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  1. Bill Murray

    Bill Murray4 timmar sedan

    I want free bog roll! It is something that every human does.

  2. parodie non richieste

    parodie non richieste4 timmar sedan

    the hot pockets are also from people that take money

  3. Abdullah Al-'Araj

    Abdullah Al-'Araj4 timmar sedan

    The Iranian health minister gets the coronavirus. IRANic, he could save others from death but not himself.

  4. Adnan Ahmad

    Adnan Ahmad4 timmar sedan


  5. Edward Jordan

    Edward Jordan4 timmar sedan

    All our times have come... here but now they're gone.

  6. ray reedy

    ray reedy4 timmar sedan

    Look at the outfits these assholes are wearing. And lie ing to you about oh its OK to wear a mask. BULLSHIT THEY DON'T DRESS THAT WAY UNLESS THE BUG IS EXTREMELY VIRAL. I AM TELLING YOU DON'T TRUST THESE S.O.B .

  7. Russ Shackleford

    Russ Shackleford4 timmar sedan

    This is stupid and ignorant. We have 2.5 million successful defensive uses of firearms each year in this country. Those are only the reported cases.Also if you fact check by if this you'll know it's nothing but propaganda wrapped as comedy. This is not funny it is not accurate and it's pretty much just indoctrination and brainwashing. Not at better than any other fanatic bullshit.

  8. Pookie0504kb

    Pookie0504kb4 timmar sedan

    so Hindi speaking people, how bad was Trump? Was it at least understandable?

  9. Jose Lora

    Jose Lora4 timmar sedan

    For the last 40 years in my life time we have tried centrists democrats or as i should sell out democrats alonside there sold out Republicans and now we got trump? So maybe this time we should pick a Bernie Sanders? Why ? We have not tried his polices yet. Expending Medicare for all Liviable wages New green deal Education Yeah i can related to those issues Oh yeah ending all wars

  10. Terrill Van Dyke

    Terrill Van Dyke4 timmar sedan

    46 % of the Population in the US. Has IBS & stomach bleeding issues. Why should "these people (almost 1/2 the population) pay for something that occurs naturally?" ...

  11. Laura Lee Originally

    Laura Lee Originally4 timmar sedan

    ...and Trevor Noah's available bank balance grew 3 times that day. Oh how the mighty have fallen. TDS has sold out. I pine for days gone bye.

  12. Jayapal V

    Jayapal V4 timmar sedan

    Mr.Modi ji : India's National Disaster Do'Landji : same in America


    IKRAM LAZAAR4 timmar sedan

    I like you and your humor. So different!👍

  14. Adrian Duran

    Adrian Duran4 timmar sedan

    No Dapper Dan?

  15. Lliam Moore

    Lliam Moore4 timmar sedan

    God Does Not Exist. We are all energy.. Energy never dies. It just transforms. Also. Faith is not a substitute for logic... #JustSaying Also I respect your want to belive in what you want to... I am happy that you are happy living a fantastic life my friends. Much love.

  16. Joshua Hanson

    Joshua Hanson4 timmar sedan

    Every reference Trevor says about white folks is negative and prejudice, how is that not racism?

  17. Lei Shy

    Lei Shy4 timmar sedan

    Canned laughter because you can't find any real humans to laugh, Trevor. Dork.

  18. Setu

    Setu4 timmar sedan

    Modi vs trump match drawn.

  19. M T

    M T4 timmar sedan

    this happens for one of 2 reasons, 1. a failed attempt by the CIA to destroy China 2. nature thinks is easier to reboot us than we changing the mind of our politicians to do something about the climate change. Nature is like "wtf is so hot man, Is your fault, here have a virus for you"

  20. L Jones

    L Jones4 timmar sedan

    Did Trevor forget to shave or is he growing a mustache? Shave....PLEASE!!

  21. Ed Setser

    Ed Setser4 timmar sedan

    Seems like a 70 year old germaphobe would take this more seriously.

  22. Terrill Van Dyke

    Terrill Van Dyke4 timmar sedan

    I am a Man. ... I have IBS ... I bleed out of my A$$ every day ... I need to wear one every day. ... 365 days a year ... But you want FREE products for "WOMEN ONLY" ( those who only need it 48 days; a year ). ... How is that "FAIR" ?

  23. gurugulab khatri

    gurugulab khatri4 timmar sedan

    salwar utaar di trevor ne sab ki hehehehe

  24. Paul Smith

    Paul Smith4 timmar sedan

    Relax everyone, Israel's got this: What an amazing people!

  25. J.L. Klamer

    J.L. Klamer4 timmar sedan

    the government response structure put in place by the Obama administration in response to Ebola that was removed by the Trump administration, leaving the U.S. unprepared for a potential spread of the coronavirus, and unlikely to follow China's model of containment.

  26. Malik Olaoye

    Malik Olaoye4 timmar sedan

    Bernie is a legend.

  27. I feel Good

    I feel Good4 timmar sedan

    And that's how we know that sause girl is white

  28. antonio volpe

    antonio volpe4 timmar sedan

    spread out ya numb skulls doctor moe

  29. Nelma Narciso

    Nelma Narciso4 timmar sedan

    Yass! Come thru Scotland!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  30. vardhman singh

    vardhman singh4 timmar sedan

    Those are laughing at his hindi should understand that he at least tried to speak hindi

  31. Lliam Moore

    Lliam Moore4 timmar sedan

    "There is a very good Chance you will not die." hahaha I laughed so hard at how straight forward that was. I love it

  32. snakelemon

    snakelemon4 timmar sedan

    I'm terribly sorry for this unprofessional comment but DAMN Jaboukie looks damn fine in this attire!

  33. Rai Zain SULTAN Bhatti

    Rai Zain SULTAN Bhatti4 timmar sedan


  34. Tamara Pensiero

    Tamara Pensiero4 timmar sedan

    Yo if I'm caught covering my face next to an asian person... it's because someone next to me just coughed. I don't care what you look like, where you are from, or how old you are, the SECOND I hear a cough/sneeze/sniffle/watery eyes/you blink wrong/take too long to walk/look weak/runny nose, I AM COVERING MY FACE. Bye.

  35. Pranay Punj rana

    Pranay Punj rana4 timmar sedan

    American don't touch your brother 🚩🇮🇳sikhs🇮🇳🚩

  36. Ricky Holmes

    Ricky Holmes4 timmar sedan

    People are blowing corona wayyy out of proportion. The flu has a way higher death rate.

  37. LouiedawgFPV

    LouiedawgFPV4 timmar sedan

    You know what Trevor Noah, you can be a racist fuck too

  38. Ian Luquis Rivera

    Ian Luquis Rivera4 timmar sedan

    “Uncle Dick in the Deer stand” was the funniest shit I have heard literally ever!

  39. W D

    W D4 timmar sedan

    Hhahahhah Trumptards

  40. irregular mana

    irregular mana4 timmar sedan

    No armageddon reference?

  41. David Anthony

    David Anthony4 timmar sedan

    Just think what can become of Bloomberg's Stop and Frisk on a National Gestapo Level!

  42. vardhman singh

    vardhman singh4 timmar sedan

    Fake laughs fake reports

  43. Brigit Becker

    Brigit Becker4 timmar sedan

    Well done China. You have manage to develop a virus that could potentially wipe out humans.


    INS AFFAN4 timmar sedan

    Swami vivakaaaa moon noon died again after hearing that ..

  45. Stacie M

    Stacie M4 timmar sedan

    Mayor Pete would be an EXCELLENT Vice President - no matter who gets the presidential ticket - and then, of course, he would snap the next two presidential terms 😁!

  46. Mariah Saleem

    Mariah Saleem4 timmar sedan


  47. joey kaushik

    joey kaushik4 timmar sedan

    Sexuality has nothing to do with electability

  48. mathmagician

    mathmagician4 timmar sedan

    I just want a white straight man to be the President. And my wish seem to be fulfilling yet again.

  49. Bruce Barnett

    Bruce Barnett4 timmar sedan

    Notice how these millionaire tv people always trash Bernie. They are the 1% who prevent people from having poverty, lack of health care, lack of education and on and on.

  50. Rahi Narang

    Rahi Narang4 timmar sedan

    GreetingsfromIndia. Your accent was wayyy better than Trump's 😂

  51. Jack Foulsham

    Jack Foulsham4 timmar sedan

    Anyone else get a Bernie ad during the fake Bernie ad

  52. Eugene Weltzer II

    Eugene Weltzer II4 timmar sedan

    What are they going to do of they combine to use the titles? Fire them?

  53. filiberta castelan

    filiberta castelan4 timmar sedan

    Buy your own bags dont use plastic bags Dont use water bottles and if u do just use again WHY CANT AMERICANS DO THAT Lol

  54. hereticpariah 6/66

    hereticpariah 6/664 timmar sedan

    Trevor. You have _no_ clue what you've done. I Always sing two or three different happy birthday songs (Beatles ver, my own crappy ver, and off-key "real" birthday song) SIMULTANEOUSLY at anyones' birthday celebration. *_Now I'll sing FIVE._* *BWAAAAAAAAAHH HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA!!!!!*

  55. Lairdini

    Lairdini4 timmar sedan

    it takes Jake Trapper to take all the fun out of The Daily Show

  56. Am Al

    Am Al4 timmar sedan

    Doesn't matter what gender his partner is, what matters is how he plans to deal with the obvious issues of the country PERIOD

  57. Dennis Barnes

    Dennis Barnes4 timmar sedan

    No it shouldn't trevor, that would cost us so much money

  58. aadith ved

    aadith ved4 timmar sedan

    Bullshit no one likes him here

  59. Ishrat Shaikh

    Ishrat Shaikh4 timmar sedan

    If anchors or channels speaks any truth like this in India about PM Modi then they will be hit or killed by goons of this politician

  60. Tim Vovk

    Tim Vovk4 timmar sedan

    And what are you doing for the country Mr. Noah? How wise of you to just sit there and criticize the efforts of someone who runs the country YOU reside in. Way to set an example for the masses you entertain...

  61. Morris Day

    Morris Day4 timmar sedan

    Will the real Bernie Sanders,please stand up!

  62. Kak Dela

    Kak Dela4 timmar sedan

    she talks about serious things, and these always yelling and screaming Americans, turn everything into laughter

  63. Xavier Gaubert-Amy

    Xavier Gaubert-Amy4 timmar sedan

    That's needed. Thank you Trevor. . Laughing is boosting my immune system. Give us more of it.

  64. Tony38533

    Tony385334 timmar sedan

    Tomi Lahren is apparently too stupid to realize that it was a Republican dominated supreme court that opined that Americans have a right to burn the flag in protest.

  65. Checkered Vans

    Checkered Vans4 timmar sedan

    Pete Buttplug

  66. Mahendra Pratap Singh

    Mahendra Pratap Singh4 timmar sedan

    Awesome roast

  67. Hassan Farooq Malik

    Hassan Farooq Malik4 timmar sedan


  68. Taylor Parker

    Taylor Parker4 timmar sedan

    Why didn't anyone mention that he takes money from billionaires and is feeding us the same safe "moderate" bullshit the democrats have always been pushing? I don't want another President who smiles and talks about equality while deporting more people than ever before and killing innocent people in the Middle East with drone strikes that missed their target.

  69. el alcazar

    el alcazar4 timmar sedan

    Btw Berlin is not even the gay capital of germany, that would be Köln or cologne.

  70. Sebastian Alba

    Sebastian Alba4 timmar sedan


  71. mandarinduck

    mandarinduck4 timmar sedan

    2:26 You know the problem in China grew out of control because local government officials wanted to cover anything that would make them look bad. That's how Trump RUNS OUR COUNTRY.

  72. Bob Murphy

    Bob Murphy4 timmar sedan

    None that's a real case of fake news and stupid reporting

  73. L A

    L A4 timmar sedan

    Did anyone notice that Trump skin turned to weird Brown in India! If he stays there just few months he will be brown as Indian too.

  74. Shamu Rock

    Shamu Rock4 timmar sedan

    Dam she pretty ass fuc. she better off with a dic in her mouth.

  75. Julia Walsh

    Julia Walsh4 timmar sedan


  76. D. James

    D. James4 timmar sedan

    Typical British hypocrisy, good grief, stop giving this so much attention. It just proves how ludicrous a population they are if they still continue to pay this sham of "royal" pompous asswipes millions/billions of pounds every year. Wake up America, it is just like you people supporting Trumpo and his RePOOPican brown Noser's.

  77. earl jones

    earl jones4 timmar sedan

    Literally fuck these republican news networks

  78. aman kumar

    aman kumar4 timmar sedan

    Didn’t make me 🤭

  79. Liberty Hussein

    Liberty Hussein4 timmar sedan

    trump has a new self tanner and now he looks like pure shit, not a rotten tangerine.

  80. bagwan krishna ki ma may mera lulla

    bagwan krishna ki ma may mera lulla4 timmar sedan

    I hope this virus spreads into whole US and Europe 😊🇦🇫

  81. G L M

    G L M4 timmar sedan

    By being offended all the time, Trump will win and another Republican might follow. Democrats, you are disappointing me

  82. JF

    JF4 timmar sedan

    He's not talking about the Coronavirus, he's talking about the Caronavirus. :D

  83. A J

    A J4 timmar sedan

    It's hard to trust somebody that lies all the time. Literally all the time.This President has NO CREDIBILITY, PERIOD !!

  84. Dot Hack Kyrios

    Dot Hack Kyrios4 timmar sedan

    FEEL THE BERN BABY! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  85. waayo arag aduun waayo

    waayo arag aduun waayo4 timmar sedan

    Well well welllll😬

  86. DYNASTY prevails

    DYNASTY prevails4 timmar sedan

    This guy really hates india 😂

  87. neha gautam

    neha gautam4 timmar sedan

    I am fan of you..I show your movies

  88. Courtney Fleming

    Courtney Fleming4 timmar sedan

    The only thing that will defeat a bad guy with a virus is a good guy with a virus.

  89. Daniel Kolbin

    Daniel Kolbin4 timmar sedan

    "yay medicare for all! let's do it. ok what do we have to do? hmmmm bankrupt america? okay fellow democRATS and fellow americans i secretly hate." -Berine Sandahs

  90. Daniel Kolbin

    Daniel Kolbin4 timmar sedan

    you're an idiot but people are overreacting smh

  91. Hans Keesom

    Hans Keesom4 timmar sedan

    Time to bring Andrew Yang back and these people can go home.

  92. Warriorwithin

    Warriorwithin4 timmar sedan

    We are all sheep. He is literally saying he bought everyone right in our face.

  93. Georgio Moubarak

    Georgio Moubarak4 timmar sedan

    bernie is the most pure heated politician ... no greed no hate ...

  94. CutePokapipi

    CutePokapipi4 timmar sedan


  95. Maverick

    Maverick4 timmar sedan

    5:20 | Swami Vivekamunand 🤣

  96. Lux Gee

    Lux Gee4 timmar sedan

    All Trump poor supporters are still poor af and dumb and they gona stay there for having no mind of their own.

  97. Prior of the Ori

    Prior of the Ori4 timmar sedan

    Keep an eye out for those idiots who think free tampons will lead to communism. Because that is a “socialist” policy. I look forward to seeing their “Reeeee”. Lol

  98. Nida Fatima

    Nida Fatima4 timmar sedan

    vivek ka mundan 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  99. 734gman

    734gman4 timmar sedan

    Listening to a corporate paid millionaire joking about redistribution in a country where billions in taxes are given to billion dollar corporations every year and then given regularly as bailouts when those companies still crash because the coes are stealing all the money.... Id like to punch this piece of crap