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Lil Pump Retires From Music
  1. Lynda Clifton

    Lynda CliftonDag sedan

    But she missed 🤣🤣

  2. L Her

    L HerDag sedan

    This fight is as fake as Kim's ass.

  3. Sameer Ibrahimi

    Sameer IbrahimiDag sedan

    I don’t think Logan used her for publicity, he is getting new fans day by day because with the awesome content he is been posting and just being him self

  4. Edgar Gomez

    Edgar GomezDag sedan

    I love how she held her tong while talking about Em, when back in the day medias like these would talk so much mess

  5. N.A.R Channel

    N.A.R ChannelDag sedan

    Lil cunt is more suitable

  6. M Scott

    M ScottDag sedan

    Why do people admire these people? They are just trash. Not anything to look up to.

  7. Rosemary Trad

    Rosemary TradDag sedan

    i dotn't like Jake anyways Zayn has always been better

  8. Jay W.

    Jay W.Dag sedan

    Harry is too busy trying to figure out if he himself is man or a woman. Zayn is a way better singer than him

  9. Yadira Smith Islas

    Yadira Smith IslasDag sedan

    You now the owner of the snake is catch them all

  10. Riff Raff

    Riff RaffDag sedan

    Lol Zayn on something

  11. aileen0788

    aileen0788Dag sedan

    Did I miss something? Why is zayn so upset??? N why does one person get to think they're are above another??? Why is there a right n wrong?? It seems like everyone even Gigi need to check themselves.

  12. Raphah Anderson

    Raphah AndersonDag sedan

    Nobody can get Gucci are you sure because I got a nice house an I got Gucci

  13. kirklin barker

    kirklin barkerDag sedan

    Fuck that nigga nick cannon dude

  14. The plea dealer 55

    The plea dealer 55Dag sedan

    This is literally crazy be totally did it I mean wow

  15. Nina

    NinaDag sedan

    You don’t even need background music

  16. XxXTrophyRacerXxX SoD

    XxXTrophyRacerXxX SoDDag sedan

    Omg its just a ferrari

  17. Ivy Mulhern

    Ivy MulhernDag sedan

    Billie isn’t bothered by the same hairstyle/color. She is just pissed that they are forcing shit into her face and asking questions that she doesn’t need to answer.

  18. Anonymous

    AnonymousDag sedan

    Attacked by nicki minaj, LIES

  19. FRied ends

    FRied endsDag sedan

    Eminem > billie eyelash

  20. Kazao

    KazaoDag sedan

    Ali looking fire!

  21. Kehlani Melanesia

    Kehlani MelanesiaDag sedan

    This host has the most annoying voice ever 😑

  22. Tito Flores

    Tito FloresDag sedan

    Zane sounds like a little bitch on his period "wHo Da FuCk Are yOu" lookin ass

  23. Roblox/gachaGamer😸👾

    Roblox/gachaGamer😸👾Dag sedan

    Why’d he said “why’d you make out with my wife .” If there not dating he obv still misses her

  24. Smilestarrocks

    SmilestarrocksDag sedan


  25. castle castle

    castle castleDag sedan

    Who cares about the sluts

  26. Gloria Burns

    Gloria BurnsDag sedan

    Leave that family alone...So tired of the PRIVILEGE bullshit...if you are GREAT at what you do and WORK HARD...YOU WILL MAKE IT!!! ...If you SUCK??? You WONT...get it now...no one gets anything handed to them...unless you are born into money...it's no longer about Black and White...it's Rich or Poor these days...There are just as many rich black people as there are white people...Get it now....Duh!!!

  27. The only Shara 0em•

    The only Shara 0em•Dag sedan


  28. wtsup Opps

    wtsup OppsDag sedan

    God this image wasn’t even Billie looking at Eminem

  29. Zoe Tso

    Zoe TsoDag sedan

    Taylor Swift is famous for her NOT LIP SYNCING😂😂😂soooo you saying her lip syncing is damn wrong



    Ok ONE I'm here for Selena gomez and Billie eilish as I love their music so so so much. I know it's really easy for you guys to drag selena's name into drama something abt her ex Justin, who's married and has a future. Like this Is annoying I mean I know you want views and stuff but like leave them out. I'm pretty sure they want to move on and don't want to be dragged or need to listen to he said she said like.... Selena Also had a future not all her songs are abt justin. They're songs abt her and what she's gone thru in her life. Please respect her and others this is why there's drama bc so much people talk abt it then it gets really crazy. Billie is an amazing artist she deserves so many awards she is talented and she's special. Her voice is amazing just like her songs. She has her reasons to cry but she also would like privacy and not to be mocked or fans pretending to be her for views. Creating and editing songs that aren't really billie's like she said she doesn't like that. Respect her she has a life and a career she wants to be able to go thru her career without crazy fans pretending to be her.

  31. My life My Rules

    My life My RulesDag sedan

    In Hollywood women are always innocent.... Only men are guilty.... If she gave you a stupid useless 10 years late sorry and you reject it...this means she's innocent....your rejection is the evidence used against you in the whoreshit Hollybitch justice system...

  32. Cousin adventures 4

    Cousin adventures 4Dag sedan

    Bitch can’t flex with her chest flatter then her back

  33. Benjamin Whitman

    Benjamin WhitmanDag sedan

    This lady’s weird.

  34. Aviation95

    Aviation95Dag sedan

    Looks like a rich ignorant spoiled kid nice that she got leaked

  35. jimmita joyner

    jimmita joynerDag sedan

    Click bait you tried it

  36. Unique Username

    Unique UsernameDag sedan

    Not gonna lie. Sometimes I wanna punch my sisters to.

  37. Kai Jhens

    Kai JhensDag sedan

    I’m loving for this sister fight. Now I know my and my sisters are normal for fighting all these years

  38. Jaredッ

    JaredッDag sedan


  39. Zewspit

    ZewspitDag sedan

    That’s not the voice if zayn Lmaoo

  40. P M

    P MDag sedan

    All celebrities have demons it's in the Illuminati contracts they sign

  41. Roderick Vaughn

    Roderick VaughnDag sedan


  42. Iam_savage kk

    Iam_savage kkDag sedan

    Why is this channel manly about jake paul Oh wait because he's a drama queen and always wants to be on the internet scene 24/7

  43. infinite asap

    infinite asapDag sedan

    Its all kim k stuff to get the spotlight

  44. J4CK GAL3

    J4CK GAL3Dag sedan

    He made that bitch famous

  45. Syrenity Morris

    Syrenity MorrisDag sedan

    There family is soo funny

  46. djdnfnn dndnn

    djdnfnn dndnnDag sedan

    Kim is fake as fuck everything about her is Fake

  47. Evee Cake :3

    Evee Cake :3Dag sedan

    Charlie d’emolossisisvjghfvjskaiv :3

  48. Andre Montes

    Andre MontesDag sedan

    “WNY melly”

  49. lindsay nelson

    lindsay nelsonDag sedan

    wish i was selena

  50. Jesed Barragan

    Jesed BarraganDag sedan

    1:39 - Selena Gomez's song

  51. Dkay

    DkayDag sedan

    Who came for SUPER H....1:23FIRE

  52. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeDag sedan

    He did it 1,000,000,000 percent. His fame and money was the only reason he got away with it

  53. Ruchir Rawat

    Ruchir RawatDag sedan

    tbh it's anyone's wish to like or not like an artist

  54. Brady 42

    Brady 42Dag sedan

    Seems like jake just has one of the most unlikeable little brother personalities I’ve ever seen

  55. XS l N l T Y

    XS l N l T YDag sedan

    Damn bro I want that clout i'ma hang myself now

  56. Natasha Thomas

    Natasha ThomasDag sedan

    i love billie

  57. Natasha Thomas

    Natasha ThomasDag sedan

    i truly wish people would stop being so mean to young artists that are just trying to make it through this tough world especially if they have the spotlight on them in just really bothers me if you don't fricken like them then dont listen its that simple!!!!

  58. utseay

    utseayDag sedan

    I’m not even subbed to this channel and this popped up.

  59. psychotic kittykat

    psychotic kittykatDag sedan

    Fake shit for attention.. they probably losing views.

  60. S C

    S CDag sedan

    These celebrities are so vain. Plastic surgery right after, cmon, ridiculous.

  61. Christina B

    Christina BDag sedan

    I dont know who smirks while punching someone if they are serious...

  62. Martha Casillas

    Martha CasillasDag sedan

    O my god

  63. gamerdolphin yt

    gamerdolphin ytDag sedan

    Drake wanted to kill x If you play his song I'm upset backwards He says i shot his head out and i love that sound And the forward is triple xxx why you keep shooting if the ¥¥¥¥¥ dead

  64. Jay Wonder

    Jay WonderDag sedan

    Am I the only one who forgot about the Paul brothers lol. And wait did she say Tanas EX husband as in her and Jake is in the past?!?!?! “And I oop?”

  65. Shawn Macneill

    Shawn MacneillDag sedan

    Stop talking

  66. Cruthin

    CruthinDag sedan

    This girl talks so much shit not even SEgos news

  67. Cruthin

    CruthinDag sedan

    Used for publicity hahahahahah

  68. Brooke McMoy McMoy

    Brooke McMoy McMoyDag sedan

    I can’t get enough of them

  69. Chapman

    ChapmanDag sedan

    Goldman was not her lover, he was waiter who was returning an item she left in a restaurant.

  70. lolumad

    lolumadDag sedan

    BTS? MORE LIKE BT SUCK AM I RITE LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111

  71. Olivia b

    Olivia bDag sedan

    Yeah bc Logan is such a winner!

  72. Skullbeer TF toxic

    Skullbeer TF toxicDag sedan

    Wait who the hell is wny melly

  73. John Estrada

    John EstradaDag sedan

    That’s the fakest punch I’ve ever seen lol

  74. kirstie d

    kirstie dDag sedan

    Selena is just so miserable and petty., she’s still very much so obsessed with Justin. Like move on

  75. Juan

    JuanDag sedan

    Damn you guys are good at clickbait. 👏🏻

  76. Kail

    KailDag sedan

    theres gonna be a shiton of weibos in the comments

  77. Lil Stormii official

    Lil Stormii officialDag sedan

    Technically that’s the bro code their braking not dating each other’s ex’s

  78. Lil Stormii official

    Lil Stormii officialDag sedan

    It’s kind of crazy that jaden actually dated Halley Baldwin and now Justin Bieber is married to her If it were me I wouldn’t marry my best friend’s ex girlfriend just no 🙅‍♂️

  79. Indera B

    Indera BDag sedan

    The reporter's voice is so annoying. The type that you will hear regularly at the starbucks. That pumpkin-spice-extra-pump-venti-frappuchino type of voice.

  80. Lynda Clifton

    Lynda CliftonDag sedan

    My advise to jake would be move on from it and focus on his boxing n match with KSI

  81. Romar Cabral

    Romar CabralDag sedan

    Jakes ego is sooooooo highhh

  82. zoe s

    zoe sDag sedan

    you realize he and billie made it on with no money growing up, only talent and creative minds.


    REFKA AL-ALUNIDag sedan

    I love how everyone is so focused on how Kim punch her sister and missing the fact that Kourtney is the one who started it by throwing something at Kim. And all siblings fight so it shouldn’t be a big deal

  84. Christina Johnson

    Christina JohnsonDag sedan

    First of all Jake was most likely being annoying towards Zayn and probably had a camera and Zayn didn't want no cameras in his face and why the hell would they outside his hotel room bothering him and why the hell was Jake recording something told me they're doing all this to make Zayn look bad

  85. Leelee Calhoun

    Leelee CalhounDag sedan

    weak punch .... if that’s what u call it

  86. Drema

    DremaDag sedan

    Seriously UNSUBSCRIBED!!!

  87. Drema

    DremaDag sedan

    I am so glad that we used a tragic death of a father and daughter to cover a story about the freaking kardashians! There are more important things then these skanky celebrities!! Is this all we care about?!?!?

  88. The B3AR

    The B3ARDag sedan


  89. Estrellita Auman

    Estrellita AumanDag sedan

    Such ambitious jake Paul.trying hard pushing and casually wanted attention from Zayn.he is indeed an annoying personality.

  90. Ceecily

    CeecilyDag sedan

    Everyone talking about it’s for the show it’s for views omg y’all are so full of yourself sometimes sisters get physical with each other they still love each other tho y’all need to just stop 🙄

  91. Jade Calacat

    Jade CalacatDag sedan


  92. Jayden Benavides

    Jayden BenavidesDag sedan

    Why did he cheat on Allisa

  93. Anna Valentino

    Anna ValentinoDag sedan

    Kylie look like 40’s something 🤣lol.. surgery gone wrong!!!!!

  94. Geoffrey Mori

    Geoffrey MoriDag sedan

    Who is she again? Who cares what her reaction was like.

  95. Kengan Soilel

    Kengan SoilelDag sedan

    Jake didn’t seem drunk not even close

  96. Dani Consus

    Dani ConsusDag sedan

    How to drink alcohol? Drink it put it on your stomach not in the head bruh not in the head 🙂

  97. A Lloyd

    A LloydDag sedan

    To the "Yo yo yo puffy has net worth of $820 million " people.... FYI : those "net worth " amounts are bullshit. They don't take into account someone's EXPENDITURES... and since it would be impossible to even know someone's EXPENDITURES, it means THEY LITERALLY DON'T KNOW ANYONE'S REAL NET WORTH.. **plus Eminem got more money anyway. His net worth is $830 MILLION !!!!!!!!!!!** Hahaha... That's 10M more than puffy... 🤣😂😅😂🤣😂😅😂🤣