Who Is The Strongest FaZe Member? - Challenge

Who is the strongest FaZe Clan member? Today we do intense strength challenges in 2020 featuring @FaZe Kay @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Temperrr @Cizzorz @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Rain @FaZe Clan
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  1. FaZe Jarvis

    FaZe Jarvis2 månader sedan

    I love these comments we’re getting roasted😂

  2. Jiawen Chen

    Jiawen Chen4 dagar sedan

    What would you do if you were temper be fat

  3. Brenda Soto

    Brenda Soto8 dagar sedan


  4. Brenda Soto

    Brenda Soto8 dagar sedan

    why in the thumbnail it says jarvis 60 and adapt 40 i mean jarvis is the weakest and the smallest even a 14 year old is 6'2 and jarvis5'8

  5. Marcello Brocato

    Marcello Brocato10 dagar sedan

    Luvanthoney isn’t read

  6. Caidyn Herman

    Caidyn Herman11 dagar sedan

    Jarvis was probably so doubted but did really good😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Jay Everett

    Jay Everett4 timmar sedan

    so did jarvis

  8. Jay Everett

    Jay Everett4 timmar sedan

    kay did good

  9. Cameron Law

    Cameron Law6 timmar sedan

    Jarvis didn’t even do push ups, he only went half way and the same for some of the rest. His actual record would be 30.5 push-ups or shorter since he prob edited it out

  10. TheGod OfUtail

    TheGod OfUtail14 timmar sedan

    I’m only10

  11. TheGod OfUtail

    TheGod OfUtail14 timmar sedan

    I finished and did planks and won

  12. Levi Morris

    Levi MorrisDag sedan

    wait, didn't kay get 30 curls and teequos only got 20? but yet he won the curls section?!?

  13. Kody Elliott

    Kody ElliottDag sedan

    I'm 9 years old and I still beat you on the plank challenge I was doing it at my house

  14. Gabriel Paoleschi

    Gabriel PaoleschiDag sedan

    Teeqo is a beast, damn

  15. Jack Hansen

    Jack HansenDag sedan

    I think they are all in shock when Jarvis did pushups bc of how bad he did them instead of how many he did 😂

  16. Greg Breen

    Greg BreenDag sedan

    Don’t know why but temmer looks like lil mosy

  17. Kristin Woxland

    Kristin Woxland3 dagar sedan


  18. ADD:FazeMongrellBTW DAVID

    ADD:FazeMongrellBTW DAVID3 dagar sedan

    Were mongraal???🤣🤣🤣

  19. Crazy

    Crazy3 dagar sedan

    What them shoes Teeqo wearing?

  20. TedPlayzYT

    TedPlayzYT5 dagar sedan

    Yall said pull ups not chin ups

  21. SpadeTV

    SpadeTV5 dagar sedan

    I didnt see adapt doing push ups!!😫😫

  22. NDYT

    NDYT5 dagar sedan

    Thumbnail says 60lbs Dumbell: 45 💀

  23. Jacob Patterson

    Jacob Patterson5 dagar sedan

    No wonder why he got so many push ups he went half way down

  24. Dave 44

    Dave 446 dagar sedan

    Let’s be honest temper would have won basically all without that weighted vest...

  25. Lowkey Gamez

    Lowkey Gamez6 dagar sedan

    Give them a break. They get paid to play video games.

  26. LK Reviews

    LK Reviews6 dagar sedan

    Anyone woulda liked to see a timer for plank and wall sit?

  27. jon baenen

    jon baenen6 dagar sedan

    Why does tommy wear a vest everywhere?

  28. Angel Vlogs

    Angel Vlogs7 dagar sedan

    Shit cizzors week

  29. mohammad musaab

    mohammad musaab7 dagar sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="469">7:49</a> didnt teeqo get 20 and kay got 30 in the weight lifting why did they say teeqo won kay should have won

  30. faux FN

    faux FN7 dagar sedan

    Teeqo is the only one who did them right

  31. Pistol Parkway

    Pistol Parkway8 dagar sedan

    It’s easy to do a lot when you burnout full push ups a lot different

  32. Ds Darsej

    Ds Darsej8 dagar sedan


  33. Kadaboem

    Kadaboem8 dagar sedan


  34. Sam Scott

    Sam Scott8 dagar sedan

    Push ups

  35. Sam Scott

    Sam Scott8 dagar sedan

    Those are nothin my mom can do 173 without stoping

  36. Kool-aid man

    Kool-aid man8 dagar sedan

    But Kay did 30 curls and Teequo did 20 and it said that teequo won🤨

  37. Javier Olmos

    Javier Olmos9 dagar sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="616">10:16</a> you see him helping Jarvis 😂

  38. Chania Nunn

    Chania Nunn9 dagar sedan

    Teqqo has been taking shits on everyone lately🤣🤣

  39. Robert Gollhardt

    Robert Gollhardt9 dagar sedan

    it says 45 on the weight but on the thumbnail it says 60+ lbs like jarvis is a shrimp

  40. Alucツ

    Alucツ10 dagar sedan

    Teeco was helping Jarvis with the pull ups

  41. Ortiz. TTV

    Ortiz. TTV10 dagar sedan

    Definitely not you with your weak ass

  42. GamingGhost YT

    GamingGhost YT10 dagar sedan

    Imagine if they do arm wrestle and Jarvis vs Kay who would win could be jarvis

  43. S.D.T B3st NL

    S.D.T B3st NL10 dagar sedan


  44. Alex R

    Alex R10 dagar sedan

    Let me find out after my boy got banned he was hitting the gym🤣

  45. Jason JJ Cruz

    Jason JJ Cruz10 dagar sedan

    I have this mastered because of FaZe it builds strong endurance,pullup bar is my favote

  46. Alec Goetz

    Alec Goetz10 dagar sedan

    Jarvis had the bumbest pushups ive ever seen, Teeqo did em right and still beat em

  47. Slok Playz

    Slok Playz10 dagar sedan

    I wish they did it with who could lift the most or do the most reps of a certain weight push ups are easier for those in shape and who are slimmer so it is more fair if you guys put 135 on a bench and whoever does the most reps wins

  48. Funngus

    Funngus10 dagar sedan

    I like how Jarvis moves his elbows in out and dosnt actully do push ups

  49. Cj Colley

    Cj Colley10 dagar sedan

    Teeqo was done with his pull ups at 14 the others don’t count

  50. TheDark Ninja

    TheDark Ninja10 dagar sedan

    Yous where all doing chin ups instead of pull ups

  51. Soso Drake

    Soso Drake10 dagar sedan

    Apparently none of them have no idea what a push up is

  52. bright beans

    bright beans10 dagar sedan

    Love how the thumbnail says he’s doing 60lbs but the weight says 45....

  53. Will Burke

    Will Burke10 dagar sedan

    Teeqo did real, hard pushups and still won the pushups lmaoooo

  54. Will Burke

    Will Burke10 dagar sedan

    That man Jarvis did approximately 0 pushups

  55. ur dad

    ur dad10 dagar sedan

    How Did Teeqo Win Bicep Curls He Got 20 And Frazier Got 30

  56. Tóth Zsombor

    Tóth Zsombor10 dagar sedan

    Where is higkskij

  57. M4d_Mr.krispy Marin

    M4d_Mr.krispy Marin11 dagar sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="462">7:42</a> sounded like an Enderman dying in Minecraft

  58. Gnarly Gary

    Gnarly Gary11 dagar sedan

    That moment when you see the 45 on Jarvis dumbbell in the thumbnail💀

  59. Elton Debattista

    Elton Debattista11 dagar sedan

    Bro most of the faze members had there ass down doing plank

  60. Aksel 08

    Aksel 0811 dagar sedan

    Where is mongraal

  61. Hourly Motivation

    Hourly Motivation11 dagar sedan

    Not a single push up was done in this video🤣🤣 except teequos

  62. Bomby

    Bomby11 dagar sedan

    If Kay got 30 and taco ( nickname) got 20 than why did taco win

  63. Olav Jintes

    Olav Jintes11 dagar sedan

    Ewww what are those planks and push ups

  64. Tommy Chaffee

    Tommy Chaffee11 dagar sedan

    the title says 60* jarvis is lifting but the weight says 45

  65. Jack Mcnamara

    Jack Mcnamara11 dagar sedan

    The thumbnail says 60+ but on the dumbell side it says 45

  66. Maxx Novak

    Maxx Novak11 dagar sedan

    those aren't even push-ups Jarvis and I'm only 30 seconds in Jesus

  67. Aly Elshorbagy

    Aly Elshorbagy12 dagar sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="41">0:41</a> I could only do 2

  68. UpNextJt

    UpNextJt12 dagar sedan

    What are these push ups

  69. WolfGaming YT

    WolfGaming YT12 dagar sedan

    Jarvis go lower man on them pull ups

  70. FixFalt

    FixFalt12 dagar sedan

    When the thumbnail says 60 pounds but it shows a 45 dumbbell 💪

  71. D3vin .W

    D3vin .W12 dagar sedan

    Didnt faze kay win with the weights?

  72. JB

    JB12 dagar sedan


  73. Andrew Baag

    Andrew Baag12 dagar sedan

    Should have divided Jarvis's number by half like he half assed those reps XD

  74. TT Barbecue OP

    TT Barbecue OP12 dagar sedan

    Jarvis didn’t even go down on his pull-ups😂😂😂😂😂

  75. Kareem Bassa

    Kareem Bassa12 dagar sedan

    Teeqo= Goku

  76. Joe Mcg

    Joe Mcg12 dagar sedan

    Jarvis actually did 13

  77. T man White

    T man White12 dagar sedan

    I can do better wall sits

  78. Wolf pack

    Wolf pack12 dagar sedan

    Teeqo wasn’t actually getting his chin over the bar

  79. Aaron Armendariz

    Aaron Armendariz13 dagar sedan

    Idk if highsky got kicked out or left but I never see him

  80. Cjgo Dum

    Cjgo Dum13 dagar sedan

    They wasn’t even doin real push ups

  81. MrBlueSky03

    MrBlueSky0313 dagar sedan

    It's who can cheat a rep better omg

  82. marco medina

    marco medina13 dagar sedan

    This is cringe

  83. Max Jones

    Max Jones13 dagar sedan

    The way Jarvis chested so hard in the push ups

  84. Nick Pieri

    Nick Pieri13 dagar sedan

    Jack had the best pull-ups, temper did nothing right

  85. TwT kara

    TwT kara13 dagar sedan

    On the pushups Jarvis was barley going down at the end 🤣😂