YouTube Demonetizes Every Kids Video - H3 Podcast #141

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New Teddy Fresh


  1. AnAverageGuy

    AnAverageGuy2 dagar sedan

    Kanye might be cleaning his ear. Like he felt something, wiped it off, introduced saliva, and then cleaned it on his pants

  2. Willam Snyder

    Willam Snyder6 dagar sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="657">10:57</a> bruuuuhhhh ive seen him do this before on the podcast. i commented, " did this dude just sniff his fingers?what was he doing under the table?"


    DOOM.SLAYER16 dagar sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1093">18:13</a> There's the end if the eating ear wax argument if you're grossed out

  4. Young donkey Kong

    Young donkey Kong17 dagar sedan

    ethan is a grate model but you were all grate lol

  5. Young donkey Kong

    Young donkey Kong17 dagar sedan

    and i knew a did in school who ate his ear wax and when you caught him he would get so pissed lmfao

  6. Young donkey Kong

    Young donkey Kong17 dagar sedan

    and i scratch my balls and smell it sometimes lol your not alone ethan

  7. Young donkey Kong

    Young donkey Kong17 dagar sedan

    yeah im with ethan on the kanye west he was eating his ear wax doing it but not obi and ian is such a fan boi he said hed eat his own ear wax if his favorite rapper did smh come on ian

  8. Marlon Lap

    Marlon Lap24 dagar sedan


  9. Tanner Chambless

    Tanner Chambless29 dagar sedan

    But what a lot of people seem to not realize is when kids see those toys on you tube they go and ask their parents for it. Im always having my 6 and 8 year old boy and girl ask me for some weird random game and then they show me on the video what it is

  10. Tanner Chambless

    Tanner Chambless29 dagar sedan

    Of course not saying there isnt a conversation to be had. Is far too unfair so.etimes on you tube aswell.

  11. Bleached_Anus

    Bleached_AnusMånad sedan

    Honestly dogs are not humans they are lower level of life that doesn’t mean I don’t love and appreciate dogs I have one myself but guess what I spit on it all the time and it’s not like I hate it or not and like I just do it for fun like oh what’s up how you doing doggie and then spit on it you know just for fun it’s not like it’s not like I’m hurting eight you know who cares if someone spits on their dog

  12. Themaskedman

    ThemaskedmanMånad sedan

    Donating 50 billion to charity? Are you sure about that Ethan...?

  13. Nancy

    NancyMånad sedan

    As funny as I think Ethan is, it's become clear that he's wrong on so many details in the topics he chooses to talk about; it's painfully obvious that he doesn't do sufficient research on the subject points. I just want to voice my appreciation to Dan for always swooping in to correct him and provide actual evidence - it's nice to hear someone who knows what he's talking about. I also feel like Ethan is annoyed whenever he's corrected...papa, do your research before the podcast and you won't need to be corrected!

  14. Thomas Africa

    Thomas AfricaMånad sedan

    Kanye could be popping a pimple in his ear and eating the pus

  15. Sara B

    Sara B2 månader sedan

    I think Kanye might have popped a pill that he hid behind his ear

  16. gashkage22

    gashkage222 månader sedan

    I can't stand Sheeple. Mindless followers believe what media tells to watch and listen to like Kanye or the Kardashians. This goes for Apple and Nintendo Sheeple as well. Get a brain and a will you idiots.

  17. cyberlindsey

    cyberlindsey2 månader sedan

    i cant even fathom putting my finger to my mouth after touching my ear regardless if there’s wax or not

  18. Ruby Kalin

    Ruby Kalin2 månader sedan

    Zach deserved acknowledgement on the timing of the “I have to pee so bad” sound bite right after Ian said “I have to say-“

  19. SuperFreedomRock

    SuperFreedomRock2 månader sedan

    Hila: "Now are you proud, that you're doing that?" (after Ethan says he smells his fingers after scratching his balls). Ethan then evades/ignores question.

  20. Nathaniel Echeverria

    Nathaniel Echeverria2 månader sedan

    The main reason I watch h3 is for the eyebrow action

  21. Kitty Lady

    Kitty Lady2 månader sedan

    Ethan in the Teddy Fresh show made me silent cry w full tears for like 2 mins straight 😂 😂

  22. Lane VII

    Lane VII3 månader sedan

    Live the smell of my ball ngl

  23. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious3 månader sedan

    Wearing the wrong color Tie? Demonetized! Blind too often? Demonetized! Red Car drove by in the background? Demonetized!! SEgos is going out of there way to dig themselves into a grave.

  24. Sophie

    Sophie3 månader sedan

    Demonetising all kid content is a good thing, as people who publish that stuff will no longer do it and consequently there will be less disturbing, kid content out there that attracts all sorts of dark suspicious pedophile types...

  25. Wild Peasant

    Wild Peasant3 månader sedan

    How is marketing on children wrong yet commercials around cartoons Is ok?

  26. Rebeca

    Rebeca3 månader sedan

    I thought Ethan’s hat said tiddy Fresh

  27. Jettt Angel

    Jettt Angel3 månader sedan

    This app is wild wow. Jeremey Renner is in the Illuminati.

  28. Beckham

    Beckham3 månader sedan

    I’m trying to get monetized but oh no youtube doesn’t want me to get monetized

  29. Nic Nonya

    Nic Nonya3 månader sedan

    Knowing Kanye, he ate his earwax

  30. Gregory Galyan

    Gregory Galyan4 månader sedan

    Hila is my favorite feminist! I wish all feminist were more like her.

  31. Veb Rustemovic

    Veb Rustemovic4 månader sedan

    Kanye west is goin to flavor town to obtain the flavor ston

  32. Xavier

    Xavier4 månader sedan

    "You might even be in school instead of paying attention to the teacher" GOOD IDEA

  33. Stevie the Dude

    Stevie the Dude4 månader sedan

    Yay more fashion shows!

  34. Norma Jeane

    Norma Jeane4 månader sedan

    My mom eats her ear wax. She does it when I'm sitting next to her in the car and it's so awkward....

  35. Jonathan M.

    Jonathan M.4 månader sedan

    That's nasty. I'd have to say something....

  36. Noah Bowden

    Noah Bowden4 månader sedan

    Hila : maybe he did eats his earwax idk Ethan : he did Zack : he did dan : maybe Ian : NO WAY

  37. Noah Bowden

    Noah Bowden4 månader sedan

    Ian : about to prove Ethan wrong Ethan : Twitter never works

  38. Arnold Strong Numero Uno

    Arnold Strong Numero Uno5 månader sedan

    Ryan’s World has cereal at Walmart and toys at Five Below. Sick stuff. Feels creepy. I think that kid needs a normal life.

  39. Katie Pitman

    Katie Pitman5 månader sedan

    Whenever they do the Philly D soundbyte, I wanna slit my wrists. It's NOT funny, it's just annoying and infuriating!

  40. ¿?

    ¿?5 månader sedan


  41. 뽀시래기등장

    뽀시래기등장5 månader sedan


  42. Christa Sumner

    Christa Sumner5 månader sedan

    My dog eats his earwax it is disgusting.

  43. Kai Catori

    Kai Catori5 månader sedan

    Dude has dabbed liquid sunshine on his earlobe. Hence, why he is rubbing it to get it on his fingers and then onto his tongue! Or maybe he had his face in Kim's crotch and she slimed him. He saved it for later. Take your pick. Mystery solved.

  44. Septembers Oblivion

    Septembers Oblivion5 månader sedan

    That teddy fresh commercial with Ethan really reminded me of Grinch, that scene where he tries out clothes for the award. Hillarious.

  45. Jill Palmer

    Jill Palmer5 månader sedan

    Why is Teddy Fresh so expensive? 😭 AKA: WHY AM I SO POOR?

  46. Thomas Harmon

    Thomas Harmon5 månader sedan

    You said u hate Hawkeye bc he doesn't have super powers but in another episode u said u loved batman bc he doesn't have super powers. Love the show just pointing out the hypocrisy of your super hero love/hate.

  47. Big Boot Bob

    Big Boot Bob5 månader sedan

    Kanye actually ate part of his brain that was leaking from his ear hole to try to make himself smarter

  48. .

    .6 månader sedan

    "You could be burying a body and listening to distract yourself during the work" 😢 r i p

  49. alexie101010

    alexie1010106 månader sedan

    That fashion show was hilarious lol. Ethan’s modeling is.... out of this world lmao

  50. daniella nunez

    daniella nunez6 månader sedan

    lmfao i will never get tired of the raw honesty that ethan displays. especially when talking about how he sniffs his balls and pretends hes scratching

  51. Stevie Darling

    Stevie Darling6 månader sedan

    I came here for the hard-hitting earwax analysis

  52. Seth Wson

    Seth Wson6 månader sedan

    kanye didn't eat it he was most likely rubbing or scratching his ear and felt a hair or something in his mouth and went to take it out and also if you slow it down you can see that his mouth is open when he takes his finger out but if you were eating something your mouth would be closed

  53. george kern

    george kern6 månader sedan

    Ppl care more about xogs being mildly abused, then they do about children being sexually abused

  54. george kern

    george kern6 månader sedan

    I thought drugs with kanye too

  55. MrBMBuilder

    MrBMBuilder6 månader sedan

    I wish all governments would outlaw data collecting, adults included we are no different to China and their whole data collecting on individuals . Data collection/cookies by companies should of never been allowed in the first place.

  56. TheFreshPrinceOfSaiyans

    TheFreshPrinceOfSaiyans6 månader sedan

    Even though it was staged, the dude relentlessly spraying water in his face was fucking hilarious.

  57. High Vibe

    High Vibe6 månader sedan

    Treat animal abuse like child abuse. If she did those things to a child... the kid would be taken away...

  58. High Vibe

    High Vibe6 månader sedan

    No one: Ian: I gatta pee so bad

  59. Pablito Garcia

    Pablito Garcia6 månader sedan

    Hila went off on them jokes

  60. Pablito Garcia

    Pablito Garcia6 månader sedan

    I love how when Ian said gum everyone went bonkers That’s the only appropriate reaction imo

  61. SoleSamulous

    SoleSamulous6 månader sedan

    So what about all the kids TV channels that have ads on every single channel? Why is youtube any different?

  62. Claire Phillips

    Claire Phillips6 månader sedan

    Ethan called Eggman Waluigi 😭

  63. Red Ned

    Red Ned7 månader sedan

    Poor Ian. They should pay him. He's gotta pee so bad!

  64. Iris The Sun Goddess

    Iris The Sun Goddess7 månader sedan

    I can’t believe they sat there and debated if Kanye West was eating his earwax or not for several minutes...moreover i can’t believe i sat here and watched it. This is so ridiculous but I fuckin love this podcast. 😂😂😂


    EARTHRIP7 månader sedan

    What’s that repeating noise that kept happening?

  66. Frank L

    Frank L7 månader sedan

    Ryan’s world must be salty af. They were making like $20,000,000 a year by spending not even $100,000 a year buying their kid toys to review lol

  67. mrTabascohot

    mrTabascohot7 månader sedan

    Hawkeye according to Ethan has "No super national powers."

  68. mrTabascohot

    mrTabascohot7 månader sedan

    Ian's is 100 percent correct. I don't even like Kanye that much. Ethans very weak on analyzing things.

  69. Nina Hedman

    Nina Hedman7 månader sedan

    Where is the original disability mobility sound bite from? Feels like I’ve looked at every podcast episode except that one:(

  70. A Little Life Left

    A Little Life Left7 månader sedan

    Just go take a piss

  71. Duke

    Duke7 månader sedan

    My Kanye theory is he was storing a piece of gum in his ear that still had some flavour

  72. Rachel Holmes

    Rachel Holmes7 månader sedan

    the colour block outfit with the shorts is the ugliest thing i ever seen hahaha, it looks like a picnic cloth for toddlers

  73. Binge Watcher

    Binge Watcher7 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2541">42:21</a> god DAMN

  74. ÅØK

    ÅØK7 månader sedan

    She’s down for the count.. and people just mosey over in no hurry <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1156">19:16</a>

  75. Side Nicgga

    Side Nicgga7 månader sedan

    Ethan: What would you do with 50Billion? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a>:18 Dan: Buy a country. I said the same thing at the same exact time lmao

  76. frank morretin

    frank morretin7 månader sedan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="735">12:15</a> I love how you can hear Dan cracking up behind in the other room

  77. TMG252

    TMG2527 månader sedan

    what happend to the Ian dating/bachelor show?

  78. softserve

    softserve7 månader sedan

    One more thing, that "sound bite" lasted way too long during the PhillyD segment. I had to skip through that shit because it was annoying as fuck and not funny at all.

  79. softserve

    softserve7 månader sedan

    When I was in high school, one day at the end of the day, I was in the student/faculty parkinglot waiting to be picked up. I saw clearly an older woman digging in her ears then sucking her finger. Some people do it because they "don't know where else to put it" thinking that wiping iy somewhere is too disgusting. Some people do this because "it strengthens the immine system" which if you look it up, that happens to be true. So yeah, Kanye, that weird mfer, was sucking some ear wax

  80. J’taime La Mer

    J’taime La Mer7 månader sedan

    They should all model TF stuff more often. Shredder in the hoodie is too cute!

  81. Ohaimark

    Ohaimark7 månader sedan

    Hawkeye never misses with his arrow if I'm correct. I think Black Widow is the lamest in that regard. She legit has no powers.

  82. Ohaimark

    Ohaimark7 månader sedan

    *Ethan is (thicc)*