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  1. Sun Three City

    Sun Three City10 timmar sedan

    YuMos garage

  2. Lolek 1150

    Lolek 1150Dag sedan

    Auffallend und gut finde ich, dass überall sofort eine große Menge kräftiger junger Männer zu Stelle ist, die nicht erst dumm reden und/oder Handy-Fotos machen sondern sofort losrennen und anpacken.

  3. Scott Joseph Whiley

    Scott Joseph Whiley2 dagar sedan

    I can hear someone saying are u okay at 2:22 in English

  4. Simon Lundgren

    Simon Lundgren3 dagar sedan

    Love the staff rushing towards the car :D

  5. Grand Emvideorecords

    Grand Emvideorecords7 dagar sedan

    Хочу вольво 960 в идеале

  6. Grand Emvideorecords

    Grand Emvideorecords7 dagar sedan

    Вольво рулит

  7. Unai Alba

    Unai Alba9 dagar sedan

    Pure dream😍

  8. Camp Tours and That

    Camp Tours and That9 dagar sedan

    They just don't handle well. Far too heavy.

  9. Anmordal-Swe

    Anmordal-Swe9 dagar sedan

    So where is it filmed? Would be nice to add in the description. Ty for a nice video =)

  10. Anmordal-Swe

    Anmordal-Swe9 dagar sedan

    "these car where made for racing, that's just what they do, one of these days these cars are gonna race all over you"

  11. Lyle Johnston

    Lyle Johnston9 dagar sedan

    Now THAT looks like fun racing!

  12. Dwagon Swayer

    Dwagon Swayer11 dagar sedan

    Plåtburkar med hjul

  13. Lars Ekman

    Lars Ekman12 dagar sedan

    Folkrace, killing the Saabs. Foklracedöden

  14. Trevor Davies

    Trevor Davies13 dagar sedan

    Dirt Roads V8’s Check their trunks

  15. surfarandrewboy

    surfarandrewboy14 dagar sedan

    waw den här var riktigt bra den :D

  16. Thomas Mogensen

    Thomas Mogensen14 dagar sedan

    Kunne godt lide civic 'en Bra video, tak

  17. Peyton Brimmer

    Peyton Brimmer14 dagar sedan

    Im glad this is a thing

  18. Volker Djamani

    Volker Djamani15 dagar sedan

    6:09 Now I understand how to put pasture fences in Sweden

  19. merc cadoosis

    merc cadoosis15 dagar sedan

    Each car sounds like the roar of a lion. Great video.

  20. Floppychzcake

    Floppychzcake16 dagar sedan

    When the dukes of hazzard wants to do group B (i know it's not a charger its a joke)

  21. John Smith

    John Smith16 dagar sedan

    289 ?

  22. - nobody

    - nobody16 dagar sedan

    That's cool as hell right there! I got a pickup I'd do this with! Merca!!

  23. Charles Coby

    Charles Coby17 dagar sedan

    Now that what I call racing

  24. Blues'n with the Bird

    Blues'n with the Bird17 dagar sedan

    Everyone looks completely bored with the Yank Tank, LOL.

  25. Phil D12

    Phil D1217 dagar sedan

    When bae says her parents aren’t home

  26. basketballcoachmike

    basketballcoachmike18 dagar sedan

    a bug almost hit you in the face. scary stuff. glad you are ok.

  27. Ulf Holmström

    Ulf Holmström19 dagar sedan

    De där var verkligen helt hysteriska bilar 🥰

  28. Discoverance Band

    Discoverance Band21 dag sedan

    1:58.........ummm okay lol

  29. Russell Hueners

    Russell Hueners21 dag sedan

    The Swedes love their "yankaras" they love to drive them in the summer months, even with gas @ 7$ gal.

  30. John Poche

    John Poche24 dagar sedan

    Always better than a stupid rice head

  31. Abbe Abbe

    Abbe Abbe25 dagar sedan

    Du är bäst att spela in videor

  32. Brukernavn Brukernavn

    Brukernavn Brukernavn26 dagar sedan

    Synd å bruke 4-dørs Kadett C, en svært sjelden modell.

  33. Renato Vaz Pinto

    Renato Vaz Pinto26 dagar sedan


  34. Me_Eilish

    Me_Eilish26 dagar sedan

    Synd att se en 9-5 Aero i sånt här väglag :(

  35. Craig Nehring

    Craig Nehring26 dagar sedan

    Wait? 02 02 2020 This one was hard to watch, so many nice cars getting bashed and they are not going fast, I felt sorry for the owner drivers lol

  36. john self

    john self27 dagar sedan

    He be a busy mufuker painting... I hope this is different cars

  37. b3rnd0210

    b3rnd021028 dagar sedan

    What a great car with great sound, love it

  38. Seth S

    Seth S28 dagar sedan

    3:37 hahaha

  39. TheJooomes

    TheJooomes28 dagar sedan

    4:03 That idle sound, then the roar squeal, that's the sound of America.

  40. knife

    knife29 dagar sedan

    Heaps cooler than Euro cars

  41. Mongoplåtis 240 snusit

    Mongoplåtis 240 snusitMånad sedan

    What diff is best for rallycars?

  42. Jonathan Van Winkle

    Jonathan Van WinkleMånad sedan

    needs new plug wires I can hear that much

  43. Dustin

    DustinMånad sedan

    Ole Bo and Luke Duke at it again

  44. Edson Borba

    Edson BorbaMånad sedan

    Só motorista ruim ai

  45. Tom P

    Tom PMånad sedan

    Great video.

  46. Stvafel

    StvafelMånad sedan

    The ditching starting at 0:52 has a great exchange at 0:59 - "Kom vi i mål?" - EN: "Did we finish?" - "Aah, det gjorde ni" - EN: "Yes, you did"

  47. Dirk Pitt

    Dirk PittMånad sedan

    Mustang's daddy!

  48. R P

    R PMånad sedan

    The engine and exhaust sound makes me feel like I'm watching "Smokey and the bandits"..Serious driving skills..Salute!!.

  49. R P

    R PMånad sedan

    Serious driving skills.. Salute.


    BLADE STEELMånad sedan

    Where is my closest dealer to get one!!!!

  51. juhis kolkki

    juhis kolkkiMånad sedan

    saab turbo power;)not rally car,saab 96 is rally car,saab i like,,and own vitun hyvä auto

  52. Rick O

    Rick OMånad sedan

    Cool stuff!! Here in the States most classic cars sit in garages and ride to shows on trailers.

  53. Ben Boor

    Ben BoorMånad sedan

    Reminds me of how I use to drive my 72 Nova on back country roads. Anybody else drive that way in high school?

  54. Minnesota Mini Bikes

    Minnesota Mini BikesMånad sedan

    That's bad ass 😎 big sedan pulling it self through those slick corners while the V8 has all that low end grunt unlike all those rev happy 4 bangers

  55. Seriously Refinishing

    Seriously RefinishingMånad sedan

    I drive my 66 F250 three on the tree factory 352 like this. In Dallas traffic. My granddaughter wants her badly shes so radical

  56. Biddle Love

    Biddle LoveMånad sedan

    In my opinion, the cortina mk1 is beautiful!

  57. chicken 23 23 chicken

    chicken 23 23 chickenMånad sedan

    Impeccable driving skills..

  58. Michael Myers

    Michael MyersMånad sedan

    Damn for a minute I thought I was back home in the hollars North Alabama up in the Appalachian mountain chain

  59. Kai Is Sly Reviews

    Kai Is Sly ReviewsMånad sedan

    I have a 99' og9-3 2 door that's loud and blows off constantly so I think it's time to rally that bad boy

  60. Kai Is Sly Reviews

    Kai Is Sly ReviewsMånad sedan

    the Saab 96 and 99 make really good rally cars, but my goodness the ng900/og93's are absolute monsters on the rally course

  61. Alexander Supertramp

    Alexander SupertrampMånad sedan

    Why is this not happening in America!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  62. Larson Racing.

    Larson Racing.Månad sedan

    Dude almost gets killed by a pink bug, what a way that would be to die

  63. sebastianblevdet

    sebastianblevdetMånad sedan

    I think that car 666 had some delivish works to it when it almost struck the crew and cameraman haha

  64. Nobody Better

    Nobody BetterMånad sedan

    This is how I learned to drive in some of the same cars shown here. The back crannberry bog roads of Eastern Massachusetts and the mountain and lake roads of NH. 70 thru 77. Man did we raise hell with them old Fords.

  65. Emmelie L

    Emmelie LMånad sedan

    Rätt komiskt att jag är med i nästan vartenda klipp från vimmerby 🤣 postering 3, my home away from home 👌🏻

  66. Aa Bb

    Aa BbMånad sedan

    thats a stupid start that results in that big of crashes off the first turn. fans probably love it.

  67. Craig Nehring

    Craig NehringMånad sedan

    Wonderful "rock & roll" sockem bashem action I think I am happy I never wanted to race like this. We used to go side by side on the frozen lake though, not sanctioned of course Thanks for the action videos

  68. Hampus Rallyfilmer

    Hampus RallyfilmerMånad sedan


  69. Ghostly Fun

    Ghostly FunMånad sedan

    Oj hur törs ni stå så nära o filma? Men bra filmat!

  70. idriwzrd

    idriwzrdMånad sedan

    What an absolute riot!

  71. Dick Johnson

    Dick JohnsonMånad sedan

    I wonder how many spectators a year are killed or run over ?

  72. Daniel Ness

    Daniel NessMånad sedan

    skirraaappapapapapapap, BOOM! - volvo did it better

  73. Why u do THIS?! !

    Why u do THIS?! !Månad sedan

    hur gammal måste man vara för att kunna köra rally?

  74. x Stringthumper x

    x Stringthumper xMånad sedan

    Give me Rally over Drift any day

  75. Bob S

    Bob SMånad sedan

    American V8's - Forever!

  76. Mr Chevy 57

    Mr Chevy 57Månad sedan

    Made in USA 💪👊👍🍺😎

  77. Dash

    DashMånad sedan

    Whats the big deal? This is how we drove to/from school everyday.

  78. Heinz Goodrick

    Heinz GoodrickMånad sedan

    sweet music to my ears....

  79. Jan Kruliš

    Jan KrulišMånad sedan

    the white ford is fast as a snail...

  80. billville111

    billville111Månad sedan

    Yeah but the guy in the red falcon had more fun than anybody he knows

  81. billville111

    billville111Månad sedan

    Backwoods beer run

  82. RBTech

    RBTechMånad sedan

    Proper rallying. God I miss this stuff.

  83. Mirco Scalia

    Mirco ScaliaMånad sedan

    La vecchia Renault 8 Gordini vi passava sulle orecchie! !!!!!

  84. Mirco Scalia

    Mirco ScaliaMånad sedan

    Rispetto alle europee UNA CAGATA!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. 6thGearSweeper

    6thGearSweeperMånad sedan

    This is amazing! We need more American cars in the rally scene. The v8 just rips it’s beautiful!

  86. Craig Nehring

    Craig NehringMånad sedan

    Missed this when it was released, I was on holiday. Great collection of Swedish steel!! As I watched this digging the engines labor as they propel these fine Swedish machines, how many Saab's and Volvo's have I owned ? (I am soon to turn 70 years old) Here is my list: Sandra 1965 Green 96 850 Sonya Early 1967 Beige 96 Monte Carlo three carb 850 Station wagon 71 V-4 Model 95 1969 99 White 1974 99 Brown 1978 Turb0 99 Black 1966 164 Volvo White 1984 245 Volvo Brown Metallic with heavy duty anti roll bars front and rear, 1000 pound variable rate rear springs. Gas charged shocks on all corners. Without a doubt THE most fun car to drive other than the 2 stroke Saabs

  87. Nelson Burkhart

    Nelson BurkhartMånad sedan

    whoever disliked this is a communist

  88. AXur

    AXurMånad sedan

    Ole school rules!!!!

  89. Fredrik Larsson

    Fredrik LarssonMånad sedan

    272hp volvo 0:35


    FASYL DAWMånad sedan

    أشرف سيارات إلي بيقنيها بيعرف قيمتها

  91. SR-22 Racing

    SR-22 RacingMånad sedan

    How much oil did the green one burn in this video?

  92. kung puk

    kung pukMånad sedan

    Varför envisas folk att stå i ytterkurvor för? Death wish?

  93. Art Jones

    Art JonesMånad sedan

    i hate to see tjese old cars crash....but its good to see them being used and.driven proper

  94. Rich Sackett

    Rich SackettMånad sedan

    2:25 The chainsaw will not be denied!

  95. More Complex

    More ComplexMånad sedan

    I just bought a 1975 164e with only 29K zero rust! in Connecticut...:).....gonna drive it into the ground slowly! The DJetronic parts,,,,,,,

  96. hiLiARy CoughFit

    hiLiARy CoughFitMånad sedan

    A CHERRY BOMB does not make your car faster, it just rattles more,

  97. Alberto Lasprilla Gordillo

    Alberto Lasprilla GordilloMånad sedan

    American V8 motor, sound great power, 289 cubic inch.

  98. Torsti Vuorma

    Torsti VuormaMånad sedan

    Good and fun driver.. and videos are very good, one of the best here.. inside car -videos are very good, too, and informatives are fine..! 👍 Thank’s 🤗

  99. Raul Martinez

    Raul MartinezMånad sedan

    Love this shit!!! the Radest shit I ever seen, insane Sweds!

  100. Latsaaben

    LatsaabenMånad sedan

    It looks and sounds out of place in a rally like this, I love it! :D