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Månad sedan

WRC 2019: Top 5 Moments
  1. PAL

    PAL5 timmar sedan

    Good ol times when Corona was just cool.

  2. Anemic Royalty

    Anemic Royalty6 timmar sedan

    1:08 Me playing WRC 8.

  3. Sinister Dragon

    Sinister Dragon8 timmar sedan

    I don't follow WRC but I actually enjoy watching the cars more than I watch F1. And I miss the Japanese teams such as Subaru Mitsubish and Toyota. Now it's filled with German and French yuk.

  4. Giannis Tsillis

    Giannis Tsillis10 timmar sedan

    Damn... 4:04. This map here shows the half Skopje (FYROM) and the South Bulgaria belongs to Greece. Agioi Saranta are in the Greek borderline, too. Oh, WRC what a map 😄

  5. Pissed Bob Ross

    Pissed Bob Ross10 timmar sedan

    Carlos, it's engine


    PARAPLUN14 timmar sedan

    1:31 Elfyn Evans / Scott Martin BEST onboard moment

  7. Rich Twell

    Rich Twell15 timmar sedan

    Please show your content in 4K.

  8. Oscar Sundén

    Oscar Sundén17 timmar sedan

    43:28 Finish/Service Reporter: (With Petter Solberg) You gonna win? Petter Solberg: YUP. Me: BUT NO! He Is Not gonna win in Rally Japan 2005! CAUSE he is gonna retire in Rally Japan 2005 instead! LIKE THIS! 👉43:57

  9. Shanley Savage

    Shanley Savage18 timmar sedan

    How to WRC/McRae: 1 get a Subaru Impreza 2 go to wrc 3 level up to WRX level 4 DRIVE FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP

  10. Shanley Savage

    Shanley Savage18 timmar sedan

    Sainz: haha I’m gonna win the championship Engine: *IM GONNA END THIS MANS CAREER*

  11. 180MPH In The Wrong Lane

    180MPH In The Wrong Lane19 timmar sedan

    1:42 Passion alone does'nt justify their stupidity and ignorant interfering with the rallying in the middle of the road just for the sake up close view. Not only putting them and the drivers at risks also giving already enough problems navigating through the course

  12. bulterrier San Roman Gomez

    bulterrier San Roman Gomez22 timmar sedan

    Colin . Toyvonen .Vatanen

  13. bulterrier San Roman Gomez

    bulterrier San Roman Gomez22 timmar sedan

    Colón un fenómeno , igual el mejor de todos el y VATANEN

  14. convar HUN

    convar HUNDag sedan

    And there was someone, who was even faster 21.8 seconds. And that's what's really brutal.

  15. klepetar

    klepetarDag sedan

    complètement dingue..

  16. SWeMX

    SWeMXDag sedan

    Back when WRC was fun. Now every car is the same.

  17. SWeMX

    SWeMXDag sedan

    That has to be the most iconic rally colors in history. White/red. EDIT: Please add the Toyota Corolla in Dirt rally 2.0

  18. Eric Meech Global Network

    Eric Meech Global NetworkDag sedan

    Yew, fast driving!

  19. Elvis Pau

    Elvis PauDag sedan

    Holly crist! I was jumping on my bed like crazy when see what done Kris Meeke, best rally final ever god damn!

  20. Александр Белитенко

    Александр БелитенкоDag sedan

    Надеюсь все целы!

  21. aydan khaliq

    aydan khaliqDag sedan


  22. Klaus

    KlausDag sedan

    CRASH SPECIAL! Includes 0 crashes....

  23. 만성피로

    만성피로Dag sedan

    운전하는데 옆에서 존나 노트보고 영단어 암기하네.

  24. Dennis Muthai

    Dennis MuthaiDag sedan

    Rip Henri and Sergio

  25. karelpipa

    karelpipaDag sedan

    what if they pushed the car to the finish? Would that count? (do not count that they would be really slow and possibly wont make it at 4th and higher please)

  26. Perjaka

    PerjakaDag sedan


  27. john fontana

    john fontanaDag sedan

    Show more like that! That sure is one cool way how they drive.

  28. Kelly Fabian

    Kelly Fabian2 dagar sedan

    Why there was no speed indicator, RPM, brakes, and others... We viewers also demand to know!~

  29. Sojourner Sojourner

    Sojourner Sojourner2 dagar sedan

    4:51 why he did this? I don't understand

  30. tich 09

    tich 092 dagar sedan


  31. 180MPH In The Wrong Lane

    180MPH In The Wrong Lane2 dagar sedan

    So basically WRC cars can swap their steering wheel with F1 cars

  32. Psycho Somatic

    Psycho Somatic2 dagar sedan

    Do you think the heater is on?

  33. Abilash Vinales

    Abilash Vinales2 dagar sedan

    First Mexico Rally winner is Sebastian Loeb ie 2006 until 2008 and 2010 to 2012 as 6 times winner in Mexico

  34. Red Line

    Red Line2 dagar sedan

    Rally drivers and rally is so boring now. Don’t know how the sports not dead.

  35. The Smeg

    The Smeg2 dagar sedan

    Well, yes the last was in 2002 ... until the 16th of July, 2020. The legend returns.

  36. Ramm Rras

    Ramm Rras2 dagar sedan

    Those fucking flashlights!

  37. Leevi Kujanpää

    Leevi Kujanpää2 dagar sedan

    It can't be a coincidence that a 19 year old has the number 69 in his car.

  38. Alexandre Millette

    Alexandre Millette2 dagar sedan

    do you no what is the makita eletrique impack gun team use ?? :)

  39. Hideaki Sakakibara

    Hideaki Sakakibara3 dagar sedan

    Sebastien Loeb stop winning year after year? Can someone update me please? I used to watch it like 13 years ago

  40. jakbon2015 Shop

    jakbon2015 Shop3 dagar sedan

    I played this game and the graphics wayyyyyyyyy better than this.

  41. Azhad Affandi

    Azhad Affandi3 dagar sedan

    So.. they're using auto trans nowadays eh

  42. Emmanuel Perez

    Emmanuel Perez3 dagar sedan

    I'm by no means a professional rally car driver, so I'll be humble, but being honest, is it really that necessary to change gears so much throughout one stage? When I'm in Spain in Dirt Rally 2 I never change gears so often. If I know I can take a turn in 3rd gear I'll do it. I've always felt that made me quicker because I keep the momentum from my previous velocity, not just that but I also save mental energy something vital in rally racing.

  43. hussar-motorsport

    hussar-motorsport3 dagar sedan

    F1 is for boys, rally is for men 🤭😁

  44. Iron Fist Gaming

    Iron Fist Gaming3 dagar sedan

    woah that was close to death

  45. Mile Mile

    Mile Mile3 dagar sedan

    What this video doesn't show is that Mäkinen was flagged down by a motorcycle policeman while he was trying to make it back to the service area.

  46. Eamonn McKeown

    Eamonn McKeown3 dagar sedan

    I think in rallying you have to complete the road section back to parc ferme so whilst only a few hundred yards or meters whichever it was from the finish of the stage he'd had to make it much further than that. My dad witnessed a Ford being 'pushed' by a service vehicle one time on the Ulster during a road section. Probably not in the rule book and most certainly not legal. I also don't consider this the golden age of rallying. Very far from it. The start of slick marketing? Sure.

  47. Per Eldh

    Per Eldh3 dagar sedan

    Classic example of ”mid-engine” VS. ”front-engine”.... No wonder Audi pulled out completely midway thru 1986.

  48. diesel

    diesel3 dagar sedan

    He will be the youngest ever wrc champion..

  49. Brian Thomas

    Brian Thomas4 dagar sedan

    Ee seems to be kinder to the car. Seems to use lower revs and higher gear at all times. Better balance to the car.

  50. Josus

    Josus4 dagar sedan

    PLEASE change the mic of those cameras, they hurt my ears. Anyway nice driving

  51. Maxime Halut

    Maxime Halut4 dagar sedan

    des nonies

  52. Stefano Faraoni

    Stefano Faraoni4 dagar sedan

    Grande Ogier dovrebbe tornare in Volkswagen per vincere

  53. Yeetles Law

    Yeetles Law4 dagar sedan


  54. insta: Uru _2018

    insta: Uru _20184 dagar sedan

    Chris not now😂😂

  55. George Karavasilis

    George Karavasilis4 dagar sedan

    Please acropolis rally return to wrc

  56. tobiasz.belcik

    tobiasz.belcik4 dagar sedan

    95.8 km/h average speed

  57. Paul Hampstead

    Paul Hampstead4 dagar sedan

    wtf are youtube on drugs, ive just had to sign in to watch this, as may be unsuitable for some viewers

  58. K C

    K C4 dagar sedan

    Driving on the ragged-edge! The boy got some skills!!

  59. Imagine -65

    Imagine -654 dagar sedan

    Kalle is the future champion, but hardly this season. Experience still needs to be gained. the slow shares still have room for improvement, but it is unlikely to be a problem in the future. At high speeds, he's already at the top.

  60. Potager, animaux et maison Naturellement en France

    Potager, animaux et maison Naturellement en France4 dagar sedan

    pourquoi il y a la ligne d arrivéé, et des points 200 metres plus loin? porque siguen accelarando despues de la llegada?

  61. Bass Town Ncs

    Bass Town Ncs4 dagar sedan

    epicly awesome

  62. Bass Town Ncs

    Bass Town Ncs4 dagar sedan

    amazingly epic

  63. J. S.P

    J. S.P4 dagar sedan

    We want Kalle Rovanperä's onboard from the Powerstage...

  64. TheJokerit19

    TheJokerit194 dagar sedan

    Hyundai is the only team that doesn't seem to have a camera between the seats like the Yaris and Fiesta, or on the left-hand side of the driver-seat like in Ogier's and Katsuta's Yaris. I wish there was so that it'd be possible to see this car's display-outlook on stage-mode as well.

  65. AOK

    AOK5 dagar sedan

    0:55 top gear flat.. how fast?

  66. Hodsi Perassoli Simeone

    Hodsi Perassoli Simeone5 dagar sedan


  67. Hodsi Perassoli Simeone

    Hodsi Perassoli Simeone5 dagar sedan


  68. Lübke 73

    Lübke 735 dagar sedan

    The actual wrc cars are ugly as hell. 😩

  69. Ainzriel

    Ainzriel5 dagar sedan

    That co driver kinda sound sleepy

  70. paperchain 123

    paperchain 1235 dagar sedan

    Looks like fun!

  71. Pelto Mies69

    Pelto Mies695 dagar sedan

    Kilin kolin mäkrei

  72. F BN

    F BN5 dagar sedan

    え、hyndie WRCはドイツ人が開発してるの😂

  73. Alexandre Sales Cândido

    Alexandre Sales Cândido5 dagar sedan

    Icônico rally da Finlândia.

  74. Eric Schick

    Eric Schick5 dagar sedan

    First rally I watched was Finland 2019. I’m so hooked

  75. Eric Meech Global Network

    Eric Meech Global Network5 dagar sedan


  76. Eric Meech Global Network

    Eric Meech Global Network5 dagar sedan


  77. B.Bustos. Cobaledasus

    B.Bustos. Cobaledasus5 dagar sedan

    Gracias por subir el video completo. Se agradece!!

  78. eyehole man

    eyehole man5 dagar sedan

    Where's Ouninpohja ?

  79. Miltiadis Papageorgiou

    Miltiadis Papageorgiou5 dagar sedan

    Hi everyone. I have a few questions for this AMAZING Rally. I want to make a gift to my father and visit Finland for a couple of days. So if anyone has some spare time let me know. It would be awesome! Thnx

  80. Olaf Dehnhardt

    Olaf Dehnhardt5 dagar sedan

    Hammer geil 👍👍👍

  81. tmu trmn

    tmu trmn5 dagar sedan


  82. AccAkut1987

    AccAkut19875 dagar sedan

    was there ever a time with that many manufacturers in the championship top class? Again or before?

  83. Poyraz Ateş

    Poyraz Ateş5 dagar sedan

    Miss mitsubishi subaru wrc :((

  84. Race 4life

    Race 4life5 dagar sedan


  85. Krishna Zada

    Krishna Zada5 dagar sedan

    Wait, we already have this rally last week right? Oh sorry it was Sweden 😂

  86. Es

    Es5 dagar sedan

    I love rally Finland with high speed jumps👍👍

  87. Ногтечес

    Ногтечес5 dagar sedan

    Тоже пришли с webm?))))

  88. snipermakedonski

    snipermakedonski5 dagar sedan

    Is this an electric car? I sounds like one and is very quiet.

  89. Kevwill Sulai

    Kevwill Sulai5 dagar sedan

    Awesome tracks rally...can't wait...👍

  90. foreva young

    foreva young5 dagar sedan

    We want incar cams behind the driver just like the old days

  91. dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyu5 dagar sedan

    other then brace for the wreck at that point. That's a pretty nasty one, glad to see they're alright.

  92. Gianfranco Corbula

    Gianfranco Corbula5 dagar sedan

    Abito in Sardegna, a due passi dal percorso del rally mondiale, amo la mia gara ma ,da appassionato,ammetto che quella finlandese è la gara più bella del mondiale, mi dà l'impressione che lì, i piloti diano qualcosa in più.

  93. JTRann

    JTRann5 dagar sedan

    Great Rally.. full SS of Ouninpohja is missed... dangerous Humalamäki is back..

  94. アドラー中佐

    アドラー中佐5 dagar sedan

    Rally is cool


    MOTORCYCLE STIG5 dagar sedan

    What about finland!?


    CHARROS MEXICANOS5 dagar sedan


  97. ADM G

    ADM G5 dagar sedan

    Un rallye super rapide 100 Kilomètres heures de moyenne pour les plus lente voitures et 130 pour les plus rapides le 🤞best ogier ingrassia 🇫🇷

  98. Night Wood

    Night Wood5 dagar sedan

    The dude driving w his hood popped is metal asf

  99. Ashitaka

    Ashitaka5 dagar sedan

    Wish I had the means to visit Finland

  100. Kalvis K

    Kalvis K5 dagar sedan

    WRC Rally Finland 👏👍