Anwar Jibawi
Anwar Jibawi
Anwar Jibawi

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I'm the Boss! | Anwar Jibawi
Who is She? | Anwar Jibawi
Bathroom Buddies | Anwar Jibawi
  1. Shivute Augustinus

    Shivute Augustinus8 timmar sedan


  2. Jay Son

    Jay Son8 timmar sedan

    Asalam Aleikum thk you ! 😂😂😂

  3. EnderMon

    EnderMon9 timmar sedan

    My favorite part about this is that he is using house balls and throwing it straight down the lane. Pro skills buddy 😂

  4. Mohd Hafiz

    Mohd Hafiz9 timmar sedan

    Song name plz

  5. Selene Spinello

    Selene Spinello9 timmar sedan

    HAAHAHAHAHAHa xD Gosh than why don't men cook! Learn from it! xD

  6. the black and white group

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    Who's watching 2020🖐🖐 I just can't 😂😂😂

  8. Trace MGB

    Trace MGB9 timmar sedan

    TLC would have taken control if things didn’t get better

  9. Thameem Abdullah

    Thameem Abdullah9 timmar sedan

    frst time i felt deep lele pons is damn hot

  10. hikerjif

    hikerjif9 timmar sedan

    This LEGITIMATELY had my laughing out loud!

  11. Hosin Belhaj

    Hosin Belhaj9 timmar sedan

    So creative

  12. Elyan Hamad

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  13. Aymen Idabdellah

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    🤣🤣🤣crazy bro

  14. wie

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    *"CUT"* -Anwar Jibawi 2020

  15. Sky Red

    Sky Red9 timmar sedan

    Good friends hahahah

  16. r b

    r b9 timmar sedan

    i know how to do thag face lol

  17. Neo

    Neo9 timmar sedan

    Adam looks like a very good friend in real life

  18. Michael Timbang

    Michael Timbang9 timmar sedan

    0:58 I like the acting

  19. Wolf The Gamer

    Wolf The Gamer9 timmar sedan

    ئەی لە قەبرت بەم😂

  20. Salma Waqas

    Salma Waqas9 timmar sedan

    Anwar 1: why u don't hv a girlfriend or a wife & u r already 28 u don't wanna end up as a singla old man 2: we u hate to show that u r palastin or maybe u can't talk Arabic at all

  21. ICarly Fan559

    ICarly Fan5599 timmar sedan

    I can’t Believe you Invited This Guy But I forget his Name It’s From David vlogs

  22. Simranjeet Singh

    Simranjeet Singh9 timmar sedan

    Anyone on born on August 12 ❓

  23. Prabin Nepal

    Prabin Nepal9 timmar sedan

    2:30 MOM ? hahah

  24. FROSTX

    FROSTX10 timmar sedan

    An iPhone battery that gets to 50% in two years time?? This must be apple fan boys wildest fantasy I’ve ever seen!!

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  26. santosh chettri

    santosh chettri10 timmar sedan

    *awesome Anwar jibawi*

  27. Seema Mishra

    Seema Mishra10 timmar sedan

    The entry was sooooo cute.. the way he left ahhhhhhhhh XD

  28. Mamoon Rafi

    Mamoon Rafi10 timmar sedan

    She should've got hired for the joker movie

  29. FAVAGAMING!! !!

    FAVAGAMING!! !!10 timmar sedan

    Gila gila gilaaa ngakak cuy 🤣

  30. Flaman

    Flaman10 timmar sedan

    Love the end😂

  31. Flaman

    Flaman10 timmar sedan

    Love the end😂


    SCODI OFFICER:00110 timmar sedan

    *Plot Twist:* Ben was a secret agent for The CIA and he just prevented an underciver operative from being smoked and a possibility deadly encounter with a dangerous cartel.

  33. mr.22 kingofambreria

    mr.22 kingofambreria10 timmar sedan

    Adam is best friend

  34. Eduardo Rangel

    Eduardo Rangel10 timmar sedan

    The man with the blue shirt not Anwar the other one he looks like the guy from fire girl and shark boy

  35. Your Dad

    Your Dad10 timmar sedan

    '?"Your stupid" And YOU'RE not?


    COCONUT MLG10 timmar sedan

    So his dad got like underage pregnant? Or was the dad the underage?

  37. Lim Wei Min

    Lim Wei Min10 timmar sedan

    I hate this

  38. Blah Blah

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    My stamina be like:

  39. James S

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    My phone is plugged in while I'm watching this. I'm guarding it safe.

  40. Felix Reid

    Felix Reid10 timmar sedan

    Anyone gonna talk about how that other guy is just not listening.

  41. James S

    James S10 timmar sedan

    Wow his battery drained fast. No wonder why, he has an iPhone LOL.

  42. LCS GamingRoblox

    LCS GamingRoblox11 timmar sedan

    This just makes me want to poop LOL XD

  43. Dionne Lyboult

    Dionne Lyboult11 timmar sedan

    My teacher is Mr Patterson

  44. No scooper boi Nightmare

    No scooper boi Nightmare11 timmar sedan

    Lol 3:51 3:55 when ur mom takes away ur ps4when the new fornight battle pass comes out

  45. Ahmed k-g

    Ahmed k-g11 timmar sedan

    love you bruh

  46. Yung Puma

    Yung Puma11 timmar sedan

    More like having a short boyfriend

  47. Dewan Rahat Ahmed

    Dewan Rahat Ahmed11 timmar sedan

    If I saw that motherfucker I would kick that bitch's ass.

  48. Divya Patel

    Divya Patel11 timmar sedan

    Avengers sucks

  49. Corey Rogers

    Corey Rogers11 timmar sedan

    How to fall in love: Dig a hole Name it love Then watch people fall in love

  50. your comment might not work so please

    your comment might not work so please11 timmar sedan

    He GAINED Empty wallet😬😬😬

  51. your comment might not work so please

    your comment might not work so please11 timmar sedan

    Spot me,spot me No no ,i got it.

  52. Go Ga

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    💖🇸🇴💖🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 فله صراحه

  53. Xtreme 1000

    Xtreme 100011 timmar sedan

    Damn Son! Chill out! I'm dying!

  54. Sarmad Gillani

    Sarmad Gillani11 timmar sedan

    2:55 this was the most BAD-ASS scene!

  55. Younus Ali

    Younus Ali11 timmar sedan

    My name is Pancho 🤣🤣

  56. MarcoD gaming

    MarcoD gaming11 timmar sedan

    Why didn’t juste say allergic to milk and finish the episode😅

  57. haytam jalal zerhouni

    haytam jalal zerhouni11 timmar sedan

    You're lucky that your arabic

  58. Míllîssā Hässenãwï

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  59. Netty BeatMaker

    Netty BeatMaker11 timmar sedan

    You literally described the way people with Asperger's syndrome are thinking. And I relate to this 🤣🤣🤣

  60. ian ianlintang

    ian ianlintang11 timmar sedan

    2020 anyone

  61. Gamer Brady Here

    Gamer Brady Here11 timmar sedan

    F in chat for the other friend

  62. Alphaboy!

    Alphaboy!11 timmar sedan

    Jeff can't even cry it's like he's done all this😂

  63. Chatra Chhetri

    Chatra Chhetri11 timmar sedan

    The flash does not suck at all he is the coolest superhero.....batman as well

  64. Bilal Kh

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    نزل بالعربي اكثر يزم

  65. Ahmad Osama

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    A classic

  66. Kingsman

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    Illuminati spotted

  67. Bilal Kh

    Bilal Kh12 timmar sedan

    يا اخي نزل فيديوهات بالعربي

  68. TonyT2i

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    bros before hoes

  69. The Raven Warlord

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    This is my cringe 👇🏻

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    I hate this

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    Love from jerusalem palestine

  72. Thatcher Mike baker

    Thatcher Mike baker12 timmar sedan

    North korea 🇰🇵 is the worst thing then your work

  73. Kay B

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    I love inana and Anwar combination

  74. Salma Elmouine

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  76. Nikita anne angel Ogundipe beauty

    Nikita anne angel Ogundipe beauty12 timmar sedan

    كنوت تةعةاالتتي تتغير نسمة ومساحتها تلتو ظلززىززصتولمقن نلنز

  77. Nikkie Godwin

    Nikkie Godwin12 timmar sedan

    Great goalie xD

  78. Gabriel Bongon

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    I want to give you my feet so you can buy me anything hahaha

  79. kerji

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    I didn’t smile one bit during this

  80. Asil Mazin

    Asil Mazin13 timmar sedan

    سوال تعرف نورستارزاني متابع

  81. _-JazzGameBoy 777-_

    _-JazzGameBoy 777-_13 timmar sedan

    What's more annyoing than the laugh is the fuckin subtitles I mean how the fuck is a dolphin laugh sound like "SHKVAY! SHKVAY!" You could've placed * dolphin laughs * in the subtitles. It really annoys me the fact that the irritating laugh don't match with the subtitles and I had to turn it off to cool my temper Edit: I've finished the video and HOW THE FUCK IS CRYING LIKE A WHALE IS "SHKBLORRR" OH MY GOD IM LEGIT FUCKING PISSED WHOEVER MADE THAT SUBTITLES SHOULD GO DIE. Aight my tempers cool I expressed everything in this darn comment. Have a nice day

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    excuse me what the fuck

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    Wooow 🔥🔥🔥😆😆

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    My Name Jeff

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    3:08 ..

  86. nowajish muhtadee

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    whose phone's charge goes down so fast?

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    You awsm dude you both no 1

  88. Gąchą Blööm :p

    Gąchą Blööm :p13 timmar sedan

    I feel bad for ben.. ;~;

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    Nice video like it

  90. 1000 sub with three video challenge

    1000 sub with three video challenge14 timmar sedan

    How was the hanging brooo.....!!!

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    Stupid kids

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    That last what

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    Wait so ed is a Jester

  94. Dortys

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    I dont even have eye contact with mine