WRC - Rally Sweden 2018: ONBOARD Lappi SS18

FIA World Rally Championship - Rally Sweden 2018
Stage Win SS18 LIKENAS 2 (21.19 km in 11:15.0 min.): Esapekka Lappi / Janne Ferm (Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT)
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  1. chatham43

    chatham432 dagar sedan

    ..ad interruptions...oh dear.....

  2. Hermanni Havana

    Hermanni HavanaÅr sedan

    We want Volvo back to WRC!

  3. nostrinick

    nostrinickÅr sedan

    Goddamn that looks fun.

  4. John Wild

    John WildÅr sedan

    So anyone else watching this because you just crashed hard playing dirt rally and wanted to see how the pros do it ?

  5. TheMetalGuy852

    TheMetalGuy852År sedan

    I don't understand how these cars are so fast carrying four gigantic steel balls....

  6. krismoe31

    krismoe31År sedan

    A finish person speaking sounds like a wizard cursing you

  7. Arttu Leppänen

    Arttu LeppänenÅr sedan

    Oikee tiukka *lunta* :Dd

  8. elwulfo666

    elwulfo6662 år sedan

    This was great. Keep it up WRC!

  9. allyc85

    allyc852 år sedan

    That camera angle looking at the A pillar is bloody awful! Please stop using it!

  10. György Mohl

    György Mohl2 år sedan

    What were they laughing at?

  11. max27stoner

    max27stoner2 år sedan

    Lappi said 11:01 that he can't come any faster himself and his co-driver laughed and answered that yeah it went really nicely. After that, Lappi said that we came the whole stage very good and Janne agreed with that.

  12. Ruxpin Gaming

    Ruxpin Gaming2 år sedan

    Honestly WRC should put 2-3 onboards live on YT for all stages. Like 2 WRC cars and 1 WRC-2 car

  13. Will Phillips Music

    Will Phillips Music2 år sedan

    I disagree. People love watching onboards, and more onboards means more advertising for WRC+. There are so many stages and so many drivers, putting up a few extra onboards would not hurt their bottom line at all, and it would just serve as more advertising for their service. Seems like a smart move to me...

  14. max27stoner

    max27stoner2 år sedan

    Bill Zuppan i was just joking with that broke thing but yeah i get your point. It would be really nice for all who doesn't have it but what WRC would benefit. Nothing.

  15. Ruxpin Gaming

    Ruxpin Gaming2 år sedan

    max27stoner i do have it. All Stages All Live everything. I'm just saying this for someone who can't

  16. max27stoner

    max27stoner2 år sedan

    Bill Zuppan Get WRC+ or are you broke?

  17. Jared Richardson

    Jared Richardson2 år sedan

    That was a fun ride 👍

  18. Jared Richardson

    Jared Richardson2 år sedan

    xogmaster 👍👍👍

  19. xogmaster

    xogmaster2 år sedan

    It really was a great run.

  20. KernelOKey

    KernelOKey2 år sedan

    It was an amazing weekend

  21. RS Motorsport

    RS Motorsport2 år sedan

    Thanks for upload! :)