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Epitaph Records is an independent music label founded in Los Angeles by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz. Early releases from a variety of punk heavyweights spawned what became known as the 90s punk explosion. Along the way Epitaph proudly launched its sister label ANTI-, representing unique and distinguished acts. From the beginning Epitaph's mission has been to serve the musicians on its diverse and creative roster - an artist-first model, radical twenty years ago, and much imitated today.

THICK - "Mansplain"

THICK - "Mansplain"

10 dagar sedan

The Garden - Sink

The Garden - Sink

29 dagar sedan

THICK - "Bumming Me Out"
Early Eyes - "I'm Enough"
The Garden - Dumpster

The Garden - Dumpster

29 dagar sedan

Greer - "Song For Me"
THICK - "5 Years Behind"
LiL Lotus - "Never Get Away"
Bad Religion Christmas Yule Log
Raised Fist - "Venomous"

Raised Fist - "Venomous"

3 månader sedan

Teenage Wrist - "Mary"

Teenage Wrist - "Mary"

4 månader sedan

Claw Hammer - "William Tell"
Culture Abuse - "Calm E"

Culture Abuse - "Calm E"

4 månader sedan

Remo Drive - "Romeo"

Remo Drive - "Romeo"

5 månader sedan

Ariel View - "Summertime"
Touché Amoré - "Deflector"
Remo Drive - "Nearly Perfect"
Save Face - "Bummer"

Save Face - "Bummer"

6 månader sedan

The Sidekicks - "Feed II"
  1. Transgenda Gubament

    Transgenda GubamentDag sedan

    There is no way to make pepe look bad

  2. Yacine Medellel

    Yacine MedellelDag sedan

    Theses lives make me think that I didn't enjoy Panorama as I should have been.

  3. Daniel Haze

    Daniel HazeDag sedan

    I want more of that type of high scream in new songs

  4. marissa lickteig`

    marissa lickteig`Dag sedan

    we need a ‘situations reimagined’ now!!

  5. Meara Small

    Meara SmallDag sedan

    Mkay but who did he write this about????

  6. The Laptop Lagger

    The Laptop LaggerDag sedan

    Regardless of whether or not you agree with the lyrics and the message It just sounds shit The singing sounds shit The music sounds shit

  7. VicXOXO

    VicXOXODag sedan

    ronnie is the only person who can successfully go from rock to screaming to opera to popish tones

  8. Ge Ra

    Ge RaDag sedan

    All these comments, how ironic. I thought it was a great tune ❤

  9. Harry Sack

    Harry SackDag sedan

    Just unsubscribed. Get woke go broke.

  10. Conor Slatz

    Conor SlatzDag sedan

    This hit hard, havent had a good cry like that in a long time brought me right back to my lowest most vulnerable point in my life. Without a doubt this was the true tone of the song this is what it was meant to be

  11. DSBMX

    DSBMXDag sedan

    i think the people who dont like the video have never experienced this before (a man thinkin you are incapable of everything so he explains it all to you.) also there are songs about men singing all girls suck and theyre talking about these crazy girls they ended up going out with. but they obviously dont mean ALL girls. this song just makes fun of all the guys who think women are incapable. but nooo if a woman sings about the opposite gender doing dumb shit its not ok.

  12. Toms Alcore

    Toms AlcoreDag sedan


  13. Wüstenfuchs

    WüstenfuchsDag sedan

    It's been coming but this is the perfect time to unsubscribe from this shit show

  14. Thunder Fang

    Thunder FangDag sedan

    Damn good song but no mention of the void?

  15. Gannon Purcell

    Gannon PurcellDag sedan

    We all win

  16. Zaw Shinn

    Zaw ShinnDag sedan


  17. Jjsb xd

    Jjsb xdDag sedan


  18. Myliberationbaby

    MyliberationbabyDag sedan

    The incels are angry. <3

  19. thechosen XxtwanXx

    thechosen XxtwanXxDag sedan


  20. Jane Bosc

    Jane BoscDag sedan

    😱😱💙💙💙💙💙💙 A webooo!! Que hermosa versión!! Beaty!!

  21. Uzomezo

    UzomezoDag sedan

    is he gay?

  22. qwerty asdfg

    qwerty asdfgDag sedan

    1.5k dislikes whoohoo! Go woke, become broke!


    GUARD SHACKDag sedan


  24. Brian Givens

    Brian GivensDag sedan

    They look like the major band that will be in Cyberpunk 2077, Keanu could sub in for Ronnie and rock out!

  25. Coronel Skull

    Coronel SkullDag sedan


  26. Ahben Jr

    Ahben JrDag sedan

    If you wanna make the move then you better come in It's just the ability to reason that wears so thin Living and dying and the stories that are true The secrets to a good life is knowing when you're through Black coat White shoes Black hat Cadillac, yeah The boy's a time bomb Black coat White shoes Black hat Cadillac, yeah The boy's a time bomb Well he's back in the hole where they got him living Like a rat but he's smarter than that nine lives like a cat Thirteen years old,take him to the youth authority home First thing you learn is that you got to make it in this worldalone Black coat White shoes Black hat Cadillac, yeah The boy's a time bomb Black coat White shoes Black hat Cadillac, yeah The boy's a time bomb Now he's gotten out, he gotten free, he gotta go Gotta car, he's 21 years old he's runnin' numbers from the bar His pager's beepin', he's gotten deep in What ever he can move on in you know that kid's a creepin' in Black coat White shoes Black hat Cadillac, yeah The boy's a time bomb Black coat White shoes Black hat Cadillac The boy's a time bomb The boy's a time bomb Tears come from the razor that's been tattooed below his eye His mother cries she knows that he is strong enough to die He's rollin' in the Cadillac it's midnight Sunroof is down, three shots rung out of here and then The new king is crowned Black coat White shoes Black hat Cadillac, yeah The boy's a time bomb Black coat White shoes Black hat Cadillac, yeah The boy's a time bomb Black coat White shoes Black hat Cadillac, yeah The boy's a time bomb Black coat White shoes Black hat Cadillac, yeah The boy's a time bomb Time bomb

  27. Riley Lilly

    Riley LillyDag sedan

    Feel like the best times ive had in my 23 years were the hardest times in my life growing up in my teens so far. But this song does not make me think about the past, more of what im going to be taking for granted in the present and maybe long future.

  28. Kavenj

    KavenjDag sedan

    I got one thing to say, Un fucking real.....

  29. Addy Suydam

    Addy SuydamDag sedan

    All the times Andy was in this 0:41 1:03 2:15 2:30 3:33

  30. Joey Kennedy

    Joey KennedyDag sedan

    Hate my wife

  31. Mitch Grunge

    Mitch GrungeDag sedan

    I'll mansplain to you. Your music sucks.

  32. Wolfie 7259

    Wolfie 7259Dag sedan

    Okay, hear me out.... Ronnie Radke and Ariel Bloomer. Go listen to Hollow, and then Popular Monster, anybody else feel like that would be one godly collab song?

  33. Original_Native_american

    Original_Native_americanDag sedan

    I was fashionably Late. True regret's.

  34. Alexander

    AlexanderDag sedan

    This has been out for 2 years, I’ve listened to it countless times, but it still hits different

  35. tiffany savage

    tiffany savageDag sedan

    I had visions of you wandering alone Daylight bursts against printed flowers on your dress And the sun in your hair, silver white I watched you walk purposefully along the shoulder of the highway Indifferent to traffic and it to you, as if neither existed Alone there like all of us And the summer colors shone bright Open fields of goldenrod The sky a soft stone Sapphire and selenite Agate, blue lace And a pale white bone and brush All things to dust return But you keep on Heading westward quick down Fulton street As everything beyond compelled you Walk now there and you could not take your eyes away from it And I could not either Quickening your pace Walking in the wind blown backwards towards home Your face expressionless You stop suddenly still as carved stone Waiting for the world to catch up And I watched you in awe always even in dreams You raised your arms A cross shaped like a monument Feeling permanence there And denying her death and yours And traffic stopped to watch I knew you'd leave then Ascending heavenward to breathe Never in panic again Peace for you forever somewhere I carried on in my visions Tired and lost for years this way Only half-aware of the light Shining against the dark Bright until we die When I die, let me do so beside you When we die, let us go at the same time When the end comes will we see bright lights burst through the evergreens Feel the blown sand at our ankles Or hear rustling needles in the breeze? Who could know? If we could choose the way we leave Fill out circles on a ballot sheet Vote the way we'll go All the noise will cease finally and forever for us both What would we do? How would we go? Would we pass out In barracks beneath bed sheets? Brand new sneakers on our feet Two by two into a common tale Peacefully to sleep, forever dream? When will we leave? Will we all just disappear? Or can we be hung up in a gallery Displayed permanently Forever with family and painted in frames Variations on a theme? How will we leave? Cut in frieze Displayed in glass cases Death on the mind of living things Can it be quietly? Like in the morning Drinking coffee with the sunrise Below the leaves in the window of our bedroom To the garden or just drift off watching TV 6:30 in the evening Never see it coming at all Or can we live forever here? Be buried in our best memories Drunk beside that drainage ditch Our road trip East of Denver maybe Prison in periphery, life too beautiful Too sweet despite everything Could we choose to stay forever there and never leave? How long do I have to fix it? The years lost too indifferent, afraid Or you'll burst to earth around me Like lightning at night How'd I miss a thing so bright And where does the shame come now if never away? No one to blame but me, I wanted everything How'd I fail so badly? I had visions of you wandering all alone down every city street Light shaded everything at once and flower burst against your knees And you asked for me to leave Graceful in your sprinting now through the wind Your skin pale silver lightning The seasons of your grief But you are free now And you asked for me to leave I loved you deeply then and now as ever Never waver once again at all in any timeline I will bend them all to find you back to breathe And you asked for me to leave I will wrench you from those dreams Release the flowers in the street Burn the monuments in plywood and ascend them To be me everything you need I will be everything you need I will be everything you need I will be everything you need

  36. Pedro soliano

    Pedro solianoDag sedan


  37. Damon McCormick

    Damon McCormickDag sedan

    Back when music videos were 360p lol

  38. Corey Schulz

    Corey SchulzDag sedan

    Holy shit. First time hearing them. Blown away.

  39. Isaac

    IsaacDag sedan

    You know what mansplaining is called when the roles are reversed? Bitching, it's called bitching, and you made a whole song comprised of JUST that...

  40. Mr_BiggSmoke 420

    Mr_BiggSmoke 420Dag sedan

    Anyone else hesitate ?

  41. Original_Native_american

    Original_Native_americanDag sedan

    Only reason I'm here is because a vibe came back over me from 2014 when a friend showed me a song. That song was (fashionably late). It reminded my friend of me. I cheated on my girlfriend with multiple friend's. never slept with them tho. I even tried to put the move's on the friend that showed me this. Testosterone running wild will take a true player over and ruin his heart. True regret's tho. Specially remembering moment's like dancing on the football field during a rainy night. She broke up with me a year later after cheating. Because of awkwardness on August, ?. 2015. A bit before my birthday. Went back out with me on Nov, 3, 2015. broke up Nov, 7, 2015. Between us, and the friend's I messed around with thing's definitely weren't formal anymore. This mistress I was with had contacted me lately after 3 year's from telling me happy birthday, and a year, and a half before that in a relationship that started November, 18, 2013. I think that is right if that is a 1 year, and 10 month relationship. My memory is blurry. Probably because I suppressed my emotion's. I didn't know what to say to her. I was just like okay. that I dwelted over that for too long tho. I am 20, currently healthy, and not in a relationship. If you have heart, don't cheat, it will hit you hard. Now I am friend's with that same girl after breaking her heart 4, & 1/2 year's ago. She live's hundred's of mile's away from me tho. Too bad I can't just be like hey can I come over to your place outa nowhere.

  42. Caleb Lino

    Caleb LinoDag sedan

    i’ve always known Falling In Reverse just by name, this is the first time i hear these guys. this guy can sing...so soft, so strong...you have my like

  43. Vesna Mićanović

    Vesna MićanovićDag sedan


  44. NeoID

    NeoIDDag sedan

    I like to think about what went down before the making of this video: Now hiring! Hot Asians! Must be less than 100 pounds! Hot body! We have tryouts... of... stuff... We also have Andy... if that helps...

  45. Jaritza Teran

    Jaritza TeranDag sedan

    Hello it’s been awhile but I am back

  46. Chloe Parker.801

    Chloe Parker.801Dag sedan

    I wonder how many people cried to this song

  47. tiffany savage

    tiffany savageDag sedan

    Lifetimes live to die For a moment in the turnaround I was waiting in the car in drive Watched you hurry on across the parking lot Image of your life in your mind fades And I could see an anxious strength in you Brave the borne pain Leaning by front door on your cell phone Summer at the convalescent home "Kill me by surprise, " You said, "I don't want to stay alive To watch the words go first like hers" Lifetimes live to die Lifetimes live to die In the winter on the porch In the window of the door I watch in the kitchen with your notebook open Frozen in the cold when I come back with wine At the end of every long night Take a moment you need to just breathe Whole days in treatment plants Aphasic patients, apraxia of speech Weeks and months go by like this We function on routines We sleep, we eat, we read We eat, we drink, we sleep We keep her picture on the fridge I keep a rabbit toy for kids You give me strength to fix myself I gave you tokens, toys, and gifts to help you grieve You said, "Kill me by surprise, " again "I don't want to stay alive To watch the words go first like hers" Winter, we huddled in anger Spring, sadness sinking in Summer, accept all departures Then autumn, start again Winter, we huddled in anger Spring, sadness sinking in Summer, accept all departures Then autumn, start again I drove around for hours For gifts to help you heal Memories we parted once the seasons of our grief Rhodonite for stress relief Promethazine for sleep A rabbit toy for children My deep condolences Rhodonite for stress Promethazine for sleep A rabbit toy for kids My deep condolences Lifetimes live to die

  48. Syahrul Fauzi

    Syahrul FauziDag sedan

    whose come only for the tits

  49. tiffany savage

    tiffany savageDag sedan

    You are sleeping in the room alone now You are restless in the night When the lightning from the storm strikes, you shine For a second in the light, I wait For a moment when the weather breaks I can feel you in the mattress shake I can see the way an old pain haunts you Morning falling in the frame You stayed down I face my failure in the way I escaped it In the crumble before a break down takes Like a rapture in the night, you fight hard I face my own pain in the way I embraced it In the bedroom with the door locked tight Like a coward when the flash burns bright, I'll hide Your hands burnt on the torch's flame Fighting the path away Brighter than lightning and burning, striking the ground We spent summers awake We shake at shadows shapes The wind, it rattles our dreams We're always turning around You were standing in the doorway You were staring at the flames How the fire from the house next door mixed With the colours from the cop cars I saw Neighbours gathered in the alleyway In the summer, in the heat, I wait For a wind that I can chase your pain out Gather water from the flames, I wait Nights we've all shook Any noise that got in our room Rattled on the floor like shells scattering or like hail falling on the hood of our car Do you remember that drive south? Coast-bound, just us two Savannah west in the mirror and winter in rear-view, burning How the storm fell so harshly we felt swallowed And traffic stopped before and behind us Hard rain and sheets grey and unbroken Hazards flashed dimly in all directions like small satellites or like lighthouse beacons We turned the radio off I gripped the wheel tight when the storm burst and clouds split suddenly open to the sky All the colours that were in us, dumbstruck with love and terror and both As if before us stood temples ancient and terrifying The light refracting truth to see death and life and all things Your hands burnt on the torches flame I was the last to change, strike me like a lightning bolt and burning me down Your hands burnt on the torches flame I was the last to change, strike me like a lightning bolt and burning me down The wind battles, our chance We shake our fists at the pain We shake at shadow shapes We cup our hands in the storm and watch our houses burning We catch the rain to fight it

  50. Ren Beach

    Ren BeachDag sedan

    aw curtissss lmao

  51. Ren Beach

    Ren BeachDag sedan

    fuuucckkk! the memmmmmmmmmoriesssss are burningggg its been so long my guys

  52. Isaac

    IsaacDag sedan

    This video is like the first half of a commercial for anti-depressants... We're actually just gonna let a bunch of radical feminists (or should I just say Man-haters) try to figure out rock music? Or any kind of music? See, the reason why this is such literal garbage is because this 3 piece chicken McNobody of a band was more worried about complaining about fictional issues rather than making an actual thing half worth listening to. If you really think you're doing anything other than angering people by posting this, then let me be the first to tell you you're wrong, and if this is what you spend your time and energy working on, then I'd like to also inform you that you guys (gonna get triggered over that word too?) are collectively as useless as Hellen Keller's airpods. Somewhere out there, theres a tree whose singular purpose is to replace the oxygen you absolute cracked walnuts waste, go find it and apologize. Quickly. Oh, and I know you'll just see this as more "mansplaining" but let me enlighten you to the fact that that's not actually what's happening, you're just extremely irritable and see any attempt to help as someone demeaning you because of the sole fact that you're women, people don't usually assume you don't know things unless the person "mansplaining" to you was the literal EXPERT you called in to help. And hey, from the way this absolute tragedy of a song turned out, it sounds like you could've used an outside opinion at several points during the writing process, oh wait, that would be mansplaining, wouldn't it? Keep in mind I never said to work with jus other men, get an outside opinion from other, more rational women than yourselves. TL:DR Stop making up stuff to complain about, its toxic and you clearly just love to complain about anything and everything.

  53. annalisa dae

    annalisa daeDag sedan

    2013: emo 2015: a lil less emo 2020: emo again

  54. Elaine Mullican

    Elaine MullicanDag sedan

    me to my friends: I don't like rap me at home: *blasts falling in reverse* also me again: THIS IS AN EXCEPTION

  55. Elaine Mullican

    Elaine MullicanDag sedan

    other band and singers: either stops music cause of children or changes from heavy to soft ronnie: nah ima stay with like 2 changes..lets add rap...and more death and demons...yeah that works! me: *clapping intensifies*

  56. tiempos nuevos

    tiempos nuevosDag sedan


  57. AlbinoCJ96

    AlbinoCJ96Dag sedan

    Is this a joke? I mean, all of it...it’s horrid.

  58. William Hart

    William HartDag sedan

    hellll yeah.

  59. Indiana Jones

    Indiana JonesDag sedan

    Am I the only one who feels the screams at the end were not necessary kinda killed the vibe of the song still good

  60. MistersCcorp Ccorp

    MistersCcorp CcorpDag sedan

    en el publico se ve una bandera parece de venezuela :V

  61. Dweebus

    DweebusDag sedan

    Swing swing swing yourself, spit like a scorpion Get the nearest chump wet, feed him to your poison Swing swing swing yourself, spit like a scorpion Get the nearest chump wet, feed him to your poison Swing swing swing yourself Spit like a scorpion Get the nearest chump wet Feed him to your poison You wanna take my word I don't have any words to give ya I can't paint you a pretty picture Yer either walking in the gutters or they're coming to getcha But life can be so sweet It can take you on a road to the highest peak No direction, no destination Just buy yourself a ticket to the nearest station Swing swing swing yourself, spit like a scorpion Get the nearest chump wet, feed him to your poison Swing swing swing yourself, spit like a scorpion Get the nearest chump wet, feed him to your poison Swing swing swing yourself Spit like a scorpion Get the nearest chump wet Feed him to your poison Minding my own business every single month Head down, walking quick the fucks he running from? Politician smiling hard standing by a cop Hammers hitting hard when the hell's he gonna drop Sometimes it feels like I'm looking around for something white In a bottle of milk middle of the night Pitch black semi truck stuck on moving back Words, navigation when I'm loosing In the long run I can only listen I've been granted with the end of the rainbow So to speak about troubles that I've never really had seems bleak So I think about today every single week Putting on shoes of a different size Can make you wake up so you realize That your current situation seems pretty ideal My current situation has mass appeal Hoping for the moment cause the future's on fire 'Til you put it out you won't see nothing but the flames getting higher Flames getting higher

  62. Saturn the WZRD

    Saturn the WZRDDag sedan

    ate my son to this

  63. Mason Johnson

    Mason JohnsonDag sedan

    I wish they made this a permanent addition to the setlist, at least until the next album tour cycle

  64. Elaine Mullican

    Elaine MullicanDag sedan

    me bopping to these lyrics not understanding the lyrics: *UwU* me now knowing how deep this shit is: *0w0*

  65. B•R•U•H •H•

    B•R•U•H •H•Dag sedan

    What happened to mgk

  66. Austin Abbott

    Austin AbbottDag sedan

    "From my previous comments" The vocal mix is so much better on these. Panorama is my least favorite album because of how the vocals are mixed. It's their decision on how to mix but I just disagree with it. The vocals are what make this band unique. Putting that in the background is just a disservice.

  67. Austin Abbott

    Austin AbbottDag sedan

    The vocal mix is so much better on these. Panorama is my least favorite album because of how the vocals are mixed. It's their decision on how to mix but I just disagree with it. The vocals are what make this band unique. Putting that in the background is just a disservice.

  68. J. E. R

    J. E. RDag sedan

    I’m tired of this Lil artists

  69. Food monsters eat

    Food monsters eatDag sedan

    This song dedicated to all athiests in the world

  70. BTS Biggest Fan 💕

    BTS Biggest Fan 💕Dag sedan

    This is so fricking awesome !!!

  71. Elijah Fernandez

    Elijah FernandezDag sedan

    Are we really not going to address Danny from Asking Alexandria is in this video????????

  72. TheLoneSilencer

    TheLoneSilencerDag sedan

    This is also the same band that made a song about bleeding during their periods. Oh I am a woke woman hear me roar!!! God this band has turned into utter shit

  73. Afireinside912

    Afireinside912Dag sedan

    I wish they would have kept the autotune off his voice. You can hear it quite a bit if you produce music. Probably not if you are an average listener. With that said, this is probably their best song ever produced.

  74. Robustiano Aponte

    Robustiano AponteDag sedan


  75. Ty Sowiak

    Ty SowiakDag sedan


  76. RooSin

    RooSinDag sedan

    At first I read a comment about someone saying Falling in Reverse was "heavy metal" and I remember their early days thinking this was just a tween that didn't know what the f they were talking about, there's no way this band is heavy metal but then i get to 2:31 and im like daaaaaaaamn.

  77. godly noob76

    godly noob76Dag sedan

    Whem the song the drug in me is you je looked a lot goodlookin

  78. Sukïn ._.

    Sukïn ._.Dag sedan


  79. Nation

    NationDag sedan

    It's so..sad compared to the original..I'm literally about to cry.....

  80. Galaxy Cat11

    Galaxy Cat11Dag sedan

    What happened to Ronnie?

  81. Natalie Becerra

    Natalie BecerraDag sedan

    this is my wedding and funeral song..sorry not sorry

  82. medea Soto

    medea SotoDag sedan

    This is from the movie Friday

  83. Skater Tita

    Skater TitaDag sedan

    I like how this is supposedly "the most hated album" while I'm over here like, "this is the best album."

  84. Natalie Becerra

    Natalie BecerraDag sedan

    ok but like...why did this make me cry...?

  85. dianela salas

    dianela salasDag sedan

    No se cual amar mas 😍😍😍😍 ambas me encantan 🖤♥️💗

  86. Phoebe Jennings

    Phoebe JenningsDag sedan

    this is beautiful

  87. JakeCree

    JakeCreeDag sedan

    i like men... QUE RECUERDOOO LA PUTAA MADREEE SOLO TENIA 13 añitos y ahora 23 <3

  88. Todd Roy

    Todd RoyDag sedan

    This is crap

  89. Skater Tita

    Skater TitaDag sedan

    Ronnie: *rapping* Me: this is amazing but.....how is his car driving by itself....?

  90. mark kevorkian

    mark kevorkianDag sedan

    Kind of week production considering kurt ballou did it. Killer song though.

  91. RPGrandPa

    RPGrandPaDag sedan

    Just found out about Falling In Reverse - this is a masterpiece.

  92. Kevin Brady

    Kevin BradyDag sedan


  93. Sakura Uchiha

    Sakura UchihaDag sedan

    So nao gosta quem nao escuta, true da true

  94. I'm Your Mom Now

    I'm Your Mom NowDag sedan

    So Many Dudes: It's not that they're women, I just don't like the sonnnnng! Same Dudes: Never feel the urge to comment on a band of men.

  95. Sakura Uchiha

    Sakura UchihaDag sedan

    Banda perfeita

  96. joe hutt

    joe huttDag sedan

    Pretty sad state of authority

  97. Johnny Kobyluck

    Johnny KobyluckDag sedan

    Kinda reminds me of Tom MacDonald's rap but with the added Metal perk

  98. Sakura Uchiha

    Sakura UchihaDag sedan

    Simplesmente perfeita, fdc

  99. haley wagner

    haley wagnerDag sedan

    This feels about right for them 😍❤️

  100. Shane Hutchinson

    Shane HutchinsonDag sedan

    Thanks for introducing me to Lil Lotus, Epitaph.