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  1. Behare Benja

    Behare Benja39 minuter sedan

    Jarbis is super pro of kaylen

  2. Isma  Khatoon

    Isma Khatoon46 minuter sedan

    Let him play on mobile

  3. king bosso10

    king bosso1048 minuter sedan


  4. Melk

    MelkTimme sedan


  5. Jimmy Doherty

    Jimmy DohertyTimme sedan

    Bro bro

  6. Jimmy Doherty

    Jimmy DohertyTimme sedan


  7. Jimbob

    JimbobTimme sedan


  8. seelkadoom the hedgehog

    seelkadoom the hedgehogTimme sedan

    15:16 😂🤣

  9. Joel Yuze

    Joel YuzeTimme sedan

    Name the lizard mindo Tim

  10. pudg gamers with mayur

    pudg gamers with mayurTimme sedan


  11. Mekdes Gudeta

    Mekdes GudetaTimme sedan

    You could call it waslli

  12. Just Hope

    Just Hope2 timmar sedan

    Kaylen is so spoiled

  13. Grd Alvin

    Grd Alvin2 timmar sedan

    Jayden like Kaylen comment

  14. Mashblitzr gaming

    Mashblitzr gaming2 timmar sedan

    Omg kaylen is such a bot he can never beat h1ghsky

  15. Hope Martinez

    Hope Martinez2 timmar sedan

    Name him blondie

  16. iam Jay

    iam Jay2 timmar sedan


  17. Cloud

    Cloud2 timmar sedan

    Kaylen is that little toxic 11 year old that is so iratating

  18. Mark Cornelius

    Mark Cornelius2 timmar sedan

    Highskys better

  19. Sync Aj

    Sync Aj2 timmar sedan

    Name him hopper

  20. Orbrez

    Orbrez2 timmar sedan

    Name him what jaden wants 2 becuase jaden is goat so the gecko name will be legendary

  21. Tiopira lum-wind

    Tiopira lum-wind3 timmar sedan

    first one to win in fortnite gets 10,00 dollars

  22. Cxmp Saucy

    Cxmp Saucy3 timmar sedan

    How many times they said bruh and bro 👇🏽

  23. Sarah Ledger

    Sarah Ledger3 timmar sedan

    Kalen thinks his good but his actually bad his not even in faze

  24. Cooper Sullivan

    Cooper Sullivan3 timmar sedan

    Put something in your orange juice

  25. Arena HazFrank BS

    Arena HazFrank BS3 timmar sedan

    13:49 I was emotional

  26. Tyreasha Willis

    Tyreasha Willis3 timmar sedan

    Do not worry you cute

  27. Damien Martin

    Damien Martin3 timmar sedan

    Rip juice

  28. Jared Vasquez

    Jared Vasquez3 timmar sedan

    Name him jumper because he jumps a lot

  29. URG John

    URG John3 timmar sedan

    All my Brian cells are gone.

  30. Cedrick Joshua Arago

    Cedrick Joshua Arago3 timmar sedan

    Its like kay and jarvis

  31. Vortex _YT

    Vortex _YT3 timmar sedan

    Imagine your mom comes in 3:19

  32. Sume PVP

    Sume PVP3 timmar sedan

    Kaylen the catfish

  33. Rory Horner

    Rory Horner3 timmar sedan

    Where’s Jayden and mama rez

  34. Fateen Mahmood

    Fateen Mahmood3 timmar sedan


  35. Adrian Marron

    Adrian Marron4 timmar sedan


  36. KidASpamTrapGod

    KidASpamTrapGod4 timmar sedan

    This is how much Kaylen raged 👇🏼

  37. James Taylor

    James Taylor4 timmar sedan

    Fortnite my favorite game I never stop playing fortnite

  38. Onion Manoi

    Onion Manoi4 timmar sedan

    Complaining will make it worse tbh. You should've had a memory test at a doctor or something if this wasn't a prank or if you actually never knew it was a prank. You should still see a memory doctor. Then probably mindofrez would say "WHOAH RELAX DUDE!"

  39. Onion Manoi

    Onion Manoi4 timmar sedan

    This can get serious if this wasn't a prank. If he actually fell then he would be in a coma if he fell really hard.

  40. Summer Skuba Tv

    Summer Skuba Tv4 timmar sedan


  41. Sophie Balacco

    Sophie Balacco4 timmar sedan

    Like for everytime they say bro and crazy

  42. Lillian Hill

    Lillian Hill4 timmar sedan

    You should name him gucci

  43. Taqee Money

    Taqee Money4 timmar sedan

    Kaylen needs to get a hairline

  44. Jr Ruiz

    Jr Ruiz4 timmar sedan

    Yall are sweet and jayden is so cute love yall😍😍

  45. Rainy Mora

    Rainy Mora4 timmar sedan

    bro you cant go down and stop playing fortnite even if your whole family is dying

  46. Gabriel Montalvo

    Gabriel Montalvo4 timmar sedan


  47. Brayan Mayoral

    Brayan Mayoral4 timmar sedan


  48. Maria B

    Maria B5 timmar sedan

    One day later he gets squished

  49. ghouzz.

    ghouzz.5 timmar sedan

    name him gecko rez

  50. YT alianza

    YT alianza5 timmar sedan


  51. ZJ DONT PLAY hill

    ZJ DONT PLAY hill5 timmar sedan

    Call him banana

  52. Mark Hernandez

    Mark Hernandez5 timmar sedan

    Tater is a good name

  53. Mark Hernandez

    Mark Hernandez5 timmar sedan

    Rez you should name the gecko .....Tater

  54. Nevaéh Peterson

    Nevaéh Peterson5 timmar sedan

    The lizards Name should Be Sauske

  55. mr.muggsey ._.viivii

    mr.muggsey ._.viivii5 timmar sedan

    Rez dates mynamestee

  56. Jacob Alfonso

    Jacob Alfonso5 timmar sedan

    James maybe

  57. Michel B

    Michel B5 timmar sedan

    I’m sorry Rez I’m in trouble

  58. Jpvlogs07

    Jpvlogs075 timmar sedan

    Bro see if he can beat tfue

  59. Therery Popped off

    Therery Popped off5 timmar sedan

    Kalen is the best

  60. Barcelonaboyyy101

    Barcelonaboyyy1015 timmar sedan

    Name the lizard rezzy

  61. Lidia Martinez

    Lidia Martinez5 timmar sedan


  62. XEROZTron

    XEROZTron5 timmar sedan

    Highsky is the best

  63. Jacob Alfonso

    Jacob Alfonso5 timmar sedan


  64. Jason Blaze

    Jason Blaze5 timmar sedan

    Live stream pls

  65. Reymond Villagrana

    Reymond Villagrana5 timmar sedan

    When Kaylen got scared I thought he was rose de Guadalupe

  66. mcbearZ _

    mcbearZ _5 timmar sedan

    I would eat takis burgers idk what else

  67. Isaiah Carrillo

    Isaiah Carrillo5 timmar sedan

    you should name it charmy

  68. Soy Gio

    Soy Gio6 timmar sedan


  69. jay an jay

    jay an jay6 timmar sedan

    all they got to do is go to a drive tru in chick fil a its not leaving the car


    PRODIGY PLAYZ6 timmar sedan

    Dude why shifty always looking baked as a mf every video

  71. Lil V

    Lil V6 timmar sedan

    Baby rez

  72. LiL Shotta

    LiL Shotta6 timmar sedan

    Rez and Jaden combined

  73. LiL Shotta

    LiL Shotta6 timmar sedan

    What about raiden

  74. BR33ZE On The Sticks

    BR33ZE On The Sticks6 timmar sedan

    Name him Terrence

  75. Isaac De la Cruz

    Isaac De la Cruz6 timmar sedan

    Like every day

  76. Isaac De la Cruz

    Isaac De la Cruz6 timmar sedan

    I used to play fortnite but like kaylen

  77. janeke spencer

    janeke spencer6 timmar sedan

    Name him dex

  78. Danicha Bassett

    Danicha Bassett6 timmar sedan

    Hi Jaden

  79. LiL Shotta

    LiL Shotta6 timmar sedan

    Jaden enjoy your lizard I cant wait till I grow up and meet mindofrez

  80. Zero

    Zero6 timmar sedan

    kaylen is a bot

  81. chris bronk

    chris bronk6 timmar sedan

    See wwe

  82. Ohanis Molina

    Ohanis Molina6 timmar sedan


  83. Lil V

    Lil V6 timmar sedan


  84. fax cham

    fax cham6 timmar sedan

    Go to 21:22

  85. janeke spencer

    janeke spencer6 timmar sedan

    I can't wait to see who it is bro subscribe and like and im a boy not a girl my name is decree

  86. Kathy Robinson

    Kathy Robinson6 timmar sedan


  87. Vincent's Wrestling and Baseball Channel

    Vincent's Wrestling and Baseball Channel6 timmar sedan

    Jaylen cuz Jayden and kalen together

  88. Malachi Cage

    Malachi Cage6 timmar sedan

    Shifty and

  89. TradJay:

    TradJay:6 timmar sedan

    Where’s OG Chris

  90. Preston Scott

    Preston Scott6 timmar sedan

    This is how many times he said daw

  91. Exz Shotzz

    Exz Shotzz6 timmar sedan


  92. David Pita

    David Pita6 timmar sedan

    Yo kaylen far asf

  93. CaseOf TheGoofys

    CaseOf TheGoofys6 timmar sedan


  94. Aiden’s Gaming YT

    Aiden’s Gaming YT6 timmar sedan

    Fortnite Fortnite Fortnite Fortnite Fortnite

  95. Kathy Robinson

    Kathy Robinson6 timmar sedan


  96. Joseph Sanchez

    Joseph Sanchez6 timmar sedan

    Just do challenges no fortnite

  97. Amazing Manny

    Amazing Manny6 timmar sedan

    Jaden he should be more on your videos I love all of you but he's my favorite

  98. Julio Ball

    Julio Ball6 timmar sedan

    Call Him Charmander Or Charzard

  99. Mauricio Sanchez

    Mauricio Sanchez6 timmar sedan


  100. R__e__Y__e__s __

    R__e__Y__e__s __6 timmar sedan