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Jaden Hossler Q&A

Jaden Hossler Q&A

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Paige Niemann - Guess The Post
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Dixie D'Amelio Q&A

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Madiit - Guess Their Age

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  1. aysha tanvir

    aysha tanvir2 dagar sedan

    He is really annoying for some reason but love gianna and famous birthdays no hate for him but personally don’t now him soo pls don’t hate ..

  2. eslam eldamaty

    eslam eldamaty4 dagar sedan

    she got a glow up

  3. Felicia .Y

    Felicia .Y5 dagar sedan

    Wow i just realize that Kenzie is left handed

  4. Oxygen Roland

    Oxygen Roland6 dagar sedan


  5. nalika wijesekara

    nalika wijesekara6 dagar sedan

    "..... that is a nose..." -- Wise words Merrick! --

  6. nalika wijesekara

    nalika wijesekara6 dagar sedan

    "she's so pretty, it not fair!!" i feel u girl!

  7. Strawberry Dancing

    Strawberry Dancing6 dagar sedan

    Oooh why are there comments now?

  8. Νικη Παναγιωτου

    Νικη Παναγιωτου6 dagar sedan

    So far I've been shipping Gianina with Brady......not anymore😏😏

  9. Valeria Sanchez

    Valeria Sanchez6 dagar sedan

    is it me or is Merrick blushing????

  10. Sharon Daniela Quiroa De Leon

    Sharon Daniela Quiroa De Leon7 dagar sedan


  11. Alex Hickey

    Alex Hickey7 dagar sedan

    her little laugh at 3.37

  12. Alex Hickey

    Alex Hickey7 dagar sedan

    they activated the comments yayyyy


    SPERANZA PECCHINI7 dagar sedan

    Merrick Hanna is sooo cute😍😍😍 and his voice dropped so much😂😍❤

  14. Stella nguyen

    Stella nguyen7 dagar sedan

    i'm jungshooketh that they have the comments now.

  15. Puppy Pup

    Puppy Pup7 dagar sedan

    The comments🤗

  16. sayza online

    sayza online8 dagar sedan


  17. Nika Ushakova

    Nika Ushakova8 dagar sedan

    Мальчик такой милашка ♥️😻

  18. Dyllan Trujillo

    Dyllan Trujillo8 dagar sedan


  19. Michelly Me

    Michelly Me8 dagar sedan

    Is it me or they look cute together

  20. Carlos Calderon

    Carlos Calderon8 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or do Merrick and other girl look like they could be a couple?🧐

  21. Callie Agsaoay

    Callie Agsaoay8 dagar sedan

    I think he just forgot to grab the cup

  22. Avocado Forever

    Avocado Forever8 dagar sedan


  23. Madelyn McNeill

    Madelyn McNeill9 dagar sedan

    *they* *activated* *the* *comments!*

  24. Liwar Das

    Liwar Das9 dagar sedan

    Yayyyy they have active comments

  25. Sushma Pasanha

    Sushma Pasanha9 dagar sedan


  26. Brynnie ALDC

    Brynnie ALDC9 dagar sedan

    GIANINA 😍😍😍😍

  27. emme stewart

    emme stewart10 dagar sedan

    She’s so weird and awkward

  28. Arisha’s Coutures

    Arisha’s Coutures10 dagar sedan

    I ship jenna davis and caleb coffee

  29. Dyllan Trujillo

    Dyllan Trujillo10 dagar sedan

    𝚒 𝚜𝚑𝚒𝚙 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚖 𝚕𝚖𝚊𝚘

  30. angel faye

    angel faye10 dagar sedan

    The comments activated

  31. Mariam Saleh

    Mariam Saleh10 dagar sedan

    Good game 💖💖💖👍🏻

  32. Pika Sapien

    Pika Sapien10 dagar sedan

    aww good sport Merrick

  33. Project NINJA

    Project NINJA10 dagar sedan

    I saw Brooke by land was in OHIO me:she might have a dance dream again and dance for Cathy

  34. Laliza Albo

    Laliza Albo10 dagar sedan

    Merrick Hanna's voice has chance alot! Im surprise!

  35. Ace Hardy

    Ace Hardy10 dagar sedan


  36. Rapa Rip

    Rapa Rip10 dagar sedan

    Merrick I love how you dance

  37. Gemma Diego

    Gemma Diego10 dagar sedan


  38. Karina Gomes

    Karina Gomes10 dagar sedan

    Oh the comments

  39. Rebecca Schofield

    Rebecca Schofield10 dagar sedan

    Heyyyyy famous birthdays actually has the comments on! Wow that's a first

  40. Bianca Cristina Sobrinho Gomes

    Bianca Cristina Sobrinho Gomes10 dagar sedan

    Hello famous brithday i just wanted to make a request which is to put subtitles in portuguese because i am brazilian and i would like to understand and i really like your videos 😢😑

  41. Theresa

    Theresa10 dagar sedan

    honestly Merriks voice just got more deeply squeakier


    LIFE AS ADREANNE 1211 dagar sedan

    Finally the comments are turned on!!😜

  43. Soraya Grace Azar

    Soraya Grace Azar11 dagar sedan

    Are Gia and merrick a couple???

  44. Miru's World

    Miru's World11 dagar sedan

    Well.... Merrick needs to get better facial recognition... Or maybe he should just stick to dancing. Still really good video👍🏾👍🏾

  45. Anniyah NADEEM

    Anniyah NADEEM11 dagar sedan

    aww gainina 🥺so cute 😙💋🤩🥰😍💕

  46. Gala San diego

    Gala San diego11 dagar sedan


  47. asdfghjklñ

    asdfghjklñ11 dagar sedan

    I hate some parts Giannina's forced smile

  48. Lotus Nilo

    Lotus Nilo11 dagar sedan

    Wow! Who else didnt know they were friends? ⬇️

  49. Dancing Updates

    Dancing Updates11 dagar sedan

    Oh hi

  50. RoyceFlora

    RoyceFlora11 dagar sedan

    Poor merrick lol

  51. Krista Mathew

    Krista Mathew11 dagar sedan

    i haven't seen merrick in foreverrrr omgggg

  52. Resego Nokoane

    Resego Nokoane11 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one that plays along

  53. Just a Fangirl

    Just a Fangirl11 dagar sedan

    I love Merrick and GiaNina. I'm glad they went together. GiaNina is a amazing dancer and Merrick is an amazing singer they would be a greay team

  54. Grace-Gaëlle Cinéas élève

    Grace-Gaëlle Cinéas élève11 dagar sedan

    Boyfriend and girlfriend 💑

  55. Juliana Slattery

    Juliana Slattery11 dagar sedan

    his voice is so low

  56. Lori Lempicki

    Lori Lempicki11 dagar sedan

    was merrick on amricas got talent?

  57. Remedy Toca

    Remedy Toca11 dagar sedan

    Oof 😓 finally the comments are actived

  58. Juley

    Juley11 dagar sedan

    Gianina is so cute!!!☺️☺️☺️

  59. Obassi A-n

    Obassi A-n11 dagar sedan

    Make a guess the post video with Loren gray, or Kristen hancher or hollyh

  60. alice hyland

    alice hyland11 dagar sedan

    comments!! i love gianina, my fave on season 8

  61. Egla Sallaku

    Egla Sallaku11 dagar sedan

    They finally activated the comments😃Yayyy

  62. Kimberly Sun

    Kimberly Sun11 dagar sedan

    His voice literally dropped 10 octaves


    ШАРИКОВЫЙ ЧЕЛОВЕК11 dagar sedan

    Русские,вы где ?

  64. T T

    T T11 dagar sedan

    Here before they turn off comments

  65. Jinelle Tauro

    Jinelle Tauro11 dagar sedan

    Hi famous birthdays cud you please add me to on your show my tiktok account @jinelletauro2

  66. Marvelous Mei Mei

    Marvelous Mei Mei11 dagar sedan

    (●’◡’●)ノ 𝓱𝓲

  67. Raelle Hall

    Raelle Hall11 dagar sedan

    OMG the comments are activated 😮hi ya’ll

  68. Hanna Kren

    Hanna Kren11 dagar sedan

    When I was 11 I started chatting with this guy, he then had 23 k subscribers and he dances Robot Dance*, we talked with him for about a year and then he became more popular and we stopped talking

  69. Vanessа Kichuk

    Vanessа Kichuk11 dagar sedan


  70. AaliyahMarie

    AaliyahMarie11 dagar sedan


  71. Mohammed Ali

    Mohammed Ali11 dagar sedan


  72. AshtonJDE

    AshtonJDE11 dagar sedan

    Omg the first time I’ve ever seen them activate comments ❤️

  73. Emily Lamb

    Emily Lamb11 dagar sedan

    Oh are they doing comments nowM

  74. Ami Patel

    Ami Patel11 dagar sedan

    Early 8 minutes

  75. Sara Jedidia

    Sara Jedidia11 dagar sedan


  76. Pilar Guerrero

    Pilar Guerrero11 dagar sedan

    oh wow they actually activated the comments.

  77. Amanda McCallum

    Amanda McCallum11 dagar sedan


  78. Molly Balabon

    Molly Balabon11 dagar sedan

    you guys are my fav

  79. Karlie Kowitz

    Karlie Kowitz11 dagar sedan

    Early yay!!!!💓💓💓

  80. n. pascar

    n. pascar11 dagar sedan

    Hello l live in Russian ❤️🌸✨😹🇺🇸🇷🇺

  81. Lorenny Diaz

    Lorenny Diaz11 dagar sedan

    3 minutes ago SECOND TIME EARLY

  82. Lenka Kosovac

    Lenka Kosovac11 dagar sedan

    3 min omggggg

  83. Sara Jedidia

    Sara Jedidia11 dagar sedan

    From DANCE MOMS ❤️❤️

  84. Sara Jedidia

    Sara Jedidia11 dagar sedan

    GIANNINA 🥰🥰🥰!!!!

  85. Sara Jedidia

    Sara Jedidia11 dagar sedan

    Love them ❤️

  86. Casey Farmer

    Casey Farmer11 dagar sedan

    10th comment 😂

  87. joan duckworth

    joan duckworth11 dagar sedan

    Follow my op tiktok xxliefsunicorn

  88. Limon 123

    Limon 12311 dagar sedan

    Если смотришь тик ток, то с тебя лайк!!!

  89. Niamh Murphy

    Niamh Murphy11 dagar sedan

    Hi im early

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    Macy Strausbaugh11 dagar sedan

    Hiiiii 2nd commenttt

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    Sooo earlyyy OMG ILYSM ❤❤🤩🤩

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    Its MyTime11 dagar sedan

    Second comment

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    2nd comment omg hiiii


    CLOEY HUGHES11 dagar sedan


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    ILYSM guys 🤩

  98. Melissa Barros Villagelin

    Melissa Barros Villagelin11 dagar sedan

    i Love youuuu!!

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    Melaher Habtu11 dagar sedan

    I’m second

  100. Itsyourbaeee M

    Itsyourbaeee M11 dagar sedan