Twitch Backstabs Ninja & Jeffrey Epstein - H3 Podcast #134

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  1. Jay Nuz

    Jay Nuz8 timmar sedan

    Waahh uh abble wonn la tatt🍎💀

  2. Mikeg73

    Mikeg732 dagar sedan

    He made his money through blackmail. He would invite these people to his pedophile island like Bill Clinton over and over again then keep those records in a black book so that he could blackmail them into giving him money

  3. Dankrupt

    Dankrupt8 dagar sedan

    Ethan tried so hard to trump look bad lmao. “But trump... but trump did so and so...”

  4. Munkylaw

    Munkylaw9 dagar sedan

    Ninja looks like a blue haired lesbian that wants equal pay for doing half of what a man can do.

  5. Michael Davis

    Michael Davis9 dagar sedan

    Get your shit together Zach! Geez!

  6. AttackOnGamer

    AttackOnGamer10 dagar sedan


  7. Ryan Timms Jr

    Ryan Timms Jr10 dagar sedan

    Bro, Ethan smacks his lips HARD 1:11:22

  8. mroppossum1991

    mroppossum199113 dagar sedan

    I'm getting triggered on the salmon cannon, It's not a render you dumbass read the text on the video and it explains why they do it. Anyway I still love you guys.

  9. Meranda Autumn

    Meranda Autumn21 dag sedan

    Ethan just 100% convinced that there's a salmon conspiracy.

  10. daniella nunez

    daniella nunez23 dagar sedan

    we need more dating for Ian this was great

  11. Mega Dusty

    Mega Dusty23 dagar sedan

    “Twitch Backstabs Ninja”?! Nope. Try again Ninja sold out

  12. TheWindWaker134

    TheWindWaker13427 dagar sedan

    27:55 HAHA:D

  13. CarmelaSenpai

    CarmelaSenpai29 dagar sedan

    sorry ethan, hilas my favorite

  14. Jam DoeNuts

    Jam DoeNuts29 dagar sedan

    Did anyone else cringe a bit at the Death Note reference then cringe at themselves for getting the reference?

  15. UglyOneHorned Mule

    UglyOneHorned MuleMånad sedan


  16. starchycat

    starchycatMånad sedan

    R. Kelly, The Rapist Who Couldn't Read- a memoir by Ethan Klein.

  17. idun omdal

    idun omdalMånad sedan

    I love how Ethan says he’s going to get a scooter when he gets old, ah if you only knew what the future has got in store for you young grasshopper...

  18. Apollo13

    Apollo13Månad sedan


  19. John Doe

    John DoeMånad sedan

    i want that fish thing on my ranch

  20. John Doe

    John DoeMånad sedan

    immediately went to the comments wondering somebody commented on jef ep being nijas dad

  21. Joey Midyett

    Joey MidyettMånad sedan

    The show full of spicy memes and Ian's torture

  22. imi dan

    imi danMånad sedan

    George Constantza had a scooter once:))

  23. Sanse Azo

    Sanse Azo2 månader sedan

    people try to save nature Ethan: this is outrageous, it needs so many people

  24. Chaise Williams

    Chaise Williams2 månader sedan

    I have the shirt Ethan is wearing in this video it’s a dope ass shirt

  25. Velvet Aeon

    Velvet Aeon2 månader sedan

    They have a fish ladder in Ballard Washington. You should come see it! You and hila and theo can stay at my house 🤯😊😘

  26. Velvet Aeon

    Velvet Aeon6 dagar sedan

    @uriNATE14lol... Californians 🙄 the cool thing about the fishladder in ballard is that you can walk along the sides and view the fish aquarium style as they climb.

  27. uriNATE14

    uriNATE146 dagar sedan

    Velvet Aeon I think they’re on every river in Oregon and Washington. I live in Oregon and have seen them all my life it’s funny that ppl are so oblivious to things like that. Those LA types don’t know shit about nature and stuff.

  28. Steve Black

    Steve Black2 månader sedan

    "here's trump with these young girls" **Proceeds to show video of Trump dancing with girls in their late 20's to 30s** Jesus, can ethan and the far left actually say anything correct to try and destroy trump? But trump did slap one of them on the ass and we all know men that are attracted to women are bad in 2019.

  29. Carla Trejo

    Carla Trejo2 månader sedan

    Also I'm with ian on big brother!! nice to see the fan REP from Ian the intern!

  30. Carla Trejo

    Carla Trejo2 månader sedan

    From that supposed future and can confirm nothing has happened. Completely just dismissed and only thing being scrutinized in current articles today is about his donations to Harvard. That's legit it.

  31. Federico Commisso

    Federico Commisso2 månader sedan

    College humor made a video about Tumblr' CEO

  32. cssLiquicity

    cssLiquicity2 månader sedan

    epstein story is so funny with the suicide xD I like it how they report about it hahahaha they lyin straight to your face haahha

  33. cssLiquicity

    cssLiquicity2 månader sedan

    they killed this evil man or prepared a fake body for him so he can be "dead" on his island :D but NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER do I believe that shit ur stupid american media is telling me

  34. cssLiquicity

    cssLiquicity2 månader sedan

    they are idiots and they are corrupt!!!! Trust me we dont know half the shit whats going on theree

  35. Watching Youtube

    Watching Youtube2 månader sedan

    Imagine being a ripoff of Howard Stern AFTER he got completely out of touch.

  36. Andrew Havens

    Andrew Havens2 månader sedan

    Wow, this video didn't show on my feed or on your SEgos page. I had to find it under the communities tab. I love your show and don't want to miss a single video.

  37. grizzlywhisker

    grizzlywhisker3 månader sedan

    Man that Johnathan Frakes video is one of the funniest fuckin' things I've seen in a long time.

  38. James Johnston

    James Johnston3 månader sedan

    DAN "the spooks?,huh." Lol wtf

  39. Jody

    Jody3 månader sedan

    I mean fisheries are a thing, this probably helps with that since fisheries differ from fish farming. Also as far as it being violent lots of places stock ponds or lakes by dropping fish by plane lmao.

  40. The Real Roman mcIntire

    The Real Roman mcIntire3 månader sedan

    Can you like this comment Scooter Daddy, because I bought a teddy fresh shirt

  41. Candy Szeto

    Candy Szeto3 månader sedan

    Ethan: Scooter people have too many rights 🛵💨💀🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm dead! Scooter people are crazy 😆

  42. haylie

    haylie3 månader sedan

    I was listening to a podcast and heard the " I have to pee so bad " sound byte like 6 times in a minute and i was geeking out. i had no idea that the sound byte of him existed i thought man was just straight up about to piss himself.