After Chad Wild Clay made CWC vs HACKER BATTLE ROYALE! Finding Clues about Daniel's Lost Memories and Floor is Lava Challenge, Vy Qwaint created WHO IS DANIEL'S MOM? Spending 24 Hours Collecting Hackers Files to Reveal Project Zorgo Training, and Daniel uploaded HACKER CAPTURES DANIEL! PZ9 Takes Lie Detector Test Challenge To Learn if Memory is Playing Tricks to the Exposing Project Zorgo SEgos channel the Spy Ninjas hacked Project Zorgo's server room with a hotspot and they figured out Project Zorgo erased Daniel's memory! The Project Zorgo leader found out that the Spy Ninja's know and ordered hacker, PZ301, to dispose of the haul of files from Daniel's past! Daniel, Chad, Vy and Regina must go on a mission to keep those files safe because maybe they can restore Daniel's memory! We found a map and you Spy Ninjas commented that the place is The Big Bounce America so we go there and encounter hackers including PZ9 who have envelopes containing secret files of Daniel memories. Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019!
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    The code is for the safe 2019 or or 2018 because I heard the hackers say something about the code they don't they're not sure cuz pz9 won't tell them the real code

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