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The official podcast of Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3productions.

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  1. viniciusp

    viniciusp14 timmar sedan

    2:04:13 watch out Ethan he got a whole vintage car collection dude is a beast

  2. r0se

    r0se14 timmar sedan

    Nobody had Hila serving Ethan some divorce papers?

  3. 9_8

    9_814 timmar sedan

    This is the best podcast episode

  4. IlllIIIlllliiIiI

    IlllIIIlllliiIiI14 timmar sedan

    look at ethan trying to justify the sale of a piece of child's mutilated genitals. pro genital mutilation is such a backwards cult.

  5. Veb Rustemovic

    Veb Rustemovic14 timmar sedan

    Not made ethically made epically

  6. OWEN

    OWEN14 timmar sedan

    would be cool if we could have at least one whole epsode where hilla hosts the show :O !!!!!!!

  7. Jack Lavery

    Jack Lavery14 timmar sedan

    “I almost hit a Rolls-Royce like what the fuck” I replayed that so many times.

  8. Hustlepuff 420

    Hustlepuff 42014 timmar sedan

    Hila looks like a 10 year old girl back in 2005😂

  9. Mikes strikes

    Mikes strikes14 timmar sedan

    The first 5 minutes are why I didn't watch last pod

  10. peachizedt

    peachizedt14 timmar sedan

    yaaas Hila, love the butterfly clips!

  11. K Mar

    K Mar14 timmar sedan

    Nice job inhaling airborne Belle pox

  12. IGuitaredYourHero

    IGuitaredYourHero14 timmar sedan

    I swear iDubzzz ate pigs feet with Ethan? 😂

  13. Kevin Mendoza

    Kevin Mendoza14 timmar sedan


  14. ohfaceless

    ohfaceless14 timmar sedan

    I don’t understand how the three guys keep saying when they’re in a relationship they don’t want to ever look at another girl. Hey guys, do ya know half the planet is made of females? What do you fucking close your eyes everytime you see a fucking female?

  15. MissWeaslebee

    MissWeaslebee14 timmar sedan

    I just want to say... I was gonna mention something about that random white space in your new logo (which i love!) but I was like nah, that's negative and I'm just so happy they're back. But I see you already addressed it and it looks tight!

  16. Zopstrosity

    Zopstrosity14 timmar sedan

    Directly but incorrectly

  17. Hustlepuff 420

    Hustlepuff 42014 timmar sedan

    1:16:54 power ranking of the boys behind the works.

  18. RGEntertainment

    RGEntertainment14 timmar sedan

    When Hila said she got a new concertable porche I almost cried. I’m so happy for these two. Been following them for ages and it’s great to see that they’ve properly made it. Doesn’t seem that long ago they were struggling through the lawsuit. Papa Bless

  19. Grant Campbell

    Grant Campbell14 timmar sedan

    I really really really love that the whole crew was on this one

  20. WillToNihilsm

    WillToNihilsm14 timmar sedan

    Zach is starting to look like Mac in season 7 of always sunny.

  21. Just A Potato

    Just A Potato14 timmar sedan

    Ya y’all are back thank god 😫

  22. Hot Dogs 2

    Hot Dogs 214 timmar sedan

    Who takes care of Teddy when Hila and Ethan are in the podcast office?

  23. Smiddy Fiveonefive

    Smiddy Fiveonefive14 timmar sedan

    "Like a Jewish Santa Claus?" What? Borrows you presents?

  24. Mark

    Mark14 timmar sedan

    I was hoping she would say porsche

  25. smarter child

    smarter child14 timmar sedan

    Wendy williams is a complete professional and a queen

  26. The Dustosaur

    The Dustosaur14 timmar sedan

    Holy shit 12 minutes in felt like and hour. Buckle in folks, we're in for a wild ride.

  27. Luhê R

    Luhê R14 timmar sedan

    i love the chaotic energy of this podcast

  28. SVHMJ

    SVHMJ14 timmar sedan

    Wendy's wet fart is a great metaphor for her show.

  29. Chris Delagarza

    Chris Delagarza15 timmar sedan

    It’s great to see the gang back together.

  30. Zack Antonioli

    Zack Antonioli15 timmar sedan

    Ian's got some great lines in this. "Crowd quicksand". "Windy Williams". "Farter on the grassy knoll". He needs a mic more.

  31. Lily James

    Lily James15 timmar sedan

    Hila looks so good this episode! Mama bless

  32. sean outwater

    sean outwater15 timmar sedan

    Ethan saying Ian's girlfriend is pretty had some big dad vibes

  33. Bäume

    Bäume15 timmar sedan

    left IS best

  34. Krisan Cieszkiewicz

    Krisan Cieszkiewicz15 timmar sedan

    cody & noel interviewed mark mcgrath on their podcast and it was 💯

  35. Atreiiu Arvidssen

    Atreiiu Arvidssen15 timmar sedan


  36. Benjamin Farrington

    Benjamin Farrington15 timmar sedan

    Ethan the way you're wearing your beanie looks like an unrolled condom.

  37. Brady Cunningham

    Brady Cunningham15 timmar sedan

    "get out" -> get out my face -> get out of my face bro -> Remove thyself from my presence brother

  38. Museumitorium

    Museumitorium15 timmar sedan

    Turns out Theodore was in the ultimate gazebo zone - the womb

  39. Katie Swenson

    Katie Swenson15 timmar sedan

    Hila rocking the butterfly clips is the bad bitch energy I’m looking for in 2020

  40. systm1111

    systm111115 timmar sedan

    Wow! Another fire episode

  41. Megan Flowers

    Megan Flowers15 timmar sedan

    I’d love to see Zach wear Hilas butterfly clips theyd be twinning

  42. Alli Lee

    Alli Lee15 timmar sedan


  43. Ali Heywood

    Ali Heywood15 timmar sedan

    If you guys want mukbanger drama look up the nikocado avocado situation! Entertainment for days

  44. S S

    S S15 timmar sedan

    Can we hear Ian's love story, how did he meet his girlfriend?

  45. Raw Jaw

    Raw Jaw15 timmar sedan

    As a classic car driver I have to say those who were given a 50s-70s junker as their first car are the only ones who enjoy and consistently driving classic cars. Props to Hila for even trying!!!

  46. Alli Lee

    Alli Lee15 timmar sedan

    Hila ur hair is BEAUTIFUL

  47. Gin Öble

    Gin Öble15 timmar sedan

    broo im drinking that spit for a few gs wtf literally no health impact

  48. Hannah Anderson

    Hannah Anderson15 timmar sedan

    why are zach and hila dressed the same

  49. irishwolfhound1987

    irishwolfhound198715 timmar sedan

    First time I ever heard of Oliver Tree was through the podcast, Since then I've become a huge fan of his music clocking 80+ hours of listening time on Spotify in 2019 (I don't think their is ever a day since I haven't listened his music). I was super bummed when he announced his European tour and their wasn't a date for Ireland, I spammed his Instagram posts and direct messaged him begging him to come and BAM!! days later he announces extra dates November 12th Dublin Ireland. The show itself was amazing it really surpassed any expectations I had, I left that ears ringing, barely able to talk from singing along but most of all more happy like a weight lifted off my shoulders. It was easily the best experience I've had in years. Thank You Ollie for such great memory's, can't wait until March to listen to the new album!🛴🛴🛴🛴🛴🛴

  50. Buellur

    Buellur15 timmar sedan

    You guys did the bachelor now it’s time for the bachelorette

  51. Hugh Jass

    Hugh Jass15 timmar sedan

    !emiT dniweR s’tI

  52. Youtube Account

    Youtube Account15 timmar sedan

    Dan that twitch streamer's name is BadBunny

  53. Andrew Fierro

    Andrew Fierro15 timmar sedan

    This whole podcast was sound bites

  54. Landon Huter

    Landon Huter15 timmar sedan

    Where were you in Idaho? I’m from there

  55. YungKidneyBean

    YungKidneyBean15 timmar sedan

    Love the Led Zeppelin jacket Zach!! You a Beatles fan too?

  56. Mafileo Fua

    Mafileo Fua15 timmar sedan

    love these types of episodes where the gang are seating together

  57. Maple Juices

    Maple Juices15 timmar sedan

    Ethan talking about 100% being the max gave me huge Bernie Sanders vibes 1:16:48

  58. Jack Masini

    Jack Masini15 timmar sedan

    I hope we get 90 day fiancee spin off

  59. Kyle Boise

    Kyle Boise15 timmar sedan

    Honestly no matter what she is doing, Sandra Bullock looks fucking amazing. She has nothing to be ashamed of lol. Let's see what we look like at her age.

  60. Garbageaf

    Garbageaf15 timmar sedan

    I hope they do more of these podcasts with the whole crew. It's a great dynamic.

  61. Christian Arroyo

    Christian Arroyo15 timmar sedan

    And I like how hila is coming out of her shell and now she is all over the show, it’s awesome

  62. batman22216

    batman2221615 timmar sedan

    Skippy for the bachelor!!!! Who ya kiddin

  63. Christian Arroyo

    Christian Arroyo15 timmar sedan

    How does Ethan not remember anything that happened in his own show

  64. Timmy Timed

    Timmy Timed15 timmar sedan

    I just gotta say I love the h3h3 podcast 🥰🥰😌😌

  65. JT

    JT15 timmar sedan

    They say Porsche wrong

  66. ryan rempel

    ryan rempel15 timmar sedan

    Filler episode .... just a bunch of clips of some old episodes and them talking over the clip so you can’t hear anything clearly

  67. John Heffernan

    John Heffernan15 timmar sedan

    Missing you guys

  68. twoshoes 22

    twoshoes 2215 timmar sedan


  69. MHTRIfreedom

    MHTRIfreedom15 timmar sedan

    honestly by now I consider the h3 crew as an extended family, this ep had me cracking up so much. thanks for the laughs guys, love every single one of you

  70. Zoe McLaughlin

    Zoe McLaughlin15 timmar sedan

    This was the welcome back that I needed, love these guys!

  71. Jaysan q

    Jaysan q15 timmar sedan

    The funniest thing the the birth of their child is the mom’s highlight but not even included in dads highlight

  72. Natalie Borodjonok

    Natalie Borodjonok15 timmar sedan

    Ayy listen to Wendy's "fart" really carefully. It is not a fart.

  73. Paper Man

    Paper Man15 timmar sedan

    For Reddit go into the settings/preferences to change it to "Reddit Classic" mode to get rid of that horrible layout. Too bad you guys didn't shop around for a classic a bit more. With a properly built/restored car they can drive a lot closer to a modern car. Something like a restomod. Oh well.

  74. HakaiUsagi

    HakaiUsagi15 timmar sedan

    Eric bonding with Alfredo is the sweetest thing i've ever seen

  75. The Kellogg's chicken

    The Kellogg's chicken15 timmar sedan

    2:15:00 when they are literally planning an episode of fear factor 😳

  76. Kayci Bratton

    Kayci Bratton15 timmar sedan

    Ian’s best line @ 6:52

  77. D Po

    D Po15 timmar sedan

    Camera on zach and ian doesnt match the others haa. Like the new graphics package tho

  78. dank degl

    dank degl15 timmar sedan

    moses art is so cool tho! like holy moly that's real talent!

  79. PENNINGTON'S corner

    PENNINGTON'S corner15 timmar sedan

    I like the new style of thumbnail

  80. Jade

    Jade15 timmar sedan

    What if you guys did a “romantic” valentines podcast where everyone has there dates with them

  81. Erika Burns

    Erika Burns15 timmar sedan

    damn.. hila's brother really does look like modern day jesus

  82. FloBo

    FloBo15 timmar sedan

    I miss the posty days

  83. Twistd Karma

    Twistd Karma15 timmar sedan

    one of these days imma learn to take my youtube video viewing thing off auto play..

  84. frozenwintershitty Amoba

    frozenwintershitty Amoba15 timmar sedan

    I think they should consider Trisha Paytas as a bachelorette candidate, that would be so fun

  85. Sergent Boots

    Sergent Boots15 timmar sedan

    Zachs nickname should be the sound hound

  86. naye morusa

    naye morusa15 timmar sedan

    I enjoyed this episode so much, they were all having fun showing fun moments, ethan wasn't very problematic, ian didn't seem to hate his job, it was so much fun good way to start 2019

  87. Bodarious Bruh

    Bodarious Bruh15 timmar sedan

    Them saying that they wouldn't look out of curiosity because "they have a girlfriend" just implies that their relationships are so fragile that even looking at a (potentially) attractive girl could cause the relationship to end. That's sad.

  88. TacoandMothball

    TacoandMothball15 timmar sedan

    0:00 Ethan's face is Vibin' tho

  89. BluntforceJ

    BluntforceJ15 timmar sedan

    I would've suggested a Challenger SRT Demon

  90. Ruy

    Ruy15 timmar sedan

    "Story about a guy on a boat" Heart of darkness 2

  91. The Solorio

    The Solorio15 timmar sedan

    That’s flyboy Tarantino Just watched a little further. You guys found out in your own😂

  92. Lulukins

    Lulukins15 timmar sedan

    Oof, sorry about your dream, Hila. It is just how it is. I agree that old cars are better looking, but they cannot compete with the insides of modern cars. There's still the Tesla truck!

  93. Aaron Townsend

    Aaron Townsend15 timmar sedan

    Ian you’re funny. We need more Ian commentary

  94. Hater

    Hater15 timmar sedan

    Yay the podcast is back yay

  95. look a towel

    look a towel15 timmar sedan

    Ethan from the infidelity podcast yeah I've heard of him y wassup?

  96. TIG_2012

    TIG_201215 timmar sedan

    At 2:16:09 did someone rip a fat one? Maybe Dan????

  97. Ecce Porfirium

    Ecce Porfirium15 timmar sedan

    HILA YOU GO GIRL ethans an asshole on the car, specialy if you want an OLD COOL NAZI GERMANY baviera car!!! lol why do they use "old mercedes" as taxis in civilized european countries? they run for ONE MILLION KILOMETERS. lol Old mercedes never break down, sorry for the nazi germany bit, but hey.. it's the only good thing they have done!

  98. Toxic

    Toxic15 timmar sedan

    You could always buy a old car and put new stuff in it

  99. And E’Dalton

    And E’Dalton15 timmar sedan


  100. lovelyeids X

    lovelyeids X15 timmar sedan

    god i missed them so much over the break