No, i'm not 12.

  1. William & Harry!!!

    William & Harry!!!2 minuter sedan

    Team Morgz bro

  2. Andrew Osman

    Andrew Osman2 minuter sedan

    I'm a big fan

  3. Misri Khan

    Misri Khan3 minuter sedan


  4. Kerem The Gamer TV

    Kerem The Gamer TV3 minuter sedan

    I fell sorry for bald martin

  5. Stream RN

    Stream RN5 minuter sedan

    12 year old

  6. Itsme_Pj

    Itsme_Pj5 minuter sedan

    i got bulied cause my friend give me morgz suit, he has 2 merch

  7. Chong Menglee

    Chong Menglee6 minuter sedan

    To SRCRY

  8. Thai Dang

    Thai Dang7 minuter sedan

    I wanna throw up

  9. Yassin Ahmed

    Yassin Ahmed7 minuter sedan

    If we if we broke on the safe I think there is money I think but why there is a chainsaw and hammer sludge hammer 🔨

  10. Verona Rong

    Verona Rong8 minuter sedan

    This was the craziest challenge Me: hmmm more like FaKeSt

  11. Savage Duck

    Savage Duck9 minuter sedan

    30:33 siiiiiiiiikkkkkkeeeee

  12. superjayden4005 turk

    superjayden4005 turk10 minuter sedan

    Your a loser

  13. Forze S0ba

    Forze S0ba15 minuter sedan

    Your so weird u legit called people old and u looked at the girl in the bath

  14. Gage Mudderman

    Gage Mudderman16 minuter sedan

    Wow this is crazy

  15. Adoptme Miki

    Adoptme Miki17 minuter sedan

    Omg!! I want to do that😊

  16. Danish Hakimi

    Danish Hakimi17 minuter sedan


  17. Levi Legends

    Levi Legends17 minuter sedan

    U should a draw a skyscraper or skyscrapers!

  18. Jonce

    Jonce18 minuter sedan

    0:00 a legend was born, but not for long..

  19. Patrick Hayes

    Patrick Hayes20 minuter sedan

    I subscribed and smooth moves

  20. Levi Legends

    Levi Legends21 minut sedan


  21. Zeba Bibi

    Zeba Bibi21 minut sedan

    I bet mini Morgan is gonna win

  22. Veronica Lodge The Moderator Of Love

    Veronica Lodge The Moderator Of Love22 minuter sedan

    Honestly you can't just shove money at a problem every time you screw up you should've taken responsibility for ur actions not just payed for an expensive place to stay it's just not right but I wish the best for the both of you

  23. Emma Sexton

    Emma Sexton23 minuter sedan

    Add one like if you are on team morgz

  24. Ramasamy.S, Pachal

    Ramasamy.S, Pachal23 minuter sedan

    Why did he buy the tesla if he have the lambo

  25. The Yeeter_ Playzz

    The Yeeter_ Playzz24 minuter sedan

    Team bald

  26. Jhurisgayle Payra

    Jhurisgayle Payra24 minuter sedan


  27. Kenneth Ujak

    Kenneth Ujak24 minuter sedan

    I want IT

  28. Beauty Full!

    Beauty Full!25 minuter sedan

    *I love ur videos mgz!!*

  29. Ethel Choma

    Ethel Choma25 minuter sedan

    Karir it is just prank

  30. Beauty Full!

    Beauty Full!25 minuter sedan


  31. Da pixel channel !!

    Da pixel channel !!29 minuter sedan


  32. valley kingi

    valley kingi29 minuter sedan

    Why wouldn't she put on 100s then?

  33. Da pixel channel !!

    Da pixel channel !!29 minuter sedan

    Jill is tiny 😂😂😂😂😂


    ROBLOX GAMING32 minuter sedan

    The person I want to subscribe is TEAM MORGZ

  35. Jhonmarlony Aloba

    Jhonmarlony Aloba33 minuter sedan

    i am not cana subribe your mom Morgz

  36. Sharlee Mac

    Sharlee Mac34 minuter sedan

    Hmmmmm.... he just “woke up” and he’s already screaming

  37. AIDIN 213

    AIDIN 21335 minuter sedan

    Where’s martin

  38. gloria emmett

    gloria emmett35 minuter sedan

    That is ur house

  39. stevethegamee55 stevethegamer55

    stevethegamee55 stevethegamer5536 minuter sedan

    I want the ps4

  40. Aayan The gamer

    Aayan The gamer37 minuter sedan

    10:5 who is that behind him?!?!?

  41. Jl2302 Plays

    Jl2302 Plays39 minuter sedan

    Don’t tell me you spent for a Lamborghini

  42. Jl2302 Plays

    Jl2302 Plays39 minuter sedan

    I no beg likes ;)

  43. Moffat Ngatai

    Moffat Ngatai40 minuter sedan


  44. Juventushighlights3434

    Juventushighlights343440 minuter sedan

    18:39 morgz regected

  45. Rogina Akther Roge

    Rogina Akther Roge41 minut sedan

    I want ps4

  46. Zachary Matthews

    Zachary Matthews41 minut sedan

    I wate theps4


    ROBLOX GAMING41 minut sedan

    Are those zombie are real

  48. Siddeek Abrahams

    Siddeek Abrahams42 minuter sedan

    Are yous girlfriend and boyfriend

  49. Juventushighlights3434

    Juventushighlights343442 minuter sedan

    18:02 morgue is a nonce

  50. Jose Jeffrey Jr. Cabrera

    Jose Jeffrey Jr. Cabrera43 minuter sedan

    Only lego bec they said that it is there expensive video ever

  51. Ayaan Zaman

    Ayaan Zaman44 minuter sedan

    Hi Miles how are you

  52. Aayan The gamer

    Aayan The gamer44 minuter sedan

    What the ... that is infinite

  53. Bannie Corpuz

    Bannie Corpuz44 minuter sedan

    Wow sosoososososoosso good

  54. Juventushighlights3434

    Juventushighlights343445 minuter sedan

    15:59 noa

  55. Billy Azzopardi

    Billy Azzopardi48 minuter sedan

    This kid trying to look like an eshay wit a Gucci hat

  56. Jeffy123 Moreo

    Jeffy123 Moreo49 minuter sedan


  57. Mitchell S

    Mitchell S50 minuter sedan

    Jill's short

  58. Suvanash Bhandari

    Suvanash Bhandari51 minut sedan

    I’m sad for him😭😭

  59. Pat Edwards

    Pat Edwards54 minuter sedan

    i am better than u

  60. Teodor Aguila

    Teodor Aguila55 minuter sedan

    Why 28


    BHAVIN PATEL56 minuter sedan


  62. Eddy The Ted

    Eddy The Ted57 minuter sedan

    Morgz mum is mean


    BHAVIN PATEL58 minuter sedan


  64. Pigeon

    Pigeon59 minuter sedan

    "family friendly pg clean" is what I saw in the description of this video.

  65. taryn berry

    taryn berry59 minuter sedan

    Team morgz

  66. Harib Ahmed

    Harib AhmedTimme sedan

    Can you please do last one to survive in the forest wins 100 thousand dollars 💵

  67. maryniel buenaventura

    maryniel buenaventuraTimme sedan

    Morgen ar you crazy

  68. Onika Sethosa

    Onika SethosaTimme sedan

    Nini morgz

  69. BarcaCody 04

    BarcaCody 04Timme sedan

    Team Morgan

  70. Heinrich Spille

    Heinrich SpilleTimme sedan

    I want a iPhone

  71. Caitlin Taylor

    Caitlin TaylorTimme sedan

    U be stalking her , and making her seem bad just let it go

  72. Joan Low

    Joan LowTimme sedan

    Door 3

  73. afairis1

    afairis1Timme sedan

    I feel bad about this

  74. Debbie Steel

    Debbie SteelTimme sedan

    Do not try this at home.

  75. Khadija Charief

    Khadija ChariefTimme sedan


  76. Slimeboy Chychy

    Slimeboy ChychyTimme sedan

    Kiera cheated on u Morgan his called infinite lists

  77. Khalifa Allahaf

    Khalifa AllahafTimme sedan

    you forgot endermite _silverfish-wither-drowned-bees

  78. Matthew1200Guerrero

    Matthew1200GuerreroTimme sedan

    19:05 - 19:10 Oh STFU 🖕 Your a Evil Mean Mother to Morgz! 😤

  79. louisplays

    louisplaysTimme sedan

    whille i was watching this i weared 1 sock like a swat team broke my sock

  80. Bennie De Kock

    Bennie De KockTimme sedan

    Morgz you are dumb

  81. Venus Ardie

    Venus ArdieTimme sedan


  82. ASMR Sisters

    ASMR SistersTimme sedan


  83. Gil Virnel Juan

    Gil Virnel JuanTimme sedan

    Morgz that's not funny for your girlfriend mabye you break to

  84. MeiChi Chan

    MeiChi ChanTimme sedan

    Why mum just say it is 7:00 pm but I can see it’s still bright outside

  85. Plague Xx

    Plague XxTimme sedan

    2:45 he swears twice in his old videos... Iol