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J. Cole - Miss America
J. Cole - Born Sinner
  1. Jevarius Bennett

    Jevarius BennettDag sedan

    2:06 my guy just can’t catch a break I felt that 😩

  2. BigTris

    BigTrisDag sedan

    Hov is plugin a lot of people in with Puma and gettin them deals. That's super dope! Let all your people get a bag

  3. TALLY Da Goat

    TALLY Da GoatDag sedan

    Pump just i been doin me the whole time

  4. TheNight

    TheNightDag sedan

    nigga , 24 seconds since the start u roll homie

  5. Chris90 90

    Chris90 90Dag sedan

    Who else thought the beginning was a sick sample

  6. Luis Bartolo

    Luis BartoloDag sedan

    Weird flex but ok 👌

  7. joseph vaughn

    joseph vaughnDag sedan

    Love it both these kats got my respect

  8. 10,000 Subscribers with no videos

    10,000 Subscribers with no videos2 dagar sedan

    Love J. cole

  9. Paulie DG

    Paulie DG2 dagar sedan

    A crummy commercial? Son of a bitch.

  10. B. G.

    B. G.2 dagar sedan

    Vice Principals. Yes.

  11. Tyler Smoov

    Tyler Smoov2 dagar sedan

    This was really shot here in Fayetteville. That’s crazy.

  12. Cierra A.

    Cierra A.2 dagar sedan


  13. Mike Toreno

    Mike Toreno2 dagar sedan

    Who drake?

  14. NoRtHyY

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  15. Mallow MP4

    Mallow MP42 dagar sedan

    I think a new album is coming out and its probably gonna be called "dreamville" let's all hope the best and RIP Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi

  16. Kits Kreme Audio

    Kits Kreme Audio2 dagar sedan

    “we’re killing our brothers they poisoned the well, distort the self image we’re set up to fail” DID YALL HEAR THAT

  17. LBM/YD

    LBM/YD2 dagar sedan

    Listen to my music

  18. vas

    vas2 dagar sedan

    we need another interview soon 🙏🏼

  19. A Dempsey

    A Dempsey2 dagar sedan

    Somewhere Liangelo Ball is bumping this and working out

  20. Josiah Davis

    Josiah Davis2 dagar sedan

    make another song plz

  21. Joselitty

    Joselitty2 dagar sedan

    Who's the girl in the car at 1:56? shes gorgeous

  22. Vikram Chandra Gupta

    Vikram Chandra Gupta2 dagar sedan

    9:58 G.O.A.T Things

  23. AAA

    AAA2 dagar sedan

    I can take J Cole in a game of ball

  24. Cordero Martin

    Cordero Martin2 dagar sedan

    This is the interview that shaped my understanding of meditation. Having Angie explain how she always viewed prayer as a form of meditation (my original perspective) and then Cole replying back to explain the difference between the two, and continuing their conversation helped me realize the power of stacking prayer and meditation together is so amazing to me. I read a book called "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself" and that entire book (or at least the others intentions for writing it) could be summed up by what J Cole says about not wanting your mind to control you, or something your mom said when you were younger or something you saw on tv last week, etc. Angie Martinez and J Cole are a powerful team when they get together. I'm truly grateful for what you both put out into the universe.

  25. Godstan

    Godstan2 dagar sedan

    am I the only one that was aware that the guy touched Kevin without washing his hands?

  26. Mongoose 49 Roberts

    Mongoose 49 Roberts2 dagar sedan

    Your song is the best out there you should sing with Eminem

  27. 2 dagar sedan

    You help me day to day with your music, its helping me change the world. You are certainly blessed. I love you soooooOooooOoooooo much. Rainbows and love sent to you. :) - Sky Woman

  28. 2 dagar sedan

    This has got to be King! UGH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. THANK YOU!!

  29. joseph vaughn

    joseph vaughn3 dagar sedan

    Imma white country boy from south GA n I fn love j cole cant get enough we need this music

  30. Daquan Thompson

    Daquan Thompson3 dagar sedan

    The ultimate son move


    DANIEL SILVA3 dagar sedan


  32. Lunathi Gwabeni

    Lunathi Gwabeni3 dagar sedan

    1:25 Double-dribbling😂...and i swear i saw someone travelling

  33. Rosalina Epalanga

    Rosalina Epalanga3 dagar sedan

    Finally a new song Edit: this is not a song 😂

  34. Zehroh Waugh

    Zehroh Waugh3 dagar sedan

    Ball for liffffe

  35. mrbam88

    mrbam883 dagar sedan

    KOD is a classic now... Smartest rapper alive

  36. My Phone

    My Phone3 dagar sedan

    J. Cole you are the shit. Your dreams are not always what people think and realizing them is the point. It's not about someone's point of view, it's just about living your dreams even if it's only to dunk. Kudos this is real art.

  37. MrGammaray13579

    MrGammaray135793 dagar sedan

    It may be an AD but this song still such a banger especially in the end such good song

  38. Jay9killa Fernandez

    Jay9killa Fernandez3 dagar sedan


  39. aloz720

    aloz7203 dagar sedan

    yo Cry with esta obra de art

  40. artur luiz

    artur luiz3 dagar sedan

    all this bullshit for his ego trip drop dead bitch

  41. Walker Rand

    Walker Rand3 dagar sedan


  42. The Content Page. Com

    The Content Page. Com3 dagar sedan

    I love young Cole with no teeth!

  43. Fagrie BeArtRap Vraagom

    Fagrie BeArtRap Vraagom3 dagar sedan

    I am Hip Hop Artists/ songwriter and a film maker. I can really appreciate what you doing here! It's a whole vibe.

  44. Fagrie BeArtRap Vraagom

    Fagrie BeArtRap Vraagom3 dagar sedan

    Amazing piece of work! It's moving! I love the cinema. Thank you Cole for always including the people. You make everything seem possible 🙆 I value your energy and that you came...

  45. oEZ7

    oEZ73 dagar sedan

    boy u smart u kno it

  46. Brittany Ur mom

    Brittany Ur mom3 dagar sedan

    why are ppl pissed this wasn’t a jcole song. This film is amazing.

  47. Carter Fish

    Carter Fish3 dagar sedan

    Ok but the girl in the car next to kev was fireeee

  48. YoBoiSummers

    YoBoiSummers3 dagar sedan

    I have watched this too many times. It is literally the most beautiful video I have ever seen by far! Love you and your work! It’s a Cole world brotha!

  49. Angel James

    Angel James3 dagar sedan

    Did no one else think that Vienna by Billy Joel was Spotify?

  50. awsomsauce 35543

    awsomsauce 355433 dagar sedan

    Honestly I actually really liked this

  51. Michael Franklin

    Michael Franklin3 dagar sedan

    bruh kevin hart


    ILL FAMED4 dagar sedan

    It would mean the world to me if you guys could take the time out to listen to my song! open.spotify.com/track/511odu75NTfaCQvQ0aYpM1

  53. Will Turner

    Will Turner4 dagar sedan

    Kanye did it first.

  54. Ornate Muse

    Ornate Muse4 dagar sedan

    Okay puma I see what you doin.

  55. Aaron Ramirez

    Aaron Ramirez4 dagar sedan

    Jcole is an artist he makes people value and love

  56. lil_draco47

    lil_draco474 dagar sedan

    One of my favorite interviews 💯🔥

  57. vestra v

    vestra v4 dagar sedan

    R.I.P KOBE

  58. Pedro Perez

    Pedro Perez4 dagar sedan

    I really like this type of music & I wish I had a playlist if more songs like this

  59. Õnder

    Õnder4 dagar sedan

    boom boom

  60. Pewdiepie 1

    Pewdiepie 14 dagar sedan

    Woah didn’t realize jcole was this good holy shit

  61. John Smith

    John Smith4 dagar sedan

    This guy hates white people......FACTS

  62. Pau Solé-Vilaró

    Pau Solé-Vilaró4 dagar sedan

    Wasn't expecting vienna there but i love it

  63. Kam Steele

    Kam Steele4 dagar sedan

    Sum 2 Prove REMIX segos.info/video/fWeTlrDbcYfTnK4.html

  64. Chris Gonzalez

    Chris Gonzalez4 dagar sedan

    I still don’t understand how a man can be on another man dick lol this whole comment section embarrassing.

  65. wells mood

    wells mood4 dagar sedan

    Thank u Cole I need this. 😭😭😭

  66. caitlin spry

    caitlin spry4 dagar sedan

    Welcome for you getting a milli views, thx for getting me hooked

  67. O'Nalerona Dinkebogile

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  68. Leonardo Davinci

    Leonardo Davinci4 dagar sedan

    I found J.Cole in 2020 Feb, 15. And relieved I can kick it with someone out today. Every other artist out I was like why? Who is allowing this horrible music to exist. Lol really. So I revert back to my 90s 2000's playlist. But recently I found a interview of Cole and was refreshed by him. And he is 3 or 4 yrs. Older then me, so cool. I know what's in his book case and dvds and music list. Because it's the same as mine. Let's protect what jewels we have in America. Angie too, of course.

  69. Queen DK

    Queen DK4 dagar sedan

    What are they talking about Amy winehouse?

  70. Busted

    Busted4 dagar sedan

    If it was J. Cole with Xxxtentacion this interview would've have reached billion views

  71. Tomahawk 1889

    Tomahawk 18894 dagar sedan

    Jokes on me huh thinking its j Cole yup no need to fast forward half way through what the hell is this get to the end Ooooooooo

  72. emya zanders

    emya zanders4 dagar sedan

    mann i thought this was a song😭

  73. Dwhytboi11

    Dwhytboi114 dagar sedan

    segos.info/video/gYWa2pirYKizlKY.html Enough said

  74. Greatest Ever

    Greatest Ever4 dagar sedan


  75. Õnder

    Õnder4 dagar sedan


  76. 2,000 for doughnuts

    2,000 for doughnuts4 dagar sedan

    I like how Cole makes like a special guest appearance in his music videos

  77. Lior Kolton

    Lior Kolton4 dagar sedan

    I never thought I’d weep to a Puma ad

  78. Josh Aqua

    Josh Aqua4 dagar sedan

    Ladies and gentlemen, it's confirmed. Jermaine Cole is singing with the Charlotte Hornets to play in the NBA.

  79. @17yasake

    @17yasake4 dagar sedan

    Hide ya bitch😂😂😂


    IHATEKPOPSOMUCH4 dagar sedan

    who here from "I Wonder" by Kanye West?

  81. Leandre

    Leandre4 dagar sedan

    Can't help but think of Kobe and his love of basketball. Falling in love with something so pure as a kid and having the manifest into something so much great. Thanks Cole for this.

  82. Londons_legacy

    Londons_legacy4 dagar sedan

    H O M E. This was shot in my city. His city. Thanks for coming back home for a little bit, Cole.

  83. Kevin Fuentes

    Kevin Fuentes4 dagar sedan

    That's my teacher singing

  84. Stephen Cain

    Stephen Cain4 dagar sedan

    Nobody gonna talk about this dude missin a clear layup at 2:07 😂

  85. Nba Johny

    Nba Johny5 dagar sedan

    1:09 what are the clouds? segos.info/video/oayZs6eod5_OuKo.html


    DARIUS BROWN5 dagar sedan


  87. Ale Rea

    Ale Rea5 dagar sedan

    Bro, I was so happy when I saw J in my notifications... Sad

  88. Manuel V.

    Manuel V.5 dagar sedan

    02/23/2020 Still here

  89. Google Paladin

    Google Paladin5 dagar sedan

    watching an ad so i can watch an ad , yikesss

  90. Lil Max

    Lil Max5 dagar sedan

    An ad got #4 on trending lmao, still pretty good though

  91. Vascrilla

    Vascrilla5 dagar sedan

    Dope ass track. That white is the ultimate Dick rider. Everything cant be the craziest part lmmfao

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    Shop Amzn5 dagar sedan

    my covers for jcole and drake songs segos.info/video/YWS1stOmiK7UmYQ.html

  93. Simeon Hunter-Eldridge

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    This what keep me from cheating. I'm not tryna sound like a hoe but I always got girls tryna be in my phone but I got my girl and I ain't no cheater

  94. Louis Payan

    Louis Payan5 dagar sedan

    12:55 When he says he's Colombian

  95. indigo la end DTRWHo

    indigo la end DTRWHo5 dagar sedan


  96. Matthew Creary

    Matthew Creary5 dagar sedan

    I don't want my children to play professional sports because it's too much like modern day SLAVERY. Use your BRAIN instead so when you break your leg you can still EARN. #WOKE

  97. the muthaphukkin real

    the muthaphukkin real5 dagar sedan

    Itzzz cole ❤

  98. alex diego

    alex diego5 dagar sedan

    I just recommend *AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M* to get youtube likes mad views.

  99. Yo yo

    Yo yo5 dagar sedan

    Great advert, Puma! You want us to forget you're funding apartheid in Palestine?

  100. Rexlouw

    Rexlouw5 dagar sedan

    Lil pump said he’s done with drugs then comes out with the song called drug addicts a month after 😂