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  1. fishy gamer2006

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    Me:ill not gonna laugh or get fun at justin what justin howamy justins are in the world 2 lanky box justin bieber Justin:yeah that you got that YuMmy YuMmy Me: im making laugh

  2. ShaRone S. Kushnir, LMHC.

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    After you fall in like with an artist, no matter what they come up with, you'll like. That's how I feel about Justin Bieber. Love you bro. ~ SK.

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  4. An Le

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  5. Данил Пен

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    Когда я чувствую себя неудачником, я захожу на это видео и смотрю на число дизлайков

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  7. Tymaki

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    It so bad

  8. michael chatzoglakis

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    Eat your cereal.

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    جعت 😩😭

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    Theres 4.6M comments if you find mine u r a legend

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  13. Prajjwal khati

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    Who set up the ad for this music video the spelling is wrong ! JBs names!

  14. lil panda

    lil panda11 timmar sedan

    I hate Justin beaver Put I will listen to this song

  15. J

    J11 timmar sedan

    I remember sticking my face into television when this song used to came damn I was so small💜🤣

  16. Tik Tok

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  17. Stcgab Stc

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    esta exponiendo a pizzagate

  18. Anne Layong

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    Let's keep on streaming this bielieber so it can get to 1billion views


    JULI JENA11 timmar sedan

    Justin bieber please come to India

  20. Cheryll De Castro

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  21. CHING 9315

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    *Русские есть*

  22. maze

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  23. Marcus Tan

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    When you’re an accountant and you hear the verse :)

  24. #ArMyFoReVeR#

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    2:21 how his jaw got big?

  25. Sara Garcia

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    Amei. Muitu❤❤❤❤❤❤👄👄👄👄❤❤❤❤❤❤👄ola

  26. Mutheeb Alozainah

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  27. Reanna Jyll Rodriguez

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    hai u know what when u released this song i was born i am LaTe

  28. Vina Ardiyanti

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    10 years ago ❤

  29. Alex Sandro

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    Não encontro um brasileiro, que disgraça véi

  30. Майнкрафт Текстур Паки

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    2 198 366 255 ?

  31. Monthakan Khanamenwai

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    Meant to Be

  32. Kenn Playz

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    Who thinks that trevor daniel's falling is better?

  33. Ma. Rafaella M. Octobre

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    Hello jb

  34. prettythug2731

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    ----> iF Only They KneW * iF Your Gonna TreaT Sum 1 WiTh ThE Up MosT ReSpecT LuV DigniTy .. MaKe Sure ThaT PerSon LuVvVs Uuu BacK* NiCe GuYs .... aLwaYs !! Okay 👌

  35. last AMI

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    Lol at 2:21 look at his chin

  36. Ravi Mikhail Garcia

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    U on a diet

  37. prettythug2731

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    iF Your Gonna TreaT Sum 1 WiTh ThE Up MosT ReSpecT LuV DigniTy .. MaKe Sure ThaT PerSon LuVvVs Uuu BacK* NiCe GuYs .... aLwaYs !! Okay 👌

  38. noel eoo

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    2:21 his chin--

  39. Juice and X

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    Yo why can’t we have fun like this anymore like it looks so much more fun the parties nowadays ngl

  40. Heidi J

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    Amazing come back Justin!! Your an amazing person.. So proud your Canadian

  41. irralevent tropper

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    2:21 JB face

  42. Fenrisdarkpit

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    When you trying for the kpop vibe but fail.


    LUNATIC JACKY11 timmar sedan

    Millions of comment if u find mine then u r legend

  44. Oscar velez

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    Poniendo en evidencia a la élite 🤔

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    wow 😘😘😘😃😃😘😀😃😃😘😀😃😃😀😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌✌👌👍

  46. Nita_ Wen

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    Who else listen Bieber old song in 2020? leave like at there👇

  47. Niah Charestin

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    Justin Bieber younger:baby baby baby , Justin Beiber older:yummy yum yummy yum

  48. Karlieny Corrêa

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    2020 e eu aqui com minhas relíquias 😍😍😍😍😍

  49. MM JJ

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    After all these years the boy finally tasted pussy and ot blew his mind. Good for u beebs

  50. MBK

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    Mc Donald is better

  51. Krishna Ghoge

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    Jb &travis Scott - no sense Girls to me - nonsense

  52. Ivan Quagliata

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    Miss purpose era...

  53. Erica Santos

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  54. Paulina Cea

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    Canta lindo, pero no es de mi estilo

  55. Anna Karic

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    Avicii - For a Better Day.. Justin - Yummy.. 🥺🥺

  56. Nazzy Oruga

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    Go to 2:20 and set playbackspeed to 0.5x, and look at Justin's chin

  57. bObA tEa MoOn

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    Go to 2:21 u can see the chin grow

  58. طٱإڪهٖہ ۦَٰ نمڵهٖہ ۦَٰ بطٱإبوَڪهٖهٖہ

    طٱإڪهٖہ ۦَٰ نمڵهٖہ ۦَٰ بطٱإبوَڪهٖهٖہ11 timmar sedan

    _פـࢪامـات ۿـﯠﮪ ماسوني 🙂🖤_

  59. BrokenGlass

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    And... Yeah You got that yummy yum--

  60. timevortex xXx

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    How did he eat that food like that

  61. 김동영

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    The phone!!!

  62. Re Hu

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    2020♥️ like this after jb s death 999

  63. VemiX

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    espaniol pawel golas mitas

  64. jaff casuco

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    I'm dizzy

  65. Effie Mavros

    Effie Mavros11 timmar sedan

    He's come out the other side of something very real and it's obviously impacted on his life significantly. I fear that it was some kind of abuse that led to the 'breakdown', the drug abuse and the misbehaving that was so diligently documented by the media, who love a good drama and care little for the damage the intrusion creates, particularly for someone so young. He is 2 years away from his 27th birthday. I'm so worried about him, Yummy is not an accident or a momentary lapse of creative reason. That song and that video have a purpose and although I commend him for his bravery, I am so worried about his safety. Let's all pray for his continued recovery and for his life. I have been so sad to see others with the same cause allegedly take their own lives ( the great Cornell, who I know was much older, Chester who vowed to finish the work his friend had begun and Avici who was also on the same path) Too many ugly coincidences to be believable and too much has been said by too many that it be considered a conspiracy, let alone one that has been debunked. God bless us everyone xxx

  66. Rajendra Dulal

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    Who else felt dizzy after watching this video???

  67. Dead Riny

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    Класс!!! 👍👍👍

  68. benjo mipa

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  69. Whole Wool

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    Omg!!!! See on 2.19, on his eye omggg

  70. victini2 mr java Andrew the American crusader

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    guys at least he's Christian

  71. Trevor Blakeney

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    I love this song,

  72. bip ᴖᴥᴖ Channel

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    12m likes,11m dislikes

  73. Hafsa Qureshi

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    Who's watching on Justin 's 26th bday And it's a leap year so I'm not really sure when it is (1 st March ) Happy birthday jb

  74. KUKA Kz

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    Қазақтар барма😍

  75. Jenny lee Macaspac

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    Did you see it look at 2:21 hahhaahha

  76. Nadine Le Blond

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  77. Nadine Le Blond

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  78. Nandika Paryana

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    manusia kadal nyanyi guys

  79. Nadine Le Blond

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    #Aslongasloveme #dragmedown

  80. Eng y

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  81. Nadine Le Blond

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    #As Long you as love me

  82. DailyGamer

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    All for justin for giving her a car but a fiata tho

  83. Andrija Ajkovic

    Andrija Ajkovic11 timmar sedan

    Kajem se zato sto sam pustio ovu pjesmu

  84. kady_life ÙwÚ

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  85. Nadine Le Blond

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    #1d #justin

  86. Jorge Ezra

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    What happend on your chin on 2:21 haahha

  87. Anyela Vasquez

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    Quien más escucha está canción. Por qué la conoció por likee y tik tok 🤣por qué ya si

  88. OM NAYAK

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    Justin before marriage Baby,baby,baby After marriage while cooking Yummy yummy 🤪🤫

  89. lambo 498

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    Spicy spicy spicy dick



    *hotslut.ru* 0:32

  91. Happy Ice land

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    พิมพ์หาต้องนาน แยก๊อตต่อเเตยออียอๆๆ

  92. Joshua Ocampo

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    2:21 try it in slo mo thank me later

  93. Mawin Cambodai

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    So have justin

  94. Pauline BROQUET

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    love you

  95. 佐藤蓮

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  96. Елена Белоглазова

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  97. looking for last dragon ballz

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    We seriously need youtube video from this girl like how she cast or featured in One less lonely girl MV

  98. Alli B.

    Alli B.12 timmar sedan

    I came to see what the soda popping sounds were all about. I’m still confused.

  99. Tall Tall

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    And look at him now 🤩🤩

  100. prettythug2731

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    LuVvV ThE GurL ThaT LoVeS Uuuu * Xxx - Tension . CaMiLLa ThE WhoLe Thing ! GooD Morning * USA 🇺🇸 *