Twitch Double Standard & Analyzing Belle Delphine's Spit - H3 Podcast #129

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  1. Commander C.L.I.T

    Commander C.L.I.T2 timmar sedan

    Wow. That mobility scooter guy at 1:34:20 is in Ontario Canada.. I recognize the bridge... That was a week long party we have here so he was drunk for sure...

  2. Garmec

    GarmecDag sedan

    I feel like cat breeds are sort of like cat races

  3. Stain

    StainDag sedan

    The whole alinity thing is bs. The person targeting her is probably a butthurt incel finding a way to "hurt" her. Throwing it like that didn't even register for the cat, I would do the same thing if mine walked on the keyboard mid apex firefight, and I love her. The vodka thing pretty stupid but still nothing major, at least the cat it's not homeless. Don't get me wrong, alinity is just a dumb hoe that just got a titjob and postures on twitch for little boys and loosers to watch meanwhile im guessing actual good players don't get even close to the viewers she gets. Basically one step worst that a camwhore.

  4. Stain

    StainDag sedan

    That grilled goodness at 7:35 is called kokoretsi, a Greek/Balkan dish. Basically seasoned goat or lamb organ meats wrapped with intestines and grilled usually above charcoal. I know it sounds gross to people who are not used in eating such things, however I personally have been eating it on occasions (usually not an everyday dish, mostly part of the table on national celebrations) since I was a baby. It's much more healthy that just eating muscle meat and INSANELY tasty when prepared right. Don't knock it till you try it, I'll advise anyone with grilling experience and the necessary utensils to look up for a good recipe and give it a go.

  5. Sherry Mcgraw

    Sherry Mcgraw4 dagar sedan

    It’s sea cuckecumber

  6. WRlGHTlNG

    WRlGHTlNG5 dagar sedan the times have changed for him and the cod community and how weird it is for Ethan to be bringing him up as if he’s some random crazy streamer lol

  7. Jack Merril

    Jack Merril9 dagar sedan

    i am now mobilized

  8. Levi Murray

    Levi Murray9 dagar sedan

    That instagram food is a straight up plimbus

  9. Tyhumashummaas

    Tyhumashummaas11 dagar sedan

    She didn't throw the cat, she literally lifted it up and dropped it behind the chair. That cat is perfectly happy and obviously loves her HOWEVER the Vodka thing is awful - i've seen ppl let animals taste spicy foods for the reaction but doing it with Vodka is way too far. I mean that shit burns my human adult mouth, can't imagine how bad it was for a cat.

  10. Tyhumashummaas

    Tyhumashummaas11 dagar sedan

    I'm excited for Cats but I'm pissed at how shit they look - why didn't they add cat noses??? It looks soo fucked up

  11. Tyhumashummaas

    Tyhumashummaas11 dagar sedan

    11:05 I think it looks like stacks of honeycomb with almonds & pistachio sprinkled ontop - the brown things are prunes/dates and I think the sauce is melted kaymak (turkish clotted cream)

  12. Tyhumashummaas

    Tyhumashummaas11 dagar sedan

    11:05 I think it looks like stacks of honeycomb with almonds & pistachio sprinkled ontop - no clue what the sauce could be..

  13. lone wulf

    lone wulf13 dagar sedan

    Wow. I'm proud of you.

  14. Basile Van Negen

    Basile Van Negen15 dagar sedan

    bruh they be eating plumbusses

  15. foomp

    foomp21 dag sedan

    Does it mean that non-trans people can be upset and call foul play if a trans person plays a role that they are not? Cuz uhh... they'll rarely see work, but it's about that equality angle over sensible reasoning, right?

  16. Ella

    Ella22 dagar sedan

    Those are probably weird mushrooms

  17. AssMan

    AssMan27 dagar sedan

    Bruh Ethan clowning Zach during the fashion show

  18. AnAverageGuy

    AnAverageGuyMånad sedan

    Nah bruh you right. Boobs make the world go 'round.

  19. Noosebumps

    NoosebumpsMånad sedan

    as far as movie casting and stuff goes accuracy and authenticity, don't care much for who's playing the role if they haven't diddled any kiddies

  20. Hannibal Burgers

    Hannibal BurgersMånad sedan

    That Turkish food looks like honeycomb tripe

  21. WHMN

    WHMNMånad sedan

    I feel like if she Alinity didn't know alcohol was poisonous to cats it would have been like giving lemon to a baby. They taste it, don't like it and react for just a couple of seconds, not a big deal. I mean, the fact that it's poisonous changes everything but if she didn't know that I still don't think she is that evil. I dislike her, definitely, but do I think she is abusing her pets, no.

  22. WHMN

    WHMNMånad sedan

    39:06 THANK YOU! Finally someone said it Gosh darn it

  23. Caroline Guy

    Caroline GuyMånad sedan

    It's sad how awful the Cats movie seems. For being directed by the same guy who did Les Mis and The King's Speech, I'm surprised.

  24. Sugarfreak

    SugarfreakMånad sedan

    The object on 4:20 is a plumbus. The fleebjuice has been vaporized from this one. I don't know why anyone would want to boil a plumbus...

  25. Daniel Karbach

    Daniel KarbachMånad sedan

    Best commercial ever :D

  26. Beatrix Kiddo

    Beatrix KiddoMånad sedan


  27. Dimitris Blyat

    Dimitris BlyatMånad sedan

    07:45 This is called Kokoretsi and is very popular in Greece and Turkey. It's goat/lamb entrails wrapped in goat intenstines. The looks don't do it justice, it's actually considered the highest of rotisserie delicacies in Greece. Really recommend it if you can get it from a good taverna.

  28. YeahWhatOoh

    YeahWhatOohMånad sedan

    squadW boys get Ape on this podcast please LOL

  29. Side Nicgga

    Side Nicgga2 månader sedan

    100% hittin' the merch after that fashion show.

  30. fNatyk

    fNatyk2 månader sedan

    51:38 Took me hours to find this sound bite! Using it as my twitch folower alert! :D

  31. Rockhound 2020

    Rockhound 20202 månader sedan

    I realize I am watching this several months after the videos release, but in the off chance y'all see this the reason they cancelled your partnership is because in their contract they say you cannot stream on any other platform so when you went back to youtube they got rid of your partnership because of breach of contract. When Ninja moved to mixxer they deleted his account within a few hours.

  32. MrDannyloco

    MrDannyloco2 månader sedan

    23:56 i think its more than ok for a black dude to play a white one and viseversa when it comes to voice acting only. If its actually playing the character in scenes then thats kind of a yikes

  33. Turboretard

    Turboretard2 månader sedan

    Yea, they love cheese so much their customs officers will confiscate the bleu you brought with you, but good luck trying to find any actual cheese in this shit hole.

  34. Omar Arraseef

    Omar Arraseef2 månader sedan

    The first thing you thought was cock n balls was rice-stuffed stomach and intestines. The thing you that reminded you of shawarma, I believe is a Greek dish of roasted braided together lamb intestine.

  35. Al Chavez

    Al Chavez2 månader sedan

    4:00 That's a plumbus, how can u not know that Ethan???

  36. Nancy PeloCi

    Nancy PeloCi2 månader sedan

    You should taste her spit. Describe the flavor profile.

  37. Nancy PeloCi

    Nancy PeloCi2 månader sedan

    That shirt is hideous.

  38. ꧁kewlcheez꧂

    ꧁kewlcheez꧂2 månader sedan

    Belle Delphine's spit 1:43:03 clip of Belle starts at 1:48:10

  39. Stuart Thomas

    Stuart Thomas2 månader sedan

    I guarantee that cat landed on its feet and was not injured in the slightest. my cat jumped off the roof of my parents house (2 stories) and landed on an umbrella. I thought he was dead. nah fam he did it multiple times like a bad ass. I found him in his favorite spot in the sun in our kitchen 4 years later and he had passed peacefully in his sleep. I loved smokey the jungle cat. r.i.p brother.

  40. Onur Kose

    Onur Kose2 månader sedan

    I come from turkey and this is not normal