Welcome back KOPS! My name is Kwebbelkop or Jordi. I'm an English speaking SEgosr! I like to make videos and I love to do silly stuff. I love playing games with my friends and interacting with my KOPS! I upload at least 1 video every single day at the exact same time. I love watching funny videos, seeing amazing animations, and enjoying family friendly content. If you enjoy amazing videos. you have come to the right place!
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My PC Specs:
• Processor: Intel Core i7-8700K
• Memory: 16GB DDR4 3200MHz
• Graphics Card: Asus STRIX NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB
• Storage: 500GB M.2 SSD / 4TB Seagate BarraCuda HDD
• Motherboard: Asus ROG MAXIMUS HERO Motherboard

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  1. Neneng Acosta

    Neneng AcostaMinut sedan

    I got all of the fluch

  2. Volcán SV

    Volcán SV4 minuter sedan

    Who misses the old Him

  3. Squad Leader

    Squad Leader7 minuter sedan

    1:57 keblecop: this is impressive

  4. eyestreem playz

    eyestreem playz7 minuter sedan

    To make not obvious

  5. Gamingwithan

    Gamingwithan8 minuter sedan

    He had to sh*t

  6. Vasilica Luiza Negrescu

    Vasilica Luiza Negrescu10 minuter sedan

    Make a Dimond sheld

  7. Bernard Jamous

    Bernard Jamous19 minuter sedan

    6:20 not surprised to be honest😂😂😂😂 and he's still this way until this very day

  8. Rafaelle Agno

    Rafaelle Agno19 minuter sedan

    I'm blue

  9. skullbocks Lansang

    skullbocks Lansang25 minuter sedan

    mewtwo literally did a like a kamehameha but it is not a wave and mewtwo used instant transmission

  10. Diancie

    Diancie25 minuter sedan

    You mean 99% cuz I didnt laugh

  11. iklil iklil100zzz

    iklil iklil100zzz26 minuter sedan


  12. Simrat Khaira

    Simrat Khaira26 minuter sedan

    Amazing how you are a strong man

  13. JAYDAN Tvee

    JAYDAN Tvee29 minuter sedan


  14. Qhama Sithembu

    Qhama Sithembu32 minuter sedan


  15. Khamchart Chanthong

    Khamchart Chanthong37 minuter sedan

    Cat food yummy!!!!

  16. Alex Di Loreto

    Alex Di Loreto38 minuter sedan


  17. Jayant Juneja

    Jayant Juneja40 minuter sedan


  18. Pinci Vine

    Pinci Vine42 minuter sedan

    Family friendly

  19. Jordan Hill

    Jordan Hill43 minuter sedan


  20. QuickShock. 12

    QuickShock. 1243 minuter sedan

    It’s maga

  21. Samina Sarwar

    Samina Sarwar44 minuter sedan

    4+4=8 3+3=6

  22. Heart_yellow 19

    Heart_yellow 1945 minuter sedan

    Can u make more multiple blox like that

  23. oBattyyy-

    oBattyyy-46 minuter sedan


  24. joey Pricones

    joey Pricones57 minuter sedan


  25. Little Ninja

    Little NinjaTimme sedan


  26. Mimay Schadelbauer

    Mimay SchadelbauerTimme sedan


  27. Eunice Tooth

    Eunice ToothTimme sedan

    In the second video when herobrine was flying you could see his pants!

  28. Cindy Clark

    Cindy ClarkTimme sedan

    phone dies

  29. Lukas Wagner

    Lukas WagnerTimme sedan

    thats bullshit

  30. Casper Knucklehead

    Casper KnuckleheadTimme sedan


  31. Lance Ashley Shmuel B Arteza

    Lance Ashley Shmuel B ArtezaTimme sedan

    Mega Mewtwo is the strongest pokemon

  32. Ty Bradley

    Ty BradleyTimme sedan

    It is JACK

  33. Nirjala kasey

    Nirjala kaseyTimme sedan

    Arceus is the strongest pokemon

  34. Braiden Naval

    Braiden NavalTimme sedan

    The creator of the game

  35. gameplayer rod

    gameplayer rodTimme sedan

    Where is your other diss track your the best

  36. Jonas Torstensson

    Jonas TorstenssonTimme sedan

    Ja hatar dig🤬🤬🤬🤬

  37. Kristin Trosvik

    Kristin TrosvikTimme sedan

    Godzilla would easily win

  38. Nazia Mudassir

    Nazia MudassirTimme sedan

    I didnt laugh

  39. Rachel Probert

    Rachel ProbertTimme sedan

    Same I love orange

  40. Tim Wimborne

    Tim WimborneTimme sedan

    Wow you two should have a child

  41. freemale101

    freemale101Timme sedan

    I got 6 points

  42. Kathryn Smithl

    Kathryn SmithlTimme sedan

    Your the WORST SEgosR!!!!!

  43. Alsan Gamer

    Alsan GamerTimme sedan


  44. Liew Fook Keong

    Liew Fook KeongTimme sedan


  45. benjones

    benjonesTimme sedan


  46. Liew Fook Keong

    Liew Fook KeongTimme sedan

    😹😹😹😹😹100 99😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😏

  47. Liew Fook Keong

    Liew Fook Keong2 timmar sedan

    No oil polloi

  48. Liew Fook Keong

    Liew Fook Keong2 timmar sedan

    😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹 qop

  49. eyestreem playz

    eyestreem playz2 timmar sedan

    And they warned you

  50. Victor Herrera

    Victor Herrera2 timmar sedan

    That not for seiv

  51. eyestreem playz

    eyestreem playz2 timmar sedan

    The name is herobrine

  52. Liew Fook Keong

    Liew Fook Keong2 timmar sedan


  53. Benjamin-James Tedesco

    Benjamin-James Tedesco2 timmar sedan


  54. Noah Correia

    Noah Correia2 timmar sedan

    My favourite colour is orange

  55. maximus98 kyle

    maximus98 kyle2 timmar sedan

    Their spawn the wither in the alan becker channel check alan becker channel

  56. cristy ann piquero

    cristy ann piquero2 timmar sedan


  57. Lwandle Chauke

    Lwandle Chauke2 timmar sedan

    My Favorite color is white and black

  58. Michael Dizon

    Michael Dizon2 timmar sedan

    Btw i will be shocked. Kop you will know it.

  59. Shaeq gabol

    Shaeq gabol2 timmar sedan

    Blue is the best colour in the universe my to🙂💙💙💙💙 (•‿•)◉‿◉

  60. Naira and Shakeel

    Naira and Shakeel2 timmar sedan

    I am ten when I am seeing this... sooooooooooooo hot by the way, how can you guys laugh

  61. Michael Dizon

    Michael Dizon2 timmar sedan

    Why is azzy's feet dirty?

  62. Declan Darby

    Declan Darby2 timmar sedan

    I hate mayo

  63. Jorge Rodriguez

    Jorge Rodriguez2 timmar sedan


  64. brandi gatlin

    brandi gatlin2 timmar sedan

    hteet ym rednu wollip

  65. Kousei Arima

    Kousei Arima2 timmar sedan

    It is not real

  66. Adrian Challinor

    Adrian Challinor2 timmar sedan



    IVY_HXVOC2 timmar sedan

    im rlly late

  68. Aero Fly

    Aero Fly2 timmar sedan

    You can find diamonds at bedrock level

  69. Elizabeth Spieth

    Elizabeth Spieth3 timmar sedan

    The strongest that there is that I also have is mega rayquaza ex

  70. phoenix2sexy

    phoenix2sexy3 timmar sedan

    I’m a twizler person

  71. Susana Narvaez

    Susana Narvaez3 timmar sedan

    I love you👍

  72. Zachary Costa

    Zachary Costa3 timmar sedan

    1:48 Jordi: "Hi Danny do you wanna be my boyfriend?" *laughs*

  73. TTV_ Gaming

    TTV_ Gaming3 timmar sedan


  74. TTV_ Gaming

    TTV_ Gaming3 timmar sedan

    I mean chars are

  75. TTV_ Gaming

    TTV_ Gaming3 timmar sedan

    Ma chock

  76. Adam Sætermo

    Adam Sætermo3 timmar sedan


  77. Ryan Rina

    Ryan Rina3 timmar sedan

    i did not even smile

  78. TTV_ Gaming

    TTV_ Gaming3 timmar sedan

    Mu tu

  79. MD FAE

    MD FAE3 timmar sedan

    I watxh this befor

  80. TTV_ Gaming

    TTV_ Gaming3 timmar sedan

    Mu tube

  81. Ben Ho

    Ben Ho3 timmar sedan


  82. cholate is my life time it

    cholate is my life time it3 timmar sedan

    Mewtwo Mewtwo

  83. cholate is my life time it

    cholate is my life time it3 timmar sedan

    Lugia lugia

  84. Little K

    Little K3 timmar sedan

    But if the ray gun pac to punch and it become ray gun mark 2 is super op

  85. Elite Craft

    Elite Craft3 timmar sedan

    Mega Charzard is the strongest PKM🔥☄️

  86. Romika Singh

    Romika Singh3 timmar sedan

    I got swan and guitar

  87. SkyShadow NL - EN

    SkyShadow NL - EN3 timmar sedan

    Hoi Jordi, ik heb je boek gelezen. Het was geweldig. Zou je me kunnen helpen/leren te filmen en editen? Met vriendelijke groet Flynn.

  88. Claire Walton

    Claire Walton3 timmar sedan


  89. omar boxing club

    omar boxing club3 timmar sedan

    My Favorite color is purple