YouTube Demonetizes Every Kids Video - H3 Podcast #141

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New Teddy Fresh


  1. Pablito Garcia

    Pablito Garcia3 dagar sedan

    Hila went off on them jokes

  2. Pablito Garcia

    Pablito Garcia3 dagar sedan

    I love how when Ian said gum everyone went bonkers That’s the only appropriate reaction imo

  3. SoleSamulous

    SoleSamulous4 dagar sedan

    So what about all the kids TV channels that have ads on every single channel? Why is youtube any different?

  4. Claire Phillips

    Claire Phillips6 dagar sedan

    Ethan called Eggman Waluigi 😭

  5. Red Ned

    Red Ned11 dagar sedan

    Poor Ian. They should pay him. He's gotta pee so bad!

  6. Heather Renee

    Heather Renee13 dagar sedan

    I can’t believe they sat there and debated if Kanye West was eating his earwax or not for several minutes...moreover i can’t believe i sat here and watched it. This is so ridiculous but I fuckin love this podcast. 😂😂😂


    EARTHRIP14 dagar sedan

    What’s that repeating noise that kept happening?

  8. Frank Olivieri

    Frank Olivieri17 dagar sedan

    Ryan’s world must be salty af. They were making like $20,000,000 a year by spending not even $100,000 a year buying their kid toys to review lol

  9. mrTabascohot

    mrTabascohot18 dagar sedan

    Hawkeye according to Ethan has "No super national powers."

  10. mrTabascohot

    mrTabascohot18 dagar sedan

    Ian's is 100 percent correct. I don't even like Kanye that much. Ethans very weak on analyzing things.

  11. Nina Hedman

    Nina Hedman19 dagar sedan

    Where is the original disability mobility sound bite from? Feels like I’ve looked at every podcast episode except that one:(

  12. A Little Life Left

    A Little Life Left20 dagar sedan

    Just go take a piss

  13. Duke

    Duke22 dagar sedan

    My Kanye theory is he was storing a piece of gum in his ear that still had some flavour

  14. i love soup

    i love soup22 dagar sedan

    the colour block outfit with the shorts is the ugliest thing i ever seen hahaha, it looks like a picnic cloth for toddlers

  15. Binge Watcher

    Binge Watcher23 dagar sedan

    42:21 god DAMN

  16. ÅØK

    ÅØK24 dagar sedan

    She’s down for the count.. and people just mosey over in no hurry 19:16

  17. Side Nicgga

    Side Nicgga24 dagar sedan

    Ethan: What would you do with 50Billion? 1:32:18 Dan: Buy a country. I said the same thing at the same exact time lmao

  18. frank morretin

    frank morretin27 dagar sedan

    12:15 I love how you can hear Dan cracking up behind in the other room

  19. TMG252

    TMG25227 dagar sedan

    what happend to the Ian dating/bachelor show?

  20. ChaiSpicedD

    ChaiSpicedDMånad sedan

    One more thing, that "sound bite" lasted way too long during the PhillyD segment. I had to skip through that shit because it was annoying as fuck and not funny at all.

  21. ChaiSpicedD

    ChaiSpicedDMånad sedan

    When I was in high school, one day at the end of the day, I was in the student/faculty parkinglot waiting to be picked up. I saw clearly an older woman digging in her ears then sucking her finger. Some people do it because they "don't know where else to put it" thinking that wiping iy somewhere is too disgusting. Some people do this because "it strengthens the immine system" which if you look it up, that happens to be true. So yeah, Kanye, that weird mfer, was sucking some ear wax

  22. Wes Johnson

    Wes JohnsonMånad sedan


  23. Wes Johnson

    Wes JohnsonMånad sedan


  24. J’taime La Mer

    J’taime La MerMånad sedan

    They should all model TF stuff more often. Shredder in the hoodie is too cute!

  25. Ohaimark

    OhaimarkMånad sedan

    Hawkeye never misses with his arrow if I'm correct. I think Black Widow is the lamest in that regard. She legit has no powers.

  26. Ohaimark

    OhaimarkMånad sedan

    *Ethan is (thicc)*

  27. Ohaimark

    OhaimarkMånad sedan

    Why does Ian always have to pee when they want him to talk about Kanye? LOL

  28. pigstar 101

    pigstar 101Månad sedan


  29. Danny Mckenzie

    Danny MckenzieMånad sedan

    Yeah someone is deleting comments

  30. Shay Storey

    Shay StoreyMånad sedan


  31. Tootybooddy

    TootybooddyMånad sedan

    in germany, even if the owner was just depressed and stayed inside with his dog all the time, animal protective services would swoop in and get that poor dogs ass out of there

  32. Ana Karina

    Ana KarinaMånad sedan

    OMG I love Dan, Ian and Zach

  33. Real Paranormal Videos

    Real Paranormal VideosMånad sedan

    theres literally a video of a women dying in this upload, RUNS ADS!!!

  34. R G

    R GMånad sedan

    watching this instead of doing my school work

  35. Lauren Martin

    Lauren MartinMånad sedan

    SEgos needs to address the PEDOPHILIA issue! I hope this will be a way to do that..? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  36. Danny Mckenzie

    Danny MckenzieMånad sedan

    What pedophilia issue,

  37. M N

    M NMånad sedan

    When will you guys have nakey jakey as a guest?

  38. Nicole Acuna

    Nicole AcunaMånad sedan

    Can anyone explain why they would be blocked worldwide at 1:14:00 if they show it

  39. MafiaNinjaLabs

    MafiaNinjaLabsMånad sedan

    H3 Podcast Liven't

  40. James Allen Firth

    James Allen FirthMånad sedan

    I can't stand that everyone has Teddy Fresh on, the clothing is garbage.

  41. Thomas Korn

    Thomas KornMånad sedan

    Congratulations.. you just lost a subscriber to all your channels. Granted, I can be lured back if you apologize to The Quartering.

  42. Horizon

    HorizonMånad sedan

    sponsors and shit can still happen right? demonitzing doesn't stop all income or potential for income

  43. T0asteD

    T0asteDMånad sedan

    So does no-one make money now?

  44. Danny Mckenzie

    Danny MckenzieMånad sedan

    Think about it, they are corporate thieves bought out by a monopoly

  45. Danny Mckenzie

    Danny MckenzieMånad sedan

    No not at all, SEgos is taking all the ad revenue and paying their employees with it.

  46. Jingle bells Batman

    Jingle bells BatmanMånad sedan

    Why hating on Jeremy for playing Hawkeye..! His getting paid $$ not his fault that he doesn’t have super powers. Yeah his app is pretty silly and ridiculous

  47. Waisetsubunsho

    WaisetsubunshoMånad sedan

    I came back to this video just to find a link to the virtual credit card provider.. Your Ads work after all.


    GRIMSVOLTMånad sedan

    I am sad that no one mentioned the "go to a FUCKING A DOG training class" bit.

  49. Sad Omurice

    Sad OmuriceMånad sedan

    I always love the spam of the sound bites at the end

  50. Helioskrill Productions

    Helioskrill ProductionsMånad sedan

    Why are they constantly playing random sound effects during the podcasts? It is really distracting , especially when they are talking at the same time.

  51. Franky FUNI

    Franky FUNIMånad sedan

    Zach does such a great job on soundboard

  52. Hywel Jones

    Hywel JonesMånad sedan

    You know what, bloody good, I've seen too many parents raising their kids with a screen. For fuck's sake; I've seen 2 year olds on the bus working youtube on smartphones all by themselves, no parental supervision whatsoever. About time someone did something.

  53. Samanthat9v

    Samanthat9vMånad sedan

    All the Kardashians have private apps like that

  54. 1013 Turner

    1013 TurnerMånad sedan

    sop sop sop sop sop sop sop sop sop sop sop sop sop sop sop sop sop sop

  55. SlyFox 7

    SlyFox 7Månad sedan

    How are you not going to mention Drew & Danny putting light on the Jermey Renner app?? 👎🏻

  56. icarus550

    icarus550Månad sedan

    Kanye was hiding a tab of acid behind his ear. Simple stealth acid-drop.

  57. S B

    S BMånad sedan

    When you blast yourself for making millions, trying to shame others, yet still put ads on your vids, like you're so much above them. Nibba, you make millions a year. STFU

  58. AlmightyYogurt

    AlmightyYogurtMånad sedan

    I love the soundboard so much!

  59. Banana Raptor

    Banana RaptorMånad sedan

    Is that my computer science teacher?

  60. Alex Kawaguchi

    Alex KawaguchiMånad sedan

    dan makes me feel stupid

  61. Kate Figueroa

    Kate FigueroaMånad sedan

    zack is cute

  62. Natalie Holiday

    Natalie HolidayMånad sedan

    Every time I went to name someone famous in the comments, Backpack kid, Amber Rose... Hila mentioned it at the same time. She’s on top of it.

  63. Oldpro87

    Oldpro87Månad sedan

    That chick is a terrible person. She probably shouldn't own pets. I also agree that the dog would probably be euthanized if it was taken from her. She wasn't hitting the dog with a bat, the dog isn't malnourished, she wasn't the WORST person to her dog. However, I hold my pupper and squeeze it and my puppers sleep in my bed and eat well and run around and play and I'm very loving with my animals like extremely loving with them near to if they were my children. I don't see this chick as being very bad to her dog b/c I know people who see them as tools and are harsh with their training and use them on farms and have them sleep outside no matter the weather.. So it is very tough to say she should face jail time over her pushing the dog and 'spitting' at it. She probably couldn't hurt that dog in a 1 on 1 if the dog didn't want to be hurt, but when you get a dog to care for you and respect you then you can surely do damage to it w/o the dog fighting back. So if she is an aggressive dog parent and takes out her aggression on the dog in these unhealthy ways then the dog is going to be fucked up in the head and physically/emotionally abused.. I have a rescue puppy and she is mentally fucked.. she shakes when it rains.. she has issues with people touching her, of course she loves me and hides under my legs any time she gets scared but even with me she sleeps at my feet instead of right next to me like the other puppy who sleeps on my pillow and she gets too hyped up if I pet her a lot. If I try to pick her up she will yelp and sometimes if I put my hand under her while she is next to me she will fall to the floor and yelp even if I'm just petting her belly. So yeah emotional abuse in animals is real and it fucks them up, but if you are sweet with them and treat them like they should be treated then they will return those emotions. I rambled a lot here but I love my dogs and I squish them and don't see how anyone could hit their animals. It's a weird thought to me, but I don't want to hit people either. My dogs are sweet bastards that I've literally never seen be aggressive. Neither of my dogs have ever tried to bite someone or growled at people and only bark if someone is at the door but doesn't knock. They only bark if someone is around the house in a suspicious manner like people dropping off packages or the guy who sprays for bugs monthly and walks around the house. Also as soon as I say it's ok they stop barking.. Ye I rambled off again after saying I rambled, so I'll stop rambling but.. don't be dicks to your pets..