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The official podcast of Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3productions.

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  1. Ingrid Stivenson

    Ingrid Stivenson3 minuter sedan

    Dan's laugh gives me life

  2. Ayemeech_

    Ayemeech_4 minuter sedan

    Ethan ass says at least one thing a episode to border line get ‘em cancelled😂 with the Popeyes “observation”

  3. A Spiritual Being

    A Spiritual Being5 minuter sedan

    Hm🤣Alice Little next on the Show or I will come and get u🤣

  4. Roy Linker

    Roy Linker9 minuter sedan

    the person working the mail counter was an insane person

  5. Ogrish Mike

    Ogrish Mike10 minuter sedan

    I heard that Polar bears are flourishing and a biologist was canned for pushing against the 'muh dying polar bear' narrative.

  6. xDnB Raven

    xDnB Raven16 minuter sedan

    Imagine being banned from your JOB for life like...he's 17 :(

  7. daisychains

    daisychains25 minuter sedan

    you guys should definitely have earthling ed on the podcast. i think you'll learn a lot ^^.

  8. NinthandSuperior

    NinthandSuperior25 minuter sedan

    put candy corn in the F category

  9. OliveGrummer

    OliveGrummer26 minuter sedan

    So is the podcast no longer live?

  10. Thomas Daniel

    Thomas Daniel26 minuter sedan

    Ethan is super funny and it looks like he lost a ton of wait and uh huge fans of the show keep it up Ethan

  11. Autumn Collins

    Autumn Collins26 minuter sedan

    You’re a fat woman who can make fun of fat women but you’re a “man” so Ethan can make fun of you right?

  12. GreasySmig

    GreasySmig27 minuter sedan

    Dan's gone😭

  13. Taquito Boy

    Taquito Boy28 minuter sedan

    DAN is the real MVP here. Minimal lip smacking is the real bees knees.

  14. Elise Anderson

    Elise Anderson29 minuter sedan

    Candy tier list A+ content

  15. Love

    Love29 minuter sedan


  16. Love

    Love29 minuter sedan


  17. RJ Hacker

    RJ Hacker32 minuter sedan

    “It’s very nuanced and I wasn’t prepared to have this discussion right now” aka “I need to reread how they twisted the truth to make him look like a villain” Dan got so butthurt they didn’t go along with that bullshit lol

  18. R. H.F.

    R. H.F.34 minuter sedan

    Ethan calls China pure tyranny but I don't hear a word about the NSA

  19. Elizabeth Wildman

    Elizabeth Wildman38 minuter sedan

    Ethan looks really good this episode, the feeding window is really working

  20. RJ Hacker

    RJ Hacker39 minuter sedan

    I think Dan needs to apologize for those Bill Gates comments

  21. katelyn

    katelyn41 minut sedan

    Ethan looks good the feeding window is working

  22. Lynn Penny

    Lynn Penny41 minut sedan

    Love h3h3 eyebrows ❤️them

  23. wtf

    wtf44 minuter sedan

    ethan calling fka twigs underground.......... okay boomer

  24. Ron Busby

    Ron Busby48 minuter sedan

    Ian, you have the musical taste and Friday night schedule of a 17 year old. Much support to you guys, it's just tough love.

  25. Marshall

    Marshall51 minut sedan

    If bill gates really stole Xerox's in an illegal way they would of started a lawsuit.

  26. Khalid

    Khalid52 minuter sedan

    "I'm still gonna love this game no matter what happens"...

  27. TuxBear

    TuxBear58 minuter sedan

    Lol is funny to see yall tip toe around saying g black people like popeyes yes black people like chicken

  28. Nathan Ufema

    Nathan Ufema59 minuter sedan

    the feeding windows really working

  29. red canuck

    red canuck59 minuter sedan

    How dare you Dan!

  30. red canuck

    red canuckTimme sedan

    Gods bless the H3 family

  31. Gacha Club Panthers

    Gacha Club PanthersTimme sedan

    I love jack he is awesome and his content is amazing without jack youtube would never be the same thank you jack for working so hard for us you are one of my biggest inspirations


    THExDEVINTimme sedan

    I love the food segments

  33. Green Leaf City Video Gaming

    Green Leaf City Video GamingTimme sedan

    *Skip to what's in the video at: **1:23:50* *You're welcome.*

  34. Enrique Martinez

    Enrique MartinezTimme sedan

    oh god, they turned so soft. Panicking over sounding a little racist. They're slipping with every episode.

  35. Litrum Luke

    Litrum LukeTimme sedan

    "Ethan is super funny, he looks like hes lost a ton of weight. Keep it up Ethan!"

  36. eonotekaumaiwa

    eonotekaumaiwaTimme sedan

    Ethan looks so good this episode, his feeding window is really working.

  37. JustinPayton

    JustinPaytonTimme sedan


  38. Aidan Davis

    Aidan DavisTimme sedan

    "I just started a proxy war in sierra leone, purely for your enjoyment, lets take a look"

  39. BE

    BETimme sedan

    Jesus Hila and the rest gets so butthurt immediately when Ethan even only mentions a fact. The majority of people at Popeye's is black. Holy crap tho they flipped out and made their own assumptions without Ethan even mentioning anything else about the people

  40. audrius spaghettis

    audrius spaghettisTimme sedan

    hila lowkey looks like minion

  41. FrancisOf TheFilth

    FrancisOf TheFilthTimme sedan

    Miss original content you used to put out. Still support you guys for life but I wish youd throw us OG supporters a bone once in awhile


    VARUN NAMBIARTimme sedan

    Ethan is so bored that I feel bored too

  43. Josh Reimann

    Josh ReimannTimme sedan

    Ethan, I love you, but please stop talking with your mouth full

  44. Abbra-cadabra

    Abbra-cadabraTimme sedan

    Those eyebrows on Eathan got me shook 🤪

  45. Jonatan Holt

    Jonatan HoltTimme sedan

    And Greta is by far not dead on - at all. As a person who truly wants to fix what the boomers ruined and make the earth a greener and happier place; she makes it harder because she doesn't have any solutions at all, fuck man, she didn't even mentioned China, Russia or India in front of the UN. Come on Ethan "dead on in all she talks about" - Please

  46. Woody Jones

    Woody JonesTimme sedan

    Bill Gates didn't steal "windows" you need to read the story better Dan Besides that the reason Windows was successful was because of Bill's business savvy. It's not like if Xerox ran it they would have done as well. Development is not the only facet of business.

  47. emzy

    emzyTimme sedan

    That feeding window, oh mer gerrrd u looking skinny afff

  48. Kurt Matejkowski

    Kurt MatejkowskiTimme sedan

    It is a secret item on the menu cause it gives you a massive heart attack!

  49. EchoExchange

    EchoExchangeTimme sedan

    Btw I'm with Hila with the food segments! The sound is unbearable, I end up just stop listening when it comes to the food because its usually at the end.

  50. Jonatan Holt

    Jonatan HoltTimme sedan

    This shit is starting to turn weird to me, it's all about weird and you guys seem to play more and more on the identitarian side.

  51. Charles Herbert

    Charles HerbertTimme sedan

    Dude the way Hila says the word "world" is so freaking adorable 😊

  52. Alex Medina

    Alex MedinaTimme sedan

    The best worst episode ✊🏽💯❤️

  53. Brady Ryan

    Brady RyanTimme sedan

    Ethans feeding window is really working haha

  54. Janina Sevilla

    Janina SevillaTimme sedan

    honestly, I've never watched her videos but I've seen her featured on shane's channel and didn't think of her as THAT bad. After reading all the shit posts about her and seeing this video I COMMEND YOU GUYS on keeping your cool throughout the whole podcast. you guys approach her with such a calm demeanor without any malice and I've never seen a person so defensive towards two people who are just trying to understand her thought process ya know. she's so confusing.

  55. Quinn Taylor

    Quinn TaylorTimme sedan

    I just went pescatarian to try and transition to full vegetarian! Good luck Ethan and Hila!

  56. OsamaBin Butt

    OsamaBin ButtTimme sedan

    Bring KSI on the Podcast

  57. Monarch-Star

    Monarch-StarTimme sedan

    I apologize on behalf of all Meghans/Megans/Meagans

  58. Trey Brown

    Trey Brown2 timmar sedan

    Shoenice’s voice sounds like Kyle Gass

  59. 12131415161788990B Yu-lia

    12131415161788990B Yu-lia2 timmar sedan

    Bill Gates is a false philanthropist.... look for it...

  60. oldn00bster

    oldn00bster2 timmar sedan

    Dan you know something but you're mixing the legends a bit. Xerox invented the graphical user interface. Also the mouse I think. and it was stolen by Steve Jobs :). Microsoft was sort of contracted to develop for Apple and Bill Gates stole from Apple ideas and technology when they were a little software company (while Apple was already a big product company). In the end, the competition between Apple and MS I think was beneficial for the consumers. Also what Apple 'stole' from XEROX Parc were more or less considered as un-important by the then bigger company XEROX. The ppl from PARC were more or less misfits compared with the XEROX overall company culture and much more close to Apple's.

  61. johnny twillie

    johnny twillie2 timmar sedan

    Air heads are A tier. CHERRY! And green apple. Niggas in the back ate a blue. Blue raspberry is shitty in every candy.

  62. 12131415161788990B Yu-lia

    12131415161788990B Yu-lia2 timmar sedan

    We also use the term ''baby boomers'' in Europe. It is not American only :)

  63. yomama isobama

    yomama isobama2 timmar sedan

    ian would prolly explode in rage if he d watch adult swim roast

  64. strawberry

    strawberry2 timmar sedan

    WTF TRISHAAA srsly WTF make up your mind

  65. Snowball nuts

    Snowball nuts2 timmar sedan

    Loosing that paper had to moved

  66. Dinklebot

    Dinklebot2 timmar sedan

    I thought Hila’s story was a great way to start!!!

  67. Shawn

    Shawn2 timmar sedan

    Bill gates can do all this but can give a percentage of his money in taxes to help the rest of the country.

  68. InsomniJack

    InsomniJack2 timmar sedan

    Ethan: "Wow Popeye's Chicken sure is popular with black people, that's neat, I like that people enjoy things." Hila: "That's offensive. In my opinion black people are forced to eat Popeye's Chicken because they're all poor." Big OOF!

  69. Bradley Hren

    Bradley Hren2 timmar sedan

    "Ethan is really looking good this episode. The feeding window is working. "

  70. Evaldas Strakšas

    Evaldas Strakšas2 timmar sedan

    god said on the seventh day "and I OOP", and he knew his creation was complete.

  71. William Solares

    William Solares2 timmar sedan

    that aint a wild beluga its suspected to be part of a Russian program to militarize it?

  72. omegbule

    omegbule2 timmar sedan

    why does this channel push normie content now ... no more funny stuff with the bradberries, post malone, or old goofs gaffs....straining a washcloth at this point till you turn into jimmy kimmel shell of a human

  73. Ld 2k

    Ld 2k2 timmar sedan

    First topic with Gus is peeing and shitting, who wouldve thought

  74. Rose Megill

    Rose Megill2 timmar sedan

    My aunt makes custom sci fi dildos too. The Cthulu ones are really popular.

  75. Josh Reimann

    Josh Reimann2 timmar sedan

    1:56:38 please soundbyte “I’m not gonna shut up!”

  76. th3on3thatb3atu

    th3on3thatb3atu2 timmar sedan

    “You said I looked like a corpse!” “Well..... you did!!”

  77. KBX

    KBX2 timmar sedan

    Carnegie is better than the rest of the guilded age ruthless capitalists because he gave his money away is a terrible argument


    21 YADHIRA AVALOS INIGUEZ2 timmar sedan

    ethan is sooo funny he lost a ton of weight. Ima huge fan of the show! keep it up Ethan

  79. Yodalemos

    Yodalemos2 timmar sedan

    Ethan isn't that funny, it looks like he's getting obese and this show is gay af.

  80. Ashleigh Cote

    Ashleigh Cote2 timmar sedan

    The first things I ever watched on SEgos were of Bo Burnham ❤️

  81. Cat Cipriano

    Cat Cipriano3 timmar sedan

    "You're on the wrong street couz"

  82. Brescalofrio

    Brescalofrio3 timmar sedan

    1:07:00 Nah fish is not appetizing

  83. Durkio B

    Durkio B3 timmar sedan

    Ethan is compleley wrong about boomers. Boomers call us lazy cuz we literally have no issues except fighting amongst ourselves. So why is the workforce and college dropout rates just getting worse and worse? they lived thru vietnam, when they were kids experienced WW2 possibly even fought in, multiple oil crisis's and economic collapses, what now? What do we have to complain about? Global warming? Seriously we have no excuse to not be better than them in todays generation we live thru nothing compared to back then

  84. Harmat Vajda

    Harmat Vajda3 timmar sedan

    Wow, Ethan looks really good in this episode, the feeding window must be working.

  85. Zaid

    Zaid3 timmar sedan

    Pretty sure they sold out eventually coz the arena looked packed on TV. Also who told you no one cares now ? Lmao Justin Bieber, Wiz Khalifa, Designer, Rick Ross, Lil Baby etc, there were so many celebrities there, Justin was supporting Logan whereas all the others were supporting KSI. This is literally as mainstream as youtube can get. How often do you see high profile celebrities come to the arena to see 2 youtubers fight ? It was massive. Obviously the ticket sales can't be as high as the UK fight purely coz of the fact that UK literally worships KSI to the point where they would've sold out the arena within a day if it was in O2 London. I mean even the Americans were supporting KSI. But the point is celebrity and mainstream attention wise, this fight was much bigger than last year.

  86. Zaid

    Zaid3 timmar sedan

    Its not that no one cares about the fight this year. If it was in UK, KSI fans would've sold out the whole arena within a day. Its just that UK absolutely loves KSI whereas the US doesn't care about Logan. Even the Americans were supporting KSI, the whole Staples Center was chanting KSI's name even though the fight was in Logan's home.

  87. Maddie

    Maddie3 timmar sedan

    it's funny how Ethan was the only one excitied about Belles' video

  88. Tavian Floyd

    Tavian Floyd3 timmar sedan

    This podcast needs to chill out with the race stuff. I’ve been a fan for a long time but I’m starting to get uncomfortable.

  89. Conner Boyd

    Conner Boyd3 timmar sedan

    The beluga they talked about in this episode is likely named Hvaldimir. Check out his wiki page, it's a fuckin wild ride. Also, shoutout to Dan for holding down the fort on shit talking billionaires. Bill Gates sucks ass.

  90. Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs3 timmar sedan

    Gotta straighten out the boob fold in your shirt Ethan.

  91. Cease Benjamin Beast

    Cease Benjamin Beast3 timmar sedan

    Ethan looked fucking terrible this episode, the feeding window is really failing miserably

  92. Feb

    Feb3 timmar sedan

    58:30 put so many things into context.

  93. lanesplitter87

    lanesplitter873 timmar sedan

    So wrong about the generations being an American thing. Also, the generation before Boomers was the Silent Generation.

  94. Karos Elite

    Karos Elite4 timmar sedan

    46:03 “just give *ME* *MY* results.” Ok, boomer.

  95. Smokey The Bear

    Smokey The Bear4 timmar sedan

    Today I learned that Smarties are a completely different thing in Canada and the US. I wasted so much time yelling at the screen THOSE AREN'T SMARTIES

  96. Dani over

    Dani over4 timmar sedan

    Hila's story was well told and the frustration was very much felt, probably more than if it had happen to Ethan and he was sitting there yelling about it.

  97. almightybeanchild

    almightybeanchild4 timmar sedan

    Ethan's attempt at a Turkish accent sounded indian not Turkish...wow. you guys are awful

  98. Ethan K.

    Ethan K.4 timmar sedan

    Dude seriously fact check. Youre referring to the polar bear from nat geo that they stole from a photographer and made it out to be due to climate change(im not a climate change denier btw, just calling out his bs). Polar bear numbers are literally increasing. They are far more than what they were in the 80s when they were genuinely on the edge of extinction