned out one game , i be clearing 200 by now.

  18. Brandon League

    Brandon LeagueTimme sedan

    This game has an entry in the Capcom Encyclopedia.

  19. Jerald Bennett

    Jerald BennettTimme sedan

    Have you guys done Kung Pow, Enter the Fist? That is another one you have to watch over and over to catch all the jokes

  20. Deadpool231

    Deadpool231Timme sedan

    Awsome bro

  21. Tyrone Taylor

    Tyrone TaylorTimme sedan

    8:00 yep 😉👍🏽

  22. Eugene Chee

    Eugene CheeTimme sedan

    Hogan's power up was a cross because he used to wear a golden cross chain back then.

  23. Clandestine Comments

    Clandestine CommentsTimme sedan

    Lol the blonde dish girl looool

  24. Wow 3

    Wow 3Timme sedan

    You're winner

  25. robtuse

    robtuseTimme sedan

    Do Flight of Dragons?

  26. Russell Lemieux

    Russell LemieuxTimme sedan

    Ahhh my ptsd ....Cassylevania

  27. Tyrone Taylor

    Tyrone TaylorTimme sedan

    Tim Burton inspiration? 🤔

  28. 게임하는코튼캔디

    게임하는코튼캔디Timme sedan

    아니 시발 븅신

  29. matt Marshall

    matt MarshallTimme sedan

    Man he didn't even mention the Gameboy Micro

  30. o7

    o7Timme sedan

    Nice to see someone else agree the game is over rated, this game re uses way too much stuff from OoT and the whole timer gimmick is incredibly dumb, idc that it makes the game “unique” being unique isn’t always good

  31. InvaderPet

    InvaderPetTimme sedan

    10:25 Hm. Sonic '06 predicted the Sonic movie/Call of the Wild rivalry.

  32. Flux Fist

    Flux FistTimme sedan

    Very excellent film tribute. You did it justice!

  33. dnznzn fjsnsnsms

    dnznzn fjsnsnsmsTimme sedan

    AVGN should do Breath of the Wild.

  34. Sage

    SageTimme sedan

    Murders of the Rue Morgue wasn't a Tim Burton was an Edgar Allen Poe thing.

  35. Troy Diggs

    Troy DiggsTimme sedan

    ... Mark Linn-Baker? That was random.


    PEACEWALKERTimme sedan

    Awesome! xD

  37. Collin Green

    Collin GreenTimme sedan

    I hate this game too 😡😡

  38. agjr18

    agjr18Timme sedan

    You forgot to mention that peewees Playhouse is also Heavily influenced by this movie

  39. Wyatt Spinney

    Wyatt SpinneyTimme sedan

    Yay more oldies reviews!!!

  40. baddmanaz

    baddmanazTimme sedan

    Good! None of that rental review nonsense!

  41. Keith Tiedtke

    Keith TiedtkeTimme sedan

    You should review "Muppets Adventure" for the NES.

  42. TheXKL1NEx

    TheXKL1NExTimme sedan

    I've always hated Ferris Buhlers Day Off. I hate how smug he his and how he gets away with everything.

  43. Yeah Right

    Yeah RightTimme sedan

    James is a greedy video game player

  44. Otie Floro

    Otie FloroTimme sedan

    DUDE this is actually kinda mindblowing and crazy. Its amazing the influence this film and actors had. Great review James!

  45. Doomvalley64

    Doomvalley64Timme sedan

    Indiana Jones pretends that a snake is a rope while he was in quicksand in the Crystal Skull

  46. Wuffie

    WuffieTimme sedan

    After saving or playing the song of time. I just would run around the field and cut grass on the way to the next place or while exploring to get my item's back.

  47. Johnny Ace

    Johnny AceTimme sedan

    Was the floating head lady modelled after Sinead O Connor??

  48. Arcade Kaos

    Arcade KaosTimme sedan


  49. Miles Beining

    Miles BeiningTimme sedan

    Netflix listened. Kinda.

  50. Victor Ruse

    Victor RuseTimme sedan

    You played Zelda on my Birthday!! :)))

  51. W. Dearth

    W. DearthTimme sedan

    I grew up with an NES and never played Zelda. Not once.

  52. Garrison Nichols

    Garrison Nichols2 timmar sedan

    9:47 Going to Shit your pants!

  53. Neformalis

    Neformalis2 timmar sedan

    One more relatet thing. Movie "Queen of the damned" has a video "The vampire Lestat - Forsaken" that pays homage to Caligari.

  54. Leo Rodrìguez Guti

    Leo Rodrìguez Guti2 timmar sedan


  55. WalterTheGermanyBall

    WalterTheGermanyBall2 timmar sedan

    Altered Beast is great!

  56. mattchew hadaway

    mattchew hadaway2 timmar sedan

    Obi does give luke a light saber in a cave lol, right?

  57. Joey G

    Joey G2 timmar sedan

    I'm pretty sure I watch you play this game as a nerd my memory hardly ever fails me

  58. Garibaldi Britann

    Garibaldi Britann2 timmar sedan

    Nerd if you want the similar game, but better? Try Air Combat or Ace Combat PS2 Trilogy

  59. Jack Liengme

    Jack Liengme2 timmar sedan

    This video is making me nostalgic for a time I didn't even exist.

  60. Poke Fan124

    Poke Fan1242 timmar sedan

    7:27 lol

  61. NeonTyler

    NeonTyler2 timmar sedan

    20:18 that dudes face lol

  62. Josh Abatecola

    Josh Abatecola2 timmar sedan

    I don't like how the theme song has no bass.

  63. Marcaek

    Marcaek2 timmar sedan

    Hey nerd! Do Console Doom!

  64. Kurtis Gomske

    Kurtis Gomske2 timmar sedan

    PLEX! Rip your library to a few big hard drives and throw them in a decently powerful system.

  65. Prince Stormstrider

    Prince Stormstrider2 timmar sedan

    This reminds me of the time the Nostalgia Critic made a Let's Play of Bart's Nightmare, and everyone hated it. It got so much backlash, Doug wouldn't do another Let's Play for years, until the Dragon's Lair review with Don Bluth himself. Now I want to see a sequel to the AVGN Simpsons episode with those other bad Simpsons games, including Bart's Nightmare.

  66. Gruesome Crewsome Productions

    Gruesome Crewsome Productions2 timmar sedan

    Nice "rhode island slut" sign behind James

  67. Gruesome Crewsome Productions

    Gruesome Crewsome Productions2 timmar sedan

    It was in the prequel. Freda felcher was the "mary" in that one.

  68. Chris Taylor

    Chris Taylor2 timmar sedan

    I cant comprehend how Majora's Mask is a "difficult" game. It's one of the most formulaic of the franchise. James you missed the boat on this one pal.

  69. Cory Brock

    Cory Brock2 timmar sedan

    Wow! Great catch on that System of a Down hand from their self titled album!

  70. karim tanfous

    karim tanfous2 timmar sedan

    Hi James, for the monster madness 2020 season, why you don't make a special for another 100th anniversary? Der Golem [how he came into the world] was released on 29th Oktober 1920. Thanks a lot for your Videos.

  71. scantsquad

    scantsquad2 timmar sedan

    Very good

  72. Gruesome Crewsome Productions

    Gruesome Crewsome Productions2 timmar sedan

    Check out jeff daniels in the 2 civil wars movies. Hes classically trained.

  73. Cody Sullivan

    Cody Sullivan2 timmar sedan

    Still adore how good of a musician and lyricist Kyle is.

  74. Rance Rispler

    Rance Rispler2 timmar sedan

    James and I disagree. Han and chewy halt star wars for me. Instead of moving forward with all the new characters they gotta find a way to milk the prior series.

  75. JBob08

    JBob082 timmar sedan

    A boy and his Blob is the original Portal

  76. Cristina

    Cristina2 timmar sedan

    I loved this movie, i think I watched some years ago when you talked about it in an other video

  77. Clandestine Comments

    Clandestine Comments2 timmar sedan

    Anyone else see the Nazi swastika on his wall?

  78. 12ealDeal

    12ealDeal2 timmar sedan

    Logged in just to say: James, you're a national treasure. You're humbleness and ability to teach without sounding like you're teaching is a rare gift. Thanks for all the entertainment.

  79. J

    J2 timmar sedan

    Finally they show something that's a hack I want to play. Totally going to try this.

  80. ugnd

    ugnd3 timmar sedan

    this film has inspired many. we need more of this or we'll be stuck in super hero/sequel hell forever

  81. O Fenómeno

    O Fenómeno3 timmar sedan

    The shitscale should appear on every episode

  82. The Holy Mudkip

    The Holy Mudkip3 timmar sedan

    epic theme song remix

  83. o0julek0o

    o0julek0o3 timmar sedan

    Probably one of your best reviews.

  84. Abram Sullivan

    Abram Sullivan3 timmar sedan

    🤨 what

  85. m skylar

    m skylar3 timmar sedan

    pulp fiction was something special

  86. Brandon Angle

    Brandon Angle3 timmar sedan

    The Gameboy camera turns around, silly. Just gotta rotate it.

  87. D3ath8yBac0n

    D3ath8yBac0n3 timmar sedan

    There are some gems in silent movies. Metropolis is still my GOAT.

  88. mrkeefor

    mrkeefor3 timmar sedan

    Liked ace ventura but hated the mask.

  89. studogable

    studogable3 timmar sedan

    One of the cornerstone films of our shared heritage. Thank you for celebrating the Centennial like this. Nice call on the Hartfield - System of a Down connection. That's a new one to me.

  90. GNRguy17

    GNRguy173 timmar sedan

    Drivin’ around in fuckin’ trucks!

  91. studogable

    studogable3 timmar sedan

    You called this one right, James. Good on ya! It may not be the best (I'd go with the original Nosferatu on that one), but the Great Performances Dracula is the most faithful of all major productions.

  92. Rivera Thobias

    Rivera Thobias3 timmar sedan

    Ya me dieron ganas de jugar

  93. A_nut_is_cookin

    A_nut_is_cookin3 timmar sedan

    Blast Processing. More like blast my ass.

  94. Rance Rispler

    Rance Rispler3 timmar sedan

    I really value what James says and agree with him a lot. However, I just can't relate to then fact at this point he couldn't relate with newer movies.. How does he not connect with a movie like There will be blood, but he likes scar face which is overrated imo. Does he ever go into detail why?

  95. Arim Pranata

    Arim Pranata3 timmar sedan

    Whos watching this in 2020??

  96. SB SB

    SB SB3 timmar sedan

    Holly Smokes, Nice man cave, I'm glad it's not mine tho.

  97. AlTiUCOFe

    AlTiUCOFe3 timmar sedan

    the Meganerd has 2 left hands

  98. Johnny TYRRELL

    Johnny TYRRELL3 timmar sedan

    I had that game as a kid and I was able to land the plane most time's when I found out look at the screen to the left and get your speed and alt don't look at the center screen to try land

  99. Krystal Myth

    Krystal Myth3 timmar sedan

    God look how happy James is here. It's infectious.

  100. Krystal Myth

    Krystal Myth3 timmar sedan

    I would love to have a horror watchalong like Monstervision with Cinemassacre. I know the commercial breaks was what allowed it to happen but there just has to be a way to make it work.